Cultural hooligans pre order by advertising to profit5 years later, who is the ups and downs, classi

SEOer Wang Tong in 07 years, in order to recruit students, but also the momentum, published online a set of ways to make money. The idea is to bring traffic through shlf1314 AdWords and then do CPA advertising. don’t know what is CPA? Ha ha according to him, he is an alliance of European products, like a lot of money, because this model as long as the money, then you throw more to get more traffic, also have more income.

, let’s do something real right now. This and the above methods are similar, but the method was blocked after a year, the domestic was still doing well, the reason for this is because people rarely understand the show, in the muffled money, O a _ U O~ rarely I love this something no matter who broke the news.

brand promotion on the use of these moves, in July activities reduced by 500-1000 yuan,

said no more point. You can look at it, this is to say that involves some other aspects, and I intend to "cultural rogue" in the following chapters, so here is not to say. Author Ye Fei /


after the Internet, the biggest trend, why not search engines?    

classification information in the future what kind of charm?

search is to find more relevant information    

classification will be faster and more accurate to find the information they need

when the portal developed, when information content is very rich, and many users will never start the initial contact with the Internet computer, the Internet has become Internet surfing, which began to appear in the     HAO123 as the representative of the web site, then the search engine starts just take hold. Search engine is developed on the basis of abundant and huge internet website information. Just imagine, if you do from the early Internet search engine, enter a keyword, search 3 relevant information, do you think such a search engine will be used?

has limited this pattern when he discloses this method on the net, shlf1314 is not allowed to do this. So he gives two voices, envy and abuse. he said in the article the reason shlf1314 will limit this mode, because he is such a thing, so reasonable, but also condemning scolding aside, I also said in the online SEO the Enlightenment I see the first set of SEO textbook is written by him ill, but not without that he has a lot of people do not know to make money. All right, here’s the gossip.

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Batman in an entrepreneurial teamDo Wangzhuan years of little experience

Batman was able to get the union members respect, another important reason is his use. In the face of different opponents, Batman will deploy the most appropriate members to deal with.

?The necessary quality of a

finished saying, "every day, the project is on the tip of the tongue, do not go into serious execution.". Here is the question of executive power, what is the executive power? Many people are not clear, the author’s own understanding – – must do today to do, to do something else. No execution of the project Wangzhuan like empty talk, you know the consequences. Read the article and try to perform it,


I do not know whether we have seen the United States DC company "cartoon Justice League"? This cartoon gathered DC, countless heroes justice, these heroes together to form the Justice League resistance villain.


whether you are a beginner, master, I have to learn, only continuous learning, will make our own edge to become stronger, sometimes learn from other people’s ideas, play your own wisdom, probably gave birth to another new project is in your hands. But to learn from it, we should not imitate or follow him so that we will not make progress.

as an entrepreneurial leader, learn to use people, with good people, is a very important learning. A team of lions, if you’re just a little sheep, can’t be a climate at all.

as a business leader, or you have technical proficiency in a particular line or network, or There is nothing comparable to this customer development ability. Otherwise, do not expect others to do silly things with you,

actually, Bruce · hiding under the bat mask; Wayne is also a successful entrepreneur in the story. His management has not only succeeded in his millions of net worth, but also won the respect of the members of the League of justice.

the original A5 first http://gy08 Wangzhuan Guangyi please save this link

then, as an entrepreneur, do you have the ability to lead your team forward? Can you become Batman in your startup team,

Batman: proficiency in a particular line

can be said to be a Batman or genius, that he is DC version of Zhu Geliang is not a bad idea. He can always predict exactly what the enemy will do next and do it ahead of schedule

!The necessary quality of Batman two: use

wants to become a founding team of Batman, first of all should have proficiency in a particular line. Simply put, you want to lead people to start a business. If you have only money in your hand some people don’t even have money, only one idea, it’s hard to get team members up and down on you.

don’t find the reason for his failure, and when others do the same project, people always do better than you, better than you when you started looking for a variety of reasons to shirk the failure of this reality, since it has already become a reality that we want when every failure is a valuable experience out of the shadows, the accumulation of experience of failure, but also the courage to face, to challenge the "failure".

of Justice League Batman although no super powers, but he has a strong technological advantages, with the help of his technical skills, other members of the Justice League can easily defeat the villain.

many DC fans are discussing the League of justice, who is the boss of the League?. More than half would say Superman, because he has the strongest powers. But the music fan but I think the real boss is Batman, the alliance not only leading talent. Batman although no super powers, but he leaned on their brains and incomparable ability of organization, management of the Justice League will be arranged in good order to know, to let those who, with all kinds of talent of peaceful coexistence is a very difficult thing. What’s more, Batman has responded to each league member with a contingency plan to ensure that once a member of the alliance is rebellious, he can be subdued for the first time.

how long that contact Wangzhuan Wangzhuan, really let me know a lot, but also understand the hardships of money. At first contact Wangzhuan is to learn Hakcer I only rookie when I saw it, I gradually Wangzhuan interest in learning to learn the Wangzhuan black. I often mention a word: Wangzhuan does this deep water, do not contact, if contact don’t give up. How long do Wangzhuan, will share with you some experience.

Batman essential qualities three: prepare for a rainy day

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Million friends UUSEE activation rate doubled20 methods of website promotion

respected network operators:

          UUSEE;     the product flow has been optimized; the registration rate has doubled; please replace the latest code. Crazy amount. .

, a website to promote, build their own brands, first of all, to have better content, better than the user experience. If you can not do these, first do not publicize the site, you should wait for the site to do a good job, and then publicity, or change! The following is my summary of some website promotion approach.

1. collects email addresses edited by various news websites and gives them news. Why do you think you can publish more and find more news?. conditional, it is best to have a good public relations, or done a reporter, good at writing news, do this special thing

2. has focused on the editing of your news. Later, news can be sent to them, or even to the news alone.

3. has one thing called blackboard newspaper, BLOG, which specializes in recording corporate news, and shlf1314 is like this. Then you can set up two columns, one is your own blackboard newspaper, and the other is blackboard newspaper. In other people’s blackboard newspaper, help others to record news, others will also in their blackboard newspaper records of the news or your web site introduction.

4. in diglog, recommend your article zhuaxia and functions of website, if your article is good, to the front row to bring traffic is very considerable!

5. in the BBS propaganda website, useful brain, don’t direct advertising. It’s better to start a topic and get a heated discussion no one can say it can’t be made by itself

6., sh419’s stick, ask. Find the relevant post bar, with the same publicity forum. Ask, find the related topic inside, answer to connect to your website after answering

7. use RSS promotion, to introduce RSS, subscribe to many people, the chances of going back will be much larger.

8. find a forum related to cooperation with you, do not have to find each site’s advertising department or the webmaster, a lot of things you can fix, but also cheaper, more fertilizer. For example, you are the creative activities Home Furnishing website, you can find various websites and other related topics are moderators, let them introduce about your site don’t make too much like advertising, it should be like to share the feeling of something or set the cream to the top!

10. keep pace with the times, like WEB2.0’s hottest time, as long as your website is WEB2.0, many blogger will introduce you spontaneously. Just like female friends who buy clothes, what is popular these days, they will say, "which one is this style?".

11. cooperates with related websites and resources complement each other. Cooperation is the only future.

