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SEOer Wang Tong in 07 years, in order to recruit students, but also the momentum, published online a set of ways to make money. The idea is to bring traffic through shlf1314 AdWords and then do CPA advertising. don’t know what is CPA? Ha ha according to him, he is an alliance of European products, like a lot of money, because this model as long as the money, then you throw more to get more traffic, also have more income.

, let’s do something real right now. This and the above methods are similar, but the method was blocked after a year, the domestic was still doing well, the reason for this is because people rarely understand the show, in the muffled money, O a _ U O~ rarely I love this something no matter who broke the news. read more


Batman was able to get the union members respect, another important reason is his use. In the face of different opponents, Batman will deploy the most appropriate members to deal with.

?The necessary quality of a

finished saying, "every day, the project is on the tip of the tongue, do not go into serious execution.". Here is the question of executive power, what is the executive power? Many people are not clear, the author’s own understanding – – must do today to do, to do something else. No execution of the project Wangzhuan like empty talk, you know the consequences. Read the article and try to perform it, read more


respected network operators:

          UUSEE;     the product flow has been optimized; the registration rate has doubled; please replace the latest code. Crazy amount. .

, a website to promote, build their own brands, first of all, to have better content, better than the user experience. If you can not do these, first do not publicize the site, you should wait for the site to do a good job, and then publicity, or change! The following is my summary of some website promotion approach. read more



I’m writing this article is mainly aimed at some still did not make any money friends and novice webmaster, can be finished, if you think I said unconscionable and I can exchange :332443141

Admin5 said the owners always look very tired, every day late at night, I want to ask you not to work during the day, night out? Do a website can earn some more? 24 hours a day, your time is very good use, you can say to yourself all the time I spent on site the development of the


webmaster mentality is very important, I had several station I want to give up, but also get the webmaster forum to sell, the price is not satisfactory because did not sell, but now the station development is very good, the PR value is up, a direct PR is 3. And not because of less traffic or read more


2, guest experience profitability and advertising. This experience is too much to share. Pull off the assembly line, the product promotion, the invitation to join the group, registered as a member and so on, these experiences with for-profit and share experiences, with induction and profit, often such guest experience sharing is extremely one-sided, does not have much practical significance.

then answered all kinds of people say, "product quality is good and bad for performance," someone said "is the quality of our products Zero Defect", some people say "quality testing is no problem"…… read more


wrote this letter before, I have experienced a month of ideological struggle, not only because you are the Internet giant, net worth of hundreds of millions of business heavyweights, but also my heart has been revered commercial idol.

"G20 special", "towel brother" said by NetEase strictly selected infringement

but there is no way out. From April 14th to the present, we have actively contacted all the NetEase parties through all the channels we can find, but we have not been given a definite answer. read more


  dear union members:


game on the left bank of the sky:
1, new type: new war strategy, online games
2, easy access: no need to install client browser, open web site that play, configuration requirements low, a browser can play

3, play simple: no need to automatically upgrade online, open the browser can play, turn off after the automatic completion of the task
4, anytime, anywhere: Mobile, MSN, can play the same game
5, rich content: magic world, Castle, airship war, ancient magic rich task mystery plot read more




note: usually 2 weeks after receipt of remittance.

read more


in 1971, Wang Wei was born in Shanghai, his father was an air force Russian interpreter, and his mother was a teacher at a university in Jiangxi. At the age of 7, Wang Wei and his family moved to Hongkong. After graduating from high school, he stopped studying and started printing and dyeing in Shunde.

graduated from the University, Zheng Zhigang went to Japan to study the culture of East Asia a year, was the standard literary youth fan children, listen to the melodious bell in the school next to the temple, sit most of the day, every time the bell sounded, I feel the water flow in the heart." read more


probably a lot of webmaster also use mail, but really can use mail not much. for 80, 90 after the impact of not too much, and now Tencent do so well, is a gold mine to be excavated. We want to use the Internet to make money, must not forget, compared with sina, the NetEase, a good marketing mail is the biggest pop, as long as the message came, immediately pop, this may be the first day of the second day customers do not look, do not look, but a month? A year? As long as you the content of hair is attractive, don’t worry, one day someone will see. read more


people say do IT/ Internet is home, gentle, Mensao, I think this saying is very reliable, but this can not be our webmaster label. Then the house will make the world stand friends, every webmaster have their own strengths and weaknesses, learn from each other, common progress; and also to ask for gentle, do not understand do not understand their own problems, should learn from other station friends ask, maybe a little problem will be able to point out your big ideas again; Mensao to speak his love, or that you see yourself love girl blush of junior middle school students, that’s already in the past. It is now twenty-first Century, good girls are those articulate people "cheat" to go, first, then start out. read more


of course, you might say, this kind of person is standing at the top of Pyramid. Our ordinary young people have no capital and no opportunities, and it is too difficult to achieve success just by a chamber of blood and unformed ideas.

