Why should I add the target=_blank attribute

, I’ve always been disgusted with the pop-up pages on the page,


believes that readers must encountered such a situation, when you browse the pages in a site, if you click on the watch, after a while, when you want to leave this website, you can find yourself on the screen all the site’s pages, this is the case of IE6. If your browser has tabs, the tab bar will be full of pages from the same web site you’ve seen, which is a bad experience, anyway.

in the end pop-up page is good, the debate has long ago. Both the public just said, each one sticks to his own viewpoint, both sides just said. Some netizens cite websites that do not pop up pages, and many of them are well-known foreign websites. Thus, "nationalist" stood up, and he said a word we often heard – Chinese people have become accustomed to pop-up web pages, which is called Chinese characteristics.

indeed, I’m more concerned about reading a web page. Maybe it’s for the technical reasons. For example, I gave a page one eye, found that there are several links more interested in, then I click on the front of the link, but usually not directly left click, right-click the —> open in a new window, so repeatedly. I’m just making sure you don’t miss any of the pages that interest you. If I click directly, if the link does not have the target=" _blank" attributes, I will probably turn off the new entry, so I lose the chance to continue browsing on the page.

also, I am a little lazy), encounter strange: website, I will never go to try to see whether it has the characteristics of left click, pop-up. That’s too much of a waste of time. Surfing itself is rather random and critical. Remember, visitors surfing than go to the market to buy food easily, much more comfortable, a little unhappy, he will turn to other website! Wish, think about my friends, do you have when browsing the web, because of a "do not take care of a little habits of their own, have been shut off the example. For example:

1) you are opening a web page, when your computer begins to kill virus or net speed is slow, the webpage does not open for a long time. You think this site is really slow, and then it’s off.

2) when you’re looking at a web page, suddenly a friend sends you a funny link with Skeype, when you click directly on the link, so the page you’re just looking at is pointing at the new link. After that, you forget the previous page.

3) you see a beauty site, a dozen points at a time, when you realize that the computer is slow, and then turn off other windows, the switch is likely to have you have not seen the web page;

says here, readers should feel the same way that web pages are so fragile. From hundreds of millions of web pages

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Webmaster, should you consider the transition

webmaster for the rest of your life, you can do stand later in life insurance? The problem is, all people will be met, but also can not escape, then you thought of it? The webmaster, the website alliance how to rely on Google, the first video, Ali mother, in addition to the many Alliance you can trust, if there is no alliance, you have to think about how to make money on the

website of life?

most of the owners are relying on alliance income to maintain their own lives, some people regard him as a career, no other sources of income, but this is a Baidu? Now, how many sites are faced with dangerous heart K off the bile, toss to toss about the Baidu fitness network, now do not know how to do it is depressing, if the site really K, want to do what the past, now is still very confused. Some webmaster new station, Baidu for a long time not included, is also very helpless……

if you are a working class, the current soaring prices and housing prices, with your present income, do you think you will have a good basic guarantee in your life?

if you think you are a student, after graduation to find a one thousand or two thousand job, can be settled? Now college students employment pressure, is known, although you still college students, but if you are a few years after entering the society, with your strength now, you are more competitive big


if you are self-employed boss gens, whether you are open, open a shop, a restaurant, you want, you can rely on this business at last? Now the market competition is so fierce, too many companies and shops, today, tomorrow, do you have a sense of crisis


each of us are eager to live a good life, live in a big house, open on the car, but your current situation continues, you may do that? You after decades of life, to live a rich life? Can you give your family, those you love, and the people who love you, take a good living conditions, not to let them worry about


if you think you can do this now, then I congratulate you, if you don’t think you can do it, it will find a way, can not sit still, not self deception, the reality is the muddle along without any aim of life, can not escape, you don’t do something now, then no way to think, the result you are accompanied by pain, not happy, live a rigid life.

if you want to change, really say, want to go or go to the web site for a long time to get some local combination of industry website, may you is a chance, may wish to know about industry effect, make people see the hope of life, and through this the industry, also can obtain a stable long-term guarantee of life, I hope some of my experience, can help you to make some choices, maybe you can change your life! The source address: http>

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What to do to make money the fastest two small story to tell you

there are a lot of people because of the pressure of life, all want to make money, but there are a lot of people earn money on the road, there is no time to find a good way in life, what to do to make money fast? Take a look at the following several stories will inspire you to believe.