12. your entrepreneurial history body as Sister Lotus, The path winds along mountain ridges. >

more information as in the League: http://top.admin5/u
to join Admin5 alliance channel, please contact the
if you are a Union Commissioner, please give me the latest information feedback, we in the first time to report to you. Feedback

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Webmaster brothers, why can’t you make any moneyBold but cautious refused to talk buy roses website


I’m writing this article is mainly aimed at some still did not make any money friends and novice webmaster, can be finished, if you think I said unconscionable and I can exchange :332443141

Admin5 said the owners always look very tired, every day late at night, I want to ask you not to work during the day, night out? Do a website can earn some more? 24 hours a day, your time is very good use, you can say to yourself all the time I spent on site the development of the


webmaster mentality is very important, I had several station I want to give up, but also get the webmaster forum to sell, the price is not satisfactory because did not sell, but now the station development is very good, the PR value is up, a direct PR is 3. And not because of less traffic or

2, how to locate

website makes money. I suggest you try the advertising alliance first. bbs.admin5/forum-176-1.html here, there are many alliances, but most of the site traffic and quality requirements, so first suggested that you apply for GG ad or Ali mother’s advertising. When traffic goes up, try other alliances.


if you’ve searched for the Q number and found it’s normal, then you can go on to the next query. Buy site is naturally ready to make money, but to tell the seller your income may not be the actual income, especially Taobao customer income, it’s really easy this cheating, some buyers and Taobao will be specially combined brush brush reputation Amoy trading, Taobao sellers brush reputation is well understood, the transaction is able to Amoy brush sellers put Taobao fudge advertising, "look, my trading volume greatly good, 500 yuan a month does not suffer". So, when buying the website, the income of this number can not only brush out, can also PS out, for reference only, don’t take it too seriously.

since income this figure is not to be taken seriously, so what number is effective? Of course, many sites around the information is effective, such as whether the site is K, such as whether the site is down right, such as a web site is to be included in the near future, these are all important information. You can query the integrated information website through the site/domain/link commands, the best case is the site keywords ranking; everything is normal, of course, these keywords index is not too low, not a keyword index even in the first row is also meaningless.

3, how to get traffic

, for example, if the seller can spend the first 100 yuan to buy a simple website, then through the brush flow, brush, brush, brush ranking keyword advertising revenue and other means to put the data brush site sharply, then sold 1000~3000 yuan; what is this is the flicker flicker?. Of course, we have to admit that there are still many webmaster good at operating, the sale of the site are formal and reasonable; if the above words inadvertently hurt your feelings, please forgive me. Indeed, many times, if you buy a suitable site, it will save a lot of time and energy to promote early, as long as the intention to maintain, or will make a lot of money; of course, the premise is that you buy a reasonable site. Below love does not have a website, long come to brief introduction, buying and selling website a few matters needing attention, hope to be eager to buy a website to become rich, establish the friend of the establishment to help.

some time ago to see the soft in the A5 above, a lot of business website, even a few sellers on the home page of the wise remark of an experienced person simply; sell websites is a little persuasion taste, listen to buyers into the God possessed will follow your price, if the buyer is not possessed, can directly pull the black list, so you go and always find enchanted novice buyers.

is through the search engine optimization, if it is not included in your site, then you go to propaganda, propaganda method is very much, my last month’s 1, wrote an article: bbs.admin5/viewthread.php? Tid=295382& page=1& extra=page%3D1pid1235411 sh419 SEO comes to forget to forget this point we want some help

1, how to make money,

site positioning is very important, first of all to clear you should do what kind of a station, I think you want to do a profitable station can not completely rely on their own interests to do, but for the purpose of making money to do, one of my friends he is interested in PHP. Since the technology is good, just do a PHP website, but has yet to earn money. My advice is to be bold and try what you think is a tough place to do, because you don’t know what kind of station you’re going to do. Second follow the trend, learn to imitate. For example, other people do station to make money, there are many webmasters in the station, you can also make a station to try, do not think that many people do not make money, and do many people, there must be many reasons.

4, do webmaster mentality

if you want to buy the site, first you will want to see the website to sell information, view the sale information in front of you can try to search Q, general Q, should be old, at least above the level of the sun; if it is new, then you can stop. Secondly, you can also go to sh419 search under the Q, if the webmaster for a long time, then the Internet will inevitably have a lot of personal information. Of course, other contacts can also be searched.

Of course, the best

, I want to share with you how to build a web site that can make money.


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The best products satisfy not the needs, but the demandsTaobao don’t let the celebrity experience bl

2, guest experience profitability and advertising. This experience is too much to share. Pull off the assembly line, the product promotion, the invitation to join the group, registered as a member and so on, these experiences with for-profit and share experiences, with induction and profit, often such guest experience sharing is extremely one-sided, does not have much practical significance.

then answered all kinds of people say, "product quality is good and bad for performance," someone said "is the quality of our products Zero Defect", some people say "quality testing is no problem"……

called a difference, "demand" and "requirements" of the two words, if you experience, you can find there are great differences. From the point of view of quality management, "demand" is relatively objective, is real; and "demand" is relatively subjective, including a lot of emotions and other factors.

although many people have joined Taobao, but after many rookie Taobao customers and do not understand the novice Taobao customers and how to do Taobao, Taobao customers because of a variety of marketing methods varied, complicated product category, how to choose what promotion, promotion, is indeed a vexing problem, so it is so important to Taobao customer experience sharing. So rookie and novice must be in the promotion period, to understand some of the relevant knowledge, such as Ali mother forum, A5 webmaster and other well-known websites to share the successful experience of Taobao customers, a lot of experience on rookie help is very big, but there are also many seemingly very cattle waste experience.

Saturday is not going to be a long, casual conversation about requirements and requirements.


is that "quality is the degree to which the product meets the user’s needs."".

1, not complete guest experience. Write some original articles and publish them on famous websites, which have been reprinted by thousands of people". This sentence basically does not say. First, the original article is not easy to write, second, the major well-known website audit is very strict, third, even if the audit passed, it does not necessarily get a lot of reprint. This statement is correct and provides us with a general direction and objective, which provides an overall plan and line for our Taobao customers. But it’s very difficult to operate. How to write the original article, how to write high-quality articles, which websites will be better, and so on, have not made it clear, basically is an armchair strategist, does not have practical significance.

but your career can not be bigger, not only depends on the demand, but also depends on how much you meet the user’s requirements. So even if you sell razors in a pile of men, the demand is there, but you can’t decide whether to buy or not, depending on what they want. Whether the razor is sharp, easy to use, and how long it will take is what customers think before buying.

in fact, this definition is only one word short of the standard definition given by the instructor. The definition given by the instructor is "quality is the extent to which the product meets the requirements of the user."".

I remember having received a training in quality several years ago and I was impressed. The lecturer asked a seemingly simple but difficult question: what is the quality,

in the era of material scarcity, people rarely "request", that is a marketing is king of the times. The product is not for good use, but for use

, for example, when you are hungry, eat something to fill the stomach is your needs, and eat Sichuan is your stomach to relax the requirements; or for example, cold weather, eat Sichuan into your needs, so in an elegant decoration the restaurant to eat a meal of delicious spicy Sichuan clean enough is your request.

3, the lag of the guest experience. Many guest experience sharing posts are good, does have its merits, for the majority of friends Amoy help is obviously, but the experience is the essence of the past now garbage. For example, adding links to sh419 space is now impossible. But this post is still subject to the Tao guest reprint and sought after, but with the times of the guest experience is really few.

