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first_imgThe exterior demolition of the Old Halifax Infirmary beginstoday, Feb. 8 — and the cafeteria is the first course. An excavator, specially outfitted with mechanical shears, isbeing used to tear apart the cafeteria’s concrete roof. “Today we’ve reached a milestone in removing this building, whichhas obviously outlived its usefulness,” said Transportation andPublic Works Minister Ron Russell. “The province is continuing towork with its municipal partners to find the most beneficialsolution for this important site.” The minister added that the province will work with thecontractor to keep noise and dust levels to a minimum during theproject. Murray Demolition began the $4.1-million job of tearing down thebuilding in January. The company continues to work inside othersections of the old hospital to remove hazardous materials. The demolition of the Old Halifax Infirmary will be completed byDecember 2005.last_img read more


first_imgLow- and modest-income seniors in Nova Scotia can now apply for funding to help make their homes more energy efficient. The Department of Energy is offering grants and rebates to qualified seniors who participate in the EnerGuide for Houses program, administered by Natural Resources Canada. The funding will allow seniors to make improvements to their homes to help them save energy and money. “Nova Scotians own some of the oldest houses in the country, and many of these homes were built before efficient energy use was a concern,” said Energy Minster Cecil Clarke. “Encouraging more Nova Scotians to make energy upgrades will help us reduce both power generation and harmful greenhouse gas emissions.” Seniors who participate in the EnerGuide for Houses program can apply to receive a $150 rebate from the Department of Energy to cover the cost of the initial home energy audit, a provincial grant to a maximum of $1,000, and an additional $400 seniors’ grant to help pay for renovations and upgrades. The provincial rebate and grants are in addition to the EnerGuide for Houses grants offered by Natural Resources Canada. Participating seniors will also receive an energy savings kit. When installed properly, the contents of the kit can reduce energy costs by up to $100 a year. The kit includes compact flourescent lights (CFLs), low flow shower heads, water tap aerators, LED night lights, foam insulators, weatherstripping, and a storm window kit. The initial audit is conducted by a qualified energy auditor. The evaluation involves a blower test to identify air leakage points, a report with customized energy upgrade recommendations, and an estimate of annual energy consumption. In order to qualify for the rebate and renovation grants, applicants must be either a single senior over 65 years old with an income below $25,000 or a senior over 65 with a combined family income below $40,000. Seniors over 65 that receive guaranteed income supplements and/or the allowance are also eligible. In Nova Scotia, there are three organizations that deliver the EnerGuide for Houses program. Seniors interested in the program should contact one of the following organizations in their region to learn more about the audit and the financial assistance available: Seniors who qualify for more assistance from the province will need to fill out an application to verify their income. Applications are available online at www.gov.ns.ca/energy by selecting the Smart Energy Choices icon or by calling1-800-670-4357 to speak with a government representative. The seniors’ EnerGuide home energy assistance program is part of the Smart Energy Choices program announced in October 2005. Sustainable Housing and Education Consultants,(provincewide) 1-877-722-2842; Clean Nova Scotia,(Halifax Regional Municipality) 1-800-605-5377 or 420-3474; Atlantic Coastal Action Program,(Cape Breton Regional Municipality) 1-902-567-1628.last_img read more


first_imgThe highway gateway to Nova Scotia will be made smoother and safer as a result of three tender announcements by the Department of Transportation and Public Works. The tenders, for Highway 104 in Cumberland County are: repaving the westbound lanes from the River Phillip Bridge for 6.5 kilometres to west of the Exit 6 overpass at Oxford; repaving the eastbound lanes from west of Exit 6 at Oxford for four kilometres to Exit 6, including the off ramp; repaving the westbound lanes from east of Exit 5 for 2.8 kilometres west to Exit 5, including the westbound on and off ramps. All three projects are scheduled for completion this summer. “Highway 104 is part of the Trans-Canada Highway system and a vital link to the rest of Canada,” said Transportation and Public Works Minister Angus MacIsaac. “Repaving these sections will ease the way for the safe passage of people and products to and from Nova Scotia.” The Department of Transportation and Public Works’ highways division manages more than 23,000 kilometres of roads in Nova Scotia. It maintains 4,100 bridges and operates seven provincial ferries. Staff provide services from district offices in Bridgewater, Bedford, Truro and Sydney.last_img read more


first_imgHALIFAX REGIONAL MUNICIPALITY: Lawrencetown River Bridge Lawrencetown River Bridge on Highway 207, near Lawrencetown Beach, will be closed for replacement from Wednesday, Nov. 8, to Thursday, May 31, 2007. A one lane bridge will be installed with traffic lights until construction is complete. Local Area Office: 902-827-5388 Fax: 902-827-5190 -30-last_img


