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search engine optimization, believe that every webmaster never endless talk about the topic, like a child is every couple endless talk about the topic, but also the most love talk. Ashamed to say, hear the word of Shanghai dragon only a year ago, then love Shanghai Shanghai dragon to understand its meaning. Then slowly learning Shanghai dragon. Search engine optimization objective, from the perspective of the webmaster is nothing more than to make their sites ranked higher, from search engine angle, is to search the most qualified website information for users search. After studying for a long time now feel a little harvest, with new Adsense share many people heard the Shanghai dragon feeling is in fact too profound to be understood. We first take a look at what spider love, why love. The enemy can ever victorious. That is the content, how to let the content? Simple point to understand is your content is the one and only the original article. Why spiders love the original article? We think, take the meal, if we drink everyday porridge, porridge meal, you will not feel bored. I have no appetite, and also as the Spring Festival is coming soon, drop around. Everybody is the same Hot pot hospitality is also no appetite appetite! So if our website content is rampant everywhere copy article, the spider is not love. read more



in August when the Shanghai love search related key medical keywords results show love for Shanghai

have a friend asked me to have the price of Shanghai Longfeng foreground how want to learn about today, so I think a few months ago wrote an article in the A5 article titled "Shanghai Long Fengxin" medical industry from Shanghai to find love certification, links to sent him, he after seeing you said this analysis is wrong, is first one next to listen to his analysis: love is not for the health of Shanghai Shanghai dragon, Shanghai love is used to make money products need to pay promotion only ranking, a little surprised, I said before this is not called love but love is called Shanghai Shanghai health certification, so now before the analysis is wrong? The next to analyze how is love Shanghai so confused. Love Shanghai authentication become a distraction. read more


rich content and a benefit that can improve the site weight and keywords in the search results page ranking, because each add a page on the site to vote itself, to the home page, columns, transmitting certain weights, page, column, page and then forwarded to this page, so that to improve the website the overall weight.

content is king, the chain for the emperor is understood as the number that, when it reaches a certain amount, it will.

webmaster circles that such a word "content is king, the chain for emperor", here have to say the essence of broad and Ancient Chinese Literature Search culture, just eight words sum up the search engine optimization operation of Shanghai dragon soul, and to provide a powerful website optimization operation guidelines of Shanghai Longfeng website operators after all it is the webmaster, hang "classic quotes". read more


if the webmaster to own the user experience of the website is very confident, if really love Shanghai from real traffic later, can maintain a false PV, this method can be regarded as a convenient way to quickly improve the ranking, conversely, if the home page ranking, PV and IP are faster than the drop words, search engine is very easy to think of the station is a garbage station, cheating the search engine ranking will be very detrimental to the site. Don’t lose, the safest way is to slowly hand Shanghai dragon. read more


We thank Karl Max

, he introduced me to one of the three important part of the Marx doctrine of the British political economics, also recommended I met with Adams the great. I would like to share with all entrepreneurs the most profound insight I have in the way of students’ minds: Adams’s invisible hand".

of all transactions in the world, whether it is cheap, cost-effective, expensive, and even earned lose fooled, all contributed by Adams Smith this "invisible hand" in the doings of ghosts and gods are willing to buy at this price, people are willing to sell at this price, all is the buyer the seller is willing to, principles and methods for what "value" read more


webmaster for the rest of your life, you can do stand later in life insurance? The problem is, all people will be met, but also can not escape, then you thought of it? The webmaster, the website alliance how to rely on Google, the first video, Ali mother, in addition to the many Alliance you can trust, if there is no alliance, you have to think about how to make money on the

website of life?

most of the owners are relying on alliance income to maintain their own lives, some people regard him as a career, no other sources of income, but this is a Baidu? Now, how many sites are faced with dangerous heart K off the bile, toss to toss about the Baidu fitness network, now do not know how to do it is depressing, if the site really K, want to do what the past, now is still very confused. Some webmaster new station, Baidu for a long time not included, is also very helpless…… read more



I world network operators shaping distinctive personal image, and use it as the core of social marketing, which is a network of red people Taobao road nuggets, but aunt told you the story, it is already out of date, now need more severe fan operation.

reporter / Xu Lu,

, born in 1987, Guan Yizhi, with a standard network of red faces, pointed chin, painted the popular eyebrow, has a pair of eyes willing to look straight into the eyes. In the two hour interview, the eyes rarely wander away, and more often, they watch you with an exaggerated look. This allows people to micro-blog from time to time with the nose to show the image of people and reality seamless. read more


with the development of science and technology, people’s lives have undergone tremendous changes, science and technology make people’s lives better! Today, Hefei people eagerly looking forward to the wisdom of the parking system has begun a pilot, the public can now download the system APP, feel the fun of parking spaces in advance.

