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Effective means of

in the blog and forum message as many webmaster for external links, many forums allow signature with the link, there are a large number of this kind of forum and blog resources on the internet. We screened some and relevant web content and high weight to do.

four, quiz and Encyclopedia

like you in a more in-depth industry to a topic content, can be made into e-books, book can put on the natural links.

online encyclopedia is also can leave a link, such as the Soso Ask, know love love Shanghai, Shanghai encyclopedia, Interactive Encyclopedia is can leave the link. read more

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Methods and skills of Shanghai Longfeng single page optimization

this article may be more suitable for enterprise station friends. Because the station is not so rich enterprise information station, there is no product stand so many products. It has only a few pages, and poor business information. So the wolf at the beginning of the article said, Shanghai Longfeng single page optimization is more suitable for the station to do business friends. Often a company involved in the target station, most of the time, it is the name of the company, service projects and so on, and because of its drawbacks in a small amount of information, resulting in Shanghai dragon Er personnel in the operation of great limitations, let alone to do the long tail key word more. So at this time, most of Shanghai Longfeng are focused on the optimization of the home page, also is the single page optimization (single page optimization). read more

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Shanghai dragon training is not money nor is money to enjoy


we are not training for Shanghai Longfeng so desire? We must find out their inner thoughts, because sometimes we are seeing bright achievement of others rather than his own heart, really wanted to learn. For example, some people see the rain in big brother 200 thousand month after the interview must be very heart, I want to have friends to find absolutely after rain brother wanted to worship him as a teacher, but whether this is a result of your impulse is really thoughtful after? I think a lot of people who are not thinking, just simple want to follow him to learn how to earn 200 thousand. I would like to remind you of the point is: do what. Not everyone has the rain brother’s execution and understanding, we should calmly. read more

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The website included the cause of instability

again, the updated content quality; update the contents of my own advocate is original, but not everyone can write out the original, then we must ensure the quality in the case of their own pseudo original, do not use the market spread of pseudo original tools, although good, but there is no user experience the article is of no significance to keep visitors, what we should do, but when PV is low, it shows you the quality is not very good, the quality assurance, the key update the quality directly is attractive, write some experience and experience, but also to ensure visitors. read more

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A5 webmaster Shanghai Dragon Team the cracks in the survival of individual station to die

: so if the site itself is not perfect, it will be difficult to really.

C: Love Advice, Shanghai dragon Shanghai statistical index, fell in love with the sea search site speed diagnosis, as well as new "chain analysis, grab the abnormal" it is worth mentioning that there are "website tools to optimize the 301 redirect; submit dead links and not included in URL submission. It can be said that in 2012 in Shanghai in technology has been greatly improved. In the past some means in the future, I am afraid it is difficult to use read more

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The best products satisfy not the needs, but the demandsTaobao don’t let the celebrity experience bl

2, guest experience profitability and advertising. This experience is too much to share. Pull off the assembly line, the product promotion, the invitation to join the group, registered as a member and so on, these experiences with for-profit and share experiences, with induction and profit, often such guest experience sharing is extremely one-sided, does not have much practical significance.

then answered all kinds of people say, "product quality is good and bad for performance," someone said "is the quality of our products Zero Defect", some people say "quality testing is no problem"…… read more

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User experience a pass at the network intersection

The miracle of the

network always happens around us. Everything is possible. The advertising language is really tacky here, and the civilian heroes’ repertoire is like a great remake of the American legend blockbuster, but is it really that simple,


September 2009, ushered in Alibaba’s 10th anniversary, 45 year old ma, the genius of the characters, plus Ma branded Alibaba, bring unlimited inspiration to network colleagues. Not only because of the market value of $26 billion achievements of thousands of millionaires, more Ali is ten years, such as one day adhere to and abide by. Ten years ago, the Alibaba was only more than 100 square meters of home in Hangzhou’s lakeside garden. read more

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What is the best thing to get rich in the environmental protection industry

      environmental protection industry, is one of the most popular projects in today’s entrepreneurial projects by consumers and entrepreneurs. But this is not to say that as long as it belongs to the environmental protection industry projects, then the project will certainly be good business. So for many entrepreneurs who want to choose the environmental protection industry, which project is the most profitable. The whole network is introduced to solve the problem for you to make the following content. read more

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Nanjing, a well-known Internet companies overnight change boss lost contact with his family

the advent of the Internet has really changed our lives, but in the Internet financial operations, there are some risks. This is not a seemingly thriving Internet companies, there is a certain degree of visibility, there are hundreds of employees, but in a sudden change occurred overnight! In October 24th, many Nanjing Hann digital internet culture Limited by Share Ltd’s investors, creditors, the company boss Yuan Fan and his wife Gao Yuan, has been quietly exit, employees and investors terrified. More than a month later, they have no news. read more

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Join the water purifier brand project which is good choice

join water purifier brand project, which is better? The choice of the market so much, join the business is facing great challenges to choose, we can look at the industry rankings, so that the brand is more popular and recognized. If you want to find the right brand items as soon as possible, then look at it.

commercial water purifier rank: flange water purifier (focus on water purification for 16 years, senior water purifier manufacturers)

commercial water purifier are lean production, product quality is stable, break through the technical bottleneck of the industry, a one-time solution to enterprises, institutions, schools and other safe water. Break the drawbacks of traditional water purifier, elegant fashion, safe and practical, is a high water consumption, ultra low cost synthesizer. read more

