Keywords to make reasonable positioning website fast and success

Four, the search engine index

we can all website home page search by keywords, see their weight, how how, the number of the chain and included the establishment of the time, and to look at the website domain name is the domain name or the two level domain name, if we find the first page of the website quality is poor, the weight is empty, then we want to enter the home page of the risk is greater, and also to study these sites make up their own strengths, weaknesses, so that we can beat the competition website. read more

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The first quarter of 2016, the only Shanghai Longfeng constant road

with love Shanghai update algorithm, ranking rules have changed, but the only constant is Shanghai dragon road, love Shanghai algorithm is again how updates are not deviate from the. In the first year, love Shanghai will make a big adjustment algorithm, we should use what method to deal with it? The same Shanghai dragon "Tao" refers to the so-called

. Love Shanghai why update algorithm

two.2016 in the first quarter of what is the only Shanghai dragon constant "Tao"

?Many people know that read more

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Kingsoft Kingsoft Online – the latest product informationSummary 2012 outlook 2013 Change – insist –

people say do IT/ Internet is home, gentle, Mensao, I think this saying is very reliable, but this can not be our webmaster label. Then the house will make the world stand friends, every webmaster have their own strengths and weaknesses, learn from each other, common progress; and also to ask for gentle, do not understand do not understand their own problems, should learn from other station friends ask, maybe a little problem will be able to point out your big ideas again; Mensao to speak his love, or that you see yourself love girl blush of junior middle school students, that’s already in the past. It is now twenty-first Century, good girls are those articulate people "cheat" to go, first, then start out. read more

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A no content of the new station, how a day profit

network for many years, until now still not earn money and cannot read the code, usually go directly to the Internet under a program change under the name changed back, logo, and then put the space to, that is my site.

yesterday in a group of friends, chat with others, to tell the truth you Laotaibuxiao, wanted to try to see if you can solve a single problem in this group spent a day, I found that this market is very strong, fewer women than men, or very little, I think I can do it was a dating site, and then in the group asked, I open a dating website, ask you to do, the answer is unified, a sister went purple and then go online to find, a lot of results are not what is pure friendship, the user can not communicate, is the most the next release of personal information, this time to recall the previous commonly used procedures DZ, DZ good, a new forum, users can communicate, plug-in is also a lot of background can also find dating plugins and templates, and then there is a old Corn, for several years, because the previous record and the Baidu advertising alliance, so although not how to use it, but still kept, not willing to throw away, after several hours of work in a day, friends net space, Hoogle logo design case, the website opened smoothly, there are people ask do not come, but most of these people are older children, do not use the computer, when the registration of a lot of people will ask, why not registered mail, why can not be used, in order to quickly put the forum, I was setting the mailbox can be optional, as a result, the registered person when writing the username and password, when writing on the back, there will be a green tick, but not part of the mail, think is filled Write incorrectly, forced rogue, immediately change registration, you must fill in the mailbox. read more

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How to find the industry soft text release platform

how to search for the industry’s soft Wen release platform, in my mind, there has been a concept, do network, it can take most of the industry. Most of the business can be further expanded through the network platform. Just in the Internet, we encountered service providers, the effect is good. So, how do we search for the industry soft publishing platform,


for our SEO, this is also an industry. On the one hand, we can promote our own SEO services, of course, can also do SEO peripheral planning, rectification, and so on. In order to better promote our own brand value, we will go to the SEO blog, we will consider to find a relatively high weight forum hair soft, and we will not to write the original soft and hard to do long-term promotion. Although we all say that network execution is the first, but from an overall point of view, it is more important to understand a few small skills. read more

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Some opinions on improving the stable operation of new railway station

compared to when you just started doing web sites, the idea is very simple, have a good dream, considering all aspects are not very comprehensive. I do for the Amoy network (Taobao selling women’s promotion webmaster, just beginning to do a website when the idea is so simple, that everything is so beautiful, the first pot of gold ancient Amoy network quickly earned Taobao customers.

