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search engine optimization, believe that every webmaster never endless talk about the topic, like a child is every couple endless talk about the topic, but also the most love talk. Ashamed to say, hear the word of Shanghai dragon only a year ago, then love Shanghai Shanghai dragon to understand its meaning. Then slowly learning Shanghai dragon. Search engine optimization objective, from the perspective of the webmaster is nothing more than to make their sites ranked higher, from search engine angle, is to search the most qualified website information for users search. After studying for a long time now feel a little harvest, with new Adsense share many people heard the Shanghai dragon feeling is in fact too profound to be understood. We first take a look at what spider love, why love. The enemy can ever victorious. That is the content, how to let the content? Simple point to understand is your content is the one and only the original article. Why spiders love the original article? We think, take the meal, if we drink everyday porridge, porridge meal, you will not feel bored. I have no appetite, and also as the Spring Festival is coming soon, drop around. Everybody is the same Hot pot hospitality is also no appetite appetite! So if our website content is rampant everywhere copy article, the spider is not love.

update, why spiders love you more every day to keep update 3 articles, but not love you a month to update 90 articles! In same class, the teacher is more love that seriously study hard every day, or more.

link for the emperor, why is it so important link! What is the role of the chain, can be understood as the chain is someone else for your vote, the high number of votes you got on! Think about our own personal communication. If a person is very narrow circle, then people you know very few sure! Go to a place to find this place for a The bachelor, but an adult and a baby named The bachelor. Does anyone think you’re looking for a baby The bachelor? Why is the website weight time is relatively high, in fact is not the truth, the same words from one of noble character and high prestige in an elderly population is more convincing? Or a boy in convincing?. Obviously the old people of noble character and high prestige wins! Such as calls for blood donation and so on public welfare, is calling for stars to good effect, or ordinary people to call for good effect, people at leisure star names, don’t you think they know friends? Surgical experts with the average doctor, we are more willing to let the experts to see the doctor. So we don’t need to some key words to the first row and take time, because people is the people’s house is the star, people of noble character and high prestige, is the authority. No more. If there is a link that relevance is better, why? The same programs a review and a general audience are evaluated, people will be more willing to listen to who, so people think some hobbies or spiders, can be combined with the things around us to understand.

Shanghai dragon

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Keywords to make reasonable positioning website fast and success

Four, the search engine index

we can all website home page search by keywords, see their weight, how how, the number of the chain and included the establishment of the time, and to look at the website domain name is the domain name or the two level domain name, if we find the first page of the website quality is poor, the weight is empty, then we want to enter the home page of the risk is greater, and also to study these sites make up their own strengths, weaknesses, so that we can beat the competition website.

let’s discuss the specific how to better keywords positioning and selection.


in the optimization process now in.

, according to the words included judge competition.

The objective of the

with the development of the Internet, the popularity of the site, believe that many webmaster feel website has become more and more difficult, and more and more people, so when the website keyword selection is like we choose one thing to sell goods, certainly the intensity of competition is big is small, so for the competition sure we optimize the word, difficulty is relatively large. For example, small search "SMS blessing" of the word, the love of Shanghai is made up of 30 million 200 thousand, indicating the intensity of competition is very big, usually such a word optimization, probably in about 3 months can get good rankings. But the key words are different in the different industry competition and optimization over time, the more popular industry of competitive strength, so we choose, we should as far as possible to choose a target of a two core keywords and long tail keywords, the effect is the best, for example, SMS blessing is the core of the key words so, we can extend a birthday wishes, SMS and other classic long tail keywords.

net can search a keyword through the search engine, and look at the key words included in the page to determine how much the keywords included more difficulty size, usually means greater competition, for we have a greater difficulty for optimization. General included page below 5 million is a relatively common vocabulary, yet more than 5 million words is medium difficulty, while more than 10 million words is more difficult.

we all know in the search some key words, below the search engine will have some promotional links, these links is said that these words the higher commercial value, then the difficulty will be greater, generally two or three words is the general competition, more than three will be more difficult to do. In addition there is a search engine open platform, these are usually submitted data in search engine rankings, it is very difficult to go beyond, usually open platform data website this ranking will be in the top three.


three, according to the degree of competition website home page keywords.

two, and the number of open platform for advertising.

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The transformation of e-commerce sites rate analysis and application (a)

so, for the novice webmaster, what is the conversion rate of

Conversion of ?The conversion rate of

"transformation" refers to the visitors in each set into the access path of the. Site managers can use this report to understand which page conversion in the path loss rate of visitors, so as to improve the conversion path page to improve site conversion rate, as shown below.

