Share optimization case exhibition equipment industry

2. increased the original content every day 3-5 article (because the site is poor I have increased in capacity, the so-called big dosage was stamina foot)


6. every day to each big high weight portal forum contribution to increase the chain, and the chain of nature. (in Yilabao, exhibition equipment related original articles) and to submit to the yellow pages company website.


?How can I

last contact to Shanghai dragon is in an exhibition equipment company, was in charge of all the relevant website has been given to me. Let me put the company’s website in the exhibition equipment industry to optimize, a key to optimize Yilabao to love Shanghai home.

5.URL all set for the absolute address.

when I got a website I was shocked, this is a simple single site? Dedecms by modifying the site turned into enterprises? And development is not formed, the home is the worst in a complete mess. Bring me to this site optimization, I am a headache. When I am through the webmaster tools query site comprehensive properties of the more I was dumbfounded, domain at the age of 4 years of love, Shanghai only included the home page, the inside pages included is 0, the weight is 0, PR is 0, let I optimize a site like this it is not difficult for me

a few days one morning I open the company’s website is found that website domain name has expired, please contact XXX. I saw the results of

was shocked, a corporate network domain name would expire. I hastened to contact the supervisor. The last to know, the company before the site is so poor is a network to the ghost to build their own garbage network deliberately cheat company that is bought, the server and the domain name is also a year spent 1W8, I was shocked and buddies. Finally, because Hongkong is the server has expired, the domain name is not for the record, only the company of another record of the domain name take over use. It is to change the domain name, the domain name of a website for the results as can be imagined. A month of hard work in vain. Not included, the chain did not, what are not, the heart of brew storms on rivers and seas.

The introduction of

this website optimization, how to start? I think one day to develop a preliminary plan:

after a month of persistence, finally the results of the website ranking, Yilabao ranked 62 in Shanghai about love. I saw the results a bit relieved after all, this site has no details to do together is not easy.

4. dynamic web page pseudo static.


3. increase the text rather than a taste is full of pictures.

1. page picture reduce increase keywords ilabo density is 6%, set the background for keywords yilabao. And around Yilabao written description language, reasonable Yilabao repeat 2-3 times.

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Share the experience of the construction of the external links

, your site


Effective means of

in the blog and forum message as many webmaster for external links, many forums allow signature with the link, there are a large number of this kind of forum and blog resources on the internet. We screened some and relevant web content and high weight to do.

four, quiz and Encyclopedia

like you in a more in-depth industry to a topic content, can be made into e-books, book can put on the natural links.

online encyclopedia is also can leave a link, such as the Soso Ask, know love love Shanghai, Shanghai encyclopedia, Interactive Encyclopedia is can leave the link.

Some articles published on the blog and forum.Effective means of

construction is also our soft external links to the Internet by gathering a lot of students in their website, this collection is often will we put in the article links together collection released, it will add a chain for us. There are many places published online, such as Chinaz, A5, shy and other large Shanghai Longfeng industry portal, but also some third party blog for free, generally every industry has SNS class website. Free registration can release news or subject. Generally we can properly take one or two links in the table above, can be a copyright statement to the home page links, can also be related to the content of the article in the link to the inside pages.

generally speaking, we have to do the optimization of the station are from the new start of. And the new external link building is the most difficult, because no new PR value and included also is less, the general webmaster will check your website in exchange connection when the PR value and collected. So the general Adsense is less willing to exchange and new Links.

The above is my > A lot of questions and

website with links to more sensitive, would be when you review the delete link. But as long as we insist on only links when needed to provide a meaningful content, believe the passing rate is very high.

in Shanghai Longfeng work had heard of such a word: website optimization "content is king, the chain for the emperor". External links for our website ranking play a very important role. So when we do website optimization to find ways to increase the site’s external links, then in the US in the process of Web site optimization to the construction of the external links? I have in my daily optimization process of some small experience for everyone to do a share.

my personal will is their new sites do a few links in their old website, then bought a few high weight website chain, after a few months of the new PR value increased to a certain extent and then others to exchange links.

two, soft

ebook publishing


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