Because of the great expansion of

entrepreneurship practice

22 year old panda began to practice entrepreneurship, but also three years of social business school marketing professional trip. This is the panda himself summed up their own. He said that since 2004, began the practice of entrepreneurship to   just graduated in January 2007, in February. 2007 on March, with only 8000 yuan to start their own businesses, after about 6 months, has opened a total of 5 stores, nearly 20 people, fixed assets of up to 200 thousand.

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That talent website on the development of self pity

has participated in the local Qidong Internet Conference this time, and has exchanged some own station construction experience and the profession understanding to some colleagues. Although the scale of the conference does not compare with the Internet start-ups meeting held in Beijing some time ago, but for the two or three – line city webmaster, such communication opportunities are equally significant.

during the exchange, we prospect for talent recruitment industry also said very confused, just chinahr.com, qianchengwuyou giant site encountered development restrictions, but also because of their operations when facing the same decline in the number of registered users, reduce the profit sharing and other issues, yes, this is indeed the industry has problems, as I the industry website owners do not deny, but I want to say is the confusion of the prospect does not mean that there is no prospect, talent website operation process now, there are several points were all too neglected, in fact, seize the key, the talent website up or have the potential.

many owners mistakenly think that it should be based on a strong talent website for the demand for places, such as wide north, if not the north of Guangzhou, Hangzhou and Xiamen should also be popular in the city, so the development will have a prospect. In fact, this idea can only be said to be one-sided, high-end cities will have a lot of office resources available, but the use of the cost will be much higher than the two or three line cities. We are doing a field, so the competition is large, at the same time, the flow of talent of high-end city more, also is the job hopping phenomenon is relatively common, many have been in high technical personnel will be headhunting company direct telephone contact, this will make the loss of their potential customers.

So what is

based on the two or three or even three or four line city? Just according to the theory, we will certainly feel that the two or three line of the city there is no potential for development, because there is not enough office resources, it would be completely mistaken but, because in my opinion, the traditional talent network station market is the two or three line of the city, but in the process of operation in a little transformation. At least not in the form of YISHION talent website operations, but based on localization, to achieve multiple services. Which requires the webmaster to more with local enterprises or businesses to contact, cooperation. For a very simple example, when everyone in the operation of local talent website, not only want to provide some jobs, let users to match, because in the two or three line of the city, we accept the Internet as the high-end City, so many webmaster want to in position matching under a lot of effort.

says the job matching, and I think the concept of training might be heard. You might say, what’s the connection between the training and the job pairing?. Why should the two be combined, in my business thinking, only through job seekers for certain professional training, in order to make their skills more practical, and turn to the most suitable for their positions. Because some job really is smoke and mirrors, such as environmental assessment division, many of my friends think this position is just looking at flowers to weed the.

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The digitalization of professional journals

people from the Internet economy summed up such a rule: if a person has one thousand hardcore fans, you can live very nourishing. The so-called one thousand hardcore fans, whether it is this person, books, or words and deeds, there will be consumers. For example, an online game that always has one thousand loyal users can make a profit. For example, if you have one thousand loyal readers, you won’t worry about selling books. This basically explains why some of the major journals and academic journals are still alive for a long time, and the root cause is that these journals have a group of hardcore readers and fans.

