The next Shanghai dragon how to walk the road

In the article

three, the readability of

since June last year, great changes have taken place in the search engine, especially the love of Shanghai, each have a lot of change. I believe love Shanghai why such a big change everyone should be very clear. Each update a large number of sites down, unfortunately, the last traffic site the last fall in last month’s update. I believe that many owners have this worry, do not know what their standing in the fall time. This period of time, many webmaster switch to a full-time webmaster to go to work. Does Shanghai dragon really dead? The answer is negative, Shanghai dragon did not end, but more mature. I think a lot about the next Shanghai dragon how to do, how to do not fall in the next change. Here is some of my summary, for a long time did not write the article, hope to write well where we don’t throw bricks.

good layout is itself a good foundation, so all the snacks to the site, feel the lack of design sense of the word can refer to reference other website. Pay special attention to the point that, not in the head or bottom accumulation keywords, but also not in the articles within the anchor text with many. Although sometimes these will not affect the weight of the website, but it is always a hidden bomb, I do not know what time will explode.

a little bit more, try to be original, readable. According to the website sometimes need to reprint some articles, but it is best to reprint articles not more than the original article. We look at the A5 webmaster will know, many articles are our original, rankings are very good. Original content, website page rank is high, the weight of the entire station will go up naturally.


, a Title

should be concise and to the point


all love the headline is very long, a keyword even repeated several times. Before doing really quite useful, can get good rankings, but not now, love Shanghai clearly pointed out that all user experience is given priority to. As can be imagined, even very long winded title search engine is not love. To give you an example, if the "tin tea" tea "tea factory" and "Shenzhen tea" these words, we can write "Shenzhen tea factory, specializes in tin canisters, saying Title advantage is concise, the user at a glance you can see this website is what. Many well-known websites title are very simple, I believe we all know. So I guess, after a while, two sites in the same conditions, the right to the simple title long winded than good. Because everything is mainly to the user experience.

four, the chain construction must pay attention to the quality of

site layout is reasonable

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The key to improve the thesaurus ranking, let double your Shanghai Longfeng effect

3, in the pages of text keywords

Keywords implantationThe

search engine is displayed to the user.

page of the text is "to give to the specific content of the user, it can be the product information, can also be a blog. Here, there is a classic of the law is "content is king of the chain for the emperor", that is to say, if the site does not have quality content, then the site itself has failed, no more talk about site optimization, for optimization and promotion is all will attract users to the web page, as to how the user experience quality. Or look at the website of the text.

4, in the


2, to appear in URL

URL is a uniform resource locator, also known as the web page address, is the Internet standard address resources. Generally speaking, in determining the good location of a web site, you can use the domain name industry keywords or English Shuangpin words, this is the ideal state. We still love Shanghai as an example, its domain name, "Baidu" is the love of Shanghai Quanpin, not only for the Internet user memory, also easy to search engine included, is conducive to improve the relevance ranking in search engines.

in search marketing, how to improve and optimize the site keywords are important to marketing. So, how important keywords? For example, Hai Yao Shanghai dragon Xiao Bian, when we fall in love with the sea to find relevant information, input some key words in love in Shanghai usually, the search engine will be based on the keywords to search the database, if found to match these keywords content ", will by using a special algorithm, according to the page keywords matching degree, position and frequency, the link quality, calculate the webpage relevance and ranking level, then according to the degree of association, in accordance with the order will show these Web links to the user.

we were in the Shanghai dragon, first to the site chosen keywords, enhance the accuracy of marketing. Keywords the number should not be too much, mainly from 3 for the benefit of "network marketing" as an example, if we want to engage in the business is mainly "network marketing", so, in the selection of key words, in addition to "network marketing" the stick, can also choose "Internet Marketing", "Internet marketing" as a keyword, so, as long as the user input in the search engine search engine to find these words at the end of the database, because matching keywords set and user needs us, we will add probability "provides information to the user.


summary page keywords

thus, the skills to understand the keyword extraction and optimization, can effectively improve the web search engine ranking. The method of extraction and optimization of several key words effective the next Hai Yao Shanghai dragon small series:

1, select the site keywords

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An example to explain how to increase website traffic conversion


fifth, jump page not too fast: many hospital sites will take this approach, when users enter the site, could not wait to jump to the page of the consultation, but will let the user objectionable, when the proposal in 3 minutes to the consultation in the jump, when users need to know on their own have been used general understanding.

because I do the medical industry site, so in the medical industry, for example, more than a week to explain the real case. We do the purpose is to profit, only the website users to flow into consultation in order to achieve the purpose of profit, but this occurs in many websites: every website traffic many users, but the conversion rate is very low, even many websites also appeared in the conversion rate is zero. Today the author according to their real case to explain this problem.

method to improve website traffic users transformation The author of the

贵族宝贝csnanke贵族宝贝/ website at two weeks ago, hundreds of users daily web traffic, but the natural flow of the user conversion rate is almost zero. Through a series of adjustment for a week after the current conversion rate although is very low, but significant transformation than before the zero rate is much better, has been able to bring some advice on effective natural flow to yourself. I share my experience here in case you want to help.

third, the title of the article attractive and persuasive: the title is the paper’s charm, a good title to let users impressed, attract the user’s desire to read, read the user can click on the consultation. Good title also can attract spiders, increase the number of spider crawling, the increase in the rate of collection, the best of both worlds.

, the first station in quality: if the article is not readable, the user experience is not good, can not let users click on the advice of the desire to do user site traffic has no meaning. So we must improve the quality of the article, in the article more guide users to click on the words of.

site overall layout: appearance is the first image users to enter the site after the first image, good can let patients will be your entire site to think, if the site is out of order, the user first will doubt your credibility, careful users will directly off the web page.

fourth, stable server: server stability is a prerequisite for the construction site, if the server is not stable, no matter how good your site’s ranking, the quality of the content is good, after it was found that when the user clicks on the website cannot open, or open speed is very slow, the user will be the first time to close the current page, choose another page at the same time, will give users leave untrustworthy impression.

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4 months of popular keyword optimized ranking experience sharing

for keywords ranking, I have always stressed the idea is to meet user demands. The stability of the rankings, the click rate is the key. 5 years ago the Shanghai dragon Er actually do not know their home shows how many times, have triggered what keywords are displayed. But now, love Shanghai can tell you the real time administrator tools. Today your home shows how many times, and how many click. The website of the high click rate will be stable ranking.