, a love rate in Shanghai statistical analysis and application of

page access

Hello, I am the future. To us this kind of profit for the purpose of website construction, whether it is engaged in electronic commerce or advertising revenue, how much income is fundamental, but the conversion rate is a comprehensive analysis of profitability index website. If the page, keywords ranking, traffic monitoring and other methods are evaluated for the website construction of the external effect, the conversion rate is the direct effect of the evaluation analysis.

typical analysis should include the following 3 steps:

in the small site, the main profit way is divided into two types: one is the electronic commerce website, mainly engaged in network marketing related activities; the other is to rely on advertising and other advertising related ways to generate revenue website, it is mainly to generate revenue through advertising, advertising click Show etc.. Today we look at the transformation of e-commerce websites how to rate analysis, then again how to promote its conversion rate.

love is love Shanghai by Shanghai statistics statistics system to carry out the transformation, so to clear the visitor rate >

1, visitors enter the site

2, a series of

is to visit a site visitors, transforming all visitors the proportion of visitors. It is actually a ratio, namely: number / access conversion behavior of the total number of visits. The network marketing site, the conversion rate is high, the marketing effect is better; on the other hand, the marketing effect is worse.

love Shanghai statistics system, we need the following steps:


how to improve the site conversion rate is actually how to make your site more easily visitors use, make it easier to buy a potential customer intent to complete the purchase process, and strive for more orders in the case do not let visitors dislike. This is the conversion rate on the website guidance.

deployment of loveThe transformation of


1, on any page on the website of the Shanghai statistical code

to reach the target pageWith the help of

in Shanghai statistics, provide related conversion: conversion path ", by using this function, the website managers can clearly know the transformation process on the website of the user, get clear conversion rate analysis report.

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Love Shanghai alliance experience.

2. closing date: December 23, 2014 < >

The following is my !

1. ban business type: the promotion of cooperation of "

1: the filing is told the Shanghai alliance staff abnormal data, prevent the blocked.

4: for the first time released after being refused, don’t be sad, to try several times, as long as the heart, perseverance will prevail. The appropriate time can apply for the record in Shanghai love alliance Post Bar find it query, this is very important for

2: after the case was closed, with a record can be used as an important basis.


What role:


application submitted to the working group of the Shanghai love Alliance:

2: in the application of expanding must indicate the blocked reasons, that is why I found it, as long as you can find a reason to be blocked, and according to the sealed adjustment platform, releasing the probability will be greatly improved.



5: when love prompts you to submit the Shanghai union "sky 365 agreement", must be timely received by mail in the past, love Shanghai after a few days, your love will be successful Shanghai alliance solution.

my site was closed by malicious brush flow, continuous brush for two days, third days after I found that, although in the record, but was mercilessly sealed. Found in the abnormal traffic statistics should be timely check key data, check the alliance love Shanghai love Shanghai alliance effect if the click rate, click rate suddenly too high, the abnormal data, should immediately record.

1: carefully adhere to the closure of the cause, according to the platform adjustment of Shanghai alliance put love.

6: application in the message sending unsealing office love Shanghai alliance back to document the way for releasing the book sent, can do an unsealing answer, answer according to the test, improve the success rate will be greatly.

love Shanghai alliance is every webmaster preferred money alliance, Shanghai love alliance to click on price, payment stability, advertising style more popular small webmaster favorite. Love is the only drawback of Shanghai alliance "easily banned", was closed after unsealing difficult, after many webmaster blocked, no hope of success basically. In fact, there is a little chance to love the Shanghai Union. After success, such as I love Shanghai alliance was sealed five months successfully lifted. From a letter to release has experienced a total of five months, so, you blocked webmaster, don’t worry.


3: flow to do dependably, don’t brush flow, why I love Shanghai alliance was sealed is the brush flow, so do the webmaster should pay attention not to offend the "villain", to prevent the villain attacks your station, Shanghai alliance was sealed lead to love.

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Just 5 steps to make the site quickly included

second, the structure of the site. If the structure of your site is not conducive to the spider crawling, then the search engine will not love you. The website structure is mainly divided into two types, one is the physical structure; the other is a link structure.

physical structure refers to the real Web site directory and file location. That we want to solve is how to reasonable to do this? There are two points, one is to form a logical tree structure, the relationship between this page and the page is clear. There is a flat, because most of us now will think the file in the root directory weight deep directory file more. It is convenient for the spiders to crawl.

fourth web links. Some sites outside chain, and the site of high quality and high weight is scanty, there are some links to some good websites, then this website links, we would rather not, even if we don’t, even to him that maybe the search engine K, the.

how to make our website fast included? This is probably our most concern Shanghai dragon er.


third, the anchor text. Most people know that the anchor text links in the search engine algorithm is not a light weight. So many webmaster keywords a lot of accumulation, with the same anchor text, creates a natural anchor text, then the search engines decide you are deliberately optimization. So we have to avoid these problems, do the anchor text to be natural, uniform distribution. So let the spider to crawl to crawl, better go to included.

so it is also called the link structure, logical structure, which is inside our website link to each other to form a network diagram. If the logical structure is not clear if we lost, then the search engine spiders to your site, do not come, finally took a tremendous effort finally climbed out, then you think he’ll go to

so, we engage in Shanghai Longfeng people should do more of the original new, high quality content, let the spider to crawl, for Internet users to provide such a platform for an easy and comfortable experience. This search engine can not only receive love love more Internet users. So naturally your conversion rate will be higher.

so what happened to our website can not fully included? What should we do to make our website are fully included? The Shanghai dragon small Mu put their daily accumulation experience tell you.

The so-called

first, originality. Originality is the result of one of the reasons, are not fully included in the website. Because of the Internet and our people are the same, do not repeat those new things without love. But a common problem on the Internet reflects is the copy, copy and paste the people. This search engine will be offensive, naturally not included in our article.

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Once the training records website optimization

statement: This article.

