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a site is divided into two sections: external optimization and internal optimization. Generally speaking, the two part is we both hands are hard to catch. External optimization usually refers to the construction of the external links, to obtain high quality external links. But the theme of this article is how to do internal optimization, here to share some of my views.


code optimization has several advantages: one is to reduce the file size, speed up access; two is more friendly to search engines, avoid them crawling useless code; three can make the code more convenient to maintain. read more



in August when the Shanghai love search related key medical keywords results show love for Shanghai

have a friend asked me to have the price of Shanghai Longfeng foreground how want to learn about today, so I think a few months ago wrote an article in the A5 article titled "Shanghai Long Fengxin" medical industry from Shanghai to find love certification, links to sent him, he after seeing you said this analysis is wrong, is first one next to listen to his analysis: love is not for the health of Shanghai Shanghai dragon, Shanghai love is used to make money products need to pay promotion only ranking, a little surprised, I said before this is not called love but love is called Shanghai Shanghai health certification, so now before the analysis is wrong? The next to analyze how is love Shanghai so confused. Love Shanghai authentication become a distraction. read more


two, selling Soybean Milk need to pay attention to what, what

2. Soybean Milk to sell well, not advertising. Appropriate to do advertising, what hair distribute leaflets are good for Soybean Milk shop. Of course not Luantie small ads, chased uncle don’t love.

: Shanghai dragon website to get better and more outside the chain, you can go to some website text, Hui post bring their own web site, of course, do not abuse group >

, what need to be prepared to sell Soybean Milk

?First of all we have to do is read more


When visitors enter the

to your website, the first impression is largely determined by his stay, so it needs to do good. First, from the website of the color, frame structure, color theme to coordinate the website framework to be neat and beautiful, those before the frame and the frame color cannot be too far, looks uncomfortable is not good. We Chinese love personalized thing, so we should emphasize the main melody at the same time pay attention to personality, not from the site related theme. For example, you are selling glasses, cannot get fancy, with non mainstream websites. read more


rich content and a benefit that can improve the site weight and keywords in the search results page ranking, because each add a page on the site to vote itself, to the home page, columns, transmitting certain weights, page, column, page and then forwarded to this page, so that to improve the website the overall weight.

content is king, the chain for the emperor is understood as the number that, when it reaches a certain amount, it will.

webmaster circles that such a word "content is king, the chain for emperor", here have to say the essence of broad and Ancient Chinese Literature Search culture, just eight words sum up the search engine optimization operation of Shanghai dragon soul, and to provide a powerful website optimization operation guidelines of Shanghai Longfeng website operators after all it is the webmaster, hang "classic quotes". read more



we are not training for Shanghai Longfeng so desire? We must find out their inner thoughts, because sometimes we are seeing bright achievement of others rather than his own heart, really wanted to learn. For example, some people see the rain in big brother 200 thousand month after the interview must be very heart, I want to have friends to find absolutely after rain brother wanted to worship him as a teacher, but whether this is a result of your impulse is really thoughtful after? I think a lot of people who are not thinking, just simple want to follow him to learn how to earn 200 thousand. I would like to remind you of the point is: do what. Not everyone has the rain brother’s execution and understanding, we should calmly. read more


I think, many webmaster of our A5, must have a good attitude and persevere as backing. The stick in Shanghai day in and day out, year after year the Dragon world without end the road to creation. I think you must have them and I want to give up the idea. Not once feel this way with no reality whatever. It is difficult to see the road to the future, whether it’s a bright. Life, in fact, no matter what we do, in fact, many are repeatedly spent in duplicate >

contact Shanghai dragon, thin has been three years, three years of the road. The Shanghai dragon deep feeling. Absolutely ignorant of from the initial, now is a rich experience. And today I saw an accident, A5 was deeply attracted by the above article. We can say the writer is become an independent school. This time, I want to also publish my original ah. But I have to stop. Why? The reason is very simple. Due to the absence of any professional knowledge base Shanghai Longfeng optimization. On the other hand even if I write again good, this time also were not useful. I kept looking at A5 from the top of all corners of the country you the webmaster of the article, the heart is not the taste. I decided that I A5 contact time is not long, but I make sure my article appeared on the front page of A5. Share my experience with you. read more



