More functionality is not necessarily a welcome experience for commercial products

a lot of people ask me whether I do e-commerce or social networking, ha ha, really not, and completely do not take sides. I do business products, and do is platform project, the nature of integration and integration. So often envy students who do user products, can pay more attention to user experience, interactive design, have the opportunity to use their products designed, you can hear the most authentic feedback around. Commercial products are utilitarian and direct many, concern is not the same, today is a simple talk about the work experience.


1. does is more important than not doing what

doesThe goal of

‘s commercial products is clear, either to help the company make money or to save money for the company, or to make money faster and better. The point of making money is actually one or two, the other is more auxiliary, cool and dazzle again, when the customer finds out that you want him to dig out his wallet, he will be cautious at once. A lot of things we think are pretty good, the customer first reaction is, "what are you doing again? I don’t want this, I want the previous one.". Earth is the soil." But this situation is also very common.

another kind of confidence is full of plans to go on-line, the front-line staff looked and said, "this is good, but can we use it internally, not open to customers first?". I’m worried that they might have questions about this, it could affect XX, and it would increase our workload." If you listen to silly eyes, but can not, big step will pull the eggs.

this does not include what time, problem, promotion costs, legal risk, and so on, have to consider. Originally made a cake, full of joy to take the stage, and finally only the bottom of the cake, not necessarily someone eating.

so planning is good and reality is cruel. Many changes and unexpected changes, they have to do, products are always smaller.

tips: have the opportunity, account for the pit, the other can slowly, if you need to cut function, also do not hesitate. Carefully crafted results, often by other products to grab the first, then faced aborted, difficult. If Xin Ye sees this paragraph, should be particularly weak.

2. doesn’t just have user experience,

we will focus more on our customers than on our users. Users have another group to consider.

has to admit the fact that rising incomes often bring down the user experience. Because the vast majority of income comes from advertising. There are not many people who like to watch advertisements, but like Amazon, the advertising version of Kindle can be 25 cheaper, and it is estimated that it will be able to bear much more.

heard a colleague say before: "customers come here to make money. If you can make him make money, it will be difficult for him to come.". More than a few steps, perhaps even more time to study it. When he really loses, you’ll have to design it again to be nice and easy to use, and customers won’t come."

that’s it.

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What are the profitability of local stations (three)

webmaster friends, I am Baoding shopping network video old pay, I wrote two articles: a few days ago where the profitability of what determines the profitability of the local station and decide what is (two), won the attention of the webmaster friends and I QQ ask what time the following article I’m very sorry, because of the recent launch of the company’s business is busy, so, until today to take some time, well, do not talk nonsense, the beginning of the text.

talked about ideas today.

said the idea you know the popular point that thoughts, ideas, creative, seemingly simple, in fact, your ideas, but more time is only an idea, thought or idea, why? You think, thinking, just want to be as boundless as the sea and sky, not to the point, because you have not implemented, too is that your thinking is also just in theory or illusory state, do not get the actual research. Then you should ask, who is not thinking first, and then practice, this sentence is critical, thinking before, and should be considered carefully, from various aspects to consider, including the following aspects:

1 you need to have your own think tank:

You need to

their views (although sometimes the truth in the hands of a few people), they need a consumer perspective to help you if you think this idea can bring value to customers, your idea is feasible, after all, the future is to exchange money, is to let some groups you are willing to service pay if you think tank, most people think that you can buy the service, so OK, your ideas are basically feasible.

2 calculates how much money you need to implement your ideas:

better idea, no money, no start-up funds, the possibility of success is also very small (unless you only win by an idea VC). Carefully measure each input, find the total, touch his pocket is enough, if not, whether they can get there from their families, relatives, friends, or loan financing could be realized, if not possible, then your idea is limited to a creative idea, and basically did not have real value, then think of individual ideas. If that’s enough, OK, then look down.