Whether it is from the

is the same as before, in my article, not to any other links to many, especially before the optimization of the site, just a simple record. When I took this station strictly in ranking is good, but the subsequent maintenance and optimization of all I do. So far as six or seven months have not updated articles, but still ranked on the first page, usually in the first place before the first page.

actually I often search keywords of this station, has been found in the floating, sometimes disappeared, sometimes up, in fact, is rooted in the beginning, the quality and the quality of the chain website article on the station and the result is very simple. When I first started learning to write the website title and description, we carefully studied the website how to write. To the end can be found, I generally write description of the site are relatively long, generally speaking is the 200 word or 300 word, some suggestions in 200 words or less, but I feel more able to write good keywords layout, of course this is only my own idea.

Look at The

do not write more, in fact, optimization techniques not what good what to write, it is a record of those, the once optimized site, when the whole Shanghai dragon

, BR was 1, indicating that there are still flow, the chain number and external links of what, in fact I do website optimization, not very love to change Links. You don’t have PR, others do not give you change, and you are looking for new sites or sites at the same level? I feel too lazy to charge the mind. Zhibuding someday it was Links.

layout or chain construction and the construction of the chain, I feel this site do is can, after all, the library can still connect with, is now must be certified to link and enterprise information. In addition that this site is described and a lot of other people is the same, often do not update the article did not send the chain, but the ranking is still very good. We can see from the picture is now included in the 2, the chain is 41, but this one drawback is long-term not update, if has not been updated, then it will slowly decline, to the final ranking disappear, of course this is only possible, I an analysis of the promotion of Taiwan website snapshot in 2012, still ranked in the first.

station keyword index is not very high, but in 2011 when want to ranking on the first page, this keyword is difficult, don’t look now the website is not much, at that time or more intense competition. But overall, the difficulty is not great. Why when it comes to this website, I mainly from the site to take over, learned a lot of experience, said in 2012 June that the big update, the site also pull the wool, to the end of various efforts to restore.


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Some methods about Shanghai dragon black hat techniques

black hat Shanghai dragon is the meaning of cheating, black hat Shanghai dragon is mainly research and use the search engine algorithm vulnerability, the technique of

white hat will spend more time and energy, but also can not guarantee one hundred percent can make a successful web site. But compared with the white hat is more secure, if successful, can maintain the website ranking and traffic, has become a high quality assets.

black hat is the fast track, often quick, low cost of implementation. There are many Shanghai dragon ER was too quick, in order to pursue a ranking, or take a shortcut, Zoupian Jian Feng, of the cheating methods, the search engine is definitely hate black hat, because black hat reduces the relevance of search results and the user experience, the search engine’s job, belongs to the scope must be severely punished the. Once being punished, will go through a lengthy recovery process. So do the black hat be punished is normal, and even can be said that the long run is inevitable.




to violate the rules and make their own search engine website punished, some black Shanghai dragon take techniques of Yang Zi last year also share with you some, are interested in reading "which can search Shanghai dragon operation method will be search engine that is cheating?" more about black take Shanghai Dragon technology methods to know.

black hat Shanghai dragon cheating: keyword stuffing

keyword stuffing is a black hat Shanghai Longfeng method, English called Keyword Stuff>

does not conform to the mainstream search engine policy issue, the use of search engines to ban the way of optimizing the website, affect the search engine ranking on the site of the reasonable and justice. Black hat Shanghai dragon behavior is usually the general to the "search engine cheating", usually the black hat Shanghai dragon is the use of amplification and search engine now some defects or vulnerabilities and get more user traffic. Simply speaking, the black hat Shanghai Longfeng optimization is the use of cheating or suspicious means to get a lot of traffic in a short period of time. At the same time, at any time may face punishment because the search engine algorithm change.

today to share with you about the Shanghai dragon black take some of the basic technology, this * * Yang Zi not encourage people in website optimization of the Shanghai dragon black take techniques, and think through this share let everyone have a better understanding of the search engine algorithm, how to avoid a series of irregular in the days after the Shanghai dragon in Shanghai Longfeng techniques.

for Shanghai Dragon Technology black take various methods but in Yang Zi’s most conventional several will Yang Zi in Shanghai dragon combat met to share:


first before sharing what is black take Shanghai Dragon:

Technique characteristics of Several

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Pleasantly surprised! September 1st love Shanghai will resume 10 advertising

then, rumors love Shanghai PC advertising will be restored, how do you see? Welcome to join the 17 official QQ group 271816468 (Note: the wind, I want to exchange) and Discussion on learning network marketing

In fact,


17 what want to say is that in September 1st the "Internet advertising management measures" after the implementation of all search engine advertising will be clearly marked "advertisement" two words, the era of Internet advertising disguised as ordinary information gone for ever, we no longer have to worry about being cheated "search engine".

17 way to view the wind push advertising a number of other search engines.

that started in September 1st in Shanghai will resume 10 advertising, the specific location of temporarily unknown. The 17 herd confirmation, informed sources said, indeed heard the wind inside.