first_imgPlus de 100 élèves du Strait Regional School Board se réuniront aujourd’hui 8 mai au Port Hawkesbury Civic Centre afin de participer à la sixième de huit rencontres avec D250 qui ont lieu partout en Nouvelle-Écosse. Les rencontres jeunesse sont une initiative de Démocratie 250, appuyée par VOX:Point of Youth, le ministère de l’Éducation, le Strait Regional School Board et Élections Nouvelle-Écosse. Les élèves participeront à une élection simulée et discuteront d’enjeux qui touchent les jeunes. Ils écouteront aussi une série de publicités mettant en vedette les jeunes ambassadeurs de D250, visionneront « Rant for Democracy », une vidéo qui suscite la réflexion au sujet de la participation électorale des jeunes, et participeront à une session de questions et réponses avec John Hamm et Russell MacLellan, co-présidents de Démocratie 250. Le Dr Hamm affirme que l’objectif des rencontres est d’inciter un plus grand nombre de jeunes à participer dans leurs communautés et au processus électoral. « Moins de 25 pour cent des jeunes adultes de moins de 25 ans votent à quelque élection que ce soit. C’est une donnée statistique inquiétante sur laquelle nous voulons attirer l’attention et que nous espérons changer, » a dit le Dr Hamm. « Les Néo-Écossais plus âgés doivent mieux comprendre les raisons pour lesquelles un si grand nombre de jeunes, qui sont autrement très préoccupés des enjeux d’aujourd’hui et qui n’hésitent pas à se faire entendre, ne votent pas, » a souligné Russell MacLellan. Deborah Pellerin, coordonnatrice des programmes jeunesse au ministère de l’Éducation et responsable de VOX: Point of Youth, a accueilli les efforts de Démocratie 250 visant à encourager un plus grand nombre de jeunes à participer dans leurs communautés et au processus électoral. « En travaillant étroitement avec les organismes jeunesse, Démocratie 250 donne non seulement aux jeunes une occasion de partager leurs frustrations, mais aussi une possibilité de changer les choses pour le mieux, » a dit Mme Pellerin. Démocratie 250 est l’organisme responsable de l’année de célébration du 250e anniversaire de la naissance de la démocratie parlementaire au Canada. Pour plus d’information, consultez le site Web de Démocratie 250 au www.democratie250.ca.last_img read more


first_imgMaking Nova Scotia a leader in environmental sustainability while generating economic growth is essential to the future prosperity of the province. This is the message Environment Minister Mark Parent and Economic Development Minister Angus MacIsaac delivered to business and community leaders in Bridgewater today, Sept. 18. “This summer’s Green Economy Tour has been one of the highlights of my career as Minister of Environment,” said Mr. Parent. “I’ve listened, learned, and am inspired by Nova Scotians who are working hard everyday toward environmental management and economic growth.” Mr. MacIsaac discussed the positive impacts that local businesses are having on the economy through environmental management and protection. He also made a $75,000 investment announcement for the Municipality of Chester’s Kaizer Meadows Waste Management Facility. This will involve a feasibility study for its Eco-Park for re-manufacturing items from the waste stream. “The businesses I’ve had the opportunity to visit this summer have shown incredible foresight in incorporating sustainable practices,” said Mr. MacIsaac. “Their continued innovation will help position our province as a leader in the ‘green’ business.” This is the fourth joint stop on what has been a successful provincial tour, supported by regional development authorities. Environmental management and protection is one of government’s five immediate priorities. Nova Scotia’s Environmental Goals and Sustainable Prosperity Act sets out 21 far-reaching goals for the province including reduced air emissions and waste, and increased protection of land and water. The act is a vital companion to the province’s economic development strategy, Opportunities for Sustainable Prosperity. It will help the province achieve economic performance at or above the national average by the year 2020. Reports detailing the province’s progress towards meeting commitments in the Environmental Goals and Sustainable Prosperity Act and in Opportunities for Sustainable Prosperity were released in May, showcasing government’s commitment to making Nova Scotia one of the greenest, healthiest, and most economically sustainable environments in the world by 2020. More information on the act and its progress report are available on the Department of Environment’s website at www.gov.ns.ca/nse . The second annual progress report for Opportunities for Sustainable Prosperity is available on the Department of Economic Development’s website at www.gov.ns.ca/econ/ofsp .last_img read more


first_imgA number of family events highlight this year’s African Heritage Month celebrations, which begin today, Jan. 27, in the Annapolis Valley. The Valley African Nova Scotian Development Association (VANSDA) has worked with the community to develop a calendar of events to celebrate the 25 anniversary of African Heritage Month. “In the 25 years that groups have formally recognized the significance of our heritage, we have seen tremendous change,” said Robert Ffrench, VANSDA executive director. “It is important, however, that we never forget where we have come from to ensure that the legacy and efforts made in the past are never forgotten.” It is in that spirit of remembrance that VANSDA celebrates the month with events like the inaugural quiz bowl and the unveiling of a commemorative panel on the Matthieu DaCosta Heritage Trail. “The first annual quiz bowl pits four local Grade 8 students against teams from KROC Radio, Acadia University and TD Bank Financial Group,” said Mr. French. “The teams have been reviewing the facts for a while and are eager to discover which team will become champion. It promises to be a great time and an excellent education on African Nova Scotian history.” On Wednesday, Feb. 11, VANSDA will officially unveil the Ben Jackson commemorative panel in Hantsport as part of the Matthieu DaCosta Heritage Trail. The panel details the history of Ben Jackson, an African Nova Scotian civil war hero who settled in Hantsport in the late 19th century. The heritage trail is a VANSDA initiative to develop a tourist attraction dedicated to recognizing the history of African Nova Scotians. “The events taking place this month in the Valley, and all over Nova Scotia, give community members an opportunity to interact, to learn from one another and to celebrate the important history and contributions of African Nova Scotians,” said Barry Barnet, Minister of African Nova Scotian Affairs. To complete the month, VANSDA will host From the Heart of Nova Scotia — A Gospel Experience at Acadia University, on Saturday, Feb. 28. The evening of gospel celebration is produced by the African Nova Scotian Music Association. Proceeds will be donated to an entrance scholarship fund that annually recognizes two African Nova Scotian students pursuing post-secondary educations. For information on African Heritage Month and a list of events being held provincewide, visit the African Nova Scotian Affairs website at www.gov.ns.ca/ansa or call the events line at 424-3482.last_img read more