4.301 directional domain name: this one has many technical articles in the website, the website not to say, to identify a unique domain name is OK, the other 301 are the domain name to the Lord.

little gossip! To share some elements of the optimization operation of the rankings:




3. is a very important: the stability of the server, if detected with IP on the site there are other sites on the lottery, gambling, massage and other health care sites. Need to replace the IP, or the purchase of independent ip.


time flies, since it is 5 years. Kunming, October, breezy, sometimes accompanied by rain.

1. sites from the outset to good planning, need to optimize what keywords, what is the name of the web site. Once identified do not change easily. Change every two or three days, the search is not love you, but also do not know exactly what you want to do, not to mention ranking.

5. of the content on the website construction website the best write copy of the article may be found everywhere is poor, is not conducive to link exchange. The article is not much, but in essence, better able to clearly express their own products and services.

the answer is yes. Users love your website, but also love persistent; then the search is not necessary to adjust your website ranking hurt the user experience.


said the user experience, the author again: the server stability is very large influence on the Shanghai dragon, faster access to more stable, more easy to site optimization. The stability index of the website, from a certain angle, even more than the chain. A three minutes are not open the site, even if the global Internet Co to a chain in front of you, you can not be ranked in the search. The reason is very simple, website access speed slow, seriously hurt the user experience. This is the only

second and the first consistent. Don’t change the site directory structure, the pure static pages of the site, the site once again generated the best before deleting redundant page. Don’t make the total static page generation frequent operation, multi operation several times, search engines will think that your site has been in the construction, to enter the study period.

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shlf1314 Adsense application tipsLater, only cast elite innovation team, cock wire entrepreneurial e

4 account has been charged, you can use other people’s website to apply for it.

since the end of last year, shlf1314 Adsense applications have been more stringent,.

what’s the reason,

talk so much, what is the secret to apply shlf1314 Adsense

1, only cast elite innovation team

I think many grassroots to want to make money through the network "and this phenomenon is also popular in recent years with the SEO money related training, what so-called experts are cheating veteran. About it. Because they are basically cheating. So, shlf1314 have to account to maintain order, and improve the shlf1314 the application of the threshold of.

AdsenseThe usual practice for grassroots

when everyone is desperate to subsidize users, the U.S. group and public comment on subsidies merchants, to help businesses improve traffic and business efficiency. When the heat of the capital after, as long as subsidies drop, users immediately leave, such a model is not sustainable. The United States mission alone financing more difficult to burn, very fast, in addition to group purchase of the main business, and the opal film, takeaway, so investors will match and public comment on the merger, the group purchase industry giant is inside after the merger.

so it seems that the webmaster want to through the website to do shlf1314 Adsense, had to honestly do stand. This also led to the garbage station to station for English army go forward with great strength and vigour of.

3. sometimes maliciously points out other people’s ads;

in a word: honestly do stand.


most of China’s innovations are not from 0 to 1, but from 1 to N. The innovation from 1 to N doesn’t require much originality. You see opportunities and others see them. To make things bigger, the requirements of entrepreneurs is very high, the need for executive power, resource integration ability, contacts, including the understanding of the industry, it is possible to kill in the fierce competition in the market.

3. has blocked most of the obvious trash sites by asking for content on the site;

recommended a book "ten years of the king of America". After reading this book, you know why Wang Xing can do it. Wang Xing is absolute

2. site domain name must be with your name, address, the same, blocked the use of other people’s Web site to apply;

networks is:

starting: enterprise website system

shlf1314 has proposed countermeasures;


2. forms alliance points;

maybe after a year or so, English garbage stations will be innumerable.

because most of China’s innovation is actually not from 0 to 1, it is from 1 to N innovation. The innovation from 1 to N doesn’t require much originality. You see opportunities and others see them. To make things bigger, the requirements of entrepreneurs is very high, the need for executive power, resource integration ability, contacts, including the understanding of the industry, it is possible to kill in the fierce competition in the market.

‘s first business model innovation — group buying. Group purchase industry in the early days is very hot, the United States is only Groupon, now Groupon is now far below the market value of China group purchase industry leader – New high.

1. site domain name must be in six months or more, blocking new grassroots access;

After the

China buy mode rising time, the peak has 5058 Group buy website, handle, 24 coupons once scenery is temporary, now all not in. In fact, these companies were doing very well, but this market homogenization, competition is too fierce, and the most terrible is that there are many groups to buy the site did not see the essence of this model. Now we look back, the public comment and the group did not crazy subsidy users, because you can not catch any loyalty.

China startup average life cycle is more than two years, although we see "public entrepreneurship, innovation, entrepreneurs around more and more, in fact, from my perspective, now the business has become more and more difficult, especially in business model innovation.

1. uses the new website to apply. No wonder they didn’t stand or stand IP was punished;

then created a batch of grams of accounts.

I think the next five to ten years is the era of elite entrepreneurship, cock wire entrepreneurial era has passed. As early as the mobile Internet up, some people do mobile Internet tools can make money, and now this era is completely different.

maybe people will meet some very ambitious cock silk, the background is general, but the ability is good, in the investment of these people still very careful.

In response to these circumstances,

4. resolutely cheating on.

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Talk about what kind of website is most profitable in the current network environmentVideo sites opp

1, first of all, talk about trends. After the first year of video, there has been a lot of questioning. Now, as an insider, what new ideas or new attempts have you made for the profit model of video websites? Some people say that with the advent of the era of self media, network video will be a major trend, and even replace people watching TV habits, then you for the domestic video site development trend of how to see? In which direction will the breakthrough be made or will it be lost? Will the big reshuffle happen this year?




BOBO network is one of the first batch of the domestic video website, the former is the audio video community, certainly is the trend of the future, now the entire video industry is in the exploratory stage, although the road is hard to walk, but has been set out first, also accumulated a lot of experience, we encountered problems and challenges, and later the same is to experience, but also need more money to catch up. In our opinion, network video is the new "expensive" of the Internet, and the requirements of funds and resources are higher than other Internet projects. In the future, I think there will be 80% of the video sites facing crisis or transformation.


2010, the Internet finally change dynasties rise of network group purchase, finally, China network group purchase market booming. Chinese wind speed is not fast, just 6 months has grown to nearly one thousand group purchase website. Every webmaster want to sell something, make a lot of money, because the group purchase site has unique charm and aspiration, group purchase net selling profit is far more than what website advertising earned, group purchase websites have also become very concerned about every webmaster hope, hope oneself also establish a group purchase website to sell things from a slice.

3, now the industry has many new changes, for example, the difference between platform and channel, some people want to put yourself into a large platform, UGC, on the final value of the media to make money, some people is to make their own films, video distributors. For example, the portal is gradually cut in this area, for example, there are some video network solutions, advertising market development, to see how the impact of these changes to the video website you bring?


