Love Shanghai domian orders occur whether or not related to the page will affect the ranking

For the love of Shanghai

love Shanghai domain instructions are not been officially recognized, in the Shanghai dragon throughout the industry era, there are many owners believe that the results of the domain query is the site of the chain. In fact, the relationship between the chain and the related domain should be related to domain > outside the chain, the chain is only related to the domain of A. At the same time, an effective response is related to domain links, like the domain instruction fully match the domain name of the page, this is the relevant domain effectively, which is related to the chain, domain independent, will be after the search engine update gradually disappear, so this is not affected in the keyword ranking.


I think this is not a correct understanding of Scindapsus algorithm, introduced algorithm can go to reference Scindapsus love Shanghai. At the same time like Shanghai’s domain and Google’s link is not the same, only domain related domain, as long as it is similar to domain name will be displayed, the query results are only used as reference data. Google link I personally feel is more authoritative, basically there are chain high weight of the chain, which is more convenient for our reference competitors released outside the chain of resources for their master.

there will be a lot about this domain name page in Shanghai love input domain: domain name such search, and these pages are not consistent with their website content, since the love Shanghai algorithm link trading behavior against the green line, many sites are affected, and even some owners will ask questions, this is that a large number of queries the relevant page results will affect the keywords ranking

domain instructions, we can refer to the results of domain:bbs.fob5贵族宝贝:


for the domain, the emergence of a large number of irrelevant page idea is mainly confused chain and related domain meaning, and to love Shanghai Scindapsus aureus algorithm to understand due to insufficient, so owners do not need to worry too much, good user experience and content, keywords ranking is can maintain the stability of the.

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How to do web site optimization in order to make the site on the right track

1. must have a clear objective, to know the website to finally reach the height. Simple to say that we should have a clear plan in the website optimization before, know how to do, and finally reached the height of what. So we will optimize the site in future are not lost. Do not know to what extent, will not appear the next do not know how to do the problem. So we will always know what to place their own website optimization, reached the height of what, and our ultimate goal there is much gap. Otherwise, if we do not have a clear plan to do before optimization, step by step and then to do it. This result will be very poor, because we are always in confusion, we do not know the site to reach the heights, also do not know the degree has reached now website optimization process. So in disorderly fashion to do a website optimization, the problem will naturally overgrown. So in order to make the site on the right track you must first have a clear goal of planning.

2. website optimization taboo follow suit, modify the site. After the establishment of good gist of our website, then we have to do is keep on

website optimization is a very long road. A good website optimization to make a website on the right track, so he in the website optimization process will face many difficulties and troubles. From the beginning of the framework design, website, thinking of a chain, to optimize the final site, which is a web site optimization must face and go through the process, of course, it is impossible to make the website optimization will have Everything is going smoothly., broke into the trouble in the process of optimized website. These then we do website optimization, how to do to make our website optimization on track

in fact, each website optimization Shanghai dragon er who want their website quickly on the right track, running the website can smooth and safe, then you can easily as a webmaster to profit from. But we have the website optimization, are often filled with beautiful imagination, but it’s not so easy. We are at the beginning of the period of hope with efforts to do our website optimization, to some original content every day, update our site, and then go to the site of the chain, the chain end is constantly slowly to do a website, I thought that way to sites will get better gradually on the right track. But good wishes, always like a fairy tale as easily broken. Suddenly all sorts of problems coming to a series of problems surfaced, why the website snapshot not update, why web site outside of the chain does not increase the weight of the website, why is stagnant. Why is everything. We got confused and disoriented, can not help but ask how to do site optimization in order to make the site right? In fact, want the website to track is also very simple. The way I share website optimization website that is on track to everyone, we hope to help and inspire you.


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Talk about those things and click search keywords ranking engine

if the webmaster to own the user experience of the website is very confident, if really love Shanghai from real traffic later, can maintain a false PV, this method can be regarded as a convenient way to quickly improve the ranking, conversely, if the home page ranking, PV and IP are faster than the drop words, search engine is very easy to think of the station is a garbage station, cheating the search engine ranking will be very detrimental to the site. Don’t lose, the safest way is to slowly hand Shanghai dragon.

is now a lot of people through the search keyword Click to enter your own website to do keywords ranking, the site also has a lot of friends ask how users "keyword click ranking effect is not on the internet". Today daddy happy net to solve this problem and we discuss. It certainly can be said by keyword click on the influence of the ranking is not only, and is certainly one of the factors of a search engine for a keyword ranking weight is very high, it may be even higher than the chain of voting. But this method we still recommend caution is wonderful, if not good, will cause the search engine doesn’t trust the site, causing the site is down right or direct K station.