The advantages of

professional journals

because our journals are not independent economic accounting, have mostly sponsored by financial or financial support, so we can’t see how many publications can be profitable and how much profit, but according to the statistics show that China has more than 1 thousands of journals, periodicals and the internet income more than 600 million yuan, the scale is not big. The digital periodical has become represent the general trend. According to readers’ groups, China’s periodicals can be roughly divided into mass periodicals, sci-tech periodicals and academic periodicals. No matter how many or what categories it is, in my opinion, the two advantages of a professional journal are unquestionable: first, a professional publication has a professional editorial team. Such a team may be loose, or it may be centralized. For example, some publications run on a regular basis, such as computer world, computer enthusiasts, and other scientific publications. Some publications is operated in the form of manuscripts, such as some of the academic journals and literature journals. Second, professional publications have a group of hearty pumps". They are to survive the bottom line of support for the publication of publications, their price is not too sensitive, but for the content of the magazine is Pennywise, even if the information of complex Internet, still cannot replace the journals to their reading experience. Such publications include military magazines, academic studies, and so on.

Digital Practice of

professional journals

professional journals of electronic, various publications for electronic attitude there are differences, ambitions are different. To sum up, professional journals have chosen such a number of digital road:

is the most simple way: the simplest way is to digital publications will be transformed into electronic publications from the print media, from reading the paper into the electronic reading, follow the trend of the publication may open micro-blog, WeChat and APP. Of course, many publications are not able to carry out the content of the electronic operation, so the direct sale of electronic copyright to the publication platform, charge a certain fee. This is the most simple professional journal of electronic road.

the most ambitious way: some populations face a large number of publications, the publications including public finance publications, social life and entertainment publications publications, publications operators hope to exclusive content publication as a springboard, and the establishment of electronic media has a certain influence in the industry. Finance >

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Stumbled to build a pedestrian outside the site construction process

said do not want to work from the beginning to start, 3 years of work life feel more and more boring, so that Baidu search "do not have to go to work to make money to search a pile of rubbish information, but I also know that not to search for what is pure work boring chaos search. So chaos search do not know how to go to the Admin5 website, read a lot of articles on the Internet to make money! A clap, oh well, the site can make money at home, I discovered the new world, to join the collection.

said, for a layman to start a new field really is a very difficult thing, look at other Adsense brothers wrote so easily, their hands to be really not so, those veterans who write something inside the professional vocabulary is all cannot read, what SEO, PR, Alexa ranking, the chain, chain and so on I see it was a hazy fog of


didn’t know it would have to first learn humbly. Don’t stop looking for tutorials, find the video, so naughty for 3 months (don’t laugh ah, "in fact, you’re not stupid, this is my mother once said to me) finally know what to do on this. I really started the road of the site (pain from the beginning of time).

is the first to solve the problem of domain name, see some tutorial proposal to buy a high PR domain which is good for the site, and then start looking for a place to buy the domain name, with MONEY do not know where to buy, ask a colleague to see have not know, the old man threw me a word "the matter is not resolved to ask Baidu, foreign affairs decided not to ask Google" (no wonder webmaster brothers so rely on them, or do SEO) indeed, on the Internet to find a trading platform, looking for PR high I can never one to detect ·? And on the struggling, in thinking not a website dedicated to do such a deal for you, sometimes we really need these grassroots this kind of message. Wandering aimlessly in the trading platform, suddenly a bright eyes following a 51nice.com domain name is introduced said: "the domain name PR4 suitable for the female website (see" really regret this proposal, then, to the back) I ADMIN5 webmaster tools to check, it really is PR4, when that charge money in. Unfortunately, not immediately available, the domain name is the auction price is 1 yuan, no matter how I decide to buy it, and then out of the price, 2 days before the expiration time, really tough ah ah ~ this time, set the mobile phone to remind one hour before the end of time, the middle of the line from time to time look, find you have been leading and offer only more than 10 yuan, the heart Anxi, if no one can pick up a cheap (perhaps for the two days is not idle, and many other station, behind separately) Finally, the domain name to the end of time, mobile phone to remind the results useless, every day thinking about it, a sign up silly, a lot of people bid on the inside, see in a look at fiercely as a tiger does I have, but.