in order to launch as soon as possible Amoy women’s promotion website, in the network download a web site source code, and is not downloaded from its official website. With some simple modifications of my own, my first website was formally launched. But everything is so bad, no traffic, two did not earn Taobao Commission, three was also black two times. Take third, let me enough bitter brain, it is difficult to add up all the data were destroyed. Why is the site always attacked, old hackers, and so on, I need to think about and solve. read more

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Small business how to do to make money

a lot of 80 tired of nine to five work, want to start a business to get rich, but the money is not surplus, so do some small business, how to get rich?

A, good source is half of success!

The importance of
read more

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Taiwan hand bakery advantages

hand grasping cake is very familiar with the snacks, this store is very simple to operate, so many small entrepreneurs are very excited about this snack items. Taiwan hand bakery what are the advantages of investment? If you are not very clear, you can look at the analysis, I hope to help you.

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Open a jewelry store to pay attention to these problems

beautiful things are always able to attract people’s attention, exquisite jewelry is very popular, so open a jewelry store also do not worry about no market. But open a jewelry store also need to pay attention to a lot of problems, open jewelry store to pay attention to what? Next Xiaobian will take you to understand.

shop should not blindlyA lot of people on the

accessories are very close narrowed, because the jewelry has the characteristics of small investment, quick return, so jewelry stores also as many entrepreneurs of choice, which is caused by the current domestic market jewelry stores blossom everywhere situation, but many investors do not understand the jewelry industry, belongs to the blind investment shop. Once you choose to shop, must understand the industry. read more

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Six steps to share snacks


side of the delicacy snack a lot, always let these chowhound busy mouth, different snack shop price is not the same, are often associated with geographical location, some snack bar, or because the place is too quiet, or because of low visibility, in order to attract tourists, increase the attractiveness of the snack bar often, in a period of time will set the price lower, so that customers frequented, so as to enhance the visibility of the snack bar. Here are the steps for the snack bar:

snack shop pricing step 1 to determine the pricing target read more

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A better investment project for gardening

is used for flowerpot basin shaped objects supporting the use of private Les Loges Du Park Hotel, and is widely used in landscaping and landscape engineering,   the flower pot has the most pottery artistic effect. According to the China Tao Ke Gu Long Yao garden flowerpot craft factory is defined only by texture: pots basin shaped container.

making clay, porcelain, plastic, stone and wood products and other materials

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2015 is the latest venture capital projects like to look at the money

business is not easy to succeed, you must first find a reliable project, or what ideas are nonsense. What are the latest venture projects in 2015? Today Xiaobian for you to share the latest venture in 2015, friends want to make money quickly to see.

2015 latest venture projects: Jewelry project

Love is not an ordinary

read more

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Ceramic sanitary ware channel is very important to find a quick way to purchase

is now in the Home Furnishing market, sanitary industry can be said to be an industry, a relatively large profit margins at the same time, to see the business opportunities, people began to join the industry, but to talent shows itself in this industry, a good purchase channels is the key.

now in the bathroom industry, ceramic sanitary ware is very popular, so there are a lot of people are very love ceramic sanitary, comfortable. But if we open ceramic sanitary ware stores, so how can we better go find purchase channels of ceramic sanitary ware, which of course is very good, what about how to find it? Today Xiaobian to talk about us in the ceramic sanitary ware stores, we how to find a better purchase channels. read more

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The beverage stores need to do what work – the normal operation of whole

perhaps simply because one aspect of the work not to do, are likely to affect the entire store operation, so, if we want to successy run a shop, will also need to do all aspects of the work place. So, drink shop normal operation need to do what work? Let Xiaobian with everyone together to understand it.

in recent years in the beverage market many successful programs, but small business still think beverage shop is a simple matter, as operators of liquor stores in the daily operation of consumers need follow-up services, so as to get more attention to a firm market, investors now have to select the method of escort! read more

