Xining in the first quarter GDP growth of 17 billion 945 million yuan higher than the national

Reporters at the April 27th meeting of the economic situation in Xining was informed that the first quarter of this year, the city of Xining to achieve GDP 17 billion 945 million yuan, an increase of 12.1%, higher than the national growth rate, the province. The second quarter of the construction of the golden season, Xining city will strive to focus on construction projects before the end of April, more than 80% of all new projects to start in the first half, to ensure that the investment in the first half of the growth rate of more than 30%.

at present, for there are still insufficient, industrial investment growth continued to increase downward pressure, insufficient consumption demand and power price stability control problem the arduous task, Xining proposed to highlight the industrial guidance, strive to maintain stable operation, stimulating growth; boosting outstanding service industry, and strive to achieve the overall prosperity of tourism, outstanding agricultural protection; the pursuit of industry driven, high urbanization characteristics; prominent, efforts to promote the expansion and upgrading of city, urban and rural areas; highlight the people’s livelihood and well-being, to enhance people’s happiness and social harmony; prominent reform and opening-up, efforts to solve development problems, enhance the vitality of.

in promoting the progress of the project at the same time, Xining city will be "investment year" as the starting point, around the "Green Fair, fair city efforts to increase investment, actively carry out the project selection, demonstration, evaluation, packaging and promotion work, efforts to strengthen infrastructure and ecological the environmental protection and the major productive projects to recruit big business, recruit strong business.  
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If someone re levy two fee can be reported to the public sector

from September 1st onwards, in accordance with the requirements of national unity, the province began to stop the collection of individual industrial and commercial management fees, market management fees. In order to ensure that it can implement Huimin measures, to prevent others from arbitrary charges, I Department of industry and commerce, opened a special hotline: 0971 – 8223803, 0971 – 8220713, accept the supervision of the community and the masses.

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Gahe completed 50 pollution control projects

At the beginning of this year, the Gan River Industrial Park in order to comprehensively promote the prevention and control of air pollution, improve environmental quality through the park, the park to conduct a comprehensive sort of enterprises, 68 enterprises identified 22 pollution control projects, the project plans a total investment 130 million yuan. The project is determined, the park is in accordance with the air pollution control grid supervision system, make clear the task, the responsibility to the people, organize relevant enterprises to hold the project will promote, and urge enterprises to implement the governance of funds to speed up the pace of implementation, to ensure the completion of the task of governance. As of now, Qinghai has been fully completed construction of Zijin Mining Group Co. Ltd with solid waste pollution control standard of slag field 18 pollution control projects, Qinghai Yuntianhua International Chemical Co. Ltd. of exhaust gas of urea prilling tower to gather 24 air pollution control projects, Qinghai Fuxin silicon industry limited company dumps ground hardening on coke, do the enclosure, and to install wind dust network device and other 8 key projects. According to statistics, 50 pollution control projects have been completed, the total investment has reached more than 8640 yuan, the completion rate of up to 75%.   read more

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Bus rapid transit to help people outside the city to reach a stop

this year as one of the projects for the tangible things, rapid transit opened to provide travel convenience for remote city residents "city", the need to take two or three buses of the residents can now enjoy "one-stop arrival". The essence of the smooth project is to allow people to travel more convenient and fast, and fast bus to do this.

people evaluate Huimin index: 98%

news story:

June 18th, Ma Xiaohong, who lives in the north of the city this year, after the news that the opening of the bus rapid transit in Xining, early in the morning boarded a 304 bus. She lived in Nanjing road built in the Grand Cross of the families, but her work. Before work can only reverse. She must take the bus No. 6, then in the fall of 1 bus Shen middle school, every morning at 7:15 last night to go out, so as to ensure punctually at 8:30 not to be late for work, work to spend time on the road single trip in 1 hours. If you encounter rain and snow weather, the bus will be difficult to wait, late is inevitable. Now there is a 304 bus, not only "one-stop", but also a lot of time than before. Now Ma Xiaohong goes out at 7:40 every morning. The appearance of the fast bus atmosphere, the seat is very comfortable, sitting in the car feel very comfortable." Ma Xiaohong said. read more

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