I have a friend like this, in 2003 he established his own website, he loves the network, is a worthy of the name netter, so he created a IT portal. By 2004, when he heard that the 123 web site was bought by sh419 for 11 million 900 thousand, he gave up the IT portal, which he had been running for less than a year. To the full development of navigation web site, when he was in the process of website promotion, he has found, now has a lot of navigation website, not only is he a navigation site, the fierce competition to achieve what he can not imagine, so he had to give up the navigation website. In 2005, he was again on the sh419 billboard that hits 500 thousand a day, a staggering number. What an attractive number, "he thought." there are so many people hitting every day. Why don’t you build mainstream space? At least 500 thousand clicks! "


2, paradox is that traffic and income can not be both. Or image and flow can not have both, now the video site will be more or less play edge ball, pornography, violence is often criticized, with these, advertisers do not want to, without these, users do not want to decline in popularity, as a video website, what do you think is the broken solution? Radio and television new regulations, the video is also included in the regulatory system, banned illegal Internet TV station, what do you think of the impact of the video site?

video site profit model launched in BOBO network we have a good idea, ubiquitous advertising and subversive advertising display effect, so the advertisement profit this one we do not worry, we need most now is the online video advertising in the form of acceptance.

2008, SNS website prosperous, happy net has become almost overnight upstart, registered users reached 200 million Internet users, China but also more than 300 million, under the enormous temptation, so that every webmaster heart want to build the SNS website, and the fake happy net, renren numerous.

2009, small game finally fire, 4399 small game succeeded, 7k7k small game also succeeded, 2144 small game is bought grandly. Webmaster jealous, since then, little game site is a poor end, a little game site was born. Imitation 4399 small game, 7k7k game has sprung up, even 4399, 7k7k website name and logo also borrow, just web site is different.

2011, and what kind of industry website is making money? We are still unknown. What kind of website is the most profitable, has become a perennial discussion of all webmasters. Since the development of the Internet, no matter whether the investor or the station owner, it is impossible to discuss what kind of website is the most profitable topic. But I only know that no matter what kind of website is the most profitable, in fact, every site to make money, as long as their own development, do not see the wind change rudder.


in China, there are countless copycats behind a successful website. Just like the good 123 web site, sh419 acquired 70% of its shares by 11 million 900 thousand. Since then, the site navigation station has sprung up like mushrooms, arrived at the site navigation unprecedented peak, but nothing more than want to share a cup of soup.

answer: not only is the sex of people’s attention, to look at pornography, there are many porn sites to see, which is part of the flow of little value, the network is certainly the need to regulate, in the traditional industry norms can make money, in fact, the network is the same. For some websites that really are content and featured, I don’t think it will have any effect.

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A5 soft for those thinking webmaster

many webmaster complaining about his writing is not a color, reasoning does not thorough, not good, no way, through the audit in A5, in fact all of this is our original intention caused by. Because we just want to rely on soft and included A5 this platform to upgrade their website or the quality of the chain is too utilitarian. When do the initial stage, the content and the chain hypothesis quite illegible, that is to say, not hard, I put a large part of the energy on the A5 submission, resulting in my soft are utilitarian content from first to last, not stiff said, when you write your left and right is Gu He, thinking about what how to write to add their own words, to use their own case in the article, this article not only their own down the pass rate is not high, but delayed the construction site at the beginning of the process. The author says the purpose is to remind you that not everything soft weapon, a soft, do not bring what is the most number of points of the chain, for the long-term development of the website can say little help, we stand still should be placed in all the work, not for writing and writing, let the A shared meaning.

for writing and writing, first of all to correct their attitude

today saw a written text authors share his experience in A5, this is very interesting, the whole idea was launched around the A5 trend of these articles, can be said to be an article I recently saw the relatively new. But I may not have said qualifications, here, I’m just a part-time two years as a webmaster, performance is not outstanding, but also can not write this article, but I feel for writing understanding is necessary to share, because the author is mentioned, I feel a good the soft can and chain to locate, with only reprint volume instead, good soft Wen will have a certain ideological.


mechanical applied skills will only make the lost significance

will have a lot of friends in the forum to introduce their soft writing experience, some will tell everyone to pay attention to the title and content of the novel, some will recommend reasonable segmentation, try to speak to understand, some suggestions to the illustrations, the only way to pass the audit. Yes, these friends are right, I have carefully compared A5 every day by the feeling that they have introduced the experience of these articles, but only through the examination of the article is meaningful? Long ago seen a friend to share the article, which referred to himself while writing it skills through rate is very high, but the reprint volume is very low, the actual use and not too much. You have to think about, you want to get some real experience with you, or the words and deeds of the traditional reasoning, yes, good article can use decorative techniques, but there are things we can not copy the idea to the. Lu Songsong blog, moonlight and ZAC blogs are often subscribe to the blog, they.

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By the analysis of black sites report and diagnosis

5, in order to keep the program is the latest version.

analysis of black site reports and diagnosis of

3, black time: December 13, 2012


7, in order to prevent the procedure of unknown vulnerabilities, you can delete the background in the maintenance after the tube >

6, don’t call on the website background management program landing page links.

3, ASP program administrator user name and password should have certain complexity, cannot be too simple, but also pay attention to regular replacement.

4, are abnormal sites after dark: the station is added a lot of rubbish Links. 5, black reason: Trojan program vulnerabilities through the intrusion, station is linked into a lot of garbage outside the chain.

2, ASP to upload the program call must carry on identity authentication, and only allow people to use the trust upload program. This press release, including a variety of mall and forum, as long as you can upload files to the ASP authentication

5, black reason: intrusion by program vulnerabilities trojan website background, account password has been cracked, is linked into a chain.

! two At present,

1, www.xxx贵族宝贝 2, black website: website: 3, current owner pan Yiming is black time: December 7, 2012

4, are abnormal sites after dark: the station is added a lot of rubbish Links.


because of the problems in the company website all the second batch of station group, initially identified as being invaded, as follows: the web site server security standards! To avoid other problems caused by the black site. According to the analysis of the above website problems, make the following measures:

4, to the regular website to download the ASP program, the database name and storage path changes after download, database file name must also have certain complexity.

5, black reason: Trojan program vulnerabilities through the invasion site, within the site is linked into lots of garbage outside the chain of

: a horse preventive measures:

1, www.xxxxc贵族宝贝 2, black website: website at present owner: Hu


1, black website: www.xxx贵族宝贝



4, abnormal website after website: black is added a lot of garbage outside the chain of internal.

