The actual spider background analysis to grasp the real love Shanghai weight

websiteIf Summary: Third step: use the excel

due to limited space, a love Shanghai spider IP weight distribution data, please love Shanghai "love Shanghai" spider IP query

first step: get the original log

is a Windows host, in the root directory of the FTP can be found on the website of the original access log directory. If the Linux host, cPanel panel as an example, from the cPanel panel log – > Web access logs in the original original

access logs into the log format tool, recommend the use of online log formatting tools here (贵族宝贝, formatting tools will provide detailed information by visiting the page, carrying the IP and User-Agent, through these basic information, we can find the corresponding relationship between the IP and page spider antecedents. read more

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5 basic ways to make your site included increasing

this point is the most important aspect, to know when love Shanghai spider climb to our site, got some fresh information, it will not attract more spiders to? The answer is yes, if you often is to update the original article, the love of spiders in Shanghai love will be a long time on your site, so that access frequency is rising, if the original is not very good at the appropriate pseudo original, but not the essence of what is new, so as to let the spider don’t run away.

four: the chain of spamming will lead you to the site of deadly trauma read more

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How to do email marketing to achieve millions of ordersFood delivery Unicorn Blue Apron to the end

probably a lot of webmaster also use mail, but really can use mail not much. for 80, 90 after the impact of not too much, and now Tencent do so well, is a gold mine to be excavated. We want to use the Internet to make money, must not forget, compared with sina, the NetEase, a good marketing mail is the biggest pop, as long as the message came, immediately pop, this may be the first day of the second day customers do not look, do not look, but a month? A year? As long as you the content of hair is attractive, don’t worry, one day someone will see. read more

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WeChat red effect of WeChat public platform opening, certification and operation promotion skills

New Year’s work has been a few days, but there are still many colleagues still remember the Spring Festival during the "WeChat red packets."". I do not know how many friends received WeChat launched the new year red envelopes? The author thanks to an old age to you! In the WeChat envelopes attack on the case of Alipay, as a marketing staff, should be able to see the powerful place WeChat marketing platform, we work together to share the WeChat open, certification and operational skills. read more

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Explore waterfall flow site optimization techniques

after intense preparation at the tide finally officially launched, because I have been engaged in the clothing industry, naturally think this backing is not small and using the new viewing mode (waterfall) site should not be overlooked, in the course of the study the structure of the web site and also content had no small interest. This is a typical website, and I’ll discuss some specific issues with you next.

to open the web page (, shows the full screen picture, so leave some small space, can display more content, using gray highlight shading image content, to scroll down the page again after a short loading was covered with pictures…… read more

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What do users think when they contribute content (weak relational network)


wrote, "what do users think about when they contribute?" (in a strong relational network), in a network of strong relationships, in general, users simply brush their faces, brush their faces, and brush their faces. So, in a weak relational network, where are the users in a completely unfamiliar network, what are they thinking about in the process of UGC?

The so-called "weak relational network" of

refers to the relationship between people who are not frequent or completely strangers, corresponding to the strong relationship of frequent communication. read more

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Li Minyang’s life is not a struggle to live

may be in the eyes of many people, rich two generations are "unearned" means. However, the hero of this article, but insist on their own struggle. Born in 1981, Li Minyang, took over in 2005 after a dismal restaurant, that is, the operation of the concept of the ancient culture to give it difficult to replicate, in a short period of time in the catering industry in Chengdu established its own position.

was born to a wealthy family in Chengdu, Li Minyang is the only child in her family. When she was 2 years old, she began to come into contact with the accordion and the print. At the age of 4, she had a picture of an artist who won the first prize in an art exhibition held in Japan, which made her parents very proud of the fact that she was very proud of the fact that she was second years old.

1999 university graduate, parents in order to reward her, she bought a BMW 5 Series imported cars, when the car price of nearly RMB 800 thousand.