The closest expression of

4, the conservative guest experience. It can also be called retention. Taobao customer has a distinct characteristics, is First impressions are strongest with intense competition, once, Amoy share their unique experience, that is to take their own.

current Wangzhuan industry, Taobao registered passenger capacity of thousands of army, Taobao off like a huge flood, has become one of the most fashionable Wangzhuan way nowadays. Many college students are doing Taobao customers, work is also doing part-time Taobao customers, did not find work, but also do Taobao customers, and even cattle quit work, full-time do Taobao customers. The amount is so large, the scale is so unprecedented, indicating that Taobao customers do have their unique charm,

China has developed to such a stage, many industries are facing huge demand. We contact a lot of entrepreneurial projects, each time a demand analysis, analysis of the industry, always can see tens of billions of market size, compound annual growth rate of more than 20%, but few really big projects.

so, at a level, the hierarchy of requirements is higher than the need.


of course, customer needs are the first concern in the process of entrepreneurship. As we discuss projects with entrepreneurs, we often ask the question, "how much of your product do you need? Is it just needed?"". Demand determines whether your career can be done and selling razors in your daughter’s country is not good.

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Brother called NetEase towel infringement audibles Ding Lei please give entrepreneurs a way outLimit

wrote this letter before, I have experienced a month of ideological struggle, not only because you are the Internet giant, net worth of hundreds of millions of business heavyweights, but also my heart has been revered commercial idol.

"G20 special", "towel brother" said by NetEase strictly selected infringement


but there is no way out. From April 14th to the present, we have actively contacted all the NetEase parties through all the channels we can find, but we have not been given a definite answer.

Adsense network alliance information release group: 5084047

Agricultural Bank: collection standard for the payment of 0.4%/ pen, minimum 1 yuan / pen, the highest 20 yuan / pen;

started dumbfounding, then think since iron heart to do the towel, will head into the product, good heart, so now to block the name, is a supervision and encouragement.

first let you know the domestic league dynamics,

more League information goes on: http://top.admin5/u

I can only take the liberty to write this letter to you. I hope you can see and stop such infringement!

May 23rd, the value of a self proclaimed "brother, brother Terry" entrepreneur, published an article entitled "to Ding Lei: please give entrepreneurs a way out" article. Within 60 thousand hours, the amount of reading was over 5000 times. In this article, "towel brother Zhu Zhijun said, in April 14th the NetEase found a strict selection on" Awati towel "and their" life’s towel "too similar," found in packaging, style and description is too similar "! In addition, NetEase will also be strictly selected as the towel" G20 for the same paragraph which had towels, "and most of life became the only designated G20 towel towel brand". The move comes amid false publicity and consumer fraud.

Admin5 union channel every day to see ah, a lot of money online information.


last year, in the major electricity supplier enterprise slowdown in the environment, you founded NetEase strict election but contrarian, and gained wide attention in the industry and society.

wants to join the Admin5 League channel, please contact

if this advertisement suits you, please go to union official address: cnxad



seriously, >


if you are the Commissioner of the league, please give me the latest information and we will send it to you for the first time. Feedback

The value of

my name is Zhu Zhijun. I am an ordinary post-80s entrepreneur. Friends have called me big Zhu, and later because I do towels, three towels all day long, friends around and gave the "towel brother" name.

China Merchants Bank: collect the standard for the payment of 0.2%/ pen, minimum 5 yuan / pen, the highest 50 yuan / pen;

below is "towel brother" WeChat full text:

above standards are bank charges, please webmaster according to their income adjustment bank, in order to reduce the collection of fees.

industrial and Commercial Bank: collect the standard for the payment of 1%/ pen, minimum 1 yuan / pen, the highest 50 yuan / pen;

since seventy-seventh January 1, 2008 -1 15 advertising fees paid, I adjust the remittance fee Union, began to charge Agricultural Bank charges. The specific charging standard is:

, thank you for your support,

in May 23rd, brother learned that a claim for "the life of an entrepreneurial towel founder, because their brand and NetEase selected sales towel brand tort dispute, this is known as" brother towel "entrepreneur audibles NetEase founder Ding Lei, and issued" to Ding Lei: please give the entrepreneur a way out ".

in the NetEase and selected customer service several times to communicate to no avail, "brother towel" had published this "to Ding Lei: please give entrepreneurs a way out".

respected NetEase CEO Ding Lei:

other banks: collect fees according to ICBC;

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Linktech CPS on the left bank of the sky advertisers on-line friends!Personal hard do Wangzhuan expe

  dear union members:

game on the left bank of the sky:
1, new type: new war strategy, online games
2, easy access: no need to install client browser, open web site that play, configuration requirements low, a browser can play

3, play simple: no need to automatically upgrade online, open the browser can play, turn off after the automatic completion of the task
4, anytime, anywhere: Mobile, MSN, can play the same game
5, rich content: magic world, Castle, airship war, ancient magic rich task mystery plot

delivery type: CPSProduct type:

– data transmission mechanism: back in time

– settlement: monthly settlement

the current site activities:

in order to allow more web game enthusiasts enjoy the charm of the sky on the left bank, also in order to repay the kindness of the sky, organized special award registration activities, activity rules are as follows:

1 activities are valid for October 24, 2007, 0 hours – November 24, 2007 0During the event,

2 as a 50 game player prestige city money but after 3000 reward

More information on

if you are a Union Commissioner, please give me the latest information feedback, we in the first time to report to you. Feedback

my university my dream? To the dream of the University, I was 05, when a new high school to get rid of the shackles of high school, ah want to play… That a play is a term, the term is really a waste of time now think really it is regret, did not learn something. Even if it is not my own professional technology or learn something else, every class is done like sometimes nothing is often skipping in the cafe, in a week is 6, free on Sunday with a group of brothers to go to Internet cafes overnight, still remember the night of the case as well as the green bar pull. Oh. Happy the truth I really don’t play games. Legend, world of Warcraft,… Not how will end even CS also forget instructions I don’t know how to spend in the Cafe.. so I still regret ING… Hope young girls look like money, not detours, faithful as a fast charge of Kazakhstan, who graduated this is perhaps the only thing I can do now, blessing or charge.

well then tell it, then to the big semester, when a winter vacation. I bought a few books in the computer hardware, the truth was a buy Computer impulse, but that time is not now… Of course in the books to school a lot of things, to continue to ING… I began to learn to be happy, ha ha, continue to study, and later inadvertently joined his computer Loving Association maybe this is a turning point of it, I didn’t learn what I basically is their own self here is not a derogatory Association in the computer society. Because the fact is this association class little chance, later to campaign association I don’t section in learning computer knowledge, I seem to have changed a person but I still like to go to school all night when no cable, no way, when electricity The brain has bought, bought a second-hand computer I remember is C2.4 384MB but the hard disk is 15 80G display, the poor ah… Good. I pulled my father support Xin absolute family or general, by reading we all know.. here is not to say, spent 1400 bought the computer, the computer is probably right, hey so I learned a lot of things start from the hardware to learn his right down, a poor, do not understand ask me next class finally step by step to install the computer, install the system, and some of the maintenance of his what, at that time my technology has exceeded my next class, but I want to Study hard note I is the integration of professional mechanical professional, but the in want of perfection thing I didn’t study hard not hard, play heart too heavy At that time, I found a girlfriend who was my present girlfriend. She was very nice and always wanted me to study, but I couldn’t reach his request. He could say "pure like" at that time

brand promotion with these moves, in July activities reduced by 500-1000 yuan

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Why is PR4’s website ad priced at $0.05 per weeksh419 September is divided into 3 days



note: usually 2 weeks after receipt of remittance.

before, the hard work and others talk about whether each other propaganda cooperation, always have little effect, two words, too difficult. Using this form, in Ali mother community made a paste, really play a role! Unfortunately, the administrator may feel that such a low price if there is damage to the Ali Mama, with ads to delete name.

station has nearly half of the statistics are: zzstat, watching the days past, there is still no income, complete with their enthusiasm for the free traffic statistics of the industry to support the operation of the website. Some time ago to see Ali mother on line, I think it is very interesting, but also apply for hanging up. Although the station traffic quality is higher, but the site itself is not flow, no people to pay attention to, and it is also the mother just on the line, promotion of wind here, a big buyer once, 15 yuan / week, six months, is oh so much.