first_img Adela Teresa Escobar, conseillère, ministère des Services communautaires Mme Escobar est une femme dynamique originaire d’El Salvador qui a gagné le cœur de ses clients, soignants et collègues grâce à son dévouement extraordinaire à son rôle de conseillère unique pour le programme Option de soutien familial. Elle offre du soutien aux personnes handicapées qui vivent dans un environnement familial dans leur propre communauté, et elle a souvent été considérée comme une alliée pour le bien commun par l’établissement de liens entre les membres de l’équipe, les clients, les fournisseurs de services, les responsables des politiques et le personnel itinérant. — John Calder, géologue principal, ministère des Ressources naturellesM. Calder a été un promoteur visionnaire et l’âme du projet de l’inscription des falaises fossilifères de Joggins à la liste des sites du patrimoine mondial de l’UNESCO. Il a été responsable de présenter le cas du point de vue scientifique, d’assurer le leadership du projet et des expositions d’interprétation, d’obtenir le consensus de la communauté et de co-rédiger le dossier de candidature. Le projet a également permis l’établissement du Joggins Fossil Institute. Équipe des paiements de rajustement à l’égard de la part de la Couronne En 2001, l’équipe des paiements de rajustement à l’égard de la part de la Couronne a commencé à former des arguments convaincants en faveur d’une interprétation généreuse de la loi. En avril 2008, après avoir travaillé en collaboration avec d’autres ministères et des conseillers externes sur ce cas complexe de comptabilité et de loi, l’équipe a présenté le cas de la Nouvelle-Écosse au Groupe d’experts sur les paiements de rajustement à l’égard de la part de la Couronne. Le groupe d’experts a recommandé que le gouvernement du Canada verse à la Nouvelle-Écosse plus de 234 millions de dollars pour les paiements passés et environ 633 millions de dollars en paiements futurs. Le prix a été présenté aux membres de l’équipe Stephen McGrath du ministère de la Justice et Chris Spencer du ministère de l’Énergie. Dennis Pilkey, directeur à la retraite, ministère des Finances Le projet « Community Counts » a débuté comme projet pilote novateur basé sur le modèle primé du projet « Community Accounts » de Terre-Neuve-et-Labrador. Sous la direction de M. Pilkey, le projet a évolué pour devenir un programme continu qui fournit des données à l’intention et au sujet des communautés et qui peuvent être utilisées par les responsables des politiques, les représentants élus, les concepteurs de programmes et les responsables du développement communautaire. M. Pilkey a été en mesure d’attirer des partenaires stratégiques du secteur gouvernemental, communautaire et universitaire qui ont contribué leur temps, leur expertise et leurs ressources à cette vision commune pour un site Web accessible par le public. — Équipe de coordination du développement des compétences, ministère du Travail et du Développement de la main-d’œuvreL’équipe a joué un rôle principal dans l’intervention par rapport aux fermetures dans l’industrie par la création d’équipes d’intervention communautaires sur place, l’exécution d’études sur les postes à combler dans les communautés touchées et environnantes, l’établissement de centres de transition pour les travailleurs déplacés, et la prestation de programmes et services directs visant à aider les travailleurs à trouver un nouvel emploi. Les récipiendaires du prix sont : Roger Peters, Louise Michalos et Joe Brown d’Halifax; Renette Muise de Kentville; Colleen O’Connor de Truro; Robin Jardine de New Glasgow; Raymond Lefort de Sydney et Judy Purcell de Bridgewater. Les employés du gouvernement qui ont élaboré un outil Web visant à fournir des renseignements pour la planification et l’amélioration des communautés de la Nouvelle-Écosse et qui ont contribué à faire des falaises fossilifères de Joggins un site du patrimoine mondial de l’Organisation des Nations Unies pour l’éducation, la science et la culture (UNESCO) font partie des récipiendaires honorés aujourd’hui 15 juin lors de la remise des Prix d’excellence du premier ministre. Les prix ont été présentés à deux équipes et trois personnes individuelles pour leurs contributions à la Nouvelle-Écosse, lors d’une cérémonie à Halifax. Les récipiendaires sont tous de la région d’Halifax, à l’exception de quelques membres de l’équipe du ministère du Travail et du Développement de la main-d’œuvre qui sont de Kentville, Truro, New Glasgow, Sydney et Bridgewater. « Les employés qui sont honorés aujourd’hui possèdent les meilleures qualités que les fonctionnaires de la Nouvelle-Écosse peuvent posséder, » a dit le premier ministre Rodney MacDonald. « Ils sont des exemples des nombreux fonctionnaires qualifiés qui sont dévoués à leurs rôles au sein de la fonction publique chaque jour. » Le Prix d’excellence du premier ministre est la plus haute distinction de la fonction publique de la Nouvelle-Écosse. Établi en 2006 par l’ancien premier ministre John Hamm, le programme reconnaît les fonctionnaires néo-écossais pour leurs contributions et leurs accomplissements remarquables. Les employés sont mis en candidature par leurs collègues. Les fonctionnaires, les travailleurs routiers, les travailleurs correctionnels et les personnes qui ont récemment pris leur retraite sont admissibles aux mises en candidature. Un comité de sélection externe a évalué les mises en candidature d’équipes ou de personnes individuelles dont les accomplissements sont liés à l’excellence en leadership, à l’innovation et la créativité, au service à la clientèle exceptionnel et à la formation créative de relations. Le comité de sélection a évalué 24 mises en candidature. « Chaque année, un comité de sélection reçoit des candidatures de qualité qui illustrent le merveilleux travail auquel les Néo-Écossais s’attendent maintenant, » a dit Rosalind Penfound, commissaire de la Commission de la fonction publique. « Nous apprécions nos employés et ce prix est une façon de célébrer leurs accomplissements. » Le premier ministre a remis les prix, produits par NovaScotian Crystal, lors de la cérémonie. On a demandé à NovaScotian Crystal, le seul fabriquant de cristal confectionné à la main au Canada, de créer le prix. Les récipiendaires des quatrièmes Prix d’excellence du premier ministre sont les suivants : Pour plus d’information sur les Prix d’excellence du premier ministre, sur les lauréats de cette année et sur leur travail, consultez le www.gov.ns.ca/psc/recognition (en anglais seulement).last_img read more