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Popular science tour

has always wanted to bring their children to the Museum of science and technology is too long, too busy to quit. This does not, just to catch up with the National Day holiday, we took the little guy upstairs downstairs to turn over, feeling today was very meaningful, really worthwhile." October 1st at around 3 in the afternoon, when the reporter walked into the provincial science and Technology Museum, the provincial city people Yao led his son of the age of 5 ready to leave.

is rich in the public holiday life, science and Technology Museum planned a special day to celebrate the fun to share scientific happiness "theme of science activities, including the" magic of the science behind the mystery of the disappearance of "cool stage shows, and" The Brain "and other educational scientific testing activities, as well as the hottest the" virtual reality (VR) experience "and" decryption of marine organisms to explore the mystery of life "marine plastic sample theme exhibition, attracted a lot of friends into the halls of the science and technology drive experience. It is understood that the day of the museum received a total of more than 6500 people. read more

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Our province steadily Internet plus strategy

Now, Internet plus since 2015 to become the Internet industry’s most popular noun. In May 29th, the reporter learned from the provincial Commission by letter, in the future, I will be in the Internet plus data center, Internet plus government, Internet plus industry, Internet plus the people’s livelihood, ecological Internet plus five areas to implement the "Internet plus" strategy.

It is reported that the province

, "Internet plus" action in Internet applications, software development, cloud computing photovoltaic field data center construction, electronic commerce, has achieved remarkable results. The next step, to encourage and support the province’s basic telecom operators continue to increase investment in infrastructure construction, to ensure the completion of the 2015 broadband Qinghai · digital Qinghai investment target of 10 billion yuan. Including promoting the coordination of Chinese Hewlett-Packard Co 2000 rack data processing and analysis projects; the introduction of Tsinghua University China next generation Internet demonstration project of network operation center, Qinghai University science and technology park construction in the Qinghai Tibet Plateau large data center project in Xining.

in the application of geographic information data and public service platform;

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Ten voices boost confidence on behalf of members

water conservancy "a project" has made a major breakthrough in our province, approved by the National People’s livelihood as the first national demonstration zone of ecological civilization, invested more than 100 billion yuan, Qinghai entered the era of high-speed rail, Xining major economic indicators of growth in the forefront of the capital city…… In January 22nd, governor Hao Peng made the "government work report" in the review of the work in 2014, to the majority of delegates and members showed a long list of 2014 Qinghai transcripts and digital heavy heart, joy, report boiling NPC and CPPCC causedwide, on behalf of the committee, the meeting, a great boost delegates, members of the new Qinghai future development of confidence and determination. As a CPPCC member said: "the report is not only surprising, but also more confidence in the new development of Qinghai."
[praise] on behalf of our province is in the important period of strategic opportunity of ecological civilization concept to guide the economic and social development, was approved as the first national demonstration zone of ecological civilization, Qinghai is fortunate! It is the children of all nationalities in Qinghai! How to recognize the new normal, to adapt to the new normal, leading the new normal situation, strengthen the construction of ecological civilization, to promote ecological civilization in our province first demonstration area construction is of great significance, this requires that we must consciously integrate into the province’s first demonstration area of ecological civilization construction, do a good "ecological civilization in Qinghai province first demonstration the implementation of the eight district construction task plan" as determined by the.
[sound] report yindajihuang North Canal phase, across the board through the stone gorge reservoir, the main canal diversion is expected across the board through the water conservancy recently, "the people of all ethnic groups in anticipation of a number of projects and major breakthroughs were made.
[]: "I announced the surprise in the stone gorge reservoir impoundment!" In December 10, 2014, the provincial water resources department director Chen Xinglong order, our province yindajihuang project leading hub stone gorge reservoir impoundment officially. The success of the stone gorge reservoir impoundment not only the smooth realization of the provincial government to determine the annual water target, the more marked the yindajihuang that our province 1 water conservancy project construction has achieved significant results. It is understood that the yindajihuang project in Qinghai province is a large inter basin water diversion project, water conservancy, composed of stone gorge water diversion canal, Heiquan reservoir, North West trunk canal, Huangshui Huangshui, lead; read more