, why did I put my ad price at $0.05 per week, and the PR of the site was 4, or the pictures of the homepage and the user’s login page? Listen to me slowly:

, finally, respond to the title. Why is PR4’s website picture advertising price set at $0.05 / week? That’s how we work together and make progress together in 2008,


more information as in the League: top.admin5/u
to join Admin5 alliance channel, please contact the
if you are a Union Commissioner, please give me the latest information feedback, we in the first time to report to you. Feedback ,

League address: http://up.sh419/

2, the price is low, "thousands of people visit the cost is low, I checked the Ali Mama, as if no lower than my, oh find pride, is also the first countdown to the first! The benefits that buyers search this sort, can easily find you, how that can improve the access point.

1, now the webmaster a top smart, don’t say the high price, is very low, and not many people pay attention to.

3, some people may ask, if someone really bought, you are not a big loss? In fact, this is the key point of this article, not any webmaster can buy this advertisement, I need to review the settings, which are statistics must be registered for the user, and and the traffic is at a level above the website to be approved, here we see light suddenly this is mutual, advocacy and support in another form.

see the title, it is natural to think of this should be in the Ali Mama advertising, first off, without any intention to belittle the Ali Mama, why play such a title, you just want to catch the eye, can look at.

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Secret Wang Wei 9 mortgage property from parallel to the president of SFThe rich three generations r

in 1971, Wang Wei was born in Shanghai, his father was an air force Russian interpreter, and his mother was a teacher at a university in Jiangxi. At the age of 7, Wang Wei and his family moved to Hongkong. After graduating from high school, he stopped studying and started printing and dyeing in Shunde.

graduated from the University, Zheng Zhigang went to Japan to study the culture of East Asia a year, was the standard literary youth fan children, listen to the melodious bell in the school next to the temple, sit most of the day, every time the bell sounded, I feel the water flow in the heart."

, he is the "Mars" Jack Ma most admired people: SF EXPRESS head Wang Wei.

today, a brother came to pick up the rare rich children who have satisfied their elders.

he never advertises, doesn’t see PE, interviews……

noble, Qing, young, from Crazy learning art, afraid to grow up after the absence of time,

SF, China’s private courier company tycoon. The company is about to celebrate its 20th anniversary anniversary, but the outside world still knows little about it, and he is undoubtedly an alternative and low-key enterprise.



but Zheng Zhigang did not allow himself to spend so much time on such a natural day. After graduation, he took the initiative to give up literature and devote himself to the financial industry to prepare for the succession.

last year, the Hongkong big four, Zheng family controversy, first is the legendary Regal, the New World Group founder of "Tong uncle Zheng Yutong died of illness, followed by the eldest son Zheng Jiachun stroke hospitalization, and the value of HK $140 billion super empire is waiting for the successor. In desperation, a grandson was pushed to the charge of 200 billion commercial wealth in the teeth of the storm, the

Wang Wei has a sentence: "SF’s line of receiving staff" is the most lovable person". Because he was also a staff member, made a backpacker".

Wang Wei, 20 years ago, 100 thousand yuan started today, the annual turnover of tens of billions of dollars, its cargo aircraft 11; profit sharing with employees, employees have been earning tens of thousands; innovation innovation in March did not feel threatened by growing crises; workaholics, work 14 hours a day; regular work, grassroots employees; low-key, do not know him strong, 100 shares; SF; bold, has 9 times the property mortgage.

in early 90s, by Deng Xiaoping’s southern tour, Hongkong more than 80 thousand factories moved to the mainland, including the Pearl River Delta accounted for more than 50 thousand, between Hongkong and the Pearl River Delta mail, freight began to surge. At first, Wang Wei entrusted by the people, between Guangdong and Hongkong with some goods. Slowly, with more and more things in it, he couldn’t put it down with a pull case. He realized that it was a business opportunity.

, that is to say, now only four families in Hongkong, Zheng Jia third successor to the stage, it is for the first pinch to sweat.

Zheng Zhigang from a very strict family education, since childhood, not only to test the first grade, but also to learn painting and opera, not only is grade one, painting work so that teachers are still impressive.

he’s 150 thousand employees, huge purchases of the IBM information, human resource management consulting service and system, he always do small pieces express.

he is Zhou Dafu and the new world department store heir, K11 art mall, founder of Hongkong Zheng family, third generation successor, Zheng Zhigang


excuse sounds very interesting: "I think, literature, history and philosophy of life to things, should learn system at a young age, this is the basic work, but the capital operation and enterprise management knowledge can be acquired in practice, is not difficult."

Empire, hurry!

he was one of the hundreds of billions of imperial heirs who rarely reassured their elders. To what extent? Learning tyrants, zero scandals, double dealer, and earning power is stronger than the last successor.

"parallel man" monopoly through Hong Kong Express

in March 26, 1993, Wang Wei with his father borrowed 100 thousand yuan, registered in Shunde SF EXPRESS, a company with only 6 people. At the same time, he rented dozens of square meters storefront in Hongkong Prince Portland Street, designed for the business delivery of letters to the Pearl River delta. Wang Wei and the staff from the backpack and trolley freight, known as the "smuggled goods".


piece goods, Shun harvest 40, Wang Wei "price cut Beach" strategy to attract a large number of customers, even creating a deserted Portland street.

from the point of view of Zheng Zhigang’s growth, this is a template for a typical good child.

first joined Goldman Sachs, which was responsible for the listing and analyst of the client company, and later joined the Swiss bank, starting with the general staff of the company.

The other 70

as the market demand is brisk, SF will soon extend its tentacles to all parts of Guangdong. At that time, each built a SF, to register a new company, branch to all local franchisee, which makes the SF in a few years, the Pearl River Delta area express market firmly in their own hands. But also because of such barbaric growth, SF industry was once called "mouse".

after graduation to 38, wealthy Marriage marry and settle down

Zheng Zhigang at the age of 13 he was sent out of the country, but with his efforts to smooth on the Harvard, but he did not like the other children of the rich as Hongkong economic and management school, but chose the East Asian literature and culture, live into an offbeat.

but the sun is beyond all expectations, just a super reliable, superior, and Zhou Dafu of the new world department store revenues go up, some of the original unconvinced who are shocked!

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How to do email marketing to achieve millions of ordersFood delivery Unicorn Blue Apron to the end

probably a lot of webmaster also use mail, but really can use mail not much. for 80, 90 after the impact of not too much, and now Tencent do so well, is a gold mine to be excavated. We want to use the Internet to make money, must not forget, compared with sina, the NetEase, a good marketing mail is the biggest pop, as long as the message came, immediately pop, this may be the first day of the second day customers do not look, do not look, but a month? A year? As long as you the content of hair is attractive, don’t worry, one day someone will see.

