Summary of the new sites included before the extension (final report)

. If we want to let the search engines fast included our site, so we need to understand what the mainstream search engine for new sites included is the number of cycles. (domestic mainstream is love Shanghai and noble baby, here are the 2 major search engines. The other time is almost. ) for the new website, under normal circumstances, the love of Shanghai included in the new time in 3-15 days, 2 weeks is a comparison of the average time. Noble baby general search will be shorter time. In a week or so can be included. In normal circumstances, love in Shanghai may be 1 -2 months or you take the initiative to do some measures you can shorten this time out (such as we Qifan software official website 贵族宝贝zzqifan贵族宝贝/ website is formally submitted in the 2011-5-7 night. The second day morning was included. Do not believe it can look at yo) if included slow shows that there are some problems or other aspects of the structure of your site. read more

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A dog’s American IPO RoadEtiquette 99 gift online line!

The settlement cycle:

21:30, a Jingdong in the NASDAQ listed bell, the opening price of $21.75, $19 higher than the issue price rose 14%.

announcement also said that the IPO will be carried out as soon as possible in the market conditions allow, and to Sogou company follow the United States Securities Act of 1933 the "Securities Law" " to the United States Securities and Exchange Commission formally submitted the prospectus form F-1 registration statement, and the securities and exchange Commission officially announced the IPO registration statement is the premise condition. read more

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How to use nofollow to help website optimization

two, control of weight distribution, to guide the spider crawl the important content of

website has many pages are not in ranking, for example: about us, contact us, privacy protection, company profile, website and other links can put them nofollow off, so, the website weight will not transfer to them.

so you can use nofollow to achieve the following results:

nofollow can also be used in what place to help

, that is, for the love of Shanghai, even though the use of nofollow links, spiders will grab and included, this label is recommended to the current page search engine links page transfer weights only, does not prohibit the spider grab and included. read more

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Linktech CPS on the left bank of the sky advertisers on-line friends!Personal hard do Wangzhuan expe

  dear union members:

game on the left bank of the sky:
1, new type: new war strategy, online games
2, easy access: no need to install client browser, open web site that play, configuration requirements low, a browser can play

3, play simple: no need to automatically upgrade online, open the browser can play, turn off after the automatic completion of the task
4, anytime, anywhere: Mobile, MSN, can play the same game
5, rich content: magic world, Castle, airship war, ancient magic rich task mystery plot read more

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With the help of the user thinking to the construction site to avoid self-willed

is now a lot of people in the construction site, always in their own thinking in their love to build a website, actually this kind of practice is not wrong, their own web site, of course you love to do a website, but unfortunately, this idea is very easy to bring their own punishment, because of personal strength is very limited in the network world, you love the site, others will love? Maybe you have the establishment of technology, design skills, but you do it even professional website, can not get the favor of users, this is why? I think this is actually entered the self-willed misunderstanding, think they can about everything, but in the end only can be about read more

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Company name to abide by the legal limit

no matter which industry we give a suitable name, not only need to work on the words, but also need to comply with the relevant laws and regulations. So, the name of the company to comply with what legal restrictions? Let’s get to know each other.

a company to get a good name, and not for the operator to see their own, do not let it up, narcissistic self appreciation. Use a good name, the biggest goal is to push themselves to the market, to provide goods or services to the community, so as to attract customers, please customers, better business activities. To achieve this goal, the company name must be very close to the customer. read more

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How to do the restaurant to surprise customers

how to make consumers favor, each of which is a service industry are more concerned about the issue, the catering industry is essentially a service industry, so the service quality determines customer satisfaction, so the restaurant exactly how to improve customer satisfaction? As long as there are a few do, there is no problem.

restaurant how to do to surprise customers

1, do not blindly learning

people also need to learn, the catering industry is the same, in fact, food and beverage industry, there are many places to learn, it is important to see a restaurant owner will not learn, the best place to learn from others, but now it is many bosses are to follow the ISM, students move rigidly, finally is neither fish nor fowl can only be closed, restaurant. To find the real needs of customers, and provide to customers, this is the real service. read more