2 website owner: what is black, 3 peaks of time: December 13, 2012

recommends that users to upload and maintain web pages through FTP, try not to install the ASP upload procedures.

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A5 webmaster Shanghai Dragon Team the cracks in the survival of individual station to die

: so if the site itself is not perfect, it will be difficult to really.

C: Love Advice, Shanghai dragon Shanghai statistical index, fell in love with the sea search site speed diagnosis, as well as new "chain analysis, grab the abnormal" it is worth mentioning that there are "website tools to optimize the 301 redirect; submit dead links and not included in URL submission. It can be said that in 2012 in Shanghai in technology has been greatly improved. In the past some means in the future, I am afraid it is difficult to use

team in the past year the site has about 500 or so, but because of the "right down" analysis program occupies approximately 80%. Without exception, these sites have a common problem: the optimization of the site itself is not perfect, or there is a fatal problem. For example, the optimal error will lead to a large number of low quality page; or optimizing the label related to improper use are suspected of cheating.

as everyone knows, A5 webmaster Shanghai dragon team is to "Shanghai dragon diagnosis" started, the eye extends the keyword ranking, website advisory services. We are here to share our data analysis in the past year.

B: the second is about "in late August link" is love Shanghai right down the site, this link: a large number of trading site, purchase intention obvious site and use Sina, love Shanghai space blog group, or the use of Shanghai Longfeng optimization software mass site is also good. In addition to the low quality of the chain site, was also affected, as is the purchase of release "video chain" to affect the user experience of the chain site information. And, you can insert the link to enhance the website weight at random in the past media soft release, but there is more emphasis on the relationship between nature and site.

The diagnosis of

2013 the Spring Festival is coming, this also means that we bid farewell to 2012. However, in the past year, relying on the Internet for the survival of the owners, but left a lingering haze. How many people have to hope that there are many people had ended, of course, ultimately leave more or "personal website". Where, what is the cause of the decline of standing in the crevice, individual stations will perish? A5 webmaster Shanghai dragon team He Guijiang combination situation analysis of 2012 team Shanghai dragon diagnosis business of personal views.


A: the first is the 6.28 event in the batch right down the site, and the main reason for the drop right is "acquisition and repetition" problem. After the last drop right, and even a large number of Web sites even more than half a year later still no signs of recovery, or some sites as in the past is included, but the weight is not lifting.

: the first search engine to improve

second: the technical bottleneck problem of

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5800 daily search volume competition 0 Taobao keywords paradisexiaobai navigation


recently a friend wanted to do a Taobao station, let me help you find the key words, the old way to see the drop-down box look at search, love Shanghai index, the final choice of the keyword recommendation, when the final step in the discovery of a phenomenon of interest:

The following is a

: we summarize the website planning time in addition to choose keywords relevant search search, see the bottom of the drop-down box (this is not accurate, sometimes several times daily search will be displayed here), Shanghai love index as the change of the reference — to view the search volume (search trend is stable, have no brush marks), the main search volume keywords or keyword recommendation, which determine that is related to the long tail keywords, there are all these keywords search volume every day.

well, first page with Taobao shopping guide is not what relationship, in addition to the first two level domain name; as the saying goes, the content is king, the chain for the emperor, to see him outside of the chain:

in search keywords recommended inside, "Taobao", the last third "taob" is obviously belongs to the error input, the word error input search every day up to 5800 times the number of go, habitually to look at the search page:


it seems that his external links are really very few, that is to say the wrong input keywords he can do the first, not by the chain, then continue to follow see content; open the site look, standard single page style, but a little different, generally single page list or a few the picture above is down, his guest API program, and Taobao’s interface is very similar, so the search after click in there will be no doubt.

wordpress blog, and the blog is very particular, the main interface shows only a log color is black and white, and the lower end of some distance from the navigation website. The log number is not much, it seems content doesn’t spend too much energy to put the word in the first row. Finally decided to do the wrong input keywords, not much competition should be easy to put the word do up.

but these words are not suitable for us to optimize, why, please look at my search results:



also, you must carefully found above, in addition to the "taob" keyword search volume and competition as well as small, such as "taobaowang", "Taobao", and the "package", "Taoba", "TBW" which is also consistent with several search volume small degree of competition conditions:

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Dedecms personal optimization summary

three, the content page title as the title of the article – the site name

, the page title can directly modify the template for your own needs of the title, you can not Dede

The URL website optimization title

URL path sites require a brief, which is beneficial in Shanghai Longfeng, but the default Dede URL path is very long, so we have to change a little short. When I was PS because the station did not see, so I still have the website is the default, too late for regrets.

due to their use of dedecms built a few sites, so I feel a lot, but also because of their neglect, many places do not have enough optimization when the site began, leading to late to change it difficult, so we decided to write an article, let the back of the friends can see when the station began to sit down, reference. Although the Dede program in the default time optimization have done a good job, but in a lot of details or shortcomings, we need to change ourselves. Of course, this is also the default directly. If we start.

a you can change anything you want such as post, men etc.. After this change, your article URL should become /a/. The id.html is not standardized.

in the program management senior where we can see the default format is so {typedir}/{Y}{M}{D}/{aid}.html I can directly into the a/{aid}.html


Dede is the default path. /a/ column path / date / this article id.html this URL link is very cumbersome, too long, the spider crawling is not optimized, so need to optimize. If you can change the URL /a/ id.html. The standard format that is quite good, following the change method.

, two page list can be written in a column name – Shanghai dragon title – the site name

path optimizationWe know that the


[2] URL

The tagMark

started working site and then hard to delete some articles, so we must do 404 page 404 page, then you can go to Shanghai to search for love, there are a lot of beautiful pages, and then download the following we can modify the parameters inside, and then uploaded to the website, you can. The specific method is set to love Shanghai or noble baby, virtual host should be achieved in the control panel, VPS or independent host you can add 404 parameters in the configuration file, please love me in Shanghai.