Sogou promotion, left the top 4 advertising, advertising on the right side of the 7


360, left the top six advertising, is a. (recently 17 Zhuifeng received the support of 360 seems to flow in a small test on the right side of advertising, perhaps shortly after the 360 right promotion will return to


Adwords, left the top 4, below the 3 advertising (on advertising is not the same as


According to

this time to increase advertising, television advertising is equivalent to increase the length, or video website advertising titles from 30 seconds to 60 seconds (in fact, the expansion of search engine advertising than the previously mentioned two more close to the people, because you can see your advertisement and demand will be highly consistent, and need only the mouse wheel roll, can skip ads (?????)???)


on the basis of the user experience, love Shanghai to increase advertising, for small and medium enterprises is actually good news. From May to adjust the promotion, the promotion of SMEs has become a "Aihong everywhere" scene. Although the DSP advertising DSP this burn very influential, but change the flow of "delivery method is not suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises, especially the ToB industry. Love Shanghai advertising increases, can ease the promotion of competitive situation.


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The establishment of knowledge how to avoid the trap of webmaster search engine

3, member login

with JS, JS can bring dazzling visual effects to stand out. Especially the website, especially love generation for navigation js. But the search engine is very hate, the spider can’t identify JD internal links. Do the navigation, try to let the search engines crawl simple work, in order to get the favour of spiders.

4, flash

if your site links too much, and no 404 pages, you will find that the website do diagnostic analysis, there will be a lot of page error. On the other hand, the search engine is not friendly to the website, will be rejected. So, to do a 404 page.

6, outbound links too much

1, dynamic url

some websites, first login member can see website content. As you know, the search engine spiders do not fill in the user name and password to access the page content to crawl, increase the spider crawling difficulty, also does not include the content.

: high quality natural chain do? You will read these leap

search engine is unable to identify the content inside the flash. Stand in the angle of optimization, this is a dead stop. Here we suggest that, if the website optimization, do not use flash to design the site. To use the flash to display your site information and power, it would not need to do optimization.

website >

5, 404 pages

keyword optimization topics: site optimization keywords have no effect? Come here to study keywords optimization techniques the most practical

optimization techniques and methods in the chain can improve the weights of the website deploymentOn the construction of the chain

dynamic URL is due to the automatic call database, the website automatically generated with the parameters. Usually, spiders don’t love URL, because too many parameters, spider crawling efficiency will be damaged. Therefore, the line on the website, do static url.

search engine trap? Web design, using some search engines do not love, also not included elements. How to avoid the search engine spider trap? Below, small according to the detailed analysis of each spider trap.

special chain optimization:


common pitfalls:


2, JS navigation

Many people love

is a web site outbound links too much, will cause weight dispersion. The spider crawling your site, are just climbed from A to Z, when the tail and not to enter the page, you give him a link, then the spider will according to its export link out, so that you often see the spider, but not included any page.

What is the

! Shanghai Longfeng topics recommended:

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From the orange internet station K events — talk about DNS and domestic IDC

it can be seen that if you love Shanghai spider crawl abnormal love Shanghai will assume the user access will be the same, and in the 2013, Shanghai dragon do? "We have said that the search engine attaches great importance to the user search experience, then, for the search engine certainly will not allow this page does not exist hurt the user experience when users visit. It will reduce the catch on

recently, from the QQ group, micro-blog and other channels to see someone talking about "using the orange Internet virtual host site is K", "site in the US orange Internet large area included drop" and "US orange Internet DNS shield love Shanghai spiders crawl" and other issues. Talk about the "victim" to fan the flames "selling host" and "selling DNS", is very lively. Just some time ago in the United States put the orange Benniao web site to do the monitoring, also to talk about "US orange Internet K station door".



, a beautiful orange K station door event after

then Lu Songsong blog posting IDC error caused by shielding spider love Shanghai K ", A5 nets have the user submission" opponents of the United States orange K door full review "do not fear God, then let many people know this information. Next, the webmaster site is anger directed at the problem the beautiful orange, all kinds of IDC and DNS service providers also took the opportunity to profit marketing.


site in Shanghai Longfeng, stability of the site visit is a very important part of the server or DNS is likely to cause instability in the site was K. Benniao blog also had IDC service providers Chinese name problem to the K station, see "Shanghai love home is K ten to guess the cause and solution".

in Shanghai station announcement for grasping abnormalities following instructions: "for a large number of content can’t grab website, search engine will think the site defects on the user experience, and reduce the site evaluation, crawling, indexing, the weight will have a negative effect to a certain degree, and ultimately affect the website get from Shanghai love to flow."

two, IDC and the site was K

first, we want to make clear that the web site is included as a dynamic data. The search engine will be in a certain period of time in the grab page (as the website weight and weight is high, short cycle) to detect the page if the page is not found in the inspection during the index will be deleted, the love of Shanghai called for the capture of abnormal.

is the beginning of micro-blog saw a netizen posted a message, it is: the site is K, the IDC is in the DNS server automatic detection of defense, mistook the love of spiders in Shanghai IP as a malicious IP shielding cause spiders can not crawl the website. IDC service providers only send a beautiful orange Internet apology letter ended, did not mention compensation.