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Site tagging map suspected of leak, do your first choice

May 17th "focus interview" column broadcast "alert Internet map leakage" program, reported the "Moonlight Forum" website marked Google, Earth maps suspected of leaking information. After the broadcast, set off a heated discussion at the Admin5 forum, some owners said, if related to national security issues, this is not a common problem; up to the height of national security, the network map annotation of leaking state secrets is absolutely not to be underestimated. After the program, in May 18th, the relevant departments launched the "Internet map service professional standards" policy, the mobile map will be included in the management for the first time, it seems that the Internet map will become more and more standardized.

since the popularity of the Internet, more and more people began to surf the Internet, more and more Internet users. As mentioned above, users through the electronic map software to find the traffic routes, display travel pictures, marking their experience in the local experience, etc., these acts were originally a fun figure. Some netizens to show off, mainly including Military airports, marking the position of the missile, radar, naval port, garrison and some important sensitive targets, not to leak, has inadvertently harm. People do not know the marked landmarks in the network map, imperceptibly has been involved in the "leakage" problem, when the network becomes a global village, all the impossible becomes possible, sensitive, can avoid or try to avoid it.

focus chat show aired, the moonlight forum flow suddenly soared, while the "leakage" is not, but the rectification is unavoidable, but through the CCTV exposure, moonlight forum suddenly increased visibility, is really a blessing in disguise. The Internet is an ocean of information, has a wealth of information, users have to share all kinds of anecdotes. Although the Internet is virtual, but with real social people show off power, wealth, beauty, and even specific functions, the electronic map fancier but also people love to show off their unique discovery and some of the secrets, thus becoming celebrities in virtual society. This show has attracted the attention of a department, CCTV exposure, security awareness is not strong, causing leaks unintentionally, other users after the Internet or attention, don’t accidentally "endangering national security".

classification of the Internet a lot, the webmaster in the choice of direction, as far as possible to avoid sensitive topics. Perhaps no one can imagine the map will leak, but if the information is really malicious use, peace times, but in the war years, the information is exposed, the consequences will be very serious. Perhaps alarmist talk, but confrontation with coercive means is absolutely no good food to eat, in order to be more stable development, or choose not controversial. At home there are many military forums, these forums are relatively easy to touch the edge of the line, after all, military topics are more sensitive, to do this kind of information, or to pay attention to the site to grasp the yardstick.

website, stability is the last word. Under the current national system, cooperation is the only way out, and it is better to survive than anything else. To do web site is to give >

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Talking about the name choice of local forum community

Chinese is very particular about the name, in the propaganda for a catchy name can achieve a multiplier effect.

and even many Chinese believe that a man’s name will affect his fate. Similarly, the name of the local forum is the same. Different names can make people have different associations and leave different impressions. Different associations are bound to produce different artistic conception, which will lead to a different atmosphere in the community. If the name is easy to remember to call and leave a good impression, it makes it easier for users to open the site impulse.

, the author combines the name of the forum, choose to talk about this view.

do local forums, many people instinctively choose the place name + forum or community name. For example, the Hefei forum and the Wuxi forum are typical of this kind. The name gives people a feeling of atmosphere, like the local first forum. Have a certain advantage in the meaning of the name. However, this also has shortcomings. On the one hand, because there are so many local forums, local forums are already available, and even more than one. This is not easy to form its own independent brand. Unless it has taken the lead in the big, so that the latecomers are difficult to compete. On the other hand, using local name as a station name, often good local Pinyin domain name, have been registered, it is difficult to register with the station name corresponding good domain name.

so how do you name your local forum? Well, there’s another option, to get a unique name. For example, Hangzhou 19 Building, Changzhou Hualong lane. As a result, because unique, you can register to the corresponding domain name, and secondly, is also conducive to future brand building. Because the place can not be registered trademarks.