, we guess the search engine is how to evaluate a web site keywords ranking click. Personally, the website weight is low or when comparing the partial keyword ranking, search engines are turning a blind eye to a lot of factors behind the Ranking Ranking, because basically will not get traffic from search engines, it will not affect the search engine user experience, at this time, if the key words Click on the search, search engines are not to judge this click is not cheating, it will put the note for a user click on the real votes in key weight but for ranking and low weight website, search engines will not have a sense of trust, this time he will record user access to each page of the website to obtain the time and the average value of PV, for future reference! This time because the user experience is very good website search engine eyes, 1IP To 5-10PV, so the website keywords ranking rise gradually, will soon rise to the home page, but there should be a limit to the number of sites such as the real love of Shanghai users search traffic, love Shanghai will take this time PV and the access time and the original record PV, access time comparison, if almost you can determine the content of this site is relatively excellent, with the user experience, continue to improve weight; if PV has a relatively large decline of words, search engine will think this site is the key word for cheating to do search engine rankings, then the consequences of everyone’s hard to pay as can be imagined, we were led to the site drop cast to the wind. Right or K is inevitable. Another point, with software cheating, personally think that the search engine by the ability to judge the software click, if you really do stand, do not use the software click ranking, otherwise there will be K off directly. Of course, the search engine algorithms who do not know, these are just.

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Rookie webmaster share trade website optimization experience

Foreign trade website optimization Website

3. foreign trade website optimization website space construction

1: foreign trade website template construction site optimization


foreign trade site is mainly to electric business oriented, to the user to maximize the display of your products information, so the website template first carefully, website template selection can not be too fancy, to show the style of products in the home, do not choose their own template template system, according to their own needs to template don’t optimize the choice with scrolling picture template, this will increase the burden on the server.

The rapid development of

2: website of foreign trade website optimization domain name

trade website pictures are, which inadvertently will increase website open speed, website pictures do not use flash, the ALT attribute of the picture and website related keywords. The pictures do not design too large picture to respond to the real product information, pictures through art and then posted to the site.

website is like a person’s name, a good domain name easy to remember, the domain name to choose their products and similar Pinyin, or is the name of the enterprise website, or is a main product English name, this is more conducive to foreign trade station ranking. In the sentence many times people will pay a high price to buy the domain name, this is enough to reflect the value of the domain name, so the webmaster don’t ignore the importance of optimization in domain name.

foreign picture file is many, this will increase the stability of the site space, and web access speed, foreign trade website and domestic websites as the space access speed is most concerned about is the search engine, users are most concerned about. Foreign users are valued in time, time is money for them, who are willing to open your site here. So the selection of foreign trade station space to access speed, independent IP, best foreign host, now many foreign virtual host, there are a lot of host customer service and the speed is very impressive, also do not need to record. The webmaster don’t worry that your foreign host, but even if you host the money saved, it depends on what you give your own profit, the webmaster can buy in the discount, HostEase hosting promotions, discount code: HostEase, purchase discount 20%, no preferential time needed the webmaster can try.


4. logo pictures of

5. foreign trade website optimization Website navigation construction

trade website navigation construction is indispensable, in the chain of the site itself is very few, the navigation chain.

the Internet, e-commerce gradually replaced the traditional marketing methods, domestic and foreign trade is more and more common, more and more foreign trade website, did not make foreign trade station owners will begin to consider how to optimize the foreign trade website, construction of foreign trade station need to optimize those aspects of their own, and share the experience of foreign trade station.

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Shanghai Longfeng Optimization improve the site weight need repair training

, a new algorithm for the website content quality first

third, both inside and outside the chain, both hands

inside and outside the chain chain the importance of needless to say, I believe that as long as the little Shanghai Longfeng is clear in the heart. The chain management is to set up a bait to lure the search engine spiders to crawl web content in order to achieve the purpose of promotion website weight. In addition the chain can also help enhance the site’s ranking, but it is more laborious, therefore, the problem of internal and external chain operation is also plagued by many webmaster. Shanghai Longfeng optimization can be handed over to the king, I personally use the software, it has a built-in high quality soft outside the chain of resources, can release will be prepared high quality content ladder to the site, the surprise is Shanghai Dragon King also has a synchronous chain optimization model, to improve the website.