, which will be listed on the New York Stock Exchange NYSE, is scheduled for June 28th.

by then, the company will issue 30 million class A shares, with only one vote per share, and will issue 157 million B shares, with a vote of 10 votes per share. This means that holders of class B shares will take up 98% of the voting power, and the company’s founder and chief executive, Matthew Salzberg, sits on 30% of the company’s voting rights. As can be seen here, Blue Apron’s corporate architecture is different from Snap, the latter issued during the IPO are non voting shares.

recently bought Whole Foods, which makes a lot of people consider whether to invest in the food service areas, while the Blue Apron market has also attracted many people’s eyes, after all, this is the largest since Snap round of consumer technology IPO.

we make an analogy, if a 20 thousand mail you is 500 of the cost, so the 20 thousand mail can bring customers much? And you need to know is that the database is available for recycling, as long as you have the database, how to send what, the webmaster website basic are the profits products, a single may have hundreds of yuan, but our database is accurate flow, our advertising for accurate mass, which may lead to more customers attention, which as long as the achievement of one or two single, we put the cost of the database back to make, so the database the cost is negligible.

two: mail marketing to do precise.

in the past few months, there have been many enterprises, science and technology enterprises listed, but consumer technology companies have nothing to do, partly because Snap in IPO, the stock price is not optimistic. If Bule Apron succeeds, it will undoubtedly be an inspiration for consumer technology companies that want to be listed.

three: mail can not be direct marketing.

webmaster’s vision must be long-term, in fact, there are many ways to send mail. We say you are selling led beads, our mailing theme could be some knowledge of the content, then suck >

Internet advertising competition is more and more big, more and more peers, looking at a single product lot, but advertising costs deducted fees and expenses, some mixed is how the webmaster can There is not much left., no matter how we survive? Advertising, as long as you put a stop advertising immediately detained there! Advertising means a permanent? Today to share with you a super affordable mail marketing, I let you every single.

advertising must be accurate, you do weight loss products, if you put in the elderly group of communication, estimated no use, so it is very important to achieve accuracy. Maybe the owners have to consider the cost, but the cost of the database is just a list, nothing to be sorry about.


Blue Apron says they will use the money to pay $125 million in debt, and the remainder will be used as the company’s operating capital. The company said much of it would be used in advertising, compared with $25 million 400 thousand in the fourth quarter of last year, and its spending on marketing in the first quarter of this year has increased to $61 million. In 2016, its total expenditure on marketing was $144 million, compared with $51 million 400 thousand in 2015.

food delivery service Blue Apron to be listed in this month, the company has disclosed our listed shares in the share price of $15 to $17, the expected maximum financing amount is about $587 million. If calculated at $16 per share, the valuation of Blue Apron would be close to $3 billion.

in fact, since you want to receive orders, it does not mean that there is only one way. We say you are now selling the LED lamp, don’t you email that I sell is led lamp? That few people are willing to see, you will think: This is a spam, someone selling a product! So people don’t read the mail, so try not to use the direct marketing. What do we do?

1: mail marketing to build cash database.

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Kingsoft Kingsoft Online – the latest product informationSummary 2012 outlook 2013 Change – insist –

people say do IT/ Internet is home, gentle, Mensao, I think this saying is very reliable, but this can not be our webmaster label. Then the house will make the world stand friends, every webmaster have their own strengths and weaknesses, learn from each other, common progress; and also to ask for gentle, do not understand do not understand their own problems, should learn from other station friends ask, maybe a little problem will be able to point out your big ideas again; Mensao to speak his love, or that you see yourself love girl blush of junior middle school students, that’s already in the past. It is now twenty-first Century, good girls are those articulate people "cheat" to go, first, then start out.

billing date Commission item category category   Game Alliance pop Water Margin – Q CPM 06.09.01- one thousand IP pop up RMB6.5 yuan

see details

500-19999, 0.6 yuan / RMB

20000 more than 0.7 yuan / RMB to see the details

500-19999, 0.3 yuan / RMB

20000 more than 0.4 yuan / RMB to see the details

Duba series products: when users buy Duba series products, each purchase you can get users to buy the amount of 16%. View details

access code – channel antivirus for details

code for game area — view details

access code ICIBA — view details

many friends only see the immediate interests, did not think of their future, see what the site to make money in a hurry to do, and the result or earn some money, or spent a lot of time, nothing. Look, no one get out of the site for several years, can not help but heave great sighs. Flow station can do, but must have a long-term planning of the site, to build their own brand, as their future career to develop, so that they are worthy of a real webmaster.

first, change yourself,

today is the end of the 2012 day, which no one can deny. The last 2012, no matter what we got or lost, have passed, left good, abandoned misfortune, prepared for 2013 new journey:

second, change strategy

third, adhere to the direction, improve execution,

December 21, 2012 Mayan doomsday prophecy has been broken, I believe there are many people in the evening of 21 carnival night, waiting for the end of the arrival. This night only carnival, nothing special, we still see the sun in December 22, 2012, we have not lost anything. Dawn, still the same as before, to squeeze the bus, still open webmaster tools, analysis of "doomsday" after the site data, still studying the changeable SEO, still live hard forced webmaster life. I think that many webmaster very naive is the end of the world, the end of the bitter stationmaster life, but there are more standing friends do not want this day to come, because they have not achieve their goals, not out of a world on the Internet, and early planned objectives and plan in 2013. Now that we have passed through December 21st, we should be fully prepared for the coming 2013.

you may complain of sh419 in 2012, complained about IDC, complained about the "cheat" you any thing and person, but you have to reflect on their own to do what "good good", "diligent people harvest" is the same reason. The problem that stationmaster exists now is executive force is bad, think not to go

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Look at these people you see entrepreneurship as early as possibleTo give up 500 thousand annual sal

of course, you might say, this kind of person is standing at the top of Pyramid. Our ordinary young people have no capital and no opportunities, and it is too difficult to achieve success just by a chamber of blood and unformed ideas.

After the three foundations of the

one month before the code from the Internet industry of agricultural brother directly into the dirty tired of the catering industry, before the opening code agricultural brother wrote a paper called "ten years code readme: why I resign sell" in fact code agricultural cold noodle, brother want to express the theme is: to make good thinking to fool products, smart people tend to think that smart, so he would have a problem, think to think about things that are valuable, because there are things they love most IQ Challenge, but often Cleverness may overreach itself. The standard thinking modes in the traditional industrialization era are large-scale production, large-scale sale and large-scale dissemination. These three can be called """ in the era of industrialization; "Holy Trinity "";

as everyone knows, Jobs’s 21 year old founder of Apple Corp, the two co founders of shlf1314 business when he was only 24 years old, Facebook founder Mark · Zuckerberg on New York’s NASDAQ Exchange in the global investors, to become the world’s most young entrepreneurship billionaire. Young people under the age of 30 are becoming the mainstay of entrepreneurship around the world.

1 in the industrial age, scarcity of resources and products, resources and productivity were regarded as the competitiveness of enterprises, and now is not;

jumei’s CEO Chen ou, when we know him, the most way is to watch him on television: "I am Chen Ou, I speak for myself" advertising. >

, Xu Dechen and other 10 members of the entrepreneurial team, the average age of 19 years. In Beijing Wudaokou Huaqing garden, they rented a set of 280 square meters duplex structure house, used as office space.