DNS or server instability will lead to the site included drop even by the K

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Shanghai Longfeng personnel must understand the working principle of the four spider

when a spider crawling over a period of time after the website will begin to grab work. Spiders may not be a web content capture success, it will be based on the structure of the site and the specific situation to grab, and if our website there are some complex factors, will become a stumbling block to the spider crawling the page. So we should learn to streamline the website:

second: Streamline ", let the spider grab more easily

, of course, is not necessary with each article without rhyme or reason in the chain, but should let the inner chain naturally, valuable, so that the user, are very friendly to the spider.

website optimization work revolves around the love of spiders in Shanghai do, believe that you have objections to the optimization. Nevertheless, many optimization personnel are working principle for spiders are very strange, so the website optimization still remain in the original stage, unable to continue to enhance.

(1) with CSS and JS code and simplified. Many webmaster in website source code, do not pay attention to whether the streamlined website source code, so many websites will have CSS and JS code redundancy problem, it will cause the difficulty of spiders to crawl. If you understand how the code can modify, merge duplicate code, do not know if you can spend a little money that people change.

first: reasonable distribution chain, let the spider crawling more deeply, more dispersed

is such, we need to understand the working principle of spider and spider according to the working principle to develop and improve the optimization scheme of the website. What is the specific, here I come to you and simply talk about it.

spider robot and the reality of the spider is the same, as long as there is a huge net, it can easily on the web crawling, grabbing food. So, our website is a huge net, the chain is within a " " wire;. If we " wire; " not enough, so the spider is not love Shanghai more deeply, more distributed crawling our website. This shows that we in the optimization process, we must pay attention to the construction of internal links, to provide more and more closely link the entrance for spiders. The most common technique is to add one or more links to relevant articles at the bottom of the article, such as the following web site:


(2), delete the flash compressed images. The spider for pictures and flash is not easy to capture, for falsh, I strongly suggest you delete it, things are not good for users and spiders; and for a lot of pictures website, I suggest Adsense ready for a picture compression tool to upload pictures to compress and then upload each picture, and try to add the alt attribute, let the spider to better identify and better grasp.

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The first quarter of 2016, the only Shanghai Longfeng constant road

with love Shanghai update algorithm, ranking rules have changed, but the only constant is Shanghai dragon road, love Shanghai algorithm is again how updates are not deviate from the. In the first year, love Shanghai will make a big adjustment algorithm, we should use what method to deal with it? The same Shanghai dragon "Tao" refers to the so-called

. Love Shanghai why update algorithm

two.2016 in the first quarter of what is the only Shanghai dragon constant "Tao"

?Many people know that


what time belongs to the optimization of mid? "

love Shanghai update algorithm, when the website ranking drop, that is love Shanghai adjustment algorithm, but many people rarely think about why love Shanghai will continue to update the algorithm, only know that love Shanghai update algorithm, we have to change the new method, often by the love of Shanghai led by the nose love is nothing more than the Shanghai adjustment algorithm of user’s website in front of love, love Shanghai to improve user frequency, thereby increasing the bidding income, that is to say, we serve the love Shanghai, love Shanghai service to users, when love Shanghai put us back in time or never to come, we will have to consider whether the site is the user’s favorite search. The site is the user favorite here is not to do too much, do not know can contact me.

1. Shanghai Dragon Road: early based optimization of


what belongs to the optimization of pre? For a new station can be said to be early, or is a ranking no site, also known as early, early status is mainly reflected in: included less, no ranking! So what is the purpose of optimization of pre? The answer is included. Not included no ranking, ranking does not necessarily have included, for a new station for the early, do not consider what to do rankings, content quality, ensure the collection, but also to seize the core contents of effective update; what is the core content? The core content generally refers to the user most frequent searches, such as learning Shanghai dragon the white need to see Shanghai dragon tutorial, then you have to update the stability of Shanghai dragon tutorial; if it is to do the training institutions, the user’s attention is the price and then update the quiz, quiz and price stability, not to update some users do not care about, or dispersion update, update the other update today, tomorrow, for users concerned about the topic analysis if the novice is not the case, you can contact me, here is not to spend the time.

! ?

whether new or old station for a website optimization, just need to do the site early, middle and late enough, each period of the phenomenon are not the same, you can according to their status of the site below with a new judgment, for example, for detailed description of Shanghai dragon road constant "

2. Shanghai Dragon Road: the middle drainage optimization

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Robsonak website of Shanghai dragon ranked three elements

is fine!

Tian micro blog on April 24, 2011 on the line, mainly to share some share some of Shanghai Longfeng optimization, SEM, hospital network promotion, network marketing, e-commerce observation etc.. The first time to write a blog, not a place please forgive me, good nonsense not say, today to share the three elements of website ranking.

original articles are reproduced please indicate the address of the 贵族宝贝szsem.cn/


was originally titled the three elements of the website rankings, so in the end what are the three elements: the first? The article as far as possible the original, even false original will not like before the end, to the large scale, at least get rid of 2/3, especially for the medical class, must want to patients, can sometimes be take yourself as a patient, think, if I were the patient, I would like to search, so to sum up is from the patient’s perspective, to write this article, let the higher credibility, patients see, feel it is so, it will come to consult.