, the eyes are conducive to the common progress of the Links

both the vicissitudes of the Shanghai or the Shanghai dragon dragon Laoniao young and ignorant newcomer, to improve the weights of the website is the understanding of the significance The imprint is engraved on my heart. However, in the specific operational level, for the goal of unremitting struggle of Shanghai dragon Er have different levels, the effect of course will be quite different. The practice can accurately and comprehensively enhance the website weight of Shanghai Longfeng engineer how to gradually improve after all very rare, website weight? This is a topic of concern to everyone, today I will combine my working experience in this aspect briefly talk about experience and body will.

is not selected for standard Links fixed, but it does not mean that there is no standard, if the eyebrows beard, ask exchange link, it is easy to The loss outweighs the gain. Therefore, we in the choice of when to grasp a standard related, benign. That’s the choice of the exchange of the same industry highly related sites Links; benign refers to choose those search engines are often have a relatively good spider crawling number included site Links exchange.

algorithm with the love Shanghai stationmaster friends can change rapidly, rush, however Jingxiaxinlai analysis, various algorithms of constantly updated, the only change is the website content quality. Recently, Scindapsus algorithm turned out, let the webmaster know to do well in the station content can not be questioned. The content of high quality, high natural website ranking, of course need to pay attention to the content of the original is high while maintaining and updating the rules. How to build high quality original content? Here I recommend a man named Shanghai Dragon King optimization software, it can help the webmaster friends solve flawless write original content of trouble, ensure the high quality of the station for the regular updates. In fact, Shanghai Dragon King’s optimization principle is very simple, it can automatically write original content and trapezoidal form issued to each big platform, ensure the content distribution have rules, increase search engine friendliness to the website, improve website content included and website ranking.

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Shanghai Longfeng Master workplace should be good at learning, willing to learn and study

third points, is now weakness over the interests of the entire industry, not just a novice, senior practitioners also exist such problems, the reason is very simple, because there are too many websites need to do optimization, so the optimization of more and more companies want to use the shortest time to complete the order, and then to take over another order to make more money, but this often.

is now the site optimization so fire, naturally there will be more people to join us now in this industry, take the recent recruitment to several new colleagues, all are 90, let these "old man" could not help but sigh houshengkewei, but even the strong professional skills, many beginners there are also many problems, attitude adjustment not enough time, not optimization techniques to effectively control, although he is not what the industry master, but after all these years, there are still some of their own experience, in this share out, hope to help Shanghai Longfeng novices who just enter the workplace.

does not know the above four points, you have not, at least from the moment I come into contact with the novice Shanghai dragon, these four cases are common, said the first research personnel, this is actually a very good idea, after all, Shanghai Longfeng professional all day and dealing with a search engine, it is crucial to understand like, but we can not go to extremes, after all, website of the theme is not a search engine, but the content and the chain, as you study all day equation, but not the actual use, the site is real, not only concerned about the seemingly deep things, no practical use, in my opinion, as long as we know how to optimize the site most effective can, in principle do not get to the bottom.

Internet technology change rapidly, not a kind of optimization method can be used for life, just before the popular blog, the forum outside the chain, since love Shanghai update algorithm, given the weight of spider is more and more low, so this requires us to constantly innovate their technology, develop in the industry in the long term. But at the same time, many novices will be asked, what should we learn? In fact sometimes is also learning, but the effect is far, there exists a problem, the skills of learning. Here let me enumerate several new recurring problems:

second, market research methods long cost, this in fact as long as the use of good, worthy of our praise, but to pay attention to a degree of the problem, after all, the site has a lot of work we need to do, and the optimization method of innovation is often found in practice, which will reduce their own door effect.