2 products are presented in the form of information, channel monopoly is difficult to achieve;

Abstract: the young team used their own unique characteristics and temperament to play the leading role in a new world. Due to the Internet age, many young users and other reasons, in the Internet and mobile Internet and other emerging areas, young entrepreneurs have become a norm.

first of all, users participate in enterprise product development, improvement. The traditional industry companies far away from consumers, in addition to product packaging at the telephone number and address the accident, the chance to communicate directly with consumers rarely, most of the communication is local agents and distributors, dealers at the same time because more emphasis on the level of sales service, other services are not in place, companies can also learn more by the dealer won two times, it is very difficult to get some market sound true depth. WeChat, micro-blog’s emergence, cut off the traditional complex communication chain, so that production enterprises can communicate directly with the user, and the production of enterprises become increasingly transparent.

"our company has a registered capital of 100 thousand yuan. It often has no money. It gives staff salaries and then no money to pay the rent. The main way is basically to borrow money."." Nevertheless, Xu Dechen’s entrepreneurial team or run with an air of importance for a year, not long ago, they just get the first pen financing.


but the fact that the young team used their own unique characteristics and temperament to play the leading role in a new world. Due to the Internet age, many young users and other reasons, in the Internet and mobile Internet and other emerging areas, young entrepreneurs have become a norm.

although many people believe that young entrepreneurial team inexperienced, not reliable. Young people should have more experience in the workplace, a green hand have some unrealistic fantasies, and some of Cheng Fangyuan’s style is difficult to grasp the market economy amidst the winds of change.

have been deconstructed, the power of producers and consumers has changed and consumer sovereignty has formed.

3 Internet dismembered the monopoly of all information channels, so that everyone can become a social development trend, micro-blog Meitu Xiu Xiu let people from the media, so that everyone can be PS, magic man mobile phone so that everyone can be comics, and businesses will become the production process for producers and consumers to work together to complete the production process, entity the industry has also undergone tremendous changes.

but the three foundations have been deconstructed in the Internet age.

code with a brother to practice 020 Internet thinking process, do is cold noodle takeaway, basic consumption is mostly women, code agricultural brother through a variety of ways to guide the user to our WeChat service, so that customers can through WeChat and their close communication, opening day code so benefit customers free tasting at the same time, let the user feedback taste directly in WeChat, bun thickness and taste, a special salty meat, when there is a user feedback, can directly interact with the user in WeChat service background, rapid improvement through feedback, and further to win the previous poor with >

passion is very important for entrepreneurs. Maybe it’s not all, but it must be a very important part." Xu Dechen said: "I dare to give up the entrance exam, give up the opportunity to attend foreign universities, because I have confidence in my own business."."


no, no, no, when you have this weak idea, it has actually decided your success or failure.

did not retire, but Xu Dechen in the 2012 annual meeting of entrepreneurs will be "under 30 years old upstart, young is power" discussion session, the speech frequently caused by the presence of people thinking. Founded by Xu Dechen and others in chat network, it is an online teaching network platform and provides professional courses such as English training.

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BES logistics submitted to the U.S. IPO SEC prospectus intended to finance $750 millionOnline money


2, be patient. Network to make money, make money, whether surfing agent advertising to make money, money, money, read the email search, since to make money to pay for labor, don’t want to have happen to escape do things, is not pie in the sky! Every day we are likely to do some simple, repetitive and boring work, you must have patience, insist every day, we may earn very little, but we must insist, insist on the minimum payment period! That’s the most important thing. For Cashfiesta, please hold for at least 2 months. All online profitable websites send checks over or over a month. If you have money in March reached the minimum payment amount now, this website will be in May before you check, and we will be in the end of May in order to receive the!

September 2016, BES logistics announced $760 million financing, then the valuation of the company amounted to $3 billion, Goldman Sachs Group as a consultant, China Everbright Asset Management Limited and CITIC Industrial Investment Fund Management Co., Ltd. is the best logistics for the lead cast. In November of the same year has emerged the best logistics to the United States in 2017 IPO plan.

is backed by Ali BES Express logistics company, most of the revenue from Taobao and Tmall. And compared to the already listed one of three links, the difference is mainly reflected in the best logistics of business diversification, and the content of science and technology.


best logistics in June 2017 26 to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission SEC submitted its IPO prospectus, the proposed financing of $750 million. It will be listed on the NYSE or NASDAQ Global market, and no decision has yet been made.

, you might be confused. What’s this all about? If you look at the full content, you’ll be able to understand a

1 correct understanding. We should face up to the Internet to make money – a new product of this information age. This stuff is a real being! But because of the risk of network economy and uncertainty, you can not put up the network to make money as a main economic source, unless you want to make money, according to the professional network I personally think that a start if a website, you can earn 50-100 dollars every month it is good, so for the network to make money, is best regarded as the main source of subsidies, such as subsidies, electricity and other suitable access fee. Never mind fever, dreams can in a very short period of time a fortune by wangzhuan! No, absolutely not, but this probability is very low! This is very important. I hope you will consider it carefully before you join the ranks of making money online!

as of March 31, 2017, the country has established 678 operation center and more than 420 square meters of warehouse and transportation center which, BES supply chain management has 290 cloud order fulfillment center; based on the 63 hub, BES Express 153 sorting center and 23000 distribution stations; 69 hub, BES Express 103 a sorting center and more than 4000 distribution stations. The company has more than 9000 full-time employees and tens of thousands of certified franchisees and partners. The warehousing and distribution network covers the whole country.


what makes money online? Isn’t it difficult? How to invest? How do you do it?


said the best logistics company, shareholders including Fosun international, Chinese Softbank capital, Ali’s logistics company rookie network and the world bank private sector investment institutions of international financial company. Best logistics other shareholders include Zhou Shaoning, Foxconn, Goldman’s private equity investment department. One of the first major shareholder of Alibaba holding 23.4% and 70% of the shares held BES Express, rookie network chairman Tong Hong, vice president of Alibaba Chen Jun is the best logistics director, the second largest shareholder of BES logistics founder Zhou Shaoning holding 14.7%, the third largest shareholder of CR Entities >

do not invest a penny, as long as you have the opportunity to access the Internet, as long as you are willing to make money, as long as you have the ability to, as long as you are willing to pay part of your energy, you can earn money you never dared to think. now

one, the essence of making money online

if you’ve never been involved in making money online or getting a little idea and trying to get started, I think you should have a good idea first:

cut it.

3 building teams. Make money online!

editor’s note: the following is a very garbage garbage but shlf1314 ads, packaging is very good, we should learn his skills package. Congratulations on your

! You are very lucky, can see the following content, may make your future a great change, depending on your ability, make money online will take you on the Internet to make money fast, e money into the network era.

data show that the best logistics created by shlf1314 China former co President Zhou Shaoning in 2007, is currently in the Chinese operates 400 distribution centers, which are respectively three and a warehouse in the United States and germany. This year will be the best logistics international logistics business expansion to Australia, Japan and Thailand. The largest segment is express by the end of March 2017, accounting for 64.5% of revenue, followed by the express by the end of March 2017, accounting for 17.2% of revenue, supply chain management services as of March 2017, accounting for 9.5% of revenue; in addition, there’s the store, plus a superior goods vehicle logistics and trading platform finance, cloud and other business.

