Explore waterfall flow site optimization techniques

after intense preparation at the tide finally officially launched, because I have been engaged in the clothing industry, naturally think this backing is not small and using the new viewing mode (waterfall) site should not be overlooked, in the course of the study the structure of the web site and also content had no small interest. This is a typical website, and I’ll discuss some specific issues with you next.

to open the web page (www.kanchao.com), shows the full screen picture, so leave some small space, can display more content, using gray highlight shading image content, to scroll down the page again after a short loading was covered with pictures…… read more

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Do you have a rough sense on your website


I graduated from a professional web design, have little talent and less learning, but the optimization of a blank background and, to A5 for a period of time, saw a lot of people to write articles, that benefit, although we take for their own website and write soft "attempt", but also share a lot of useful knowledge today, the exposed head out to share some of my experience, if that’s not the right place, I hope everyone criticism, any similarity is purely coincidental. My major is doing only the skin, so here I do the psychological analysis of all the elements that can be seen on the website, but there are many analysis, optimization and program problems. read more

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The nine day the way of operation of county portal website (eight)

      I’ve been writing about County portal websites all the time. Why? It’s about my experience. I direct and indirect portal County operation operation also has 3, the longest time is 5 years, in this respect can be said to have some experience, but also found a solution to the problems in the operation of the A5, a lot of good webmaster soft also learned a lot of good things to learn it can be said, or have the right to speak in the county portal site operation, I write this article, only one, is to let more do County portal website stationmaster friends to earn money, this is what I want most. read more

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The essence of innovative interpretation of recover the original simplicity

a website to give users some strange things, in order to let users remember you, and at the same time, web site to innovation, can constantly meet the needs of users…… No innovative website like a bay of stagnant water, no ripples, sooner or later to death, so, not only is the site of any industry in innovation, innovation and even extreme, demonized, in fact, innovation is far from so mysterious, not chasing new differences, we in the innovation, the first thing to do Study on the essence of innovation will understand that we must first do read more

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Small webmaster do stock home origin and experience

small webmaster do stock home origin and experience, today work things less, nothing. Just remember to write a web site for two months of some feelings and experiences. Hope to be able to share with the webmaster and those who are interested in the network.

himself is a shareholder who has a passion for stocks. 98 years into the market, in the beginning of the stock market for two years, because experience is not enough, often accompanied by money. Accompany most of the time from 10W shrink to 1.8W. I’ve been hoping for an exchange community like what I’m trying to do right now (stock forum, http://bbs.guhome.com). When I cry, I was sad, but there was a hard, just want to have a face to face with family and friends. Prepare yourself for death. But in the end, with the help of my good friends and family, I woke up. And to study stock knowledge, and in the later years, as the technology continues to improve, my stock account market value is slowly increasing. read more

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With the help of the user thinking to the construction site to avoid self-willed

is now a lot of people in the construction site, always in their own thinking in their love to build a website, actually this kind of practice is not wrong, their own web site, of course you love to do a website, but unfortunately, this idea is very easy to bring their own punishment, because of personal strength is very limited in the network world, you love the site, others will love? Maybe you have the establishment of technology, design skills, but you do it even professional website, can not get the favor of users, this is why? I think this is actually entered the self-willed misunderstanding, think they can about everything, but in the end only can be about read more

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What do users think when they contribute content (weak relational network)


wrote, "what do users think about when they contribute?" (in a strong relational network), in a network of strong relationships, in general, users simply brush their faces, brush their faces, and brush their faces. So, in a weak relational network, where are the users in a completely unfamiliar network, what are they thinking about in the process of UGC?

The so-called "weak relational network" of

refers to the relationship between people who are not frequent or completely strangers, corresponding to the strong relationship of frequent communication. read more

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Small white Adsense advertising mission network was black record

this is my painful records, that is my aloof from the success of a recent attempt, I was also the first attempt, but failed, not failure in operation, not a failure in marketing, also not a failure in the plagiarism, but failed in safety. From that failure, I gradually attached importance to security, but the time has passed, and then the project now has no market, please listen to me slowly,


opened the 09 at the end of history, then Chinese Internet Wangzhuan station has just started, especially a called "advertising task network" model, has just started, the advertising task network as then a few years ago the network group purchase, overnight out of many. And at that time, I also saw this opportunity, and found that all the advertising tasks are new stations, so I also made a advertising mission network. I was still a college student at that time. I didn’t have much money to buy a genuine ad task network program, so I got a crack version. It took me 200 oceans, too. read more

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More functionality is not necessarily a welcome experience for commercial products

a lot of people ask me whether I do e-commerce or social networking, ha ha, really not, and completely do not take sides. I do business products, and do is platform project, the nature of integration and integration. So often envy students who do user products, can pay more attention to user experience, interactive design, have the opportunity to use their products designed, you can hear the most authentic feedback around. Commercial products are utilitarian and direct many, concern is not the same, today is a simple talk about the work experience. read more