After the three foundations of the

one month before the code from the Internet industry of agricultural brother directly into the dirty tired of the catering industry, before the opening code agricultural brother wrote a paper called "ten years code readme: why I resign sell" in fact code agricultural cold noodle, brother want to express the theme is: to make good thinking to fool products, smart people tend to think that smart, so he would have a problem, think to think about things that are valuable, because there are things they love most IQ Challenge, but often Cleverness may overreach itself. The standard thinking modes in the traditional industrialization era are large-scale production, large-scale sale and large-scale dissemination. These three can be called """ in the era of industrialization; "Holy Trinity ""; read more


2, be patient. Network to make money, make money, whether surfing agent advertising to make money, money, money, read the email search, since to make money to pay for labor, don’t want to have happen to escape do things, is not pie in the sky! Every day we are likely to do some simple, repetitive and boring work, you must have patience, insist every day, we may earn very little, but we must insist, insist on the minimum payment period! That’s the most important thing. For Cashfiesta, please hold for at least 2 months. All online profitable websites send checks over or over a month. If you have money in March reached the minimum payment amount now, this website will be in May before you check, and we will be in the end of May in order to receive the! read more


through cms+ collection

recently, we have updated the Western Union payment system, and the validity of the issuing bank has been extended from 35 days to 60 days. In this way, you will have more flexible time to receive payment, and hope this update will bring convenience to the publisher:

In view of the current Wangzhuan

3. through custom


generally custom site costs between 100-1000 yuan, depending on the quality of pricing, online custom sites provide a lot of self search through the search for read more


"2013 Aika love home was established, and in the summer of 2016, we will be landing three new board," love home "all the way Jingdong finance accompanied by, so that we feel that this business, although hard to force, but not lonely."

was founded in the first year of love, fashion, science and technology, as the main creative keyword love home developed a series of intelligent socket, mobile power and Bluetooth speakers and other products, although in several large domestic well-known electronic business platform did try, but because the website to PPC, leading products are no start-up companies edge home. read more


The miracle of the

network always happens around us. Everything is possible. The advertising language is really tacky here, and the civilian heroes’ repertoire is like a great remake of the American legend blockbuster, but is it really that simple,


September 2009, ushered in Alibaba’s 10th anniversary, 45 year old ma, the genius of the characters, plus Ma branded Alibaba, bring unlimited inspiration to network colleagues. Not only because of the market value of $26 billion achievements of thousands of millionaires, more Ali is ten years, such as one day adhere to and abide by. Ten years ago, the Alibaba was only more than 100 square meters of home in Hangzhou’s lakeside garden. read more


network for many years, until now still not earn money and cannot read the code, usually go directly to the Internet under a program change under the name changed back, logo, and then put the space to, that is my site.

yesterday in a group of friends, chat with others, to tell the truth you Laotaibuxiao, wanted to try to see if you can solve a single problem in this group spent a day, I found that this market is very strong, fewer women than men, or very little, I think I can do it was a dating site, and then in the group asked, I open a dating website, ask you to do, the answer is unified, a sister went purple and then go online to find, a lot of results are not what is pure friendship, the user can not communicate, is the most the next release of personal information, this time to recall the previous commonly used procedures DZ, DZ good, a new forum, users can communicate, plug-in is also a lot of background can also find dating plugins and templates, and then there is a old Corn, for several years, because the previous record and the Baidu advertising alliance, so although not how to use it, but still kept, not willing to throw away, after several hours of work in a day, friends net space, Hoogle logo design case, the website opened smoothly, there are people ask do not come, but most of these people are older children, do not use the computer, when the registration of a lot of people will ask, why not registered mail, why can not be used, in order to quickly put the forum, I was setting the mailbox can be optional, as a result, the registered person when writing the username and password, when writing on the back, there will be a green tick, but not part of the mail, think is filled Write incorrectly, forced rogue, immediately change registration, you must fill in the mailbox. read more


by tianjiwang, Liberation Daily, ITBEAR, Chinese webmaster, WEB development network, Donews network and other well-known media jointly recommended evaluation according to the domestic well-known domain name and virtual hosting service providers (sudu.cn) Chinese name ten website statistics derived in 2010 China webmaster site ten commonly used site procedures are as follows (for every leader the field is not ranked),:

1, Shopex

site type: online store

program: more than 85% independent shop to occupy the domestic market, strong function, template numerous, and has been integrated with Taobao, pat, ah shop management interface is the best program of building independent online store brand. read more


UGC class now quite a lot of community, I feel a lot of PGC+UGC. The fact is if the UGC community is actually by a group of Master in the drive, then the problem, want to do the activity, what kind of user incentives more effective? Put aside the user incentive this game is not just not going to play


Author: Claire

let me answer from the side.

(1) sense of presence. What users need in the community is the sense of existence, especially the new users, new users into a community, some people praise, comment, and some people interact with it, this sense of existence is the user needs. read more


recently, customer service feedback, to actively find links to many stations, and many stations are excellent standing of the industry, which proves that this station optimization more successful down. Looking back, the most important thing is to attach importance to the update and release of original content. Here to talk about keenly aware of

one. From the beginning of the web site, adhere to the original content. Now, look at many qualifications than we old, optimize the time than the long web site, its webmaster all initiative to find friendship links, because this step makes optimization work to maintain stability and forefront. At present, the top five words in Baidu top. And only three months to set up more points. Baidu search engine for a website has a good degree of trust, later, will be high frequency to patronize this trusted site, and promptly and quickly included in the content of the site. read more