[3] to 404 pages and 301 directional

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5 basic ways to make your site included increasing

this point is the most important aspect, to know when love Shanghai spider climb to our site, got some fresh information, it will not attract more spiders to? The answer is yes, if you often is to update the original article, the love of spiders in Shanghai love will be a long time on your site, so that access frequency is rising, if the original is not very good at the appropriate pseudo original, but not the essence of what is new, so as to let the spider don’t run away.

four: the chain of spamming will lead you to the site of deadly trauma

On the 5 principles of

two: exchange Links selection

love Shanghai very much and included below, I think if the webmaster can very good do the following method, then the love of Shanghai is also included the website will be improved, the number of the amount collected after all the love of Shanghai in a certain degree is to improve your site name degree, so do the work for you included in the optimization of the above is also very helpful, I will briefly introduce the 5 methods.

three: the domain name of the website do not often change

on this point I think everyone should know, if you change the domain name probably reduces the love Shanghai for your liking. So you collect and snapshot will be reduced and stagnation, especially for the new station, this particular attention, otherwise it will affect all aspects of your website the.


good Links can bring to the site in a certain degree of trust and reputation, and to let love Shanghai on your site’s favorability was enhanced for the site selection is the first to consider the site’s PR value and love Shanghai snapshot of the time, if you find the love sea snapshot in a certain period of time are you not with the new, for the Links to do a comprehensive review, see if it is in a certain extent by the love of Shanghai punishment, see included quantity is not reduced, it can eliminate certain risks, to avoid the impact on their website.

many people think that the chain is also the more the better, but you know what? Although this may bring you some visitors, but this method is really useful for you whether the website is the website? Want to know now is playing the adhesion of the user, if a web site is IP high, but PV is small, I think your website was no better, but the chain will lead to spamming your site into the sea in the sandbox, so your website included snapshot and has a lot of influence, is not conducive to the promotion of the website construction and.

if you can grasp the good site with new strength, then your website, especially for the information station, will retain a lot of users, the user viscosity will be greatly raised.

five: with the new strength of

: adhere to the original article every day

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51JOB Japanese CPA advertising online edition, 15 yuan successI have passion for Wangzhuan Olympic E

details please pay attention to the station announcement.

if you are the Commissioner of the league, please give me the latest information and we will send it to you for the first time. Feedback


I chose to choose million net, the largest known must be right. My website launched soon, and then put on the GG, Wang Tong in the show and his hard work, the background of the income from the beginning of the day 1 Click to later hundreds of hits, the kind of joy than to eat the honey still sweet, soon back soon 100 knife amount. It’s a bad day. The website speed is very slow, and there are malicious plug-ins on shlf1314. During that time, almost every day there was no click, the background basically stopped. Just when looking for a solution, GG account was K, because the account click abnormal, God, I really jumped into the Yellow River can not wash it.


began to realize "go", he told me that the network can be a lot of ways of making money, he can do to earn money. Finally, there was a teacher, and did not need tuition, there was a feeling called moved. He taught me how to earn money by clicking on a foreign email, and when you reached a certain amount, the amount was accumulated to $8880. Later I learned that I was his downline, and 10 days later, when he reached 8880 of the amount, and did not receive the so-called commission.

for two months, I learned to surf the Internet, learn how to type and learn basic computer skills. During the e-commerce class, the teacher said, "the Internet is almost universal." I think the Internet can make me make money?. Go back after I search "make money online" opened the curtain of my Wangzhuan life.

51JOB enterprise CPA advertising online edition, 15 yuan / success.

requires web site ALEXA to rank less than 500 thousand.

more League information goes on: top.admin5/u

I went to university in Guangdong, the home economy is more constraints, no computer, typing in that second year also will not look at others in typing, feeling he is awesome. Do summer workers earn in Guangzhou by 05 years, and then finally put all sorts of things together with a computer.

Admin5 union channel every day to see ah, a lot of money online information.

later learned that this is caused by the instability of the space, and all customer communication is invalid, I angrily select ‘times’ comeback. With the warning, the.

Wang Tong said "the most famous is" civilink ‘, the most stable service space is the best "network era"


welcome webmaster active launch.

first let you know the domestic league dynamics,

has received 4 more GG accounts this month, and has forgotten how many times it has been successfully collected. Back to my 2 years of experience in Wangzhuan, then borrow a paper filled with a thousand regrets, Xiaowen, thank the friends of the high gold content to stand so much, thank you shlf1314, thank you very much for the era of network".

Adsense network alliance information release group: 5084047

wants to join the Admin5 League channel, please contact

was introduced to Wang Tong, Wang Tong told me the registration point and click can play not really, really want to make the best long-term stability of shlf1314 or Adsense, but to do this project must have a website. One direction is exceptionally strong. After a month, I basically mastered the basic site building technology.

if this advertisement suits you, please go to union official address:

I asked Wang Tong, "where’s the best place to buy a domain name right now?"


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An example about web site suddenly not included the causes and treatment methods

. The IIS log check, can clearly understand the spider’s whereabouts, it has not come to our site and what time, and how frequently come to. If the spider did not come, the site is naturally not included.

channel. If the spider is normal to your site, then you must first see is your robots.txt file, see if it is not because of their own in modification of robots is not careful, the original need included page to ban, or is it because I have only forbidden entrance page need included page the main entrance is prohibited or. About robots file but also pay attention to is not frequently modified, because every time you change will let the spider to consider what page is the page which is not going to crawl, frequent modification is also very hate spiders; you also need to check is that each entrance to your web page is not normal.

General situation: the

3, check the page, if the spider, and your robots is the same as before no major changes, entrance structure and page are not what a big change, it must be on the page. The article page, you need to consider the quality of their articles, is not collected too much? Is not the original article is not enough and so on, and to check their articles are collected over others (which many people have the habit of checking), the collection by others too much, if you the weight less than acquisition of your article website, maybe you will make you seem to love Shanghai station is the collection station, especially when your article is different when the frequent acquisition station for the other; page, you have to look at is not in your new page. "

1, check the IIS log

had a normal website, suddenly become not included, the Shanghai dragon Er means suffering time, tragedy, the author of the station in some time ago, met this situation, fortunately, after examination and treatment after the site resumed. Here the author according to the actual example, why said site suddenly not included and solutions.

station in about 9.15 days, the original daily update daily normal included information page not included, then other pages included in the site began to decrease, when on the 9.23 day, the site began to stop by, the snapshot stalled, site keywords ranking drop.