first_imgPremier Darrell Dexter, today, Feb. 25, announced a $20-million investment in the Halifax Shipyard to help create jobs and grow the economy. The investment is a repayable loan and will be used to modernize and upgrade infrastructure to increase competitiveness. “This is a sound investment in a successful company,” said Premier Dexter. “This investment will not only improve infrastructure at the shipyard and create jobs during construction, it will help the shipyard modernize its facility so it will stay competitive and able to bid on more contracts in the future.” Premier Dexter said that investing in the shipyard will help secure a stronger future for the yard. The new the investments in wharves, cranes, fabrication areas and office upgrades will provide employment for hundreds of Nova Scotia workers and suppliers across the province in the years to come. Last fall, with the support of the province, the Halifax Shipyard secured a contract worth $219 million to build nine mid-shore patrol vessels for the Canadian Coast Guard. The government of Canada has committed roughly $40 billion in shipbuilding and ship repair contracts over the next two to three decades. A commitment to purchase Canadian-built vessels is part of the plan. “We must continue to embark on opportunities for economic growth,” said Economic and Rural Development Minister Percy Paris. “Investments like this bring significant benefits to the province and move us another step closer to our goal of economic sustainability and prosperity.” The infrastructure investment represents a significant opportunity for the Halifax Shipyard. Once the project is complete, the shipyard will be one of the most modern on the eastern seaboard, positioning it for future bids and contracts. “We thank the province for its commitment to a strong future at the Halifax Shipyard and its vote of confidence in the world-class capability of the men and women who work here,” said CEO of Irving Shipbuilding Inc., Jim Irving. “Today’s news is about investing for the long term and securing this Nova Scotian centre of excellence for made-in-Canada ships.” The province has a long history of working with Irving Shipbuilding, bringing major economic benefits for Nova Scotia. “On behalf of the members of Local 1, I want to thank the province for its support of these important improvements,” said president of Local 1 of the CAW Marine Workers Federation, Karl Risser. “There are many of us whose roots go deep at this shipyard and today’s news is the best signal to the next generations of shipyard workers.” The loan is being provided through the province’s Industrial Expansion Fund. The fund helps industries with innovation and technology, and contributes to a prosperous and sustainable business climate for Nova Scotia. It provides access to capital and helps protect jobs, as well as support to businesses to be more competitive and sustainable. The Industrial Expansion Fund provides financial support, such as loans and guarantees, when many traditional sources are reluctant to do so.last_img read more


first_imgIn times of crisis, Nova Scotians have often put their lives on the line to help others. Today, Oct. 3, the province recognized Harry Fraser and Nicholas Kaiser for their quick thinking and selflessness in life-threatening situations. Premier Darrell Dexter presented Medals of Bravery to Mr. Fraser and Mr. Kaiser at a public ceremony. The medals are given to people who have risked their lives or safety to help or protected property of others. “Harry Fraser and Nicholas Kaiser are heroes, and they deserve our acknowledgment and appreciation,” said Premier Dexter. “The Medal of Bravery ceremony gives us an opportunity to thank them both for their courage and selflessness.” On the morning of April 8, 2010, Mr. Fraser’s neighbour asked him to call the fire department because her curtain had caught fire. After calling 911, Mr. Fraser saw his neighbor running back into her home. Mr. Fraser ran into the burning house, found his neighbour on the second floor, and pulled her to safety. Just after midnight on April 13, 2012, Mr. Kaiser saw a car cross the centre line on Prince Albert Road, hit a power pole and plunge into Lake Banook. Mr. Kaiser stopped his car and rushed into the cold water and used a rock to smash the window of the submerged car and pull out the occupant. This is the fifth year for Nova Scotia’s Medal of Bravery. Recipients were selected by an advisory panel chaired by Vice Admiral Duncan Miller (retired). The committee also includes the deputy minister of Justice, the acting provincial fire marshal, president of the Nova Scotia Chiefs of Police, the director of operations from the Emergency Management Office, the commander of Maritime Forces Atlantic, and two members at large, Mr. Paul Pettipas and Ms. Ann MacLean.last_img read more


