After 80 working sister wonderful entrepreneurial life

now in our society there are many people through self employment in such a way to change their own destiny, at the same time, some successful entrepreneurs in the beginning are still relatively trivial, we next to see such an entrepreneur.

The ancients said:

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Flower petals can also create her new life

women love flowers, flowers in daily life, most people think is romantic, rarely think of entrepreneurship, and the women from the petals to find new business opportunities, and ultimately realize their entrepreneurial dreams.

2009 one day, she went to a friend’s wedding, the bride came out from the sky when the colorful plastic petals. "Why don’t you use the petals of flowers, is it more romantic?" Chen Yan wondered. After the wedding, she asked the bride, the other said: "the cost of plastic products cheaper than flowers, flowers so expensive, how much money the whole wedding spread?" read more

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How to join – Fuji tea shop

In fact,

opened a tea shop, is a very good choice. Low cost, you can quickly return to this. The best choice, so business with a small capital of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs to choose to join the best tea shop?

Fuji tea shop how to join the brand positioning is not high, so the cost of investment is still very easy to be accepted, how much money to join the two tea, depending on how we choose to join. At present, there are two stores available for your choice, a standard shop, cooperation costs about 40 thousand, belonging to the overall style, decoration standard is low, there is no need to store area is too large; store decoration style was very exquisite, large area also more types of products. read more

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Xining transport heavy regulation at the end of October and 460 black car

  12 pm yesterday, the provincial capital of South Gate Street and the Yangtze River Road intersection, three vehicles transport inspection car parked on the roadside, the car inspection team is waiting for the other side of the voice intercom. "Note, green balls in a license plate number for the green AFF359 to you that way." With the sound of walkie talkie from the other side, in the car waiting for the inspectors quickly dispatched, blocking the car at the intersection.

then, the inspectors took the driver from the car down. But when the inspectors are ready to leave the car, the driver did not work, blocking in the front of the car, clapped his hands and took the car, and with the inspectors quarrel. read more

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Information technology and industrialization of the province held a special training session

The integration of

"two" is the main line of China’s manufacturing power construction, which aims to promote the development of industrialization. December 9th, the provincial economic and Information Technology Commission organized the integration of information technology and industrial training seminar, more than 160 industrial enterprises and information technology services enterprises in our province.

The situation and opportunity for

to adapt and grasp a new round of technological revolution and the industrial revolution to change the mode of economic development in recent years, our province from strengthening policy research, promote the demonstration and guidance, reinforce the industrial base and promote a new generation of information technology in the production of industrial enterprises and management in the whole life cycle of penetration fusion. Have introduced a "two industrial enterprises in Qinghai Province integration development level assessment methods (Trial)" "on promoting the manufacturing industry and the integration of the Internet development of the implementation of opinions" and a series of policy measures, the industrial enterprise chief information officer system continues to improve, provincial and municipal (state) enterprises, three level of integration of the two leading mechanism the establishment of the basic organization. read more

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