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What are the profitability of local stations (three)

webmaster friends, I am Baoding shopping network video old pay, I wrote two articles: a few days ago where the profitability of what determines the profitability of the local station and decide what is (two), won the attention of the webmaster friends and I QQ ask what time the following article I’m very sorry, because of the recent launch of the company’s business is busy, so, until today to take some time, well, do not talk nonsense, the beginning of the text.

talked about ideas today. read more

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Small lovers graduated from the tea shop easy to join the circle of wealth dream

for many entrepreneurs, in the beginning to join the entrepreneurial team, we must choose a good project. Below that is a pair of young lovers, is optimistic about the development of tea industry, tea shop management, realize the desire of wealth.

July 2014, a pair of just graduated from the University of small couples holding a thick stack of resumes rushed to the large recruitment. In the face of the masters of the cloud of competitors, the couple eventually failed to find a favorite job, even in the late round of interviews, but also to bring them a huge blow. read more

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Xianning 2015 entrepreneurial results summary

2015 is the beginning of a new era for Chinese entrepreneurs. Unprecedented rapid increase in the number of entrepreneurs, driving more people to employment. Together with an endless stream of entrepreneurial policies, to the majority of entrepreneurs with full confidence.

read more

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Top 100 websites of China industry websites in 2007


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Sunshine always stand in the wind and rain after the station, you insist

uses this article as a website to break the 10 thousand IP memorial.

08 years, I’ve been very substantial. In the first half of the year, I went crazy to study Seo and the second half of the experiment… This year, I thought about my life and thought about my happiness…

also picked up the mood this year, gave up the idea of rebuilding PvFans, chose a brand new start: to build the best PSP player network in the country. Try on how far you can walk alone, and see if you can do anything more than once, with more than 50 moderators working together to build a web site. See if you have really grown up after you have honed yourself. read more

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Case analysis of red system application in Web Design

web design is important, both color and non color matching, should pay attention to. Next, we start with each color analysis, we first explore the red system in web design applications.

as is known to all, red is a very strong emotional color, can make people feel excited, so we Chinese also think red is a festive color, it will bring people happiness. Bright red often attracts visitors’ eyes, so red is also a common color in Web design. Next, we will analyze how to better use it to attract readers’ attention. read more

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How many programming websites do webmasters need to know

these websites are the websites that I often go to, in the circle of individual stationmaster, have quite well-known degree, it is the place that learns to write website or program to go.

1, China Software Development Network – http://www.csdn.net

, China’s largest developer network, where programmers must go, discusses community popularity.

2, China Webmaster Station – http://www.chinaz.com

access to a large number of webmaster stations, providing web source download, and web design information. read more

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Easy to get a few search engines to make web site traffic more valuable

Login skills for

1 search engine

is it possible for all commercial sites to push a lark? It seems not. Before the promotion of your business website, you need to check the website of the "equipment" is in line with the following requirements: the website information content rich enough, accurate and timely (electronic version of the company is definitely not); a professional web design (not beginners written); you have a clear site (if the target market your target market positioning in 80 million Internet users, I’m afraid we can’t help you). Then you can refer to the following tips to promote your website. read more

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Game design mechanism 12 concepts of Internet product design

many of us work hard to concentrate, but in the game when it was, most of us lack of perseverance, but these people can insist on playing a game until a murky sky over a dark earth. The psychological characteristics of the game and the game contains mechanism design that will help us to design better game products, even in daily life can also motivate yourself according to the relevant principles, successfully reached the expected target. Below we will study the game design mechanism in several aspects, and the product design principles that come out. read more

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Avoid website optimization in browsing without conversion misunderstanding

with the growing competition and the increasing number of websites, whether it is search engine optimization or website promotion, many small and medium-sized enterprise websites, their conversion rate in varying degrees of decline. More and more enterprises understand the site to hire SEO workers to maintain their own web sites, web site optimization continuous natural search ranking, this is a very correct strategy, the importance of enterprise website operation SEO to enter the field of e-commerce entrepreneurs must be considered and paid attention to, so for SEO workers, should try to avoid browsing no conversion embarrassed to appear in the website optimization, or when the traffic is rising, and the consultation and the turnover rate is not proportional, is in want of perfection. read more

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Discuss from six respects how does the website do ability just can retain a client

every webmaster every day around the search engine round, every day thinking about how the website optimization, hope to attract more users, but the search engine is around who turn? It is needless to say is of course user, no matter what method of screening to the website ranking, or to the user as the most basic starting point, careful observation is not difficult to find other sites, have a common point, can appeal to the user, can keep visitors. How to effectively retain visitors? All say "SEO" on the line, in fact, the focus is on itself. read more

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