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online shopping and express delivery has become a part of the lives of many young people. Recently, Harbin City, a courier was punished for violation, he should not detain his knees begging Street police car. This scene was photographed by passers-by uploaded to the internet.

13, the reporter received a public Harbin WeChat reflect, said the day morning near the road corridor District Hongrun Road on the sea Ginza, saw a courier Street kneeling in front of a traffic police, traffic police seized him don’t request the electric tricycle delivery parcel, the scene of people take to the circle of friends sparked heated debate. 14, the traffic police department to respond to the matter, said the incident when the courier driving a vehicle without a license, unlicensed, and in the forbidden Road, time pass. As the courier was emotional, the police did not punish the scene, allowing it to continue to send a piece, after the notification to the area to deal with the brigade. read more


we know, clothing stores inventory is an important factor affecting the store cash flow, reduce inventory, it means to reduce risk. If you can use these methods in the actual shop, you can achieve the purpose of eliminating the backlog of clothing stores. So, how to reduce the inventory of clothing stores? Need to grasp the following points.

clothing stores how to reduce inventory? What is a reasonable inventory? Clothing store management to strictly control the inventory. One of the key points of the store management is to control the store inventory and reduce the operation cost. The use of less capital, less commonly used spare parts to take a more flexible approach to operation. Adhere to the principle of small quantity, multiple purchases, minimize inventory. For three months of clothing that has not been used for storage, such as the supplier’s request for return should be returned, planned maintenance and spare parts should be returned to the supplier in time. read more



, the construction of solar energy? Good choice for health and environmental protection. The choice of business, joined in a joint construction of solar energy projects, energy saving and environmental protection of their own stores, undoubtedly, is very superior choice to make money. How to build a solar power? Join the right choice!


, the construction in the market have a higher sales, is the best choice for people to join. The construction of the solar power system, in the same solar energy receiver, which has the traditional solar photothermal conversion device and storage device, but also has the traditional solar photoelectric conversion device and has no electrical energy storage devices, the advantages are many. read more


wedding photography chain how to do the decoration work? This is the problem of many investment novice. How to ensure that the cost of the premise, so that their shop looks more distinctive decoration, more attractive? This is a lot of franchisees are very concerned about the problem. Xiao Bian provides a few points to share, I hope you can help.

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cannot open the door business behind closed doors, in order to keep up with the pace of development of the industry with the times. Famous entrepreneurial community will be settled in the dark horse recently in Changchun, the future will create a platform for the exchange and cooperation of local entrepreneurs.

12, the largest China innovation District horse Changchun established branch, entrepreneurial resources platform for the national radiation Changchun officially settled, for the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises in our city and entrepreneurial intention who provides a new mutual exchange, experience sharing platform. read more


whether it is in a period of economic development or economic depression, laid off for the public is terrible. Lost the job is tantamount to losing the source of the economy, and there are five brothers after being laid off is not discouraged, rely on the bean sprouts began a career.

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restaurant, has been in our lives, has been a very popular dining environment. So, how about the restaurant? As the young people, whether it is dining or entrepreneurship is our best choice. Next, let’s take a look at the introduction of parallel restaurants:


This is not
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is now in the Home Furnishing market, sanitary industry can be said to be an industry, a relatively large profit margins at the same time, to see the business opportunities, people began to join the industry, but to talent shows itself in this industry, a good purchase channels is the key.

now in the bathroom industry, ceramic sanitary ware is very popular, so there are a lot of people are very love ceramic sanitary, comfortable. But if we open ceramic sanitary ware stores, so how can we better go find purchase channels of ceramic sanitary ware, which of course is very good, what about how to find it? Today Xiaobian to talk about us in the ceramic sanitary ware stores, we how to find a better purchase channels. read more


home is one of the longest contact time in people’s daily life, the selection of the home must be guaranteed, and then suffering from infinite. In the material selection, people tend to choose the green home, with a guarantee of quality can effectively protect the health of their families!

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when the entrepreneurial atmosphere of the mainland is becoming more and more intense, many of the 80 after the Hongkong entrepreneurs to the north to the mainland cities, began a new career life. From Hongkong to work in Shanghai venture, and then fought in Beijing founded O2O (from online to offline) takeaway platform Hongkong ice room, Huang Hongke spent 3 years. Over the past 3 years, he has always been grateful to the mainland, but also to see here is getting better and better".

"Hot Tea, HK Style even a cup of authentic did not drink, how to evaluate the Hot Tea, HK Style Haobu? Similarly, even the mainland have not come, how can we define the society? Hongkong young people to come out to see, each place has its own characteristics." Hongkong 80 entrepreneurs Huang Hongke recently in Beijing to accept China News Agency reporters interview, said, like Beijing’s tolerance and enthusiasm." read more


China’s traditional snack items have a lot, there are many Chinese brands are old snacks, here today Xiaobian for everyone to recommend the recommendation of this famous snack brand.

investment project from the snack Liao ribs Qianlong Palace Banquet, dating back hundreds of years of history, the traditional method of using bittern with advanced diet concept, so that their products have a unique flavor. Snacks venture project is the use of Liao ribs hundred years of ancestral secret recipe, unique legend Lo marinades, steaming and stewing technology makes out stewed spareribs juice flavor, oily residue, does not add any pigment, chemical agent dishes exudes a natural healthy nutrition attractive color, taste, nutrition, diet in one. read more


whether man or woman, are very concerned about the skin care work, let the men’s beauty market development, many entrepreneurs choose the open men’s beauty stores, opened a beauty salon franchise market competitiveness of small, multi customer groups, is a kind of a business choice.