2, check the A lot of

due to the site is not included, so check the website spent a lot of time, of course, is not blind, need to have a clear direction in mind, the overall cause of the site is not included is nothing more than 3 points: 1, 2, a spider spider does not come; come, can not find the page you left. 3, spider, also entered the site some pages inside, but still did not bring anything. From these 3 reasons, I made the following findings:

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Do not love the Shanghai domain in the first place


first, I also think so, after all, the chain query, we only get the results of the chain, and keywords ranking Never mind much. For example, now you domain webmaster nets, Adsense network. After the inquiry found that the results did not appear in the first place, it is because the weight of stationmaster net is beyond doubt. If you still don’t believe, can domain NetEase 163, the result is the same, so it is proved that the weight was not affected by the domain ranking effect.

sometimes you will find Links domain not in the home, this is not normal, as long as you see the key after you will find all the keywords ranking is down. Check the data after that, as long as it is a new station, such a problem, immediately ranked No. But this is not much impact on the old station, a few days again in the normal, but for new sites, in the short term if it is slow but awkward.

through the above analysis, according to the new station, if the domain is not in the first place, will be ready. The chain of stability will directly affect the site’s ranking. Here, the collection content too much, or Links problems, or problems, will lead to domain is not in the home. Even though the site results in the first place, but the snapshot, keywords ranking will not keep pace with. If correct this problem, the domain result will be transformed to normal. This is just a matter of time, but if you are unlucky, it is possible to wait a year.

site and domain are most concerned about the website optimization command. Not surprisingly, site is a web site, the site does not appear first we will determine the right to be reduced, in fact, this situation is very rare, because many websites from included over yuan down to site included a digit, or find the URL appears in the first. So site down the right and not completely corresponding relationship. On the contrary, the site site appears in the first site may not be without any problems. If the domain is such a problem, is not the same as site, if not the same, domain is not the first cause is what

once you love Shanghai website domain results is not the first, don’t let down, analyze and solve problems with patience, love Shanghai will let you go. Perhaps the improvement, but also by the love interest of Shanghai, ranking perhaps ah. >

as everyone knows, love Shanghai’s search results is in accordance with the weight of the rankings, if domain is not in the first place, this is a sign that is not right to be reduced? Although many people think that domain only query outside the chain, do not have much practical significance. As long as the keywords or snapshot ranking, and the chain is not the main factor, but you see there is a flow over 10000 website is it


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Air China won the top ten search engine optimization details Shanghai Longfeng sites to see

two, website: website home page H tags using the H1 tags with the keyword "ticket book", the website’s main products with H tags can increase the spider on the keyword recognition, to emphasize the role, at the same time, different pages to give different keywords H1 tag set, set according to the main content of the page the station can not pass to add the same keywords H tag, and a web page can only add a H1 tag.

, a Website Title: China International Airlines plane ticket booking inquiries – _ flight inquiry _ latest discount special offer ticket, a Title Optimization Principle: corporate brand name + product + product attributes + product discount information. The title of the users most want to care about the product information express, potential customers pay attention to enterprise’s main products, whether it meets the requirements of product value parameters of customer care, actually is the network marketing e-commerce platform operators, users always feel may have more advantages than offline sales, so the product sales discount scheme the customer is more concerned about the topic. Simple and clear air clear title to the product attributes of the most incisive expression, no accumulation of keywords of the suspects, completely for the user experience to consider.

2013 Site navigation design four, clear

: website design at the top of the navigation of the main information service can provide the display, classification is also very small, not only can better let spiders crawl on the page, but also allows users to find information easily. Site map navigation table design pattern, so that customers clearly can find the corresponding product information, spiders also can smoothly capture. Website pages breadcrumb is divided into: home > a classification list > the two level classification list > specific pages. A list of the structure is a top-down navigation mode, the user can directly find the top-down and the corresponding products, reasonable profit.

three, good user experience: with the gradual development and stability of the Internet search engine, the user experience is highly valued in the user experience, Air China has done a very extreme, not only taking into account the site of the Shanghai dragon optimization, more consideration of the product user experience, not only provide ticket booking service system. At the same time also provide detailed information service for the user, the construction of the chain is to let more users can browse the relevant contents. The chain construction Air China is the ultimate way to add anchor text links to the home page keywords no cheat add more links to related pages and information service can help users better understand the product.

third Chinese Shanghai dragon ranking conference, won the 2013 top ten Shanghai dragon website Award "and" top ten enterprises electricity supplier Shanghai dragon website award". In order to improve website traffic, website sales driven, Air China started for the website structure, content, user experience and other aspects of search engine optimization at the end of 2012. The part-time job go together with all the details of the site optimization analysis.

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New business Liu Aiming Mao Daqing are public record earnings for feudal lords vying for the throne

, chief designer of China Beidou system first academician Sun Jiadong pointed out that the development and application of Beidou should not be confined to a single field, need more professional, integration of innovation and development of cross industry; "Beidou +" multi-creation space will urge the Beidou industrialization and application innovation.


one stone arouses thousands of waves. In this regard, Societe Generale Securities sponsor representative Li Bin, Guoxin Securities sponsor representative Meng Fanlong have said that the merger examination committee is the general trend, which is conducive to the concept of unified audit. Because the current main board and gem two markets do not exist substantive differences, boundaries are relatively vague, there is no difference between the audit standards.

< >

increasing the purpose of protecting the legitimate rights and interests of investors;

relying on this social resources for entrepreneurs to provide work space, network space, communication space and resource sharing space, various places, with low cost, convenience, all elements of the service platform, its operations and profit model for the industry focus.

whether the main board or the gem, the above three aspects of the audit standards are the same, the difference between the two markets reflected in:

and the increase of illegal members publicly condemned the way.

in April 15th, the city’s new industrial holding compass + multi-creation space "officially unveiled, the core platform to build services in the promotion and application of Beidou technology, this platform will cooperate with the China satellite navigation Association, China Beidou technology research institute.

1, gem enterprises listed in the industry must be encouraged by the state to support emerging industries, and the motherboard does not need.

Sun Jiadong, the Beidou satellite navigation system is a global satellite navigation system developed by Chinese, the United States global positioning system GPS, the Russian GLONASS satellite navigation system GLONASS after third of the most sophisticated satellite navigation system, is expected to provide global services in 2020.

will be the main board of commissioning Committee, the gem issuance examination committee merger;

and reduce the tenure of members, the former top three term to the two session of the

"Beidou +" multi creation space mode

to clear recommended member responsibility;

revised "measures" mainly includes ten aspects:

public information shows that in 2015 China’s satellite navigation and location-based services industry output value of more than 190 billion yuan. More than 80% new products and systems have been added to the domestic satellite navigation market, and Beidou compatible technology has been adopted.

, that is, any section of the board of issuance examination committee members can be competent for the trial work of the other side of the board, and the two trial committees are not technically difficult to merge, which is a trend of the times.

2, the gem of the profits are low, the standard is listed last year net profit can reach about 30 million, but at the same time, the growth of demand for three years during the reporting period is higher; and before the board requirements of small plates is four or five million yuan, is not high on the growth requirements.