3 is only concerned with results, but asked from


optimization method is studied for a very long time to spend 2 more new

4 too believe in yourself, not to ask others

1 is often studying the principle of search engine

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Shanghai Longfeng rules frequently updated under the hope of the future where the webmaster

two, Links trading phenomenon is more and more heavy

Shanghai dragon and ten years ago has been completely different, then as long as the site fill in meters title, description and keywords, so our website will have a very good ranking. In the previous 5 years, as long as we insist every day to update the article, slightly to exchange Links, so our website will also have good ranking. Now with the rapid development of Shanghai dragon, often a keyword will be accompanied by a large number of competitors in the daily updates to maintain the good article, we will continue to send the chain, as long as the chain is enough, then our ranking will be good enough, it will cause the Internet foreign chain get in by every opening, garbage the chain of flying. Fall in love with the sea in recent months to upgrade has been very focused on the existence of the chain of garbage sites were hit. So the quality of the chain is the direction of our efforts in the future, if it is the same as before blindly send a lot of junk information, then your future will be dark.

, a group of software flood, garbage chain disaster

The front page of the site for the weight of

Shanghai Longfeng rules frequently updated under the hope of the future where

love from May this year the Shanghai rules until now, webmaster friends has experienced several heavy blow, in the face of love Shanghai again and large-scale K ruthless station, many webmaster friends have gradually lost confidence. Don’t China stationmaster "2012" really come? The original Kodak company is the world’s largest film production enterprises, but the final fate is already into bankruptcy. NOKIA compared to every one of us is very clear, once as the world’s largest selling mobile phone giant, and now it is extremely bleak, what was so brilliant enterprise with today’s situation? We may wish to look at, first, the two companies have one thing in common, that is the victory of ash the head did not stand in the position of the user into consideration, which ultimately leads to the situation today. Go back to the Internet today, love Shanghai once said: "we are forever from bankruptcy only 30 days", which fully demonstrates the love of Shanghai only follow the user needs to develop, if contrary to the wishes of users, then it from the bankruptcy of the day is not far away. I love Shanghai once again updated this year, also cater to the needs of users and will put a lot of junk information in the Internet to get rid of, so as to be loved by users. From the perspective of Internet marketing Shanghai Longfeng, every upgrade Shanghai love are accompanied by the rules change, how should we treat the Shanghai dragon er? First, we first look at the current domestic situation:


is very high, so in recent years, Links trading is explosive growth, if Links exchange a website that’s what normal, but this is the sale of links cheating has seriously affected the healthy development of the Internet. "

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The successful application of Linkwheel wheel link in website optimization

blog build group believe that everyone is very strange, Linkwheel strategy is built in the blog group on the basis of the novice webmaster can create a blog, and then put these blogs like a wheel. The link is the core part of your website, all built resources have to link to your site, then these resources are like wheels linked in a circle, the Linkwheel diagram is very vivid.

8U (贵族宝贝 Chinese by editing the wateryuer original, published in the A5 station network, please indicate.


method is Linkwheel initially the easiest way to do Linkwheel example, actually very strong is a bit difficult, spend a long time, but the workload will also be considerable. The blog is not simply to link it to you every day, is to maintain and update in order to play its due role. But the link resources can then increase the expansion, as shown below:


site in Shanghai for a little dragon entry for people who are not difficult, but it is very complicated. Shanghai dragon is important ideas, important resources. If there is no ideas and resources, it can only be a start, start from the bottom, take the old routine, this process requires a lot of patience and perseverance to the persistence.

the new owners started Shanghai Longfeng, not a lot of resources, for the website optimization promotion understanding is not a lot, it is impossible to have what innovation, so it will do stand in the early days have a bumpy road difficult, now as long as the novice webmaster to learn the Linkwheel strategy, will easily solve the problem.

new website built at the beginning, the webmaster will worry about how to do the optimization, how to create content, how to increase the site outside the chain website ranking optimization method, small wateryuer to introduce a new method to link Linkwheel. Linkwheel is a Shanghai dragon link strategy, it is the principle of the establishment of a large number of one-way import links to a web page, so as to improve the site’s ranking.

Linkwheel is very easy to use for the novice webmaster, can start a step by step from the simple method, this method has been proved to be very effective, can give site bring good rankings, novice webmaster can make good use of this method to promote your web site.