PR from search engine Google founder Larry · Paige, this person perhaps some people do not know, but I believe that the PR value must not be less, especially the webmaster circle, because we optimize the website PR value is the vane, but now many people say that it is not important, today is a pony and we explore whether PR


three: the PR value is applicable to all search engines

two: love Shanghai weight


first Google exit China, that is because the government wants to shield Google search a lot, but never to the Google Corporation human intervention search results, so I quit China, I want to say, this is an important relationship with the PR value? And the impact of Google in the world is very big, so many search engines are followed Google technology in upgrading, this time, you say the PR value no matter, then we should see what to evaluate the website weight read more


Internet piracy and the reality of the pirated products, in fact, nature is the same, although piracy has been hit, but piracy is repeated, I think only one of the reasons for the market demand to explain. There is market demand, for the ordinary people, some product piracy is not important or not, the key is whether the use of. So is the Internet, Internet users have such needs, naturally bred to meet the needs of users of the content or website, in other words that the user needs to decide the market, users demand of Internet content. But things always have two sides, there is a good place for piracy, bad places are many, first piracy is violate the rights of others, there are genuine piracy is difficult to survive, it is not fair for genuine. Then some special products must not be pirated, such as counterfeit products, or endanger the interests of users. read more


The structure of

, a top navigation website

whether any website homepage will have web content page navigation, and under normal circumstances, the site navigation is the top on the website. Site navigation do not to jump with the java script, because the search engine is not able to identify the JS call. The search engine to the website to crawl the web are from the upper left corner of the site to the site of the lower right corner to crawl. Under normal circumstances, the column page links page navigation inside the website to join the site, because the site’s home page weight is the highest, which will allow the search engine to successfully capture the section of the web site page, so as to increase the weight of the column page and ranking. Don’t use the best images, because the picture search engine doesn’t know. read more


, not only refers to the issue in each stationmaster net soft, also contains some other types of websites or news source site, of course if there is a budget you can release the soft money. Soft foreign chain promotion role is very significant, and long term effective way to maintain the relatively benign circulation situation. As long as willing to explore, writing and promotion news is not difficult.

blog is a very exhausting thing, but if the Sina blog blog blog optimization, the NetEase weight high well, the quality of the chain is also very good. If you have time can also operate the sprocket strategy, but must pay attention to methods and skills, not to time because the operation was K, The loss outweighs the gain. read more


The settlement cycle:

21:30, a Jingdong in the NASDAQ listed bell, the opening price of $21.75, $19 higher than the issue price rose 14%.

announcement also said that the IPO will be carried out as soon as possible in the market conditions allow, and to Sogou company follow the United States Securities Act of 1933 the "Securities Law" " to the United States Securities and Exchange Commission formally submitted the prospectus form F-1 registration statement, and the securities and exchange Commission officially announced the IPO registration statement is the premise condition. read more



has asked, that I was not going to delete the link! Do not blindly go to delete links! Today you can delete 3, plus a new link means the next day!! suddenly remove too much, love Shanghai will be punished for your station! Please be careful!

!The first phase of the active period of !

take a look at this figure:

second phase stationary phase

like this website friendship we are determined not to change, even if his weight in high is not going to change! Because of his dead links too much, affect the search engine spiders crawl! Called one-way link! Principle Search Engine grab is very simple! He is like a spider crawling, running around the things they need for reference! Figure: read more


snapshot day situation more and more frequent, some stations of the situation, ranking did not change obviously, but also some stations, ranking fell sharply.

old station

ranked 4. repeated


, submitted to the A5, the.