third, executive power! When many companies when it comes to the execution of the three word in time to the new training, for our Shanghai dragon staff, is also very important. As the ranking of a website in addition to some external resource factors, as well as our own factors, isn’t it? As a Shanghai Longfeng professionals, we must know that we must have the best work attitude, we will all know than others to adhere to, isn’t it? We must have the spirit of perseverance. Continue to learn, to sum up: is that the amount of digital words. The above contents are I (Tian micro) summary, keep the original article, of course, must have a lot of wrong, there are some deficiencies, some places need to be improved, I hope you give me directions to come out, we come together to exchange and learn

second, a strong chain, honestly, I feel the chain is not difficult, it is easy to do up, but not blind everywhere to do outside the chain, a lot of garbage outside the chain for us, the role is not large, simply start to what role, actually this is equal to do have waste our time, isn’t it? We can go to send some weight high, ranking the better free information platform, so the effect is very good, because many of them are can be connected with the phone, the QQ, with what. There is no good effect although the forum before, but can not give up, will have predecessor summary thing is still very useful, isn’t it? A lot to look, always on our website ranking is good. Now to sum up a word: strong chain is actually in the know,

in the form of links

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The actual spider background analysis to grasp the real love Shanghai weight

websiteIf Summary: Third step: use the excel

due to limited space, a love Shanghai spider IP weight distribution data, please love Shanghai "love Shanghai" spider IP query



first step: get the original log

is a Windows host, in the root directory of the FTP can be found on the website of the original access log directory. If the Linux host, cPanel panel as an example, from the cPanel panel log – > Web access logs in the original original

access logs into the log format tool, recommend the use of online log formatting tools here (贵族宝贝xiaoxia.de/upload/apache-log-formatter.html), formatting tools will provide detailed information by visiting the page, carrying the IP and User-Agent, through these basic information, we can find the corresponding relationship between the IP and page spider antecedents.


Second step: use the

small child safety seat my whole plan (www.babysafe360贵族宝贝) by using this simple method, combined with the love of Shanghai statistics user page visits, to evaluate some low value, low weight, small amount of page access, and to strengthen the high weight of the pages of the user experience, enhance.

analysis of spider preferences, and to evaluate the weight distribution of the value of whole station, many webmaster to data statistical analysis of the threshold would be too high, in fact, through simple excel statistics, which can be seen in the high weight spider IP ZhengZhan page layout.

log format tool

Objective: to love Shanghai weight, the webmaster is both familiar and unfamiliar, familiar with the major Webmaster Platform has provided Shanghai love weight query, it is also an important link exchange, said strange because the love Shanghai officials have no clear weight index of the so-called "love Shanghai". Maybe now appear on the network love Shanghai weight query index, everything is nothing! But there is one point is the objective existence, is the love of spiders in Shanghai (Baiduspider) carrying the IP, which could reflect the preferences of different spider on the site of a different page, from the side also reflects the different website page weights, through own a series of analysis, the weight distribution can be more accurate assessment of the entire station in Shanghai, Phoenix, the content of value, the user experience has very good reference value, this article through the detailed analysis to the spider love Shanghai Road Station in combat, to grasp the true love of Shanghai weight:

access log

The original


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Taobao贵族宝贝 has delineated more than 300 malicious bad review division blacklist

information security senior director Wang Yihua said, "I hope all Taobao sellers encounter malicious bad teacher blackmail, don’t compromise, encourage their arrogance, but through the report or rights to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests."

according to the "People’s Republic of China criminal law" the 274th stipulation: blackmail and impose exactions on public and private property, a relatively large amount of time or 3 years of blackmail and impose exactions on, shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment, criminal detention or control, or impose a fine gold.

According to Taobao

, Guangdong Province, malicious bad teachers accounted for nearly 20%. Next, taobao贵族宝贝 sellers will suffer, through legal weapons for the malicious bad teacher responsibility.

news July 2nd, taobao贵族宝贝 announced: July 2nd has been delineated more than 300 people a malicious bad teachers focus on the object list, both for the gang and frequent crime of malicious bad teacher. In view of the wide range of Internet malicious fraud, the government and relevant departments have also been actively involved in the process.

, head of China Consumer Association lawyers Beijing Huijia law office lawyer Qiu Baochang said that the purpose of malicious bad behavior in public security and judicial organs for blackmail and impose exactions on, can carry out criminal punishment on their.

Wang Yihua said: "we are malicious poor teacher pay more attention to the issue, besides the legal weapons, has been collecting all voices and opinions in recent months on wildly beating gongs and drums to improve, and improve the rules of Taobao transaction and evaluation"

malicious bad teacher, is devoted to the poor as a threat to the network parasitic extort money shop group. These bad teacher, group pull people occupation siege, serious blackmail and impose exactions on the influence of electronic commerce, the normal order and the network credit system, caused great harm to many online sellers, so users refer to these human conscience "network mafia".

sellers reflect these malicious bad review Division has evolved into organized network forces, ongoing malicious threats, blackmail and extortion of online sellers. At the same time, they continue to enhance its malicious behavior and close organization identity concealment and diversity means, resulting in some shop sellers stand it, have to invest a lot of manpower and financial resources and energy, and these networks against evil forces.

about the standard of criminal case, different parts, parts of the cumulative amount reached 4000 yuan ". The legal adviser Chinese Internet Association Credit Evaluation Center Zhao occupation lawyer pointed out that, even if not meet the filing standards, can also be based on damage to business reputation, product reputation crime "to deal with.