Linkwheel do the most extreme is to make full use of all kinds of chain platform, the use of buildings, are all the resources are as follows:



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The site is not installed love Shanghai love Shanghai Statistics website how to determine the user v

3. believe that the search engines can also refer to many other data, the mainstream search engine will have huge data to conduct research and analysis.

from the search engine into your web traffic is a short time to return to the search engine search results or click on other related words, which can be analyzed in the search engine user behavior station.


here we love Shanghai Webmaster Platform got the answer, here to share with you, and indeed is not as search engine and traffic statistics tool to determine the content of the website of the viscosity, but the search engine will be analyzed according to his statistics data, two examples, two points:

first search terms: Shanghai dragon, query link:

also love Shanghai can also through the user’s search habits to determine the

? problem! For example, 1.

2. search engines have been trying to put their own "robot" and make ordinary users as like as two peas standing in his point of view, you think about how he would judge, the content of your analysis more accurate; correlation links and content on your main content around the recommended in the judgment (not related links and content and will not attract ordinary users, reflecting the viscosity in some degree is not very good for you); the web advertising is also the location of judgment (a baby is not already posted a blog). All of these can reflect your website user experience how.

4. Shanghai dragon do content and user experience for search engines are inevitable, but deliberately to cater to all the data, the evaluation of the search engine on your exceeds a threshold, may make you listed as "excessive optimization" or cheating, of course, how to do, the search engine is not telling the public.

love Shanghai non-stop to put forward the importance of user viscosity, the recent K station to weight high site viscosity greatly improved, but I looked at a lot of books about the principle of search engine, do not mention how to achieve the user viscosity is how to judge. Use cnzz to track the flow of many webmaster all know, it can calculate the single user clicks, page retention time, enter the page, leaving the page information to determine the viscosity level, that is we hung up the cnzz statistical code on the site, he can monitor the data, then the love of Shanghai is how to judge it? We did not hang love Shanghai love Shanghai code, and how to realize the statistics? Can enter the page through love Shanghai search into the page to know, but the residence time of the page and click the number and how to achieve it? The only function is to grab the spider and will not stay on the site, so the spider can not determine the the user viscosity, so our website without any love Shanghai things, love Shanghai and by what technology to achieve the user viscosity if judged? Love the sea really can not determine the user viscosity so we optimize the user viscosity and the meaning of this

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The website included the cause of instability

again, the updated content quality; update the contents of my own advocate is original, but not everyone can write out the original, then we must ensure the quality in the case of their own pseudo original, do not use the market spread of pseudo original tools, although good, but there is no user experience the article is of no significance to keep visitors, what we should do, but when PV is low, it shows you the quality is not very good, the quality assurance, the key update the quality directly is attractive, write some experience and experience, but also to ensure visitors.

second, updates do not use collector; this, first introduced the following acquisition, acquisition is the information of some of the information related to a fully integrated, and large quantities of articles, especially when the content is focused to a platform, there will be a situation that is the site of the mirror when a web site, and another website content is roughly the same, you may make mistake se you stand is mirrored in others sites, and then directly drop right, do it yourself after someone off Taobao image station, so as to make their own stand serious drop right, have to change, so the acquisition, great harm, and resolutely resist the acquisition, but also has a good collection, that is collected locally, selected articles, into their own websites, this is what we should learn, The acquisition is not everything, choose what we should do, to strengthen their selectivity, and love Shanghai for these acquisition too powerful website, content is not high quality of the station, take the method is included and then deleted, this is the strategy, also is what I want to say, is not broken decreased, while increased. Reduce the site repeatability, no use to delete all selected articles out, this is the problem of site.

first, the home page updated content; home page, general love of Shanghai first place to visit, if there is a new link, it will take time to climb, so, the first impression is very important, and if you don’t update the page on the home page, then love Shanghai need further two or three layers to access to, but in general we stand for, love Shanghai situation how deep, how many times are love Shanghai review once, instead of the next visit, these are can be analyzed through the web log, I also observed on their web sites, see the love of Shanghai home more frequently, so if you update the contents of URL, the link is too far away from home, will not be easy to be crawling, remember.

recently updated weekly is always so tangled, every case is included not stable, a rose, a decline, then there is no stable increase, this situation lasted for a few months, about this kind of situation, in the forum page is not uncommon, there are always friends say, I collected is not stable, so here the author say, the website included the cause of instability, here think of four points, the hope can help to your own website.