first_imgA new resource featuring poems by local author George Borden will give Nova Scotia students an opportunity to explore African Heritage throughout the year. Mr. Borden today, Jan. 16, joined African Nova Scotian Affairs Minister Tony Ince, on behalf of Education and Early Childhood Development Minister Karen Casey, to launch I Never Heard Their Cry! Selected Poems of George Borden. “I congratulate Mr. Borden on this collection and thank him for providing his work to our students,” said Mr. Ince. “Preserving and promoting African Nova Scotian history is deeply important, especially for our young people, and I’m thrilled that Mr. Borden’s work will be in schools for reflection and discussion.” In the summer of 2011, Mr. Borden donated his poetry collection to the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development so it could be shared with Nova Scotia students. “Our Black story has not been told as it should have been, and only in a very few cases by Blacks. I’m trying to correct that,” said Mr. Borden. The department published the collection, and, in the spring, will provide it to high schools as part of a local authors package. Additional copies will be given to African Canadian Studies 11 and English 12: African Heritage classes. Mr. Borden is an author, poet, and songwriter from New Glasgow. He has written children’s stories and gospel songs, and has published a trilogy of poetry works recounting the Black experience from Africa to modern day Nova Scotia. His work has also been published in numerous anthologies and provincial and national newspapers and magazines.last_img read more


first_imgThe province has secured an agreement with the federal government to ensure that Nova Scotia’s concerns with the Canada Job Grant are addressed. Premier Stephen McNeil spoke with federal Employment and Social Development Minister Jason Kenney earlier today, Feb. 28. “I communicated to Mr. Kenney that the Canada Job Grant must work better for Nova Scotians,” said Premier McNeil. “The program must be affordable for our small businesses and must protect employment support for our most vulnerable citizens.” The current Canada Job Grant program requires employers to contribute funding upfront. Many businesses in the province have said they will not be able to participate under this arrangement. The province is also concerned that if investment targets required from businesses are not reached, program funding could be clawed back. “Nova Scotia cannot afford to spend money that then gets clawed back,” said Premier McNeil. “This issue must be addressed in our discussions with the federal government.” The premier said there are still many unanswered questions. “I know this uncertainty is hard on the people who deliver and benefit from these valuable programs,” said Premier McNeil. “What we have achieved today is more time and an opportunity to make the Canada Job Grant better for Nova Scotians.” The provinces and territories have been working together to recommend changes to the proposed federal Canada Job Grant and protect funding for labour market programs to support vulnerable workers since the program was announced in the 2013 federal budget.last_img read more


first_imgNous encourageons les Néo-Écossais à adopter des mesures de sécurité-incendie durant la période des Fêtes. « Les décorations, les arbres de Noël et les chandelles ajoutent à la beauté des festivités, mais ils peuvent aussi présenter un risque d’incendie, souligne le ministre des Affaires municipales, Zach Churchill. Les utiliser correctement contribuera à la sécurité de votre famille. » Pendant la période des Fêtes et tout l’hiver, n’oubliez pas les conseils suivants : « Nous voulons que tous les Néo-Écossais passent des Fêtes sous le signe de la joie et de la sécurité, souligne le commissaire des incendies de la Province, Harold Pothier. Si vous cherchez un cadeau pratique à offrir à un proche, un extincteur d’incendie, un détecteur de monoxyde de carbone ou un détecteur de fumée fera toujours l’affaire. » Pour obtenir plus d’information sur la sécurité-incendie pendant les Fêtes, consultez le www.novascotia.ca/dma/firesafety/docs/HolidayFireSafety.pdf (en anglais seulement). assurez-vous que votre maison est équipée de détecteurs de fumée, de détecteurs de monoxyde de carbone et d’extincteurs d’incendie qui sont tous en bon état de fonctionnement; testez les détecteurs de fumée et les détecteurs de monoxyde de carbone toutes les semaines durant la période des fêtes et remplacez les détecteurs de fumée tous les 10 ans; n’utilisez pas de lumières et de rallonges d’extérieur à l’intérieur, et éteignez les lumières si vous n’êtes pas à la maison; utilisez toujours des lumières, des rallonges et des décorations incombustibles approuvées par l’Association canadienne de normalisation, et assurez-vous que les fils des lumières ne sont ni effilochés ni craqués et que les douilles ne sont pas cassées; ne surchargez pas les prises de courant et évitez de faire passer les rallonges au-dessus d’un pas de porte ou sous des tapis; choisissez toujours un arbre fraîchement coupé, arrosez-le tous les jours et ne le placez jamais près d’une sortie ou près d’une source de chaleur; si vous achetez un arbre artificiel, assurez-vous qu’il porte une étiquette indiquant qu’il est résistant au feu; restez toujours dans la cuisine lorsque vous faites à manger, particulièrement si vous utilisez de l’huile ou si vous cuisez à des températures élevées; ne laissez jamais brûler des chandelles sans surveillance. Gardez-les hors de la portée des enfants et des animaux, et dans un bougeoir solide. Les chandelles et lumières à piles sont des options sécuritaires et pratiques.last_img read more