! adjusted the weight of love Shanghai


, high grinding the word is very special, although the home has no words, but the number is difficult to do, the station should suddenly go to the 48 position, but also a miracle!

as the saying goes, there are good things and bad things, some of the old site snapshot day. Of course, the website is also attribute the wrong cognition, ranking dropped significantly. Ybsong began to think that as long as you don’t update the site, or later update the site on the line, but at around 2:30 in the afternoon, Shanghai love snapshot or be updated to today, then the ranking began to sharply cut read more


later on the 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games, 2010 Shanghai World Expo Desheng, and a series of security, all the visitors appeared one by one of the most advanced Tecsun machine products, as well as visitors machine. Due to the "visitor management system" is a term generally refers to the split, with one machine, the word "visitor machine" is gradually accepted by the user, and then to the "visitor machine", now "search visitor machine" and "visitor management system" approach. Below is the change of the word search: read more


The old domain name how to operate


new domain name do stand a good love Shanghai, it is faster, sometimes even can be included within 30 minutes of operation right, no more than one day will be included. Noble baby included may slightly slower but not more than one week. The following is a new domain name to do some of my personal experience of the station. A website, do not submit to the major search engines: this may be the traditional understanding of everyone is not the same, but the practice has proved that the new sites do, as long as in some high weight site send outside the chain, such as A5, a post, a few minutes will be included, the spider climb to the new site link, because the love of Shanghai has a particular interest in the new link, so good luck, may be collected immediately, and may later put out, this time also is the thing in 30 minutes, my station 1000 Fong exchange had such potent stovepipe oils, are interested in friends can also be done to try new. Two, pay attention to the railway station in Shanghai: the weight effect of love love Shanghai to the railway station is relatively high, so new sites was collected after a few days ago, the website will generally have a good ranking, not proud, this is only temporary, later ranking will plummet, will not find you stand within 100 at this time, only pay attention to is to regularly update the content, must pay attention to regularly update, at the same time, the chain can make some, but not too much. read more


last year just begin to contact the pseudo original, it is to use the pseudo original tools, upset paragraph old practices, but later included the feeling that the effect is not very good. Under the guidance of Comrade Hu later on, learn a simple pseudo original technique, is to use their own language to retell a simple article, combined with the optimization of the title, the effect is really good feeling. This way, let the cook not think of his strange place, but we also learn to work in, can also be mixed with some small > create read more


two, control of weight distribution, to guide the spider crawl the important content of

website has many pages are not in ranking, for example: about us, contact us, privacy protection, company profile, website and other links can put them nofollow off, so, the website weight will not transfer to them.

so you can use nofollow to achieve the following results:

nofollow can also be used in what place to help

, that is, for the love of Shanghai, even though the use of nofollow links, spiders will grab and included, this label is recommended to the current page search engine links page transfer weights only, does not prohibit the spider grab and included. read more



3, the anchor text optimization over

1, the accumulation of

this includes inside and outside stations are not the same anchor text, not too the same, so it is easy to cause excessive optimization, the anchor text not internal links all point to the home page, the text should also be diverse.

With the

some owners in order to have a good ranking, increase keyword density, it can easily cause over optimization, general webmaster tools that keyword density control can be in 2%–8%, I don’t think so, this is too mechanical, according to the website, making keyword density. If your site is new sites or low weight station, surfing optimization keyword density not more than 2% more insurance, to avoid excessive optimization, if your site is the old station or a relatively high weight of the station, the station is relatively stable, so the keyword density can be more than 8%, it will not be because of excessive optimization is right down, the author did an experiment, a keyword density station stable reached 20% won’t be right down. read more


website snapshot represents what Shanghai love? Love Shanghai updated snapshot of what factors? What is the "love Shanghai website snapshot? Website snapshot refers to love Shanghai, love Shanghai in the search engine grab data for the web site has some cache, on the one hand to improve the search speed, on the other hand and Web site because the server or code problem causes the website does not open, can normal visit some reference value. But the website snapshot will not equal to the web site, also do not represent the search engine spiders crawl to the station of the latest time, may have to crawl, but the site has not updated, so the snapshot also not update, from another point of view, the weight of the website snapshot also represents the site to a certain extent reflect. read more