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shlf1314 Adsense users must see Western Union latest updatesFor the rapid production of ways of fore

through cms+ collection

recently, we have updated the Western Union payment system, and the validity of the issuing bank has been extended from 35 days to 60 days. In this way, you will have more flexible time to receive payment, and hope this update will bring convenience to the publisher:

In view of the current Wangzhuan

3. through custom


generally custom site costs between 100-1000 yuan, depending on the quality of pricing, online custom sites provide a lot of self search through the search for


finished to start your $

cattle X webmaster marketing provides single site customization: full acquisition, a key update, website program + space + art, 180 yuan

uses open source cms establishment, zero cost, looking for good collection source + making collection rules, select a uft-8 template set OK, these can basically cost 0

by purchasing data +cms

according to the AdSense support group: after the Western Union remittance started, many publishers missed the validity of the withdrawal due to business trip and had to wait for another month to withdraw money. Now, we have good news for you,

similarly, if you fail to withdraw money within the period of validity, your income will automatically be returned to the account and will be paid automatically for the safe account. At this point, you will see a pink prompt box in your account. If you wish to continue payment in February, you will have to withdraw the payment by 15 as per the prompt.

2. quickly builds

1. quickly builds

advertising alliance Wangzhuan prospects, domestic revenue decline, the overall quality of the deviation and other reasons, most of the garbage station to Wangzhuan abroad, domestic language habits and other reasons the current limitations of English station demand, most of the translated foreign websites simply cannot read

my stop:

common places to sell data, such as Admin5, laggards, Taobao have often appeared, the price of the region dozens – several hundred yuan

to do so, to be able to provide a normal reading of the Wangzhuan garbage station, you can use the following

made the website consistent with the foreign reading habits, and through the General Alliance audit, meet the requirements of

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Plum net formally listed three new boardThere are traffic, there are users, Jingdong raised all the

"2013 Aika love home was established, and in the summer of 2016, we will be landing three new board," love home "all the way Jingdong finance accompanied by, so that we feel that this business, although hard to force, but not lonely."

was founded in the first year of love, fashion, science and technology, as the main creative keyword love home developed a series of intelligent socket, mobile power and Bluetooth speakers and other products, although in several large domestic well-known electronic business platform did try, but because the website to PPC, leading products are no start-up companies edge home.

is not the first line of the congregation raised products, but Chen Lijun.

Jingdong public record ecosystem, love the family received a lot of quality resources pointed Er goods, public Jingdong financial financing, supply chain finance, consumer finance and Jingdong and Jingdong Mall, the partner resources also let love to grow rapidly, the growth of love also portrays a typical venture incubation ecosystem public record path of Jingdong, Jingdong has become an important case public record ecosystem hatched.


plum yesterday listed on the new board, it is understood that the domestic marketing network operators Meihua Meihua shares in May 5th landed the global share transfer system, three new board listed Tim SaaS and information services to enterprises in the new enterprise.

Chen Lijun regrets, "how can a user flip a few pages to buy your product?" and the "real" tech hungry user never sees our product." Chen and many entrepreneurs have explored this matter, and found that this has become a common problem of start-ups, because of this confusion, they are unable to gather their own specific users.

As an important part of the

, established in 2008, is a marketing oriented information center that provides marketing information, resources, cases, knowledge, and online communities. Mainly through free content and membership services to strengthen user coverage, and the development of marketing intelligence monitoring SaaS software, mainly for small and medium-sized marketing team. Plum information headquarters is located in Shanghai, in Beijing, Shenzhen has offices, employees 160 people. Currently serving about more than 1000 customers at the same time.


the core of all chips is ecology, and the value of ecology for start-ups is far beyond imagination. All the chips as an industry leader in the Jingdong to raise the public, with the Jingdong public record ecosystem has unique advantages for thousands of enterprises to provide business support resources, and more entrepreneurial ecosystem in a Jingdong all help on the listing process.

the first question for startups to produce new products is how to attract users,

in the Internet era, no traffic, no users, no user brand foundation will not be stable. Jingdong all chips is an important reason for many start-ups to choose all the chips Jingdong, but the strong Jingdong incubation capacity of the public ecosystem is to help start-ups remain in the Jingdong raised the core of the public reasons.

all chips to bring their own flow to enhance brand premium

July 2014 Jingdong chips formally launched. The emergence of all chips, to solve the problem of difficult access to start-ups.

in the Internet era, no traffic, no users, no user brand foundation will not be stable. Love home before the encounter Jingdong all chips, but also because of traffic problems plagued, and Jingdong all chips but use their C2B gene to help love home, completed a series of brand building process.

Internet technology company Aika founder Chen Lijun recently love home in the summer of 2016 revealed that the company is coming to the new board, and the Jingdong financial company in the entrepreneurial road expressed gratitude.

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User experience a pass at the network intersection

The miracle of the

network always happens around us. Everything is possible. The advertising language is really tacky here, and the civilian heroes’ repertoire is like a great remake of the American legend blockbuster, but is it really that simple,


September 2009, ushered in Alibaba’s 10th anniversary, 45 year old ma, the genius of the characters, plus Ma branded Alibaba, bring unlimited inspiration to network colleagues. Not only because of the market value of $26 billion achievements of thousands of millionaires, more Ali is ten years, such as one day adhere to and abide by. Ten years ago, the Alibaba was only more than 100 square meters of home in Hangzhou’s lakeside garden.

from the Alibaba hard electronic commerce life bleeding Road, SNS to Facebook and then to the concept of A new force suddenly rises., overnight swept the world of the Twitter, the rise of the network enterprise reflects the pulse frequency and speed of network, and its success has a common characteristic: this site before, not the same type of website, or not this type of website localization.

yes, it is not just coincidence, this is the crystallization of human whimsy. Repeat to do what others have already done; the highest achievement is nothing but good reproductions; and a pioneering career will attract everyone’s attention, for it is unique, so outstanding.

, and it all comes down to the importance of the user experience. In recent years, the network of intersection accidents after all to imitate and follow the trend of famous website, a bowl of soup in the short term, the long past, but no operational thinking and profit pattern clear, inevitably eliminated. Successful copycat cases are equally many, but it must add more suitable and highlight the features of the website highlights, such as happy net, carrying many advantages of SNS, but also very easy way to consider white-collar crowd user experience, the perfect combination of API games and white-collar crowd, a simple game to steal food to buy, but happy is a publicity stunt, relieve the work pressure is appropriate, after the population legend popular since the unstoppable.

user experience restricts the rules of network intersection, and the entrepreneur stops in time according to the network characteristics, and the user experience as the indicator light of the intersection undoubtedly plays a vital role.

one day, an entrepreneur thinks of an idea – let the user call a number, record it, and then automatically publish it to his blog. Then the other two he and the team will change to allow users to synchronize the interesting speech record to a new site in iPod ", after all the rampage, the site will be released and throughout the world.