first_imgLondon: Bangladesh posted their highest one-day international score as ferocious hitting from Mushfiqur Rahim and Shakib Al Hasan took them to 330 for six against South Africa in Sunday’s World Cup match at the Oval. Mushfiqur made 78 from 80 balls and Shakib’s 75 came from 84 balls as the pair combined in a 142-run partnership. That was Bangladesh’s highest World Cup stand and set the stage to beat their previous highest ODI total of 329 for six against Pakistan in 2015. Also Read – We don’t ask for kind of tracks we get: Bowling coach ArunSouth Africa captain Faf du Plessis won the toss and fielded, but his decision backfired badly as Bangladesh put his lethargic bowling attack to the sword. Thrashed by a 104 runs in their first match against England on Thursday, South Africa, deprived of key batsman Hashim Amla due to a head injury suffered in that loss, will have to score 331 to avoid a second successive defeat. Tamim Iqbal was fit to open the batting after a wrist injury, but it was Soumya Sarkar who hit the first boundary, his flick off Lungi Ngidi bringing a huge roar from Bangladesh fans who made up the majority of the crowd at the Oval, the south London headquarters of Surrey. Also Read – Bastian Schweinsteiger announces retirement, could join Germany set-upThose green-shirt clad Bangladesh supporters were back on the feet as Tamim and Soumya, who hit five fours in six balls at one point, brought up their fifty partnership in just seven overs. After conceding 27 in two overs, the barrage took its toll on Ngidi, who fielded a Tamim shot and petulantly threw at the stumps, forcing the Bangladesh opener to fend it away in self-preservation. Moments later, Ngidi trudged from the pitch, reportedly suffering from a tight hamstring. In his first over, South Africa’s Andile Phehlukwayo broke the partnership with 60 on the board when he induced an edge from Tamim that was held by wicket-keeper Quinton de Kock. Soumya had made a dazzling 42 in 30 balls when his aggression got the better of him with a miscued hook off Chris Morris that was well caught by the diving de Kock. With part-time bowlers Aiden Markram and JP Duminy filling in for the absent Ngidi and Dale Steyn sidelined again by a shoulder injury, South Africa’s bowling attack was hardly threatening as Shakib reached his fifty with ease. Du Plessis was visibly frustrated, gesticulating angrily as Shakib and Mushfiqur took their partnership past a hundred runs. Imran Tahir delivered a desperately needed breakthrough on his 100th ODI appearance, the 40-year-old spinner breaking the 142-run stand when he bowled the sweeping Shakib. Mushfiqur perished after a risky slog off Phehlukwayo to leave Bangladesh on 250 or five in the 43rd over. But after going six overs without a boundary, Bangladesh finished their innings with a flourish thanks to powerful stroke-play from Mahmudullah (46 not out) and Mosaddek Hossain (26).last_img read more


first_imgNEW DELHI: Taking a dig at Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal for his proposed scheme to allow free travel in buses and Delhi Metro for women, Union Minister for Housing & Urban Affairs Hardeep Singh Puri on Thursday raised doubts over the feasibility of the scheme by saying that it’s not possible to implement. Hitting back at Puri, Delhi’s Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia said that the Delhi government has a proper plan and also the money to finance the project. Also Read – Cylinder blast kills mother and daughter in Karawal NagarOn the sidelines of a Press conference organised to launch Swachh Survekshan League 2020, the Union Minister said, “It’s a Kejriwal’s jumla as he has no plan in mind for its implementation.” “Kejriwal has no plan in mind. This metro and bus freebie is just a jumla,” Puri said, adding that the plan is not feasible. “Kejriwal has confused people because this is not how you give schemes. Central govt needs to be on board. The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) didn’t get any proposal from the Delhi government. Also, Delhi government is already running out of funds and they are debt. I don’t know how Kejriwal is planning to give metro rides for free,” the Union Minister said. Also Read – Two persons arrested for killing manager of Muthoot FinanceThe Delhi Metro comes under the Delhi government as well as under the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs. Hardeep Singh Puri has recently been given the portfolio of Civil Aviation. In the earlier BJP term, Puri served as the Housing and Urban Affairs minister, a role he has retained in the new cabinet. Hitting back at Puri, Delhi’s Deputy CM Sisodia said, “With all due respect I want to tell Hardeep Singh Puri that the government of Delhi has both plan and money for the free metro and bus rides for the women of Delhi. I just request him to smile and give his blessings. Give your blessings for the people of Delhi and women of Delhi. Delhi government will implement it in a very good manner.” The Deputy CM futher said, “We have conducted several official meetings over the issue in the last three-four days. The Transport Minister met officials of the transport and metro department during the last days. I and the Chief Minister also had meetings over the issue. We are coming up with a very good scheme for the scheme. We are also receiving various feedbacks from the people of Delhi. Once finalized we will share the plan with you.”last_img read more


