Sweet children wind sales agent market – good business

children’s clothing to join the project, has been highly sought after choice. It is very good to hear that the agent is a sweet breeze. Small entrepreneurial choice to join the sweet wind loaded with children, the market good business opportunities, the best choice to be trusted. If you join the family of sweet air loaded items, is also very exciting, come to the message bar!

fashion design unique and good wearing experience, sweet wind dresses, attracted many consumers attention! Sweet wind every set of children is the designer’s unique works, leading the fashion design elements with children. In the process of printing and dyeing dyes used are derived from natural plants, greatly reducing pollution. Perfect personality and the perfect combination of the times, pay attention to the manual but not delicate, advocating the avant-garde and preserve the original. Sweet wind consideration of human engineering, the use of three-dimensional shape accurate measurement, to ensure appropriate tailoring, fine workmanship. read more

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Exploring the shining track of modern agriculture chase mode

at the beginning of June, a message from Beijing up to Beichuan’s beautiful land: by the national Ministry of agriculture experts in the field investigation and full discussion of advanced typical modern agriculture chase mode as agricultural development in poverty-stricken minority areas will spread in the country!

chase mode"! National promotion!" This is quite shocking words bring us in addition to the initial surprise and pride, but it is a series of questions.

poor natural conditions, lack of arable land, the conditions for the development of agriculture is not sufficient. Accounted for 78.1% of the county’s population is farmers, and the other is the minority, the head is also wearing a national poverty county hat, 48.7%"…… Such a natural and cultural conditions in Qinghai 37 counties abound, but the "chase" can become a "model" and the national promotion! read more

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Datong County, the leaders of the National People’s Congress

2012 August 23rd morning, Pei Gaihua, deputy director of the county people’s Congress Standing Committee and his party to the birch forest Township, condolences to the town of Lin Lin Township, county, township deputies, and issued a condolence for them. Here, when the Muslim masses of the "de", the director of the special condolences to Ma Guili, deputy secretary of the people’s Republic of China, the two members of the village, send them a holiday blessing.

issued after the ceremony, the Township People’s Congress held a forum on the meeting, the Township People’s congress chairman Comrade Ma Haifu reported in the first half of the work of the NPC Hua Lin Xiang, and the second half of the work of the NPC has made careful arrangements, then the delegates in a fierce discussion, the county people’s Congress and the local people in the first half of the work fully affirmed, and practical advice and suggestions on the new rural economic development, social management and other aspects of innovation. read more

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Hakka Xian’s powder join why so good momentum

entrepreneurship what industry? Many people agree that the food and beverage consumer market, which is right, often the public are more optimistic about the highest credibility. The catering industry is undertaking the business for the first time. With the continuous progress of our society, food and beverage service consumption will continue to increase, food and beverage consumption has become an important driving force for the growth of China’s consumer demand. The characteristics of food industry as an important part of the catering industry, such as KFC and McDonald’s into some famous China after opened the prelude to the rapid development of the modern Chinese specials. After years of development, especially for the industry to join the China meal very fast, market share is also expanding, special industry to join the development of the social environment and their own conditions are more mature, has made an important contribution to the economic growth of our country. So the future of China’s food industry is the development trend of what characteristics? According to the industry through the analysis, summed up the development trend of the future changes and specials. read more

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Five initiatives to smooth traffic changes in Xining

summer street parking, a road traffic, pedestrian lights not bright and other issues, most of the driver is It is often seen. Recently, the reporter in the city traffic police detachment learned that, in order to further promote the city slow blocking Paul Chang work, ensure that the area of road traffic order, the city traffic police detachment launched five initiatives to solve the above problems, to maintain the road traffic order.
A: measures and severely punish serious traffic violations and multiple traffic violations, to ensure the smooth and orderly way. Step two: clean up 54 street, summer street and other main roads illegal parking. Regulation of the road and other 13 Binhe Road and Branch Lane parking order. Action three: the implementation of the main city to mark the main line marking, repair and update the main city of all the pedestrian crossing lights, in the laying of the road traffic facilities. Step four: the implementation of control system, construction of the main city of 63 intersection signal electronic police system, traffic guidance system, primary and secondary roads and street demonstration strict control sections illegal capture system, optical fiber network control system of traffic facilities, upgrading the command platform system, bus lane system etc.. Act five: optimize the organization of traffic, and gradually improve the single organization of road sections and microcirculation, and diversion approach to science.

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Central three actions to enhance the ability of cadres

For the construction of a contingent of cadres of high quality to meet the needs of the new situation, the city zone through the "three action", the ability to enhance the ability of Party members and cadres to further enhance the sense of scientific development, pay close attention to the implementation of the style, to further enhance the problem-solving and rich excellence to further improve.

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Huangzhong Local Taxation Bureau presents a new bright spot of local revenue

With the continuous economic development, cultivated land in Huangzhong County lushaer Town, DOPA town is widely used in non agricultural construction, housing and land ownership transfer phenomenon often occurs, thus the deed tax and farmland occupation tax has gradually become an important part of the tax revenue of our county

with the development of economy, the cultivated land in Huangzhong County lushaer Town, DOPA town is widely used in non agricultural construction, housing and land ownership transfer phenomenon often occurs, thus the deed tax and farmland occupation tax has gradually become an important part of the tax revenue of our county. According to this situation, Huangzhong Local Taxation Bureau to take timely measures to ensure that the deed tax and farmland occupation tax timely storage. read more

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