What should

pay attention to when choosing a unique name,


– the best name can be related to the local, reflecting local characteristics, such a name for local users more affinity. For example, Changzhou long lane, Changzhou is the original place names, such promotion is also easier.

two, the name of the site is better to compare the mouth, both special and easy to remember.

three, the domain name is also the best choice for people to find the law, relatively easy to remember.

I do is Yangzhou forum, there has been a lot of places like the local forum, if named Yangzhou forum, on the one hand to register a good domain name, on the other hand, is not conducive to the distinction with other Yangzhou forum. So I used a unique name. Yangzhou’s Slender West Lake is the most famous, but the domain name has been registered, and this name does not feel good to me. The thin word is easily associated with illness, weakness.

fireworks went down to Yangzhou in March. In ancient times, Yangzhou was one of the most prosperous cities in china. Reminds me of love is Cologne characters in the novel the name of flowers. Feel this name not only very poetic, aesthetic, and feel very lucky, can bring to mind the feeling to think of the flowers blooming like a piece of brocade. "

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Net red seller evolution how to continue to ignite the desire to buy millions of fans


I world network operators shaping distinctive personal image, and use it as the core of social marketing, which is a network of red people Taobao road nuggets, but aunt told you the story, it is already out of date, now need more severe fan operation.

reporter / Xu Lu,


, born in 1987, Guan Yizhi, with a standard network of red faces, pointed chin, painted the popular eyebrow, has a pair of eyes willing to look straight into the eyes. In the two hour interview, the eyes rarely wander away, and more often, they watch you with an exaggerated look. This allows people to micro-blog from time to time with the nose to show the image of people and reality seamless.

"it’s a lonely thing to be a Taobao."." She began to sober up.

mobile phone to her world a cut into two: in the framework of the virtual world of the Internet, she is the 910 thousand micro-blog fans of the big V, with 90 thousand Instagram fans, two Taobao crown shop owner, Taobao professional photographer, or that she is a "noisy"; compared with the network in the world, when after the tube aunt down like mobile phone, adjust the mute mode to her world, she will wash film prints in a darkroom for a day to be.

in fact, from the tube aunt, you can see the red man mode in the development of Taobao state. They are mostly in the image as the core of social marketing, the use of micro-blog, Instagram and WeChat relatively relaxed social network, shaping the distinctive personal image, and extended to advocate lifestyle. This personal influence directly determines its mode of production: the use of small-scale C2B customized production, through the advance product preview, etc. leveraging the supply chain.

in all the red, "tube aunt" is not the most popular, nor is this the earliest production methods applied to the Taobao shop, and her shop in 2014 only on-line. But from her personal experience, it is not difficult to find that the "red man" pattern runs through the whole process from her to the red man. In comparison, she walked steadily and steadily.


network Reds are how to make


June 10, 2015, Hangzhou Huangmei days of rain coerced. The aunt was so busy that the things she needed to deal with were as thick as Huang Meitian’s rain, and crowded with her agenda.

4 years ago, "just graduated from the design department of Zhejiang University of Media and Communications. Her first job was assistant cameraman, this work let her into contact with the front-line practitioners: Taobao, Taobao, the owner of the Amoy girl professional photographer. Subsequently, the tube aunt became an independent Taobao photographer. At that time, in the heart of aunt Guan, he buried a Taobao seed

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The five step is to implement the website PR2.0

, as we enter the Web2.0 era, PR is entering the 2 age. The main features of PR2.0 are the same as Web2.0, that is, from unidirectional indoctrination to two-way dialogue, and today’s public relations are definitely the art of dialogue. The rise of user generated content, so many e see leader (e-influencer) generated, how to identify and influence these e, see leaders become PR2.0 top priority.