first_imgNew Delhi: Whether it is the busy street in broad daylight or dark lanes of the city, snatchers strike anytime and target anybody and anything that they come across with. To ensure that the situation does not get worse, the Delhi Police Commissioner Amulya Patnaik held a meeting with districts’ DCPs and Railways unit of the police department, and reviewed the performance of 190 anti snatching teams in the city.Police sources told Millennium Post that the police chief assessed all the details from the senior officers which include the number of cases solved by the anti-snatching teams in Delhi. Also Read – Cylinder blast kills mother and daughter in Karawal NagarThe move came after the snatchers dragged some women, and targeted senior citizens on the streets of Delhi. In some cases, they also brandished weapons to make sure that they did not fail in their snatching attempt. They also changed modus operandi in order to dodge the police. A horrific CCTV footage of snatching surfaced where it could be seen that a woman was dragged behind a motorcycle while trying to chase two bike-borne assailants, who robbed her in Delhi’s Janakpuri in May. Also Read – Two persons arrested for killing manager of Muthoot FinanceThe details revealed that there are as many as 315 snatchers currently active in the city whereas 171 snatchers were silent as the law enforcement agency has not found any activity from their (snatchers) side. Sources further revealed that as many as 686 snatchers were nabbed by the anti-snatching teams and 881 cases were solved. During various snatching incidents, the snatchers were not even hesitate to use their weapons. As many as 103 firearms and 38 knives were recovered from snatchers by the anti-snatching teams. The top cop had ordered districts and units for strict action against street crime and criminals using firearms. In the current year, as many as 1,217 weapons were recovered during picket checking. According to Delhi Police, last year as many as 6,642 cases of snatching were reported as compared to 8,070 cases in 2017. Nearly 96.66 per cent of the total arrested criminals were first-time offenders and 54.90 per cent of them were illiterates or school drop-outs. In current year till May 15, as many as 2,444 cases of snatching were reported. Snatchers don’t even shy away from violence On January 13, 2018, a lady complainant reported at Kirti Nagar police station that she was robbed of her purse at Rama Road by a biker along with pillion rider. She also got injured due to manhandling by the robbers. Police arrested two people including a woman who dresses like a male to mislead and misguide the victims at the time of commissioning of the crime. In April, a Tanzanian citizen fell victim to the ever-increasing plight of snatching right outside her place of residence in the city where her purse was robbed by bike-riding snatchers. In 2017, a 50-year-old woman was going to Kashmere Gate where two men on a motorcycle hit the auto rickshaw and tried to snatch her bag. In a bid to foil the snatching bid, she tried everything but the two accused dragged her down from the vehicle which resulted in injury. Not only that, there are several cases in which snatchers targeted people near the police headquarters. According to Delhi Police, for prevention of crime, particularly street crime, multi-pronged strategies were adopted which includes crime mapping and identification of hot spots, dynamic deployment with a focus on identified areas, increased the visibility of police on streets including group patrolling led by District DCsP/Addl.DCsP. Defunct cameras helping snatchers The CCTV cameras in the city play an important role in curbing crime but if it is not working it can create trouble during the investigation. As many as 1,368 CCTV cameras in Delhi were found non-functional in different parts of the city. The reasons were found to be damages caused by the third party including other government bodies, due to non-maintenance of by a firm, theft of the equipment.last_img read more


first_imgNew Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi will not fly over Pakistan on his way to Bishkek on Thursday to attend a summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation, the External Affairs Ministry said. It said Modi’s aircraft will fly over Oman, Iran and several Central Asian countries to reach the Kyrgyz capital. “The government of India had explored two options for the route to be taken by the VVIP aircraft to Bishkek. A decision has now been taken that the VVIP aircraft will fly via Oman, Iran and Central Asian countries on the way to Bishkek,” MEA spokesperson Raveesh Kumar said on Wednesday. Also Read – IAF receives its first Rafale fighter jet from France He was responding to media queries regarding the route to be taken by the prime minister while travelling to Bishkek. On Monday, a Pakistani official told PTI that Islamabad has accorded an “in principle” approval to India’s request. India’s decision on the prime minister’s travel route to Bishkek appears surprising as it had only requested Pakistan to let Modi’s aircraft fly over its airspace when he travels to Bishkek. The decision also came over a week after Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan and Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi wrote separate letters to their Indian counterparts, pushing for restarting bilateral talks. Also Read – Cosmology trio win Nobel Physics Prize Khan had also made a telephone call to Modi on May 26 and expressed his desire to work together for the betterment of people of the two countries. On his part, Modi said creating trust and an environment free of violence and terrorism was essential for fostering peace and prosperity in the region. India has not been engaging with Pakistan since an attack on the Air Force base at Pathankot in January of 2016 by a Pakistan-based terror group, maintaining that talks and terror cannot go together. Khan is also travelling to Bishkek to attend the SCO summit and there was speculation that he and Modi may hold a meeting on the sidelines of the multilateral forum. However, on Monday, the MEA spokesperson said no such meeting has been arranged between the two leaders. Last month, Pakistan had given special permission to the then external affairs minister Sushma Swaraj to fly through Pakistani airspace while travelling to Bishkek to attend a meeting of SCO Foreign Ministers. Pakistan fully closed its airspace on February 26 after the Indian Air Force struck a Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM) terrorist training camp in Balakot. Since then, it has only opened two routes, both of them pass through southern Pakistan, of the total 11. On its part, the IAF announced on May 31 that all temporary restrictions imposed on Indian airspace post the Balakot airstrike have been removed. However, it is unlikely to benefit any commercial airliners unless Pakistan reciprocates and opens its complete airspace.last_img read more


first_imgGalgotias University moves ahead proudly with record placements this year. 90% of students from B. Tech, CSE/IT, 71% of students from all the branches of B. Tech and 92% of students from MBA received their job offers. The present placement season for Galgotias University came with great enthusiasm, where within the first 15 days, students secured 1000+ job offers; employers mainly being MNCs like Infosys, Cognizant, Wipro and TCS. Apart from this, 34% of the students received multiple job offers as well. Students of Galgotias University got the opportunity to participate in the process of hiring with more than 400 companies like Sonalika Tractors, Ashok Leyland, Samsung R&D, Amazon, UltraTech Cement, VIVO Mobiles, PNB Housing, ICICI Bank, IndusInd Bank, Havells, Future Group, Flipkart, Ericsson, LG Electronics and many more. 90% of the students pursuing their studies received their placement in sectors like Hotel Management, Logistics & Supply Chain Management, Law and Pharmacy.To ensure a brighter career of their students, Galgotias University has tied up with companies like Infosys, Cognizant, Wipro, Ericsson, Tech Mahindra, and other corporates. The University is working towards “Professional Skills” and creating “Global Professionals”. It is renowned for its modernised campus, strategic learning and global conduct. With modern facilities, the learning environment is designed in a way, which promises to turn students into Global Corporate Personalities. The students of Galgotias are nurtured by highly experienced faculties and provided with equal, fair and optimal opportunities of placements. Students are trained not only in academics but also in personality development and soft skills.last_img read more