II. To strengthen the recruitment of the examination and examination committee and to set up a selection committee;

III to increase the audit arrangements for the issuance of audit work;


4. To improve the trading system of the members of the Commission for examination and approval;

the legal level is reflected in the history of business and legal compliance; financial level to reflect the authenticity of the performance of the company’s financial data; growth reflects the company’s industry and business competitiveness in the industry in technology.

merger examination committee is the general trend of

City chairman Liu Aiming introduced new industries, "compass +" public space will be integrated funds, technology, teams, enterprises and key research institutes, to build Beidou industry public service platform, forming North

, more and more real estate company executives choose to start their own businesses, "public space" is one of the most popular direction. In addition to Liu Aiming, also resigned Vanke Mao Daqing also created a "Hugo workshop" of the project.

, the "Beidou + public space" settled in Shenzhen, Shenzhen is based on regional and talent advantages. At present, Shenzhen around the Beidou satellite system technology development company has nearly 800, intelligent hardware industry base and industrial chain ecological good.

today, the Commission spokesman Gao Li said that the Commission will publish the revised issue review committee hereinafter referred to as the "measures" ", including: merge the motherboard fashenwei and fashenwei gem, the number of full-time members increased from 60 to 66.

;To improve the working conditions of the IEC members

at the same time, the new investment in the Beidou industry and the number of new enterprises increased rapidly. There are more than 13000 enterprises and institutions in the field of satellite navigation and location-based services, employing nearly 400 thousand people. The total number of Listed Companies in the industry including three new board reached 21, and the listed companies involved in satellite navigation and location-based services accounted for about 6% of China’s total output value.

after Vanke, hyupshin occupation managers career, Liu Aiming now is the identity of "the city of new industry" founder. Around the main business of the new space of new industries, the development of entrepreneurial companies, using the Internet thinking to form a "tribe" + community build industry ecosystem overweight real estate industry, now gradually gain a firm foothold in Shenzhen, rapid operation.

consider increasing the number of full-time members, members of the number increased from 60 to 66;

, general manager of, Shandong branch of Northeast Securities, further explained that the audit of the IPO focuses on three areas: Law, finance and growth.


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Entrepreneurship four years, home and pig want to share in the field of drops, but also the need for



website services project is now a lot of know fast charge project agent business, many people are doing projects, mostly with paste, BBS, blog and other forms of advertising in publicity. In order to help Taobao shopkeeper: ice butterfly tears promotion project, and I enable this site to do the project propaganda auxiliary. All the contents related to the project have been done in the station and posted on the website. For articles of original nature, maintain daily updates after the site has been opened. From the very beginning of the day, IP30 has been going on for a long time. After a period of accumulation, now the site’s daily visit IP at around 200, the highest reached 500IP. Many people who make big websites may despise the traffic for hundreds of stations a day. However, he targeted, on the day of this more than 100, some IP traffic, to achieve the highest daily income of 535 yuan. It’s all true, without any moisture.

Chinese style gameplay

Although the


in 2012, after the Romanian army began to try to lead the team in Hainan is regarded as the way home characteristics of the housing trust mode, at the same time, Chen Chi began to run away from the ganji practice China version of the Airbnb – launched in Beijing on the pig short rent a house.

has now become a unicorn with a valuation of $1 billion, but this figure is still too small compared to the drop size. But the players in it don’t seem to be in a hurry.

pig short rent founder Chen Chi

entrepreneurship 4 years, Luo Jun remains diligent: in addition to spare no effort in the circle of friends to promote their own way home, he also maintained a daily one o’clock sleep, seven o’clock a.m. work and rest.

is now full of open source programs, and as a webmaster there is hardly any threshold. Site building program, whether it is PHP.asp. blog or.NET, etc., there are available procedures everywhere, the rapid construction of a simple site. But if you want to make money on the Internet becomes an old topic, there are too many webmaster for website how to make money and worry. Many webmaster bought the domain name open space, spent a lot of money and time, but the site did not bring their own expected results. This kind of problem must be bothering, not a 2 stationmaster.

way home from the second half of last year began to force C2C business, and in the first half of this year, the acquisition of ants short rental, in one fell swoop into the hinterland of the pig. The pig also increased the intensity of the operation under the line. The two companies announced their move into overseas markets more recently.

Hello, I’m Chu reds. Long time no published articles, and today we talk about the recent operation of a small project summary of operations.

because many of the site’s operational failures, this time no longer rely on their own joy, like how to how, but there is a purpose, a starting point to determine goals and plans.

, here’s a quick website for ice butterflies. A web site around IP100 per day. How to achieve monthly income is 3000+.

two years ago, when Chen Chi was still there

used to bring E-House China to NASDAQ, and he was considered one of the best known to the Chinese real estate market.

and a lot of stationmaster same, when I begin to contact website at the very beginning, adore big and whole door, adore all sorts of functional websites of those commercial operations. Also dreamed of having a similar site, but also by looking for templates, looking for source code, built similar stations, but eventually failed. Are too blindly follow the trend, did not give themselves a good positioning. Stumbled all the time, the heart is a lot of peace. Heart also calculate quiet, see a project and do a website to also have more consideration.

I wrote some articles in mid August and September, about some of the first time I started website support project promotion. Received the recognition of friends, has also been questioned by friends. Of course, the process is the most profitable of my own. I have accumulated some experience.

, talk about the topic that I share today, that is, the project that my website supports.

‘s reason for the busy CEO’s impression of the tenant was that the idea of sharing houses was not publicly recognized in china.


business in the fierce competition, but in the future the judgment about the short rental industry, Luo Jun and Chen Chi point is very close to the two that, after years of hard work and brewing, China short rental market has been in the outbreak of the eve.

way home with a pig is China short rental market two representative company, started with the housing trust model to model the way home heavier Online + line, the pig is Airbnb loyal imitator, oriented in the business of C2C.

4 years ago, Airbnb and Uber launched a share of the economy has been favored by Chinese entrepreneurs. In the same year, under the influence of Airbnb and Uber, the company of pig, drop and fast was established in china.

in the first half of this year, however, the two models were looking increasingly similar.

way home co-founder Luo Jun

on his 4th anniversary anniversary this year, Chen Chi released his landlord’s diary, which he has insisted on sharing one of his own. In the article entitled "1120 days, 360 strangers live in my house", Chen recalls some of his impressive tenants.

