New glasses shop should pay attention to which points

shop entrepreneurship has become the tide of the times, however, if the new open a shop, want to be successful, naturally also need to pay attention to a few points. So, the new glasses shop to pay attention to what? Let Xiaobian to you.

shop business has now become the whole social entrepreneurship shop boom, however, is not a simple matter, need to do a lot of preparation in advance, can let the busy work for everything in good order and well arranged, to open the shop as an example, we at least need to pay attention to the following: read more

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How to make money to decrypt self-service chafing dish shop

Hot pot is a delicacy many popular in winter, especially in winter around the Hot pot shop business are very popular, so, in such a hot consumer demand, how to make their own shops in the market Hot pot buffet more competitive


make money?

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Still dry snack transition vitality

characteristics of food and beverage brands have sprung up in the food and beverage market, the traditional enterprises in order to survive, the first choice is facing the correct transformation, adapt to the development of the times. Only in this way can we remain invincible.

in the traditional enterprise transformation and upgrading with vigour and vitality at the same time, Taijiang district has a hundred years of history "is still dry after snacks" from generation to generation, by exploring the business model innovation, build the catering chain management enterprises, new vitality. Open in the garden of Changting, still dry snack decoration simple, the inside wall to open a still dry cultural gallery". Service enthusiasm, delicious dishes. If you eat enough, can also bring one or two boxes of exquisite packaging Fuzhou snacks hand letter. read more

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What does the western restaurant attract customers

a lot of western restaurant business is not very good, for business, there are a lot of knowledge, we need to learn a lot, the following, let us know, how to open a restaurant to attract customers.

1. store image to attract customers

change or imitation of a store, at present, is not a complicated thing. Therefore, the majority of food and beverage are also no way to effectively protect the image of the store up, a slight change, you can make customers feel fresh.

2. service image warm customer read more

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Do business can not ignore the shop offer

when we are shopping, some commodities despite knowing the price, but after weighing do not know the price, if you buy more, do not know when the settlement offer will be a bit in disorderly fashion. So, collecting fees is not a simple task, there is a period of time, customers to buy things. In order to save time, I would like to weigh, after the same as in the end, I accumulated a calculator, tell the customer a total.

I think it saves time and improves efficiency. However, the customer is not satisfied. Once, a customer bought a lot of goods, spent a total of ninety yuan. When I told him the number, he frowned and said to me, "boss, can you tell me the prices of all the goods? So I can count on my heart." read more

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China held the Silk Road International Logistics Expo – Lianyungang business

silk road is famous all over the world, so that more people know that in ancient times, through the Silk Road to transport goods out. The third China Silk Road International Logistics Expo held in Lianyungang industrial exhibition center. The exhibition is sponsored by the China International Chamber of Commerce, Department of Commerce, foreign affairs office, the provincial council, the Lianyungang Municipal People’s Government jointly hosted.

Vice chairman of the Tenth CPPCC National Committee Zhang Huaixi read more

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Xian’s cooking art bonanza to join Hot pot

we all know, the temptation of food is always very large. Therefore, the catering market is so popular. Xian’s cooking art Hot pot to join the project, in the food and beverage market, has always been a very promising project selection. Then, start to choose Xian’s cooking art Hot pot to join the project what?

now hot pot is very popular with consumers of food, can be seen in every pot shop almost no empty seats, business is very hot. However, in many Hot pot brand, Xian’s art Hot pot business can be cooked beyond people’s imagination, the business is very good. If you’re still worried about starting a business. Then, Xian’s cooking art Hot pot with reasonable prices, fresh vegetables, unique taste, is a good choice for investment business. read more

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West District intends to cancel 4 approval matters

this year, the city will further deepen the reform of the west, in the last year to clean up the cancellation of administrative examination and approval on the basis of 15, this year intends to cancel the 4, modify the administrative examination and approval of the 1 items.

this year, in addition to cancel, modify the administrative examination and approval, the west district will be in the district administrative services hall set up 6 integrated service window, the implementation of the Department of the joint trial. And the installation of electronic monitoring and electronic evaluation system in the service window, effectively promote the service window quality and efficiency. At the same time, will promote the community burden project, trying to implement the social forces to undertake pension service model. read more

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Carrying out the fine management idea and strengthening the consciousness of post training — radio

6 13, Xining people’s radio station for the new staff training. This radio station hosted by the human resources department’s activities to practice the fine management ideas and strengthen job training consciousness "for the purpose, let the young comrades in Taiwan recently by learning radio development and progress, enhance the sense of honor and responsibility, love radio station I Rong Xing", and asked us in the future. The work should strictly abide by the rules and regulations in Taiwan, with full enthusiasm into work, to promote the fine management of Taiwan, make contribution to enhance the overall level of management station. read more

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