, this site is Twitter. In today’s network world, the user experience website, like access to the network intersection pass, in a competitive field of expertise to gain a favorable position. As the current popular SNS portal in "Qi search" and "general" are fully consider the user group >

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A no content of the new station, how a day profit

network for many years, until now still not earn money and cannot read the code, usually go directly to the Internet under a program change under the name changed back, logo, and then put the space to, that is my site.

yesterday in a group of friends, chat with others, to tell the truth you Laotaibuxiao, wanted to try to see if you can solve a single problem in this group spent a day, I found that this market is very strong, fewer women than men, or very little, I think I can do it was a dating site, and then in the group asked, I open a dating website, ask you to do, the answer is unified, a sister went purple and then go online to find, a lot of results are not what is pure friendship, the user can not communicate, is the most the next release of personal information, this time to recall the previous commonly used procedures DZ, DZ good, a new forum, users can communicate, plug-in is also a lot of background can also find dating plugins and templates, and then there is a old Corn, for several years, because the previous record and the Baidu advertising alliance, so although not how to use it, but still kept, not willing to throw away, after several hours of work in a day, friends net space, Hoogle logo design case, the website opened smoothly, there are people ask do not come, but most of these people are older children, do not use the computer, when the registration of a lot of people will ask, why not registered mail, why can not be used, in order to quickly put the forum, I was setting the mailbox can be optional, as a result, the registered person when writing the username and password, when writing on the back, there will be a green tick, but not part of the mail, think is filled Write incorrectly, forced rogue, immediately change registration, you must fill in the mailbox.

I was at the beginning of the station joined Baidu union advertising, although there is no content, but at least it seems not so empty, I have joined the advertising in advertising can I join the place, the premise is not affecting the user experience and website use, improve advertising display rate, because there are some places do not. So no publicity in that a group of propaganda, this group is more than 200, the results from the survey, I found that 103 ip

But the

forum is still not popular, people take a look, did not find what they want, not a sister purple message, not what they want, and register an account is the most, and then leave, then don’t come, I found this website down, or not, so I adding a lot of chat groups, of course is legal, and then the main group in the group discussion place for me to add some web site advertising propaganda, just talk very difficult, many are not willing to give me, because my station is new, not popular, can bring fresh blood to their group, but by 103 IP yesterday, I >

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Network media joint evaluation 2010 site building system TOP10

by tianjiwang, Liberation Daily, ITBEAR, Chinese webmaster, WEB development network, Donews network and other well-known media jointly recommended evaluation according to the domestic well-known domain name and virtual hosting service providers ( Chinese name ten website statistics derived in 2010 China webmaster site ten commonly used site procedures are as follows (for every leader the field is not ranked),:

1, Shopex

site type: online store

program: more than 85% independent shop to occupy the domestic market, strong function, template numerous, and has been integrated with Taobao, pat, ah shop management interface is the best program of building independent online store brand.

case: a purchase network

2, Phpwind

site type: local portal e-commerce website

program description: Alibaba’s excellent old community system, can realize forums, portals, real estate, Amoy satisfaction, Amoy links and other e-commerce applications, the overall value of small and medium-sized communities. Phpwind is actually part of the Alibaba’s big Taobao strategy.

case: Chengdu beer and skittles,

3, Cmstop

site type: media information website

Description: CmsTop is a focus in the field of information CMS, provide professional information system solutions for large and medium-sized commercial sites, mainly in the service of traditional media (television, radio, newspapers, magazines), network media and commercial websites and other information channels.

case: China military software park information

4, Dedecms

site type: personal website, information portal,

Brief introduction: Dedecms

program for beginners is very easy to use, template making, the push is also relatively simple application, even if only a little knowledge of HTML novice can be very good for the station, and more suitable for the user to develop two times.

case: "youth digest" magazine

5, PHP168

site types: classified information, media, newspapers, large portals, government level bureau website and enterprise website platform

program description: domestic excellent open-source CMS system, large and complete, template production is relatively simple, providing articles, news, pictures, downloads, shopping malls, built-in features, orders, exams

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Is the core of the UGC community products a user incentive system

UGC class now quite a lot of community, I feel a lot of PGC+UGC. The fact is if the UGC community is actually by a group of Master in the drive, then the problem, want to do the activity, what kind of user incentives more effective? Put aside the user incentive this game is not just not going to play


Author: Claire

let me answer from the side.

(1) sense of presence. What users need in the community is the sense of existence, especially the new users, new users into a community, some people praise, comment, and some people interact with it, this sense of existence is the user needs.

to pmcaff, for example, a new user to come in and send a question and answer post, no one browse, no answer, then the new user will certainly be lost, and no good incentives are useless. The premise of incentive measures is that users first get the sense of being in the community, and this sense of existence is very encouraging to users.

in and nice are two pictures of social applications, I as a newcomer, in both in and nice upload pictures, in above without any reaction, but nice has won many people (female users) praise, this sense of achievement is very strong, this "attention" presence is more efficient than any incentive measures, user behavior in UGC in the community have responded, get a sense of presence, which is the needs of users.

gives new people a sense of being and is the most effective incentive for the community.

(2) good operation and management. A tens of millions of users of the community, if there is no operational ability to match, users, content will be scattered.

Post Bar to Baidu for example, Baidu Post Bar official is general manager, each Post Bar is secondary to managers, to a Post Bar is very active, it Post Bar operation ability is very important, how will the hot top, how to encourage other users to post replies, such as how to enlarge the influence of Post Bar, and among the members of social skills are very particular.

Baidu paste bar, the official needs to do a good job management, can not allow users and stick bar owners random development, ills too much.

she is a female community community products, the operation logic is "Post Bar" mode, but the difference lies in the way in which they called circle, each post in a circle in a logical, user access to communication in the circle, in the subdivision of the interval, allowing users to communicate with each other.

says management is because many communities are dead on the management, managers do not act, garbage content and users Hang Seng, is bound to affect the normal operation of the entire product.


is a community, trash account information flow in continuous brush garbage content, the user experience is quite heavy damage.


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Content is king, so that the station ranked first in the top five

recently, customer service feedback, to actively find links to many stations, and many stations are excellent standing of the industry, which proves that this station optimization more successful down. Looking back, the most important thing is to attach importance to the update and release of original content. Here to talk about keenly aware of

one. From the beginning of the web site, adhere to the original content. Now, look at many qualifications than we old, optimize the time than the long web site, its webmaster all initiative to find friendship links, because this step makes optimization work to maintain stability and forefront. At present, the top five words in Baidu top. And only three months to set up more points. Baidu search engine for a website has a good degree of trust, later, will be high frequency to patronize this trusted site, and promptly and quickly included in the content of the site.

1. insists on updating the content of the website. The site insists on updating about five new articles every week. It’s usually updated at night. Spiders are said to be night owls, and this has proved true.

2. is actively looking for quality external links. Since the station is the quality of the station started, so request the other station must have content, often updated, PR is not the most important. Baidu snapshot in three days, and so on. Truly reflects the chain of friends is not much, and in the quality of good advantage.

3. raises 35 blogs. Sina, Sohu, and so on. And keep updating. This proved very effective.

4. keeps space stable. This time, due to increased flow, specially enlarged space size, spend more money, value.

two. Article writing, around keywords, keep keywords appear, and links to home page,.

three, do not change the title. What’s more, it can’t be changed a lot. We only changed it two times, but it’s not moving at all. So as to avoid the risk of being K,

original content how to write

1, a unique example,

Baidu spider most welcome unique content, and this station is a service type website, many of the latest case articles are constantly updated.

2, unique content, not only can improve the attraction of the site, but also for your site to bring large flow.

3 each article is added with copyright notice

4, integrating articles of the same nature, makes it easier for customers to quickly find what they need, and also makes it easier for search engines to find your pages.

5, optimize the article picture

optimizes the key images with appropriate ALT tags that contain keywords.

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