Five steps below

can be used for reference:

, step 1: be an expert in your company, service and product field,

this requires you not only to know the customer well, but also to understand the overall situation of the customer’s industry and competitors. Only in this way can you have the basis for a dialogue with e leaders, and e sees leaders who value you and are willing to make friends with you. Being an expert type of talent is a basic step, but is often overlooked by public relations practitioners.

second step: Discover related dialogue in Web2.0 world

search is one of the essential skills of Web2.0. You have to talk about related topics and conversations. For example, you want to use the web search, news search, news alerts, blog search and other traditional methods, but also familiar with the SNS search, such as Facebook, 51.com and other sites at home and school, sharing, log, group and mini blogs are in search of information source. At this point, you’ll find out if you’re not expert about the consequences, because it’s important to make sure the keywords are searched.

third step: find e, see leader [www.fengliuqishi.com.cn,]

through topic mining and search tools, you need to see the real E in your field by comparing a series of metrics, see leaders. Although it is a user become reporters era, but according to the Web2.0 user’s rule, the majority of people still love when the audience, only 1% people are content contributors, and the 1% is only about 1% is the real leader we see e, this step is the task of discovering the real leader of E.

now has a wide variety of media, with different media, such as 10000 followers meals, no members, or visiting millions of IT bloggers, active members of the home, and so on.

fourth step: be the information source for e to see leaders

keep in mind that your goal is not to try to influence E and see leaders, but to become friends with them and become their source of information. Full understanding of each e, see leaders, and strengthen communication with them is the focus of this step.

visit e as often as possible and see leaders in space and interact with them. Now that you’re going to have a conversation with e to see the leader, first you have to portray yourself as a e, see the leader, and build your own blog. It’s necessary to register the SNS account

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Shenzhen, Baoan District tomorrow to open Business Week activities

with the further development of China’s entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial activities have become more unique and personalized. Shenzhen, Baoan District is about to hold a year ago innovation and Entrepreneurship Week, talk about entrepreneurship.

It is reported that the

To cultivate innovative talents

related recommendations

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Learn how to do marketing catering

listened to a speaker who once said, "what is the smartest man in the world doing?." Yes, maybe he is not smart enough, but has been recognized by this era of smart people’s movements are in front of us why we do not learn, how much time can be saved for themselves. The food industry is the same, like sea fishing, and many other food and beverage industry big Banu people envy, many food are also want to do such a big restaurant, but few people can do in reality, since to do so, then they should learn is how to do marketing.

learn how to do marketing big restaurant

first, understand competitors

we are very common words: the enemy awareness, this sentence is not only used in the battlefield, in fact in the commercial battlefield is also very good, before doing marketing activities in you, you have to know what your competitors are doing, why do we do, for your situation began to do marketing, this is the right way to open, not only consider their own situation.

second, we are concerned about what

in a certain period of time, the subject of attention is always certain, such as some time ago people in the U.S. election is concerned, the Internet is also a variety of ridicule, clever marketing people will use this topic to do marketing activities

third, a good example of the study before

a good marketing is definitely not easy, is the need to accumulate more at ordinary times, the accumulation is to study successful case, look at how others do grasp the needs of consumers, to see more, think more, will become better in the next planning.

fourth, recognize their

This is a

that simple, easy and easy to say that a problem, many well-known enterprises catering boss to learn, many of them are not mechanically, combined with their actual situation, such failures really be too numerous to enumerate.

restaurant marketing is the essence of the characteristics of the restaurant and the customer’s demand for a good combination of good, how to combine a good look at how the restaurant marketing!

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What are the business secrets of ice cream stores

many, perhaps a little skill, but can make the store has two completely different state, so, if you want to successfully run a shop, but also need to have more business tips, so the store has a better operation. So, ice cream franchise business secrets? Let Xiaobian for you to analyze.

1, the general classification of the market is a soft ice cream and ice cream, ice cream is very popular in today’s popular, but also more popular entrepreneurs who love. How do ice cream stores open? Ice cream franchise stores first to provide the public with delicious ice cream.