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Xining Municipal Committee of Communist Youth League to build a platform for the creation of advance

recently, the Xining municipal League for the further implementation of the nine, the ten plenary session of the thirteen party party spirit, the spirit of the national work conference, and establish and promote the construction of national unity and progress of advanced deeds in contributing to youth in the city’s advanced typical young people, guide young people of all ethnic groups to establish the Marx nationalism view, consolidate and the development of the socialist ethnic relationship of equality, unity, mutual assistance and harmony. read more

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Provincial first inspection teams stationed in Datong County to carry out look back

According to the unified deployment of the provincial Party committee, the provincial first inspection teams stationed in Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County in to carry out inspections look back work. April 12th held a patrol look back mobilization meeting, the provincial first inspection team leader Dojena Jean on the back to make a mobilization speech. Xining Municipal Committee, JP Song Chenxi, Secretary of the county Party Committee presided over the meeting and made a statement. Huang Youliang, deputy head of the group, and all the members of the inspection team attended the meeting of the group of. read more

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Huangzhong swept four winds of the heart of the people warm

In October 17th, Huangzhong county held the party’s mass line educational practice summary meeting, study and implement the central and provincial and municipal Party’s mass line educational practice summed up the spirit of the general assembly, review of the county’s education practice, consolidate and expand the results of the activities, to further strengthen the style of construction, promote the party strictly arrangements. "Timely accountability in violation of the provisions of eight people and things, and resolutely remediation ‘eat empty rates’ and other issues, and severely punish the masses of property and other irregularities in the implementation of cadres accepting Huimin policy, following the" four winds "spread momentum……" Municipal Committee, Huangzhong county Party Secretary Zhang Qiguang in his concluding remarks, with a key, a tangible anti four winds results, to the central and provincial and county people turn in a real style construction report. From the beginning of February this year, Huangzhong County 384 grass-roots party organizations 17 thousand party members with pragmatic honest people as the theme, in accordance with the general requirements of the mirror, dress up, wash bath, cure cure, the disadvantages of the style of behavior, conduct a large scale investigation, thorough cleaning, maintenance. Activities, the county held a total of 7 leading group meeting, the steering work report of the 9, to ensure the orderly and effective promotion of educational practice. The county sought a total of 26292 opinions and suggestions, after combing into a summary of the 9362. Li said Li line, adhere to enact change, tightly grasp the four winds problem rectification. County four team to clean up the super size office space, cancel the "special treatment", county leaders and ordinary cadres have together; the county government meeting the full implementation of the examination and approval system, strict control of the number of meetings and scale streamlining briefing documents; strengthen the three funds management, the county official reception, the operation of the bus, going abroad the funds rose significantly decreased; and severely punish corruption, resort to deceit, little Treasuries, and 13 million 290 thousand yuan of illegal funds. Focus on standardized work processes, improve service, changing service attitude, improve service level, strengthen the construction of administrative efficiency, efforts to solve contact service people the "last kilometer" and "step of the way". Vigorously carry out the work of discipline and other special operations, dismissed 6 people, accounting for the dismissal of laid-off series 3; strengthening the base construction, the 51 Party organizations are weak and lax rectify; organize the report to the people, please review the people "activities, and enhance the service units for the people service consciousness; in the service window and business hall purchase drinking machine, copiers, provide services for the masses free; the establishment Fangzu depth window service units to conduct a thorough investigation. In order to solve the problem of the vital interests of the masses as the focal point, vigorously implement easily relocated, drinking water, road hardening, bus configuration, mine resources remediation and other 52 projects for the tangible things, with tangible results rectification credibility.   read more

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