first_imgManchester: Jason Roy is targeting England’s match against arch-rivals Australia for a World Cup return after being sidelined with a torn hamstring. The in-form opening batsman has been ruled out of England’s match against Afghanistan at Old Trafford on Tuesday and their pool encounter with Sri Lanka at Headingley on Friday. Roy tore his left hamstring in the field during England’s eight-wicket win over the West Indies last week and did not bat, with Joe Root, who made a century, promoted to open alongside Jonny Bairstow instead. Also Read – Djokovic heaps praise on ‘very complete’ Medvedev But having suffered a similar injury during England’s tour of the Caribbean earlier this year and with the World Cup featuring a long pool phase that sees all 10 teams play each other ahead of the semi-finals, the 28-year-ol Roy is confident of returning to action. “I did it in the West Indies and it was a lot worse,” Roy told Sky Sports. “It could be way worse — the scan told me it’s minimum 10 days. We’ve got to assess it as we go along.” Also Read – Mary Kom enters quarterfinals, Saweety Boora bows out of World C’ships “It’s a huge understatement being frustrated, but I’ve got to keep smiling,” the Surrey star added. Roy hit a fifty in England’s opening win over South Africa and then struck a commanding 153 in the host nation’s victory over Bangladesh. But he fell for just eight during England’s surprise 14-run defeat to Pakistan at Trent Bridge. Now he hopes to face reigning champions Australia at Lord’s on June 25. “We’re targeting Australia but we’ll see how this week goes,” said Roy, whose opening partnership with Bairstow has been a key factor in England’s rise to the top of the one-day international rankings and their status as favourites to win the World Cup. “If this week goes to plan, then Australia. If not, then who knows. Hamstrings are such a grey area.” England captain Eoin Morgan, who suffered a back spasm during the West Indies match but recovered to face Afghanistan, was in no doubt about Roy’s importance to his side. “I certainly believe Jason will play again in this tournament,” Morgan told a pre-match press conference at Old Trafford on Monday. “He’s out of the next two games, so we’ll see how he pulls up after that.” Morgan said England had not yet discussed who should replace Roy if a permanent replacement were needed, adding: “He’s obviously a huge part of what we’ve been doing. He’s in the best form of his life, so he’s very important.”last_img read more


first_imgNew Delhi: Proceedings of the Rajya Sabha on Tuesday were adjourned thrice during the pre-lunch period after repeated protests by Tamil parties led by the AIADMK over their demand that the exam for postmen be held in Tamil language. The protests started soon after listing of papers in the House, with AIADMK members shouting slogans and demanding that the government cancel the postal department exam for recruitment of postmen and other posts and hold it afresh by including Tamil as a language for taking the exam. Also Read – Squadrons which participated in Balakot air strike awarded citations on IAF Day Tamil parties have been protesting that questions in the postal department’s examination for appointments of postmen and assistants in rural areas held on Sunday were only in Hindi and English, and not Tamil. The AIADMK were joined in their protests by DMK, CPI and CPI-M members in the morning. Chairman M Venkaiah Naidu first ordered stopping of the transmission of House proceedings on television and then adjourned proceedings till 1200 hours. Also Read – SC declines Oil Min request to stay sharing of documents on Reliance penalty Later when the House met at 12.00, the AIADMK continued with their protests demanding cancellation of the exam. As Deputy chairman Harivansh appealed for allowing the Question Hour to be taken up, members of AIADMK stormed the well. They were joined by the DMK and TMC. They raised slogans of “Cancel the exam”, with deputy chairman saying this is not good. Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs V Muraleedharan said the Chairman has already held a meeting with the Communications Minister and he has agreed to clarify in the House on Wednesday. “The Chairman had called union communications minister Ravi Shankar Prasad to his chamber. He has discussed the issue with the chairman and the minister is ready to come to the House and explain the position in the House tomorrow,” he told the House amid the din. Deputy chairman said the chairman has called the minister and he will explain tomorrow in the house. “Please allow the House to function and the Question Hour to take place. The Communications Minister will come tomorrow. He is busy in Lok Sabha. The Chairman has already held a meeting. The minister has already given an assurance on this issue,” Harivansh said. As his requests to allow the House to function went unheeded, the deputy chairman adjourned the House for 15 minutes, six minutes after noon. When the House met again, AIADMK members again stormed the well and raised slogans. This time they were joined by the DMK, Congress and CPI and CPI-M and the deputy chairman adjourned the House till 2 PM. Earlier in the morning, Naidu said the issue was raised by the AIADMK on Monday and he cannot order the government to respond to their demands. “This is not allowed as per rules,” he said. “I will not direct, it is very unfair.” He repeatedly asked members to take their places. He adjourned proceedings till 1200 hours after his pleas went unheeded. On July 15, AIADMK leader A Navaneethakrishnan had raised the issue through a Zero Hour mention, saying questions in the postal department’s examination for appointments of postmen and assistants in rural areas held on Sunday were only in Hindi and English, and not Tamil. “I urge the central government to cancel the postal department examinations held yesterday. The reasons are very simple and also very compulsive,” he had said. Members of the AIADMK, which is ruling in Tamil Nadu, on Monday said the government had not responded to their request. Naidu asked V Maitreyan, who was leading the AIADMK protests, to lower his voice. To this, Maitreyan said Tamil Nadu is burning and he cannot lower his voice. Soon after the House met, the House congratulated Dutee Chand and other Indian medal winners at the Universiade, the World University Games, in Naples.last_img read more