The so-called Taobao

to combat cyber evil forces, Taobao protect the rights and interests of the seller, the special investigation team set up taobao贵族宝贝 a few months ago, by means of receiving the complaint, abnormal behavior analysis, etc. to master a lot of undercover investigation, malicious bad review division of the evidence of the crime and related information, locking a more than 300 man malicious bad review division key object list.

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Summary of the new sites included before the extension (final report)

. If we want to let the search engines fast included our site, so we need to understand what the mainstream search engine for new sites included is the number of cycles. (domestic mainstream is love Shanghai and noble baby, here are the 2 major search engines. The other time is almost. ) for the new website, under normal circumstances, the love of Shanghai included in the new time in 3-15 days, 2 weeks is a comparison of the average time. Noble baby general search will be shorter time. In a week or so can be included. In normal circumstances, love in Shanghai may be 1 -2 months or you take the initiative to do some measures you can shorten this time out (such as we Qifan software official website 贵族宝贝zzqifan贵族宝贝/ website is formally submitted in the 2011-5-7 night. The second day morning was included. Do not believe it can look at yo) if included slow shows that there are some problems or other aspects of the structure of your site.

2. Submit the search engine login entrance

The ancients said: the enemy awareness

last time we talked about new website not to quickly let website on this topic, the extension of < < summarize the new sites included before the extension (a) > > if you are a new station, please control good compliance with its own situation. Do some preparatory work on the front of the line, and then submitted to the search engine. As early as the collection is not necessarily a good thing. As of today we Zhengzhou Qifan software and we continue to explore some problems before the new extension. After the previous work, so this time we can hope to quickly search engine included our website, use some good ways to promote or collect speed:

link bait is actually a good way to promote one of the new fast included. When we first submitted to the search engine website, you can publish the website in some weight high site links. Non hyperlink form can also be. (that is, >

3. Linkbait

1. The general search engine included time


said: the world of martial arts from evil boss only fast break attack is the best defense. I believe this sentence we have heard, Qifan software on the website that this is in fact the same. When in front of you to do things, if we take the initiative to Submit search engine (tell it, sample I submit! Ha ha) so the search engine to know a new website has been launched. The search engine spiders to follow the submission of new URL address crawl to our website. (it should be accurate to say is the site put out of time, we can see that. Some sites not released within the time the site was modified. Then when we found out. The " site is included; " no changes before.

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Understand the problem of work efficiency from Shanghai dragon in

Occupy a very important position in the whole of Shanghai dragon

1, we can read a lot of information industry site, grab a topic, to focus on the theme, language, "the original article".

improve the efficiency of the approach this link:

in the chain promotion, for money tight new Adsense, most practical is to learn Crowdsourcing, first of all to understand you.

/ products (services) editor


improve the efficiency of the approach this link: we can search through the network, to identify the market position, others is how to build a website analysis and selection of the word long tail keywords.

three, the chain extension of

, a website design and analysis

2, you pay more attention to the industry name (red) of micro-blog or blog, these places are often the source of inspiration for your writing content.

in recent months because of the time, seldom write articles, of course, in addition to the time factor, another important reason is that their thinking in recent years in Shanghai and Phoenix Network on this road and regret in sedimentary accumulation. Shanghai dragon about what to do, I believe that we are most concerned about the issue, although we are in the vast majority of the network can not understand the specific practices of Shanghai dragon, but we still have to believe that those experts and predecessors wrote widely reproduced articles of value, that is not practical, because we have not reached that level of understanding. Back to the topic, below I share some experience of Shanghai dragon, and the combination of efficiency, I hope to give my friends some help:

this process, we often hear the content is king, the chain for the emperor of this concept, which said, is that we here in the station of the product information or value. Unless your product or service is unique, and can search a lot on the Internet, including news, a site of the industry can refer to. We affirm the value of the original, but in the actual operation, the original difficulty is very large, so when editing the content of the

Shanghai dragon people are not deny how important the chain, but for some novice webmaster, hand out few resources, pre Shanghai Longfeng budget is very limited, so that the chain is important, but do not start. In the promotion of the chain link, a link is most likely to lead to the problem of efficiency, the chain of hair is good, how to find the chain, how to exchange…… These are quite a lot of time and energy.

be sure your website is doing what keywords, this is important in the early stage, as we said at the age of 3 80. Keywords most are doing on the Internet has a successful case site,

Two, the content of

improve the efficiency of the approach is as follows:

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Tutorial bidding advertising circle with you on account of bidding optimization

account structure


actually link itself has the nature of certain level round exhibition, this exhibition is just round.

is currently a lot of bidding tutorial and most of all, about the love of Shanghai account optimization.


so the same bid ranking will change, or your competitors are open round exhibition, and the competition is more than you have to show some creative creative quality degree is high, and some quality than you low, resulting in the final pages of the rankings have unstable. Second, in fact, some careful people will find a lot of time links ranked as one of the more volatile.

advertising and creative advertising page

love Shanghai auction account optimization is very important, so how to effectively optimize love Shanghai bidding account, in order to improve the quality of key words, to lower Click Prices to get a better ranking, thereby reducing the overall cost of the promotion, improve the rate of return on investment. In fact, love Shanghai for the account of optimization and site optimization has a lot of similarities. In the end, how to optimize the love of Shanghai for the account of

there are still some problems in advertising circle that everyone needs to know:


includes keyword quality and actual business transformation rate. As everyone knows, the ranking is determined by the quality of advertising and keyword bid. Thus, the importance of the quality of key words. The search history records and target page factors such as keyword relevance, quality of the relevant keywords and advertising. The need for monitoring statistics on the actual situation of advertising the actual business transformation rate. At present, to provide monitoring function more perfect search marketing tools in Guangdong tiantuo R & D topsem etc..

