These factors should be taken into account in the digital product store

with the enthusiasm of young people for digital products, digital product store has become a business opportunity. Store decoration shop image is a symbol of the strength and level of store operations,   customer psychology has a huge impact.

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Huangyuan traditional folk culture

"character Laba, costume exhibition, office street, tea horse caravan, marketplace performance…… January 19th to February 25th, Huangyuan will launch more than and 20 colorful cultural and sports activities, with the public through the happy new year. New Huangyuan County Cultural Department, from January 19th (the beginning of the eight month, LA) held a "million character Laba", opened the curtain spring sports activities.

in addition, February 21st to February 25th, the enthusiasm of the people in Huangyuan tourists orchestrated the original ecological folk culture exhibition, art exhibition, Dan Junggar lights folk culture photography exhibition of calligraphy, tea horse caravan real performances, folk art performances, fashion show, Town God’s Temple Dan in the wind, folk and folk arts and crafts exhibition fairs, traditional folk sports department, Ya Shengtang performances and local special snack show, the Lantern Festival fireworks and other folk cultural activities. (author: Zhao Junjie Wang Xiaochuan)
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Xining key projects successfully completed 39 billion 300 million yuan investment in the first eight

The first eight months of this year, Xining city AB key construction project is progressing well, as of now has opened 191, the opening rate of 86%, completed an investment of 39 billion 300 million yuan. 9 projects have not yet started livelihood projects are also in the early stages of work, for the early start.

it is reported that the first eight months of this year has started the project, Riverside Road East, Qilian Road, Xining City School Social School ninth middle school, Beijing Normal University, Xining City experimental middle school practice base, school standardization construction, the west area of drainage pipe network transformation, olefins and other comprehensive utilization of tail gas of 74 project progress smooth. At the same time, Xining City slow system construction, twelve in Xining, Qinghai Tibet Railway Garden School, city and county three weak school renovation project, vocational education center, DOPA gahe industrial occupation school, Huangyuan County high school, Xining First People’s Hospital outpatient building, Third People’s Hospital of Xining city children’s centres, second people’s Hospital of Xining city children’s Medical Center creative animation, entertainment city, Dan Junggar Folk Industrial Park, twenty-eight in Xining, pre-school education, school reform, urban planning exhibition hall, Youth Activity Center, Xining city driving camp construction project, the Shanghai Based Financial Plaza, North Eight Logistics Port construction projects 98 projects are planned to gradually implement. read more

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Xining west district for the development of small and micro enterprises to build a platform

Federation of industry and Commerce and the West District of Xining City, the West Branch of

Bank of Qinghai held on May 30th "support Small and micro businesses to develop business promotion, association of industry and commerce, bank and Guarantee Corporation three party credit basically reached a strategic cooperation agreement.

as of now, Xining City West District of individual industrial and commercial households to 9520 households, the development of private enterprises to the family, the proportion of the third industries and non-public economy accounted for the proportion of the region were 90% and 55%. In view of the long-term financing constraints of non-public economic development bottleneck, the West District Federation of industry and Commerce and the Bank of Qinghai West District branch jointly organized business promotion, the establishment of long-term service organization coordination mechanism of non-public economy and the bank, through the promotion will drive more enterprises and banks actively cooperate to achieve common development. (author: Su Jianping) read more

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Xining population and Family Planning Commission to promote the management of floating population in

October 15th, the Qinghai floating population service management approach, the official implementation

10 15, the "Qinghai floating population service management approach" formally implemented. The Municipal Population and family planning, family planning guidance center in sunning Plaza, Central Plaza in the establishment of an advisory led by the provincial and municipal comprehensive management departments, public security, industry and commerce, human resources and social security and other units involved in the campaign. read more

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The second session of the Internet plus College Students’ innovation and entrepreneurship contest he

9 5 April, sponsored by the Qinghai Provincial Department of education, Qinghai National University hosted the second session of Qinghai province "Internet plus" innovation and entrepreneurship competition for college students, in the University of nationalities in Qinghai.

this contest to embrace the Internet plus era build innovation and entrepreneurship dream "as the theme, launched in June this year. There are 11 colleges and universities in the province a total of 136 projects to participate in the competition, participating students up to 360 people. After the preliminaries, 73 projects in the assessment phase, the contest judges group network review, 37 teams participating in the exhibition site and defense works. After fierce competition, the contest winner 3 gold, 5 silver, 7 bronze. Qinghai University, National University of Qinghai, Career Technical College, Qinghai city won the outstanding organization award. read more

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153 billion 100 million yuan, the province’s rapid growth of people’s livelihood investment

reporter learned from the Provincial Bureau of statistics, 1-11 months, the province’s total fixed asset investment completed 345 billion 904 million yuan, an increase of 11% over the same period last year, showing a steady growth trend. Benefit people’s livelihood investment rapid growth, 1-11 months, the province Huimin investment completed 153 billion 100 million yuan, an increase of 22.6%.

new projects to accelerate the construction of our province, a large contribution of 100 billion yuan and investment projects. 1-11 month, million and billion yuan project 816, over the same period last year increased 98, accounting for 9.4% of the province’s construction project, completed an investment of 213 billion 519 million yuan, up 12.8% over the previous year, the total social investment in fixed assets 61.7%, 7.8 percentage points, boosting the province’s total fixed asset investment growth. Steady growth in private investment. 1-11 months, the province’s private investment completed 118 billion 912 million yuan, an increase of 8.5% over the same period last year, the growth rate increased by 1-10 percentage points over the previous month, an increase of 13 percentage points over the same period last year. read more

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