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MP Phillip Lee, over the removal of a statue of Confederate General Robert E Lee Standing beneath a Civil War monument dedicated to Union soldiers who fought a war that “destroyed slavery and maintained the Constitution” protesters in Boston chanted against racism and hate on Saturday They carried signs condemning white supremacists and celebrating the memory of Heather Heyer a 32-year-old protester who was killed in Charlottesville last week To prevent similar violence in Boston law enforcement officials deployed 500 police officers and kept those attending the free speech rally cordoned off from those who protested it The rally which began at noon drew a few dozen people who were far outnumbered by the counter-protesters who marched with the aim of opposing white supremacy There were a few early clashes including a moment when a lone Trump supporter walked through the crowd of counter-protesters while carrying a Trump sign and was chased away At the end of the day some counter-protesters got into a heated debate with conservative protesters about systemic racism leading to at least one physical confrontation Boston Police Commissioner William Evans estimated that about 40000 people showed up to the rally and said 33 total arrests were made on charges that included assault and battery on police officers according to WCVB-TV The police department said rocks were thrown at officers and asked on Twitter that individuals refrain from “throwing urine bottles and other harmful projectiles at our officers” Later in the afternoon there were minor scuffles between lingering protesters and police officers who pepper sprayed several of them President Trump praised police and Boston’s Democratic Mayor Marty Walsh “Looks like many anti-police agitators in Boston Police are looking tough and smart Thank you” he said in a tweet He also applauded protesters for “speaking out against bigotry and hate” and said that “sometimes you need protest in order to heal” Our great country has been divided for decades Sometimes you need protest in order to heal & we will heal & be stronger than ever before Donald J Trump (@realDonaldTrump) August 19 2017 A counterprotester confronts a professed supporter of President Donald Trump at a "Free Speech" rally by conservative activists at Boston Common on Aug 19 2017 in Boston Michael Dwyer—AP Alexandra Sheldon an art teacher from Cambridge was among the thousands who came to Boston Common to express dismay over the displays of white supremacy in Charlottesville She carried a poster she’d made that said “America’s strength is its diversity” and “Fake President” “I need to show up and just be with other people who are just so outraged and so sad and heartbroken” Sheldon told TIME “We just can’t sit down for this one” Seun Ajewde 28 an MBA student at Northeastern University called the march a “pivotal moment” for those who believe in equality “There was like what 50 of them” Ajewde said referring to the small free speech rally “And now out here theres maybe three four five thousand of us all unified different colors different races different sexualities everything" Counter-protesters at the Statehouse before a planned "Free Speech" rally by conservative organizers begins on the adjacent Boston Common on Aug 19 2017 Michael Dwyer—AP Ahead of the rally police set up extra security cameras in Boston Common closed off surrounding streets to vehicles and restricted what protesters were allowed to carry banning anything that could be used as a weapon including glass containers bats and posters with sticks “Our job is to make sure that as the peace rally enters into Boston Common that the folks that come in there feel safe that we dont have an incident that happened like last week in Virginia” Walsh said at a press conference on Friday issuing a warning to those who planned to participate on either side “If youre looking to start trouble regardless of who you are tomorrow dont come to Boston We dont want you here” The Boston Free Speech Coalition which organized Saturday’s free speech rally had said it was unrelated to the white supremacist rally in Charlottesville “We will not be offering our platform to racism or bigotry” organizers wrote on the Facebook page for the event But the lineup of speakers drew criticism for including some on the far-right Kyle Chapman who describes himself as a “proud American nationalist” and Joe Biggs former writer for the right-wing conspiracy theory website InfoWars were both scheduled to speak However the rally dispersed just 45 minutes after it started on Saturday and it was not immediately clear which speakers had appeared "This so-called free speech rally some of the people speaking have said some very hurtful things about the Jewish community about the African-American community about a whole bunch of other communities And I dont want them here" Mayor Walsh said Friday “I absolutely would not have given them a permit if I didnt have to give them a permit We dont need that type of rhetoric going on in Boston Common Weve come too far” A large crowd of people march towards the Boston Commons to protest the Free Speech Rally Aug 19 2017 Stephanie Keith—REUTERS Angelina Camacho co-organizer of the counter-protest said beforehand that she would be thinking of Charlottesville as she marched “How can we not As a mother I completely feel for Heather Heyers mom” she told TIME “We all have to make sure that we have Charlottesville in mind as we go forward” She said she hoped the message of the counter-protesters would influence others at the rally “Im nave to think were going to have a kumbaya moment but if we can get people to understand how wrong this hate speech is or get people to come to a neutral side or be more questioning about taking such a stance I would take that as a win” Camacho said “If we just reach one its better than none” Write to Katie Reilly at KatieReilly@timecomNever find yourself in the parking lot of a closed store again this holiday season Google Maps announced in a blog post that it has added holiday hours to its Map and Search function so if a store is closed for the holidays in the next seven days your app will alert you And if holiday hours arent listed Google will remind you that the hours might not be as advertised "If you want to find out whats open as the holiday draws close just search for a place and if the holiday hours are listed youll see them" the post wrote This article originally appeared on Fortunecom Contact us at editors@timecomHillary Clinton has had many titles: mother First Lady of the United States US Senator Secretary of State and most recently grandmother In her last presidential campaign it was her experience as a senator and to a lesser extent first lady that were the selling