2, according to the division of taste words, then there is ice cream and Italian ice cream, different tastes require different operating environment, such as the American ice cream need freedom and decoration, and other flavors and should not be the same. How to open an ice cream store? According to the division of taste to do the same decoration, the effect is not the same.

3, at the same time, the ice cream business stores can also be based on the regional division, if you join the shop open in the vicinity of the campus, so, the overall image will be partial cartoon, and if it is opened in the city, so more to some trend. Ice cream store how profitable? According to the division of different regions should have a different approach.

4, a small ice cream store looks like the operation is very simple, but in fact, if you do not pay attention, then the sales are very sloppy, then it is difficult to profit. According to the appropriate division to find the right way of operation, there is a way of operation, better fortune!

a lot of times, if you want to have a better store operations, the method may not be very complex, often small skills will have a completely different influence. So, if you are now opening an ice cream store, the above Xiaobian introduced these tips will allow you to apply to the store’s business process?

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Early education market investment Tips Tricks secret

in fact for many entrepreneurs, now more investment prospects should be early market, because now more and more parents pay attention to the problem of the early education of children, so investment in early childhood sectors have what skills?

preparatory work

1, in the early childhood, parents play an irreplaceable role. So choose a brand must pay attention to the organization of the course. After learning a brand, try to listen to their lessons, first of all to make their own satisfaction with the course.

2, the size of the center, cost, staffing and other decisions on your investment, the industry’s recovery in the cost of a year to a year and a half, but remember: the early investment is the latter part of the profit growth. In other words, the choice of the brand should not be too expensive to choose the brand; because any brand to enter the market are the same from scratch, the brand than the curriculum and services.

3, look at the strength of a brand expert research. A mature brand needs a strong team to work together. Some of the brand is not guaranteed to hire a few teachers, closed the door to compile a few lesson plans began to claim the results of experts. In fact, a regular parent organization may need to invest millions or even tens of millions to operate, if there is not enough to support the scale of the branch, simply can not afford.


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Mutton hot pot to join the election which good

food variety, variety. Among them, there are a lot of kinds of hot pot, today I made a small series of mutton hotpot. Lamb temperature, won the majority of chowhound friends welcome, plus the upcoming winter, Hot pot is becoming the necessary choice to eat dinner, then to choose good Hot pot mutton?

mutton hotpot to join which is good, the advantages of these advantages of the township herders you satisfied

small store big brand

now Hot pot market competition is competition of the product or service whether there is fierce competition, different brands fight advantage is completely different, so the market Hot pot shop has a small, Hot pot shop whether Hot pot has a great relationship and brand strength, Guizhou Xiang Mu to eight years from so, dozens of projects from several projects, the company will help the business to join, and strong brand support, the franchisee can be assured.

product market

with the people’s demand for healthy growth, now eat Hot pot should not only taste good, but also to have the health, Hot pot mutton taste delicious, nutrition is very rich, so I believe the future will become the market trend of mutton Hot pot, Guizhou Xiang cloth according to characteristics of the product family Shepherd won the good reputation of consumers, the characteristics of Hot pot in modern society is more popular with everyone! Guizhou Xiang shepherd and traditional lamb Hot pot is not the same place with the skin of mutton, such products are welcomed by consumers more and more advantages, more market.

young people to become the mainstream market

is now the food industry changes with the main consumer market updates, young people become the subject of consumption, young people do not love and restaurants, but is small and beautiful restaurant is becoming more and more popular, more able to meet the needs of the consumers, as well as the future Hot pot shop, open a small the characteristics of Hot pot shop or more popular. Guizhou Xiang shepherd taste is for the mass consumer tastes and research and development, launched after hot pursuit, but also strengthen the headquarters for the franchisee’s supervision and guidance, so join the stores are very popular.

which is a good choice to join the township herders is a good choice for you, the food and beverage industry is changing, choose a good project is to choose a good tool, Guizhou village Shepherd is your shake Qian Shu

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