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You may know the blog marketing Shanghai dragon skills


4) blog in order to get good results, also need to interact with readers, there are many bloggers to write blog love yourself as the center, to express personal idea, but you should know you this is.

1) to the original best is original, everybody does not love to see repeat things, but also love Shanghai, Google is not love.

blog about the readability of

blog practice, there have been launched blog marketing their own way, every work of different people do have found not the same, so here is simply to share my blog can be found in the multiplier last secret, special attention, very useful.

3) blog absolutely must pay attention to the layout problem, does not require at least a personalized, neat and orderly, meet the people’s daily reading. I believe the basic layout we still know, for example, paragraph clear, at the beginning of each paragraph two blank spaces are very simple. The trouble that you can choose manual typesetting software tools a key layout format, is also very convenient.

2) can not be original, even if it is reproduced, it should also have a clear direction to choose the type. The article try to find yourself and for a long time, the industry gradually establish their own ideological orientation, set up the authority of a field, a field which attract readers, so as to improve the weights of the blog. You can’t say you do the mold, you spend a lot of time in the blog net is beauty class. It should be from two point of view, the Internet industry is because you can build a special Internet channel blog; in addition to customers is the mold industry, then set up a mold industry channel blog two blog, can operate together, a successful Shanghai Dragon Phoenix absolutely impossible only a blog account.

2, 1, the appearance of

in addition to simple and readable appearance, readability but also pay more attention to the content of the article, after all, a blog, the article is the main ingredient, perfect dishes, ingredients just dump pickled vegetables, it is meaningless. No one love to see a word is very small, pale, and out of order typesetting pointless blog. When you write the article to pay attention to the following points.

a blog has a comfortable and simple appearance is one of the important factors to attract people stop in perspective, this is fundamental to the blog, bloggers suggested before the design of the font color, size, style, you should first consider good to people. If like KFC marketing target is the fashion trend of young people, it would have to take the fashion personality route, with young people’s words "dazzle". If you like the mold marketing object is the traditional mold business, it would have to go as far as possible convergence, low-key calm route, but also a problem can not be ignored is that many die are soil boss, then you toward the "soil" development of your blog, meet them in the most traditional style.

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Three kinds of website optimization ability in the new era under the Shanghai dragon er must have

as everyone knows, website maintenance optimization is a gradual process is a constant from strategy to implementation to verify the new strategy to adjust such an iterative process as a thinking of the optimization of personnel, the author thinks that we should not only possess skilled optimization experience and skills, the solid web technology ability and super self management constraints is essential as a good quality of Shanghai dragon Er, continued the good gossip short on several levels below and we analyzed one by one.

first, the actual operation ability of solid website optimization. As a site optimization personnel combat operations is definitely a must, I think whether you are a novice or veteran must have their own in a particular field or industry can Nadechushou optimization case, this is the core, for the novice friends love of theoretical knowledge, such as a web site keywords layout, three tag writing in fact, the construction of the chain, these theoretical things that it can do but All the world knows., to use their own optimization site, the author thinks that the only real friends will have the profound understanding, here I suggest everyone at the same time learning theory knowledge, the best to establish their own website, a website is a can optimize the real platform, will learn the theoretical knowledge to practice in the process of the website, such as This chapter updates, said many people would say, adhere to the original update every day included, certainly no problem, but I want to say is a new station in your own original update an article every day, 30 days a month calculated by next month, what love Shanghai update included can reach 30, this result the only real operation friends will have the right to speak, even if it is your own original article, there is no value, to help users? Even if the content is original will still be shut out, and get the results, real time adjustment, so as to achieve our desired results, this time we get the so-called the precious experience, experience is not to say do it. I would like to explain the above website optimization only one point, we don’t just do oral gentleman and action villain, passion, ideas, earnest to build a website up combat is the kingly way.

second, website maintenance optimization technology indispensable ability. The author before entering the website optimization, through self study hard. CMS, this is for many of my friends have to master the skill of the system, first let the author can have their own real platform. Secondly, the author finds that in the process of Web site optimization in addition to using these open-source program, he still can not achieve optimization of many ideas such as you to add your own advertising, or modify the template imitation station so let the optimization thinking have been restricted, in this case the author chose to learn HTML or DW, for layout table. Gradually the weaving imitation station, optimization of their own ideas can by virtue of their mastery of the technology to realize, this is when I found the website. >

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