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Jiangdu Local Taxation Bureau four new initiatives to facilitate entrepreneurs

With the gradual promotion of

Internet plus the venture to further reduce the threshold, the increasing number of entrepreneurs. In order to increase the efficiency of government to provide public services for entrepreneurs, Jiangdu Local Taxation Bureau launched five initiatives.

read more

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Xining community health service institutions 100 kinds of basic drugs zero rate sales

September 12th, the reporter learned from the Xining Municipal Health Bureau, this year, the community health service agencies to increase the 30 basic drugs.

in recent years, Xining city to promote the comprehensive reform of primary health care institutions, the implementation of the basic drug system, standardize the community health service institutions use behavior, base for community health service institutions in 2012 social forces, the implementation of zero sales slip of 70 kinds of basic drugs, the increase of 30 kinds of basic drugs, so far, community health services in Xining city the social forces have zero sales slip of 100 kinds of basic drugs. Xining City District (county) to the catalogue of drugs price publicity, supervision, inspection and assessment work, and in the basic medical and health service agencies to strictly implement basic drugs zero sales slip publicity commitment, let people enjoy the benefits of health care reform policy. (author: Wang Fulian)
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In recent years, the province should continue to strengthen the protection of rainfall

into the late July, by the north cold air and the southwest warm and humid air flow, the 20 ~ July, from to 21, from 23 to 25 in our province has appeared in the process of precipitation. Qinghai meteorological department in a timely manner to start the storm emergency response level IV, the initiative to follow up the decision-making meteorological services, go all out to do a good job of heavy rainfall meteorological support services. The province is expected in the future there will be precipitation weather process. read more

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In 2012, the city of Xining, 380 million to help the poor population of more than 100 thousand

2012, Xining invested a total of 380 million yuan of various types of poverty alleviation funds, so that the direct benefit of the poor of the 25 thousand and 500 families of 104 thousand and 500.

in accordance with the special poverty alleviation, poverty alleviation, social poverty, the trinity of poverty alleviation practices, cohesion project together, making the city’s poverty alleviation work has achieved remarkable results. Throughout the year to implement the whole village to promote the project funds 83 million yuan, the implementation of the whole village in the poor village of the project to promote the enterprise investment of $75, the people raised funds of 22 million 660 thousand yuan, the construction of productive items of the project 57 million 310 thousand yuan. At the same time, the integration of industry sector funds 100 million 563 thousand and 800 yuan, the implementation of roads, irrigation and water conservancy construction and other infrastructure projects of the 112. Implementation of relocation funds 67 million 990 thousand yuan, the relocation of the implementation of the relocation of the project, the relocation of poor households, poor households, 10785 people, 2532. Implementation of the poor labor, rain plan training funds 1 million 55 thousand yuan, the county’s 600 people were special mechanical driving and other professional skills training. Organization and implementation of the rain plan pilot reform, three poor students in the county to give a living allowance of $4 million 460 thousand 6369. read more

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Green giant integrated wall technology class become the first choice for decoration

an environmentally friendly, stylish, warm home environment, I believe we all want to have. So, how can we make our home environment so perfect? Green giant integrated wall as the country’s top wall decoration service companies, in their own advantages to build and service in the industry leading level.

read more

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4 farmers market in our city to accept quarantine

to create a health city, farmers market clean and not can best embody the city health indicators and the degree of civilization, in order to speed up the pace of "farmers market establishment, July 26th, deputy director of Municipal People’s Congress Yang Baolin accompanied by the head checked my 4 farmers market in the Municipal Bureau of commerce.

it is understood that the inspectors visited the market traffic large garden tree farmers market, Nanchuan Road, Cao Zhai morning farmers market, hydropower four bureau. Park tree farmers market and Nanchuan Road market is located in the urban fringe, the market operation of the goods is all kinds of, especially in pork and cooked food stalls, inspectors check the business license and health certificate, and some of the stalls still exist unlicensed and no cable card tickets, market garbage clean-up in time, there are still a lot of health corner. read more

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