points of her campaign But if she runs again in 2016 she won’t just be touting her experience as top diplomat she’ll also sports a different kind of distinction: the first viable presidential contender who also happens to be a grandmother There are pros and cons in politics to the title of grandma some of them uniquely Clintonian At a time when Clintons recent remarks about not driving a car since 1996 and struggling to make ends meet after Bill Clinton’s presidency made her seem out of touch with the populist times being a grandmother makes her relatable "As we saw in 2008 she had a more difficult time relating to voters on a personal level" said Jennifer Lawless director of the Women & Politics Institute at American University "Being about to tell stories about having a first grandchild might serve as one way to connect with the millions of Americans who watched Chelsea grow up and who are now grandparents’ themselves Any benefit will surely be tiny but it could drive up empathy a bit" If Clinton chooses to promote her grandmotherly status it would be the opposite tack that she took in 2008 where she was so concerned about showing voters she wasnt a weak woman that she buried the historic nature of her campaign In that regard Clinton is the opposite of most women running for office who try to avoid mentioning their families because they dont want to seem soft Being perceived as tough "is particularly important for executive offices where strength and toughness and singular leadership are valued most" said Kelly Dittmar a scholar at Rutgers Universitys Center for American Women in Politics "Of course some of this will be very unique to Hillary Clinton as she struggled in her last presidential campaign to empathize with voters and was often criticized for being too hard" Being a grandpa almost never hurt a male presidential candidate Few remarked on Mitt Romneys grandchildren except perhaps at the large number of them Lets face it: There will be a double standard for Clinton compared to any other male politician running for President The image of a blue-haired granny is a tried-and-true American stereotype and one that is antithetical to the image of the commander-in-chief with his finger on the button But again Clintons previous campaign and life experience defies that contrast "While it might be different for other candidates particularly female candidates who are less known and still need to prove their competence I think for Hillary Clinton it is a positive" said Michele Swers an associate professor in American Government at Georgetown University and author of "The Difference women Make" "Clinton spent years developing her persona of expertise and toughness" Swers said But the biggest risk of being the grandma-candidate is that it does remind voters of Clintons age On Election Day 2016 shell be 69 just months younger than the oldest US President Ronald Reagan when he was elected in 1980 And it was Clintons husband Bill who successfully painted the last President to be a grandparent in office George H W Bush as old and out of touch when he beat him in the 1992 election Contact us at editors@timecomThe US and other world powers announced a deal with Iran early Tuesday to curb its nuclear program in exchange for giving the country relief from economic sanctions Here’s what you need to know How did this deal come about For decades Iran has been working to develop nuclear fuel that the US worried could be used to create a nuclear weapon In recent years American intelligence officials have warned that Iran is “keeping open the option to develop nuclear weapons” and had acquired low-enriched uranium which could theoretically be used to make the fissile material necessary for a nuclear weapon Shortly after President Obama took office the United States joined with other major powers including China and Russia to put crippling economic sanctions on Iran to pressure the country to abandon its nuclear program Over the last two years Iran and the US have been negotiating to remove those sanctions in exchange for a dismantling of the nuclear program and an ongoing regime of inspections So what’s in the deal The basic trade is this: Iran will get relief from sanctions including access to international oil markets which will bring it a windfall of about $100 billion In exchange Iran must dispose of most of its low-enriched uranium stop efforts to produce or acquire more nuclear fuel and consent to an inspections regime meant to ensure that the country does not cheat in its promise not to pursue a nuclear weapon over the next decade The inspections will be overseen by the International Atomic Energy Agency an intergovernmental group headquartered in Austria “Because of this deal we will for the first time be in a position to verify all of these commitments” Obama said Tuesday morning “That means this deal is not built on trust; it is built on verification Inspectors will have 24/7 access to Irans key nuclear facilities” How is the world reacting to the deal The world’s major nuclear powers appear to be on board and the United Nations Security Council is expected to take action in the coming weeks to remove sanctions Iran’s regional neighbors however are less pleased Saudi Arabia a Sunni Muslim nation is wary that the deal will allow Shiite Iran to grow as a regional and world power Similarly Israel a longtime military foe of Iran opposes the deal Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called the deal a “historic mistake for the world” He continued “Iran will receive hundreds of billions of dollars with which it can fuel its terror machine and its expansion and aggression throughout the Middle East and across the globe” How are American political leaders reacting to the deal Republican presidential candidates are uniformly against the deal and have promised to make it a central part of the coming campaign Wisconsin Gov Scott Walker called it “one of America’s worst diplomatic failures” South Carolina Sen Lindsay Graham described it as “far worse than I ever dreamed it could be” Republicans in the Senate will seek Democratic allies in the coming month in an effort to vote to block the deal Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton the Democratic front-runner is supporting the deal Obama has promised to veto any congressional effort to change the agreement and there is little chance that Republicans will get the two-thirds majority needed to override that veto Politics Newsletter Sign up to receive the day’s top political stories View Sample Sign Up Now Contact us at editors@timecomThousands of counter-protesters marched through Boston on Saturday in response to a right-wing “free speech” rally Kirkuk police department spokesman Col. When deputies arrived.

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