There is a parking lot near

, but I don’t know if there are any parking spaces, which is a headache for many owners. This problem is expected to work with the wisdom of parking system to solve. read more


with the continuous improvement of our living standards, we gradually improve the demand for healthy eating. Yogurt bar? Not only to meet the basic needs of consumers for a healthy diet, at the same time, join the yogurt bar project, or the best choice for entrepreneurship. So, what are you hesitating about?

now as a health drink yogurt that welcomed by consumers, yogurt as a nutritious beverage has become a necessity for the healthy life of modern people, the effect of weight loss is to let the female friends love it, yogurt is also more and more. read more


now venture into a lot of people think, both boys and girls or some middle-aged and elderly people, especially some of the 90 girls, often the entrepreneurial ideas are relatively strong, the girls are going to say, is very great.

in fruit pancake, hamburger, bloom times, and a 90 after playing the catering idea. After 90 girls Liao Xiaoming just graduated into a beauty boss. The opening half, noodle business from cold to bursting with popularity, not long ago in Beijing opened a branch in Shaoyaoju. After 90, beauty, rice beauty, which can not be used as a label for her success. Look at how she is playing a small restaurant, the successful opening of the branch. read more


drinks sales market is also very popular, many well-known brands have joined the restaurant has a strong market competitiveness, for example, I want to recommend to you today, the bubble Princess drinks project.

bubble princess is a special project primarily, and the collocation fashion snacks, to achieve the year no off-season gold business venture, with high-tech Taiwan sugar plus fresh fruit produced bubble drinks, health and safety, without any added, a popular franchise store; hot drinks, ushered in a new era. Princess bubble bubble drink, health and safety without any added chemicals, good-looking, good drink, refreshing taste; including fruit bubble, bubble, bubble tea coffee and other products, production is very simple to learn. Bubble princess, the special effects of sugar, the bubble drinks will take the children; product is rich in color, fresh and delicious, when drinking also exudes a thin mist, especially good-looking, with a strong sense of visual impact. The difference between our series of bubble drinks in the market of other beverages, do not add any chemicals, and the special effects of sugar, especially health ginger tea bubble series, can be very good to meet the health needs. Bubble princess has its own special delivery channels, guarantee the procurement of raw materials are fresh, the distribution to the franchisee, we will strictly control the quality of related goods, to ensure that consumers drink are fresh drinks. Princess bubble in order to better meet the needs of consumers in the food under the foot work, researchers traveled around the country, collecting thousands of kinds of drinks do taste delicious, modulation method, the method is simple, won the praise of consumers. read more


food safety related to everyone, because there is a healthy food, will make the body more healthy. Dalian held the 2017 annual meeting of the Dalian municipal food safety and create a national food safety demonstration city. Comprehensive summary of the meeting last year, the city’s food safety work, analysis of the current food safety work facing the new situation, the deployment of this year’s work tasks.

2016 years, the Dalian municipal food safety work has made considerable progress, the national food safety demonstration city to create a solid and effective work, in the state food safety work to create a mid-term evaluation office organization made in the third of the good results, combine to create work of food safety "ten supporting projects" achievements. read more


只是一个快速的战神III的更新,这是一片被释放War III.的神


战神III发布于3月16日,自那时以来,PlayStation 3的业主都已帮助克雷多斯复仇的奥林匹斯山的众神。在发射战神III今晚,你会被提示下载一个补丁的一鸣惊人的标题。虽然没有很多报道的问题与战神III,补丁已被释放。更新1.01分钟前刚刚发布,重达5377kb。更新修复了许多用户在无线控制器的问题。



阅读原文,在下面的链接点击:HTTP:/ / playstationlifestyle。净/ 2010 / 03 / 26 /战神III被修补/ read more


purchase money, after selling things into the money, will not be calculated, the store is in the end is a loss is not known, such a business situation is now a lot of investors are facing. A reference to the cost of shop, some operators may say: "the shop is my money is mine, it is necessary to calculate it?"

In fact,

, as the operator, the day from dawn to dusk, but no matter how busy and tired, should develop good habits on accounting. Every day, every time the purchase, from the type of goods to the price, from the loss of goods until the sale, should be good account. Below I will start from their own experience, to share with you: read more


Buddha decorated join, a bright future. Small business choose to join heaven and earth into the Buddha Decoration? The investment cost is small, but the profit space is big. Quality of the project, the success of venture worthy of trust. In fact, the world joined the Buddha decoration project, is a very simple and easy to learn the brand to join the project, if you join heaven and earth into the Buddha decoration project, is also a very exciting. Act up!

and personal service of the Buddha Hall with expert marketing guide, let the stores are not worried about the heart, heaven and earth with jewelry prices easily operation, happy to make money; jewelry store how much money? The world jewelry prices soon integrate multi-channel marketing and communication channels, comprehensive coverage, costs and marketing costs will be reduced to the lowest point, will return to the highest point of marketing. The INTERNET Internet based information platform is used to support timely customized logistics delivery. read more


In March 28th, China announced "The Belt and Road vision roadmap, means to Europe from Central Asia, from India ocean to the Mediterranean, a transcontinental Eurasian" Silk Road Economic Belt ", a sea across thousands of miles of twenty-first Century" maritime Silk Road ", will affect more than and 60 countries, 4 billion 400 million people benefit. For a time, "The Belt and Road" lit up the world of passion, as vision clear roadmap positioning of the northwestern provinces, was once again ushered in new opportunities and challenges and dance for joy.

"take advantage of" national culture ", accelerate the development and opening up", in the face of this great news, leveraging "The Belt and Road", combine with their own advantages of the opportunities, the formation and development of the new power and growth, Qinghai and Xining have.

into The Belt and Road accelerate the development and opening up

– History

the ancient Silk Road in Xining is an important node
read more


is the most important topic in the domestic and international market, which is involved in the field of halal. On the afternoon of May 1st, the 2013 Qing Food Exhibition International Halal certification training will be held, still attracted the attention of the Chinese and foreign exhibitors. With the advent of international halal certification authority, our Halal Products into the international halal certification pass has been getting closer.

halal certification is Halal Products to international halal market pass. All the time, because of the problems of China’s Halal certification, including Qinghai enterprises export products limited, a lot of good brand, good products do not understand because of the Muslim countries special product standards were blocked in the market. At present, the international market for halal food raw materials and products in China can still be strictly halal halal certification requirements. read more