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Zhejiang boost public entrepreneurship innovation

now social entrepreneurship has become a new theme and a hot topic, at the same time, because of the existence of entrepreneurship also led to the transformation of the whole society, the country are actively promoting public innovation activities, and achieved great results.

read more

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What are the characteristics of Sichuan order agriculture

in the development of the road, the positive combination of their own characteristics, the development of dominant industries, become the unanimous choice of the majority of rural areas! Sichuan Province, has a unique planting conditions, the development of characteristic agriculture is conducive to promoting economic development. So, what are the characteristics of Sichuan order agriculture?

actively develop the advantages of agriculture around the country, through agricultural orders and market direct docking, effectively promote the production and marketing convergence, help promote the structural reform of agricultural supply side. According to the dispatching order, the spring agricultural area of 23 million 327 thousand acres, an increase of 732 thousand acres, by 3.2%. Order agriculture presents the characteristics of "high proportion of grain and fast growth of economic crops". read more

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Strive to build a happy Xining

The six meeting of the thirteen session of the CPPCC opening yesterday –

  – Ma Haiying work report chaired by Liu Fade   white mores make a proposal to report   – Wang Xiao Zhang Xiaorong; Su Rong was invited to attend the  

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Strengthen the fine management to do the people’s satisfaction Education

In order to earnestly implement the spirit of the city’s fine management work conference, in April 5th, the City Board of Education held a mobilization meeting of the city’s education system fine management, arrangements for the deployment of the city’s fine management of the education system

for the city to seriously implement the fine management work conference, April 5th, Municipal Education Bureau held the city’s education system of fine management work mobilization meeting, arrangements for the fine management of the city’s education system. The meeting issued the "fine management plan" the city’s education system, the education system to improve the work style, improve the management system, clear educational ideas, improve moral standards, strengthen team construction, reasonable layout of the campus work target. At the same time, it puts forward the work requirements from the aspects of perfecting the system construction, standardizing the daily management, paying attention to the humanistic care, and strengthening the characteristic development. read more

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Xining 10 – 15 major accident case 5 hours cracked

10 15, 2009, Xining city traffic police detachment accident handling squadron squadron north of the city police only used more than five hours cracked a major traffic accident escape case. Ma Pingfu suspects arrested.

day 17:10, police on duty received "110" instructions, Ning Lei Village stone road at the traffic accident, please the police. After the alarm, the police rushed to the scene, after arriving at the scene, found the car accident has to escape, a woman lying in the middle of the road, the head has a lot of blood, dying, side ramp down a battered bicycle, in addition, the scene without any valuable clues. Police rescue the injured side, to the brigade, the detachment of the leadership report. read more

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31 provinces and municipalities are participating in the current Fair

2014 Green Fair and the first round of the lake electric car challenge will be held in Qinghai International Convention and Exhibition Center today, yesterday afternoon, the Organizing Committee held a press conference. Has a history of fourteen years of growth in order to promote the Green Fair is Chinese East Midwest regional cooperation and interaction and mutual benefit, an important platform for the opening of Qinghai, green development, has great influence in the national economic and trade event. The current Green Fair 31 provinces and cities nationwide to participate.

2014 Lake Green Fair and the first electric car challenge is in the implementation of provincial Party committee "to adhere to the correct direction of deepening reform, and strive to create" three area ", the construction of a comprehensive well-off" strategic task to accelerate the integration of the construction of Silk Road Economic Belt, held to promote the opening to the west development situation under the. In order to highlight the theme of open cooperation, green development ", build brands, enhance the influence of the show, this Green Fair will events and Industry Development Summit Forum, and trade and investment activities combined, and strive for the realization of building Qinghai economic, beautiful Qinghai and the people’s livelihood Gai Shansan a" upgrade "task support.

this green fair the colorful activities, the forum, the Qinghai new energy lithium industry development summit combined with the actual development of Qinghai set up the theoretical research Silk Road Economic Belt six seminar activities will be important. read more

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Our province released 61 PPP promotion project

Recently, the national development and Reform Commission released a number of PPP recommend projects to encourage various types of social capital through franchising, government procurement services, equity cooperation and other ways to participate in the construction and operation. June 4th, the letter from the provincial Commission by letter, in the open project library, a total of 61 projects in our province, the scope of the project covers water conservancy, transportation facilities, municipal facilities, public services, ecological environment, etc.. read more

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Poverty alleviation, rehabilitation, rights Xining CDPF full service for the disabled

this year, Xining City CDPF to better perform their functions, from the aspects of poverty alleviation, rehabilitation, and other rights, to improve the basic living standard for the disabled and disabled service ability, make the disabled people get more benefits.

Xining City CDPF in accordance with the township, street and the disabled CDPF service station, volunteer Liaison Station "three-in-one" construction goal, complete the comprehensive service facilities 3, strengthen the construction of grassroots federations; through television, newspapers, newspaper and other forms of propaganda, to arouse the whole society to help the disabled to organize public awareness; "love ZhuCan" special fundraising activities, mobilize the whole society to help the disabled, as of now, received donations of nearly 700 thousand yuan; to provide different levels of social security of the city’s more than 1.1 poor people with disabilities, the town 4724 meet the minimum living guarantee of the disabled into the low range; combined with the seventeenth "National Day". Carry out the "infinite love, voluntary disabled" activities, organization of medical clinic, consultation unit for the majority of people with disabilities, free distribution of medicines Medical check card. read more

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