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CHANet results network officially released new features flash chainSilicon Valley entrepreneurship G

implementation of advertising code intelligence. Before the general domestic advertising union code is directed to specific activities, can not be flexible. When the advertisement expires or the budget is used up, if the webmaster does not find it in time, it will waste advertising. Now, when the problem arises, the flash chain automatically removes the expired or budgeted ads and replaces them with the replacement ads previously set up by the site administrator, without wasting any traffic on the site.

why does the entrepreneur ignore the partner’s opinion? Well, it’s about counterintuitive. They’re against your intuition. They seem wrong. So your first impulse is to ignore them. In fact, my description of YC’s jokes is part of the reason for its existence. If the founder’s instincts have given them the right answer, they don’t need us. The only thing you need is someone who can surprise you. That’s why there are so many ski instructors and not so many running coaches.

increases the utilization of advertising bits. Flash chain can achieve text expository pictures and advertising the original carousel, make full use of Limited advertising to create unlimited value.

author note: This article originates from my guest lecture on Standford’s entrepreneurship course. It was geared towards college students, but most of it also applies to potential entrepreneurs of other age groups.

child rearing is a benefit, when you have to give advice, you can ask yourself: "what I can say to my children?" my child is still small, but I can imagine when they go to college after I will tell them how to start it. So, here’s what I’m going to tell them.

this article comes from Silicon Valley famous business incubator Y Combinator founder Paul Graham Paul, ·, Graham blog, by Tiger sniffing compile:

reported that the flash chain currently released has only primary functions, and more advanced functions, such as optimized advertising and analytical revenue, are being planned.

list is the fact that I’m always talking about: entrepreneurship is pretty weird, and if you trust your instincts, you’re going to make a lot of mistakes. If you only knew that, you would make fewer mistakes.


usually, startups are very intuitive. I don’t know what this is about. Maybe it’s just that knowledge about entrepreneurship has not been found in our culture yet. Whatever the reason, in short, starting a company is something you can never trust your gut feelings.


The first thing on the

I once joked that one of the functions of YC is to tell entrepreneurs something they don’t care about. Such is the case。 YC will partner to another batch of entrepreneurs warned they will make some mistakes, but the latter is not to regard it as right, until they came back a year later said, "then put those words to listen well."

saves the time that the site manages the ads, and inserts the code once and for all. After that, the management of advertising can be achieved intelligently through background management of results network.

January 1, 2008, CHANet results network advertising alliance for web owners to develop the "flash chain" function officially released. After long-term demand research, this function is mainly based on solving the following problems:

speeds up the speed at which web users access ad pages. Flash chain is the results of CHANet network for the first time using the JavaScript code, the user clicks on the ads directly to advertisers ", save intermediate links jump, greatly accelerate the speed of the link, but also improve the user experience.

it’s like skiing. When you ski for the first time, you want to slow down, and you intuitively want to lean back. But if you run down the hill and lean back, you’re sure to get out of hand. So learning to ski is part of learning how to suppress your instincts. In the end, you’ll learn new habits, but first you have to make a conscious effort. When you start sliding down the top of the mountain, you’re afraid to start a long list to remind yourself of what you need to remember.

entrepreneurship, like skiing, is not natural, so there is a similar list for startups. Next, I’ll give you the first part of this list.

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Do Taobao customers do not understand SEO, we can increase trafficSeveral forecast 2010 Click Wangzh

1 ppc. By understanding your effective users and making reasonable keywords, then you can see which effect is the best. Make reasonable decisions.

Wangzhuan program continuously, click on the site of money also will continue to improve the development of. In the past, the method of cheating by clicking will no longer exist. The way to change Renminbi through virtual gold coins will gradually replace the direct payment of RMB in the past. Because this way can gradually meet the hearts of the people, so that people can fully meet the psychological.

5 sh419 knows. This is a platitude of the problem is nothing more than for IP, with vest to answer hot questions. But now there’s another sh419 I that’s worth studying.

2 soft wen. For now the webmaster speaking, write a good soft Wen can make a web site you greatly improve the visibility of the site, and if the soft in the right site can give you bring your potential customers unexpected, has written a survey report of a soft analysis of an enterprise master file, on the right on the site one day bring the company 500 calls. So it’s important to talk about software.

this article from the Philharmonic Amoy original original A5 www.admin5, I hope you reprint for me to retain a connection, thank you

as a grassroots webmaster and I think everybody wants to stand a good ranking, a steady flow, but the reality is that not all of the webmaster to SEO and get baiud.shlf1314 in the search engines to get huge traffic, if you have a good the site may be in accordance with the following methods can let you get a lot of traffic.

3 builds RSS blogs that regularly update and release content that works for the customer. The benefits of doing so, needless to say, we all understand. RSS must have known all about it.

click class, the site’s score will gradually decline, members will earn less money. At present, such as oranges, egg network, will be 2 thousand of the score increased to 20 thousand, which means that members of the same income will be compressed. At present, although 58 improved certain ratio, but in addition to this site, other sites not only provide, but are like balls like them, began to improve scores for various reasons, a member of the lower income.

many people do not understand SEO, still get very high traffic, nothing more than the word "diligence", everything is like this. The trick is that it’s just a matter of skills, seeing more and thinking more, and you’ll find something you don’t know. To try, "Qin" a word at the head can make your website Yuebanyuehao.

click Wangzhuan site will be gradually reduced, non formal, professional site will transition or disappear completely. Because of the current domestic strike hard trend, IDC will gradually price increases, and click ads, money class site profits will gradually decrease. But this does not mean that this kind of site will disappear, because this kind of site profits still exist, but this kind of site will gradually regularization, professional development.

4 builds blogs. I have tried to set up a blog in Sina, NetEase and released a large number of popular keyword articles, through this blog day website can get thousands of traffic, but the premise is that this blog has a lot of content to attract users. sh419 blog and Sina blog are the best blogs in current practice, others can try their own, such as NetEase, ah, and so on.

has been focused on the development of the online money making industry, and its browsing advertising task is its flagship project. But from the current trend, click Wangzhuan outlook does not seem good, but you don’t have to give up, because the present form, click Wangzhuan need is a process of transition. In this process, click Wangzhuan will gradually toward the direction of light.

rebate site will gradually disappear or transition, such as the type of transformation has become the Wangzhuan site. Their profits will also suffer a certain decline and fall. Therefore, it also determines the reduction of such sites. Write so much for the time being and go on with it tomorrow. Www.58task, remember my station, the website that makes money on the internet.

The number of

types of fraud sites will gradually reduce, and replaced by the integrity of the class site. Because the cost and risk of online fraud will increase, so the next direction will be the development of good faith competition. And that often clean up data, or through a variety of ways to deceive members of the site, will be eliminated.

click on the money class site will gradually integrated, rich. If you just click it, it certainly won’t satisfy the members. 58task, for example, has dozens of ways of making money to serve its members. As a registered money, money play yards, rebate Wangzhuan, make money, make money surfing will hang to carry forward, make friends can have more choices.

6 to other forums website publicity, not only can increase the chain, but also get good traffic. But the hope is that we all have something to send content, otherwise you come directly to a link will make many BBS administrators feel disgusted. To delete what you sent.

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