, she mostly along the parents of connections. In 2000, she finally made the first independent investment in her home – a clothing store in downtown Chengdu, Yanshikou. read more

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How to handle customer objections

every customer wants to use the same money to buy better products, so they are very picky, "said to be looking for a bone in an egg" is a bit too, this time many businesses could have problems in processing, and ultimately impossible to do business, but also to offend customers. So for the handling of customer objection is key, here Xiaobian to introduce to you the way!

to improvise in hand, objection handling customer, can often encounter customers against the daily list of comments, one by one; in fact, the jewelry industry to meet the objections, nothing less than the following: read more

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Tianjin integral settled system is expected to settle easier

life because of work or study, when we enter a city to work or study, may put down roots in the city, but most of the time the implementation of the account become difficult! "Didn’t go to school to move hukou, just can’t buy off households, to delay." Wu Jingjing, who was from Heilongjiang, Qigihar, came to Tianjin in 2001 to stay. 15 years without Tianjin hukou, there are a lot of trouble. Two years ago, the integration of the system so that she hopes to restart. This year, she finally settled in the second home of Tianjin. read more

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How to prepare for the 2017 food and beverage industry – Business

some time ago on the burst red friends of time speech, Luo Zhenyu took us to look at the summary 2016, look at the future of the year 2017. Generally speaking, five black swans. What is the hottest topic in the field of venture capital, Xiao Bian is holding Knowledge has no limit. attitude to see this speech. What will the world be like in the future, we don’t dare to comment, but we always have to face the future with an optimistic attitude. As Luo fat in time friend said, the 2016 biggest feature is that the world a lot of things only to see a fall off a boot. The most obvious atmosphere is called "things are changing."". read more

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Our province has been remediation 3346 vehicles

The reporter learned from the Provincial Department of transportation in September 28th held a press conference, from January to August this year, the province at all levels of law enforcement officers highways were detected freight vehicles 503480, and oversized vehicles 3346 vehicles, 758 vehicles unloading, unloading 7407.98 tons, exceeding rate of 0.7%, compared with the same period last year fell by 1 percentage points. It is reported that in recent years, the phenomenon of overloading in our province was growing trend. In order to regulate the order of road transport management, the province since last year to establish a long-term working mechanism of overloading, and this year launched a new round of governance overload. In the source of supervision, transportation departments around the province through inspections, etc. stationed, increase the supervision of the province’s 344 key freight source of enterprises, and severely punish illegal overloading of cargo source enterprises, transport enterprises and drivers; the highways departments at all levels to increase road law enforcement, the implementation of 24 hours of uninterrupted monitoring. The oversized vehicles testing found that the strict implementation of discharge, to eliminate illegal status, severely punished according to law, the fight against malicious overloading, avoiding station bypass and other illegal activities, the formation of super high pressure attitude pavement. In addition, in the management of rural highway overloading, the province has 67 rural road set a limit of high Xiankuan facilities 92, 321 rural roads have not been set high limit Xiankuan facilities at 451 selected sites, the Provincial Department of transportation also allocated 7 million 640 thousand yuan of special funds for rural work overload. By taking the highway, highway monitoring quanfan rural highway, set the limit high and super Xiankuan technology treatment measures of work carried out, to effectively curb the road transport vehicle overloading, to ensure safe and smooth the road.   read more

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Love and profound feelings promote military and civilian unity Wang Guosheng Hao Peng and other lead

On the eve of

August army, provincial Party Secretary Wang Guosheng, provincial governor Hao Peng and other leaders, grassroots forces respectively, cordial sympathy in Qing troops, armed police fire soldiers, on behalf of the provincial government and the people of all ethnic groups, to extend my sincere greetings and holiday greetings to them.

7 29 on the afternoon of the Armed Police Corps Xining detachment of the squadron of soldiers and soldiers are playing in the scorching sun in Qinghai, fourteen. Wang Guosheng went into combat duty duty, honor room, chuishiban, inspect the construction of barracks and soldiers trained to understand the duties. The squadron learned to vigorously carry out the "five anti" integration and build military soldiers, the spirit of Wang Guosheng said approvingly take on an altogether new aspect, and every time to troops, officers and men of high style are deeply infected and education. We should conscientiously study and implement the general secretary Xi Jinping series of speech, with deep feelings, carry the heavy responsibility, the maximum ability to support national defense and army building, to further promote the development of civil military integration. Real care deeply touched the soldiers. The command of the party, to win the war, a fine style of work, is not responsible for the party and the people’s trust!" The resounding response shows the warrior’s strong will to fight. read more

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