Optimization of Optimization of

user input keywords, advertising creative and landing page directly affect the user experience of the client, thereby affecting the online purchase. Therefore, how to make advertising more in line with potential customers, advertising landing pages open faster, the user experience is more creative and advertising page optimization focus.

keyword optimization

advertising circle summed up some experience in many years of practice, sum up the following aspects:

will be divided into account advertising series, advertising group, keyword segmentation management module according to the product characteristics and targets. Different products have different advertising group and keywords, the three corresponding division, create reasonable account structure.

in Shanghai in the bidding process when many people see the rankings will find creative ranking in the unceasing change, they think their account is not stable, but there are two reasons for this: first, is the account of each unit you will have a few ideas, some creative quality is not the same as you are round, exhibition, creative quality leads to different degrees of different quality.

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In Microsoft, Google, apple in the high flow subjects participate

on the Internet in November Apple has released a raging like a storm, their new products in the early hours of 24 May, while Microsoft in early 26 released the first surface tablet computer and its own operating system win8, and Google, will also press conference held in November 29, the Internet for you to sing his raging like a storm. Further, on November, the Internet bigwigs have to display their products, the market will be pulled into a new high degree of competition, so competition in the month, we dug out the how the flow has a huge theme, following it, the author will use their own ideas, take you to go.

The first point:

> Second

in this context, we can have so many topics, including apple intervention seven inch tablet market, including Microsoft and apple to compete with the competition and the market prospect of determination, win7 and win8, the consumer how about the noble baby, between your family baby amozon and the link between system the different systems involved between Android and IOS connection, even can think of why NOKIA’s Symbian system will decline, when Apple was in NOKIA’s eyes or small companies, such as NOKIA in doing such background, in this market, each will become a breakthrough point a topic of infiltration flow.

between the three companies are from the background of

when the apple with ten inch tablet computer tablet accounted for most of Jiangshan, many manufacturers have launched Apple products and unwilling to remain out of the limelight competition, but Apple experience is too large, under the ten inch mark is always unable to break apple, then 7 inch tablet to canopy graced, early in September 28, 2011, after the Amazon has a 7 inch Kindle $199 fire, quickly in this small inch tablet on the market to attract a large number of consumers, this is Apple’s unexpected, because Jobs once said, seven inch tablet is not the Apple design field, so when the Amazon in the area, with a Android system a modified command of this country, noble baby sit, in 2012 July, noble baby son, noble baby nexus 7, 8G, 19 9 dollars in our eyes, after a few months of sales, analysts said the noble baby nexus 7 has sold nearly one million sets of products, from another point that noble baby also did not expect that, as a result, the product in November, the new aristocracy aristocratic baby baby nexus 7 will appear in our field of vision however, Microsoft, in the early years of junior high school, Microsoft tablet computer with a new posture between the desktop and notebook computer appears in our eyes, that is surface, with a protective sleeve as the keyboard 10.6 inch tablet computer, in order to compete with apple 10 inch tablet computer market, this is our see the background.

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Methods and skills of Shanghai Longfeng single page optimization

this article may be more suitable for enterprise station friends. Because the station is not so rich enterprise information station, there is no product stand so many products. It has only a few pages, and poor business information. So the wolf at the beginning of the article said, Shanghai Longfeng single page optimization is more suitable for the station to do business friends. Often a company involved in the target station, most of the time, it is the name of the company, service projects and so on, and because of its drawbacks in a small amount of information, resulting in Shanghai dragon Er personnel in the operation of great limitations, let alone to do the long tail key word more. So at this time, most of Shanghai Longfeng are focused on the optimization of the home page, also is the single page optimization (single page optimization).

QQ group communication: 65710850

Keywords you can

5, external links. This is a very important factor in the internal operating limitations, almost all of Shanghai dragon Er focus on the external links.

4, the internal anchor text. The anchor text is what I can not explain, internal anchor text means at the site within the anchor text.

, 2 page keywords appear many times. It also can improve the relationship between the target page and the keywords, especially in the end part of the page.

although many enterprises have been out of the station before pattern, some optimization of the enterprise, is the enterprise blog column in their own website. The purpose is to through the update, let the update frequency and the weight of the site to achieve a comparable level of energy and information station. But today is the single page optimization, so that skip.


1, URL address, is of great help to your keyword ranking.

in the home page, there are about 6 local is very worthy of note:


Author: Wolf, please bring the source web site address: 贵族宝贝web161贵族宝贝

can grasp these 6 points, I believe your single page optimization should not have what problem.

Single page optimization of

3, contains special tags. For example, B, strong, H tags and so on, are able to highlight keywords tag.

navigation. And the internal anchor text is similar, but the weight of all the internal links in the highest position, because it is at the top of the page.

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