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The number of

on the market of tea stores are many, the choice of tea business entrepreneurs are more, in fact, the choice of the project investors, in order to get the business opportunities in a very tough market, entrepreneurs in the business, we should grasp the strategizing skills.

1, choose to join the tea brand. Franchise business model first appeared in foreign countries, it can be said to be a "copy success" model.

2, the most important step is the success of tea store location. As our country generally focus on water, tea shop location has a similar stress. The most important thing is to consider the shop in the city, to determine the first-tier cities, or the second line or three line, because it affects the future of tea shop scale, and it also affects the number of franchise fees, investment cost. In addition, but also consider the location area where the flow of people and customer groups and in what kind of zone. read more


no matter which industry we give a suitable name, not only need to work on the words, but also need to comply with the relevant laws and regulations. So, the name of the company to comply with what legal restrictions? Let’s get to know each other.

a company to get a good name, and not for the operator to see their own, do not let it up, narcissistic self appreciation. Use a good name, the biggest goal is to push themselves to the market, to provide goods or services to the community, so as to attract customers, please customers, better business activities. To achieve this goal, the company name must be very close to the customer. read more


entrepreneurial business, teamwork is very important, and the team is bound to have a good leadership, how fast success, how to develop leadership? Leader tolerance is very important, it is critical, the following may wish to look at how to cultivate the tolerance of leaders!

The premise of
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how to make consumers favor, each of which is a service industry are more concerned about the issue, the catering industry is essentially a service industry, so the service quality determines customer satisfaction, so the restaurant exactly how to improve customer satisfaction? As long as there are a few do, there is no problem.

restaurant how to do to surprise customers

1, do not blindly learning

people also need to learn, the catering industry is the same, in fact, food and beverage industry, there are many places to learn, it is important to see a restaurant owner will not learn, the best place to learn from others, but now it is many bosses are to follow the ISM, students move rigidly, finally is neither fish nor fowl can only be closed, restaurant. To find the real needs of customers, and provide to customers, this is the real service. read more


called the 360 line, the line out of the champion. So in 2012 in the end what industry can make money? Tens of thousands of industry categories in the world, the work is even more numerous, can make money is the most important, it is now a look at China’s top 10 list of high paying jobs, but the real estate actually ranked second.

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set up shop, in the current hot situation, the problem can be said to be a common thing. After all, choose to embark on this path is very much, intense competition, the problem will naturally reflect the more silver to join the big market as well. Each silver franchisee want to keep their stores have been able to go on, the key factor is whether the long-term operation of the store to be in a state of profitability, at least not loss of state. Now counterparts, competitive pressure, so long term development of the silver franchise, we need to make a change. The following Xiaobian take you together to understand the following phenomena and how to deal with the following. read more


with the development of science and technology, people’s lives have undergone tremendous changes, science and technology make people’s lives better! Today, Hefei people eagerly looking forward to the wisdom of the parking system has begun a pilot, the public can now download the system APP, feel the fun of parking spaces in advance.

There is a parking lot near

, but I don’t know if there are any parking spaces, which is a headache for many owners. This problem is expected to work with the wisdom of parking system to solve. read more


every customer wants to use the same money to buy better products, so they are very picky, "said to be looking for a bone in an egg" is a bit too, this time many businesses could have problems in processing, and ultimately impossible to do business, but also to offend customers. So for the handling of customer objection is key, here Xiaobian to introduce to you the way!

to improvise in hand, objection handling customer, can often encounter customers against the daily list of comments, one by one; in fact, the jewelry industry to meet the objections, nothing less than the following: read more


people will face a lot of choices in life, a right choice may make a significant change in your life. Venture capital investment project is also the case, a good project investment allows you to easily get entrepreneurial wealth, the wrong choice may lead to entrepreneurial failure. So in the face of choice, entrepreneurs need to pay attention to some small details.

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entrepreneurial process is full of unknown, which doped a variety of hardships and twists. For entrepreneurs who have no entrepreneurial experience, but also need to pay attention to the entrepreneurial scam, a little bit of carelessness may fall into the crook of the trap, embarked on entrepreneurial detours. Here, we use a specific case to look at the three major business scam.

network fraud

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combines the tiny forces, can burst out huge power. Entrepreneurship is the case, so the birth of a business platform, to help young entrepreneurs gather superior resources to achieve rapid development of entrepreneurship.

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now the coating market competition is very fierce, how to do a good job in sales has become a problem, who handled the problem, who is the winner. If you invest in the paint industry, then the next Xiaobian teach you how to do a good job sales, master the following three points.

1. dispose of the relationship between input and output

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join water purifier brand project, which is better? The choice of the market so much, join the business is facing great challenges to choose, we can look at the industry rankings, so that the brand is more popular and recognized. If you want to find the right brand items as soon as possible, then look at it.

commercial water purifier rank: flange water purifier (focus on water purification for 16 years, senior water purifier manufacturers)

commercial water purifier are lean production, product quality is stable, break through the technical bottleneck of the industry, a one-time solution to enterprises, institutions, schools and other safe water. Break the drawbacks of traditional water purifier, elegant fashion, safe and practical, is a high water consumption, ultra low cost synthesizer. read more


life because of work or study, when we enter a city to work or study, may put down roots in the city, but most of the time the implementation of the account become difficult! "Didn’t go to school to move hukou, just can’t buy off households, to delay." Wu Jingjing, who was from Heilongjiang, Qigihar, came to Tianjin in 2001 to stay. 15 years without Tianjin hukou, there are a lot of trouble. Two years ago, the integration of the system so that she hopes to restart. This year, she finally settled in the second home of Tianjin. read more


2010 in October to join a toy store, feeling that the industry can also be promising, I choose the address of the stream of people is great, but most are some migrant workers and local people is not very rich, is only when many people, no consumption ability, after the store opened up, found here I think all the toys in the shop is too expensive, and our stall too many people, if there is a street vendor here I’ll be out of business. Our products are genuine, there are 3C, the price is too low, then no money. Would like to ask you such as I should be how to do? read more


Hot pot is a delicacy many popular in winter, especially in winter around the Hot pot shop business are very popular, so, in such a hot consumer demand, how to make their own shops in the market Hot pot buffet more competitive


make money?

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venture project should be cautious, because the slightest mistake could be a trap to be back, even if it is a good project, you have no manpower experience it is financial or blind, join will not succeed.

a project to broaden the channels.

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toys are children the most intimate partner, for 80, almost everyone in the growth process are more or less played many kinds of toys, this is a has been in development, never stop the market from the market, so people have got some enlightenment, or to explore what new opportunities?

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food and beverage industry as a sunrise industry development prospects, in the baking food, there are many ambitions entrepreneurial investment, choose the cake shop, how to achieve your dreams of wealth in a short time? In the choice of brand items can be considered from the following aspects:

1, join the flexible model: evaluation of the values of local consumption analysis and professional capacity of the sites selected for the franchisee, the franchisee to provide professional advice to choose their own products and brand development of the franchise model, reducing the risk of investment. read more


A woman from Jiangxi

turn the wrong account with the bank and should sleep, to persuade the police officers said that he was "shameless", "I grew up so live high". Make people laugh and cry.

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