3 think about the short cut you’ve made of this idea:

there are tricks, shortcuts, on one way, if you feel there is no shortcut, this is very normal, then you must be mentally prepared, may your entrepreneurial path will be difficult, but don’t hesitate, you already have more than the first two, but also afraid of what.

4 let your ideas begin to turn into success,

said, but also in my thinking of Baoding video shopping network when a process, you have me on the road,


Baoding shopping network video old pay, Admin5 Adsense nets start, please keep the link, thank you! "

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Small lovers graduated from the tea shop easy to join the circle of wealth dream

for many entrepreneurs, in the beginning to join the entrepreneurial team, we must choose a good project. Below that is a pair of young lovers, is optimistic about the development of tea industry, tea shop management, realize the desire of wealth.

July 2014, a pair of just graduated from the University of small couples holding a thick stack of resumes rushed to the large recruitment. In the face of the masters of the cloud of competitors, the couple eventually failed to find a favorite job, even in the late round of interviews, but also to bring them a huge blow.

, like many newly graduated college students, they also have a dream ambition, but have to face the reality of the brutal pressure of competition. They accept the interview many strength, concluded that since he is occupation rookie, so why not go business? This Bo Bo does not matter, a piece of day.

in the side and some new friends to understand, now college students entrepreneurship is a very common thing, the nature of entrepreneurship and job almost, but in a different way to their work. The couple through the reality of the investigation, online search, and ultimately very successful to find their own want to join the tea brand Mi Zhilian.

with the late after a wide range of research, they also identified the milk tea. Of course, for just graduated many college students, graduate and perhaps tea shop open is not a glorious thing, but they take into account the tea market development and capital which is in line with their own needs, go.

the couple in the tea headquarters under the help from the site to the opening, all together devoted a lot of energy, spent several months after his tea shop finally opened smoothly, and opened at the beginning of the harvest high popularity.

in the course of the shop is not smooth sailing. They also encountered some problems in the operation of their tea shop, are conscientious. The opening of new stores and lively, full of two people hope, but some of the problems encountered at the beginning of operation so that they make ends meet a few months ago, they didn’t give up, don’t give up, because this is their choice.

After more than two years of development,

, the couple has been quietly saved hundreds of thousands. Looking back at other students, still struggling, can be said to be a success. It is they do not give up, insist on efforts to join the project through the tea to tap into the pot of gold in life.

through unremitting efforts, the couple has accumulated a small sum of money. Now they have to do what work about students for graduation, they just like the boss, embarked on the road of wealth. Now they want to succeed

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Xianning 2015 entrepreneurial results summary

2015 is the beginning of a new era for Chinese entrepreneurs. Unprecedented rapid increase in the number of entrepreneurs, driving more people to employment. Together with an endless stream of entrepreneurial policies, to the majority of entrepreneurs with full confidence.

the new plan will be implemented to support entrepreneurship, Xianning entrepreneurs will "promote city business plan", take the hand of government to venture in Xingcheng bright future.

related recommendations

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Top 100 websites of China industry websites in 2007


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Sunshine always stand in the wind and rain after the station, you insist

uses this article as a website to break the 10 thousand IP memorial.

08 years, I’ve been very substantial. In the first half of the year, I went crazy to study Seo and the second half of the experiment… This year, I thought about my life and thought about my happiness…

also picked up the mood this year, gave up the idea of rebuilding PvFans, chose a brand new start: to build the best PSP player network in the country. Try on how far you can walk alone, and see if you can do anything more than once, with more than 50 moderators working together to build a web site. See if you have really grown up after you have honed yourself.

anyway, it’s a great honor for me to register in this competitive world of networks, PSP, which is so closely related to

At the same time,

retained knowledge reserves during his lost period because of his former partner’s departure. Remember how you learned the new way of building, as if you could control your thoughts and practice them, and you couldn’t control your excitement.