a men’s beauty shop in front of the shop, shop, and all are put into operation of late need money, so money where to do enough to save money, do not waste the place as much as possible. Early investment, including rent, water and electricity costs, men’s beauty shop staff expenses, the cost of the product project, which must be a good place to control. In the latter part of the operation of men’s beauty franchise stores, in the promotion of new projects and do promotional celebrations before all the budget must be clear, as far as possible to save money and ensure profits. read more


Buddha decorated join, a bright future. Small business choose to join heaven and earth into the Buddha Decoration? The investment cost is small, but the profit space is big. Quality of the project, the success of venture worthy of trust. In fact, the world joined the Buddha decoration project, is a very simple and easy to learn the brand to join the project, if you join heaven and earth into the Buddha decoration project, is also a very exciting. Act up!

and personal service of the Buddha Hall with expert marketing guide, let the stores are not worried about the heart, heaven and earth with jewelry prices easily operation, happy to make money; jewelry store how much money? The world jewelry prices soon integrate multi-channel marketing and communication channels, comprehensive coverage, costs and marketing costs will be reduced to the lowest point, will return to the highest point of marketing. The INTERNET Internet based information platform is used to support timely customized logistics delivery. read more


in my life, has always been very focused on health and health. How about the ribs? High quality entrepreneurial projects, a good choice for successful entrepreneurship. Join the United States and the United States and auspicious ribs? If you are also very excited, hurry up!

Rui Xiang ribs join money?

opened the house of the United States and Cheung ribs ribs need to store? Rui Xiang ribs to join, the headquarters for the size of stores and is not strictly required, Rui Xiang ribs join mode, store size may also be large or small, whether it is a few meters or tens of meters can join the shop. Headquarters will be for each franchisee technical training, so that the franchisee to master the technology and then set up shop business, no need to head chef can easily be a boss. read more


we all know that all the characteristics of the brand, always very attractive to consumers. What about the egg frying pan and the lemon timer? Are the characteristics of the brand. To join the character frying pan, joined the lemon timer project, are very powerful brands to join the project. To choose them is to choose the right!

new creative personality Fried Eggs pan style clock, I do not love Fried Eggs, I only love fresh. Love fantasy, love fashion, love funny. Enjoy the wonderful life.

do not know how to cook, the pan is perhaps our best love. A music pot, in charge of time is my fun. In fact, this is still very happy to achieve their own wonderful music, we can continue to find new exciting, bring more creativity and surprises. read more


with the modern people’s life level unceasing development, many people are beginning to pay attention to the quality of life, now the City Express Hotel is popular with many people, many consumers is east hotel is Fasthotel brand, Dongcheng Development Road has now moved towards the internationalization of the hotel.

Yi Cheng hotel room

Belt and Road Initiative "to promote the

cooperation in the tourism industry development of Belarus

in May last year, China – Belarus local economic and trade cooperation forum, from Beijing, Guangdong, Gansu and other 8 provinces responsible and Belarus Minsk City, Minsk, Grodno and other 7 prefectures, the chief executive of the place to start docking in-depth, explore new mode of cooperation, signed a total value of $15 billion 700 million of the number of cooperation project. In September 20th this year, the fifth session held in Xinjiang Chinese – Asia Europe Expo, China will be selected as the host country of Belarus. Belarus is the first to support the construction of the Silk Road Economic Zone in europe. read more


delicious tea not only has a good taste, nutritional value is relatively high, has been very popular products, but also entrepreneurs often choose the tea industry, the more common, in everyone’s life in the high streets and back lanes, everyone can see the figure of the tea shop. For many entrepreneurs who want to do a small business, choose to open a tea shop is also good, the cost of investment is not high, the development prospects are also good. Here to give you a look at the tea shop to pay attention to what issues? read more


now the world is the world of young people, of course, now has grown up in the younger generation is our 80, 90. This generation of young people is now the most representative of the group, it seems that this is a very young group to play. Ideas so that we can not imagine. Many of the 80 and 90 after working in a few years will think it is not a permanent solution, so we want to open his own business! Tea shop small investment, high profit, is a lot of choice for entrepreneurs, but many entrepreneurs are mostly novice, they all want to know Anqing Kawangka tea shop cost how much? I hope following Xiaobian summary can give friends some help in business. read more


silk road is famous all over the world, so that more people know that in ancient times, through the Silk Road to transport goods out. The third China Silk Road International Logistics Expo held in Lianyungang industrial exhibition center. The exhibition is sponsored by the China International Chamber of Commerce, Department of Commerce, foreign affairs office, the provincial council, the Lianyungang Municipal People’s Government jointly hosted.

Vice chairman of the Tenth CPPCC National Committee Zhang Huaixi read more


real estate industry has made brilliant achievements in 2016, to allow more people to pay attention to the future development of the real estate industry, for consumers, entered the real estate business, will let people see the real estate industry’s progress. Internet + electricity supplier conference listings, regional wide, more concessions, the intensity of the "go" in the end, to promote the sustained and stable development of the real estate market.

this year, the Internet + real estate electricity supplier conference three subsidies, booth fee subsidies, all media subsidies, electricity supplier turnover of household electrical appliances subsidies. At the same time this conference introduced "Internet +" thought, new form, print, radio and television, There was no parallel in history., , indoor and outdoor media publicity. This property will be expected to have 100 thousand accurate purchase crowd, sales market and reliable information is easy to reference, closing Hao Li, a step in the stand to enjoy preferential benefits, in addition, real estate profits doubled, offers a lot of benefits a lot. read more