In February,

began to conceive the prototype of the website when he was at home for the new year, and set up BBS and CMS to induce spider

returned to school in March, ready for school opening and website feasibility analysis,

in April this time, the website has been Baidu and Google included, the earlier work is also accurate at this time, PSP player network officially began

from April to September, nearly half a year, the site has been slowly floating, during this period, the site has no weight, PR is not high, from PR0 to PR2.

I am

from over half of the keyword ranking statistics can be seen in the table, facing great competition, some sites even earlier than the PSP network game player 2 years of construction, at the time when the lack of PSP site of the old station is very much recommended, the chain is very rich. In a short period of time, it is very difficult to go beyond them. Plus they have been "zero" investment, but also almost no publicity.

traffic on the site increased by 50% in October compared with September. Site PR3, I started the PR links. It can be said that high-quality links can help a large extent to raise the rankings of a website.

‘s web traffic growth doubled in November, when it was worried how the sudden increase in traffic would remain.

December PR4, the site long tail keywords have a certain foreshadowing, popular keywords ranking front rising. But the opponent had to admit it was strong. Site traffic was 40% higher than in November.

January site is beginning to stabilise at ip6000~8000 every day

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Case analysis of red system application in Web Design

web design is important, both color and non color matching, should pay attention to. Next, we start with each color analysis, we first explore the red system in web design applications.

as is known to all, red is a very strong emotional color, can make people feel excited, so we Chinese also think red is a festive color, it will bring people happiness. Bright red often attracts visitors’ eyes, so red is also a common color in Web design. Next, we will analyze how to better use it to attract readers’ attention.

red is an exciting color, and now I’m going through an analysis of various red pages.

1. Food and food web design

case one: Red + crimson + white



the entire page is based on red as the tone, with a strong impact, very well suited to dietary web design. White fonts in the red contrast, the overall page is very eye-catching, giving a visual impact, so that readers warm and powerful, and produce appetite.

case two: Red + crimson + grey



the whole page does not dominate the red, but it really highlights what you want to express. With a deep red cola bottle, the interface is clear. The red outline and white background are very simple, but they also highlight the theme. Therefore, the red food website does not necessarily say that the entire page is red, but also can be light colored bottom, red highlights.

two. Company show class website

case 1: light red + dark grey + pink



red takes up most of the area. It’s easy to attract the readers’ attention. With the addition of pink (light color), the whole picture is very harmonious, but it can easily highlight the text and the pictures in the picture. The combination of dark grey and red makes the whole page more lively and energetic.

four. Women’s web pages

case 1: White + light red + pink



is the dominant color with a slightly reddish white color. It comes with additive colors, red and pink

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How many programming websites do webmasters need to know

these websites are the websites that I often go to, in the circle of individual stationmaster, have quite well-known degree, it is the place that learns to write website or program to go.

1, China Software Development Network –

, China’s largest developer network, where programmers must go, discusses community popularity.

2, China Webmaster Station –

access to a large number of webmaster stations, providing web source download, and web design information.

3, blue ideal –

famous website about website design.

4 and DoNews writing community –

, IT, writing, blogging, and community are a lot of people in the IT industry.

5, laggards Forum –

is a more popular website construction and website program discussion area.

6, programming enthusiasts site –

provides a variety of popular language articles, source code, forums.

7, template world –

provides web templates, source code, flash, picture download.

8, en –

online web design tutorial

provides tutorials such as frontpage, Dreamweaver, Flash, CSS, and so on.

9, your own station,

, this should be the first one. Isn’t it the best thing for you to do,


pea Park:

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Easy to get a few search engines to make web site traffic more valuable

Login skills for

1 search engine

is it possible for all commercial sites to push a lark? It seems not. Before the promotion of your business website, you need to check the website of the "equipment" is in line with the following requirements: the website information content rich enough, accurate and timely (electronic version of the company is definitely not); a professional web design (not beginners written); you have a clear site (if the target market your target market positioning in 80 million Internet users, I’m afraid we can’t help you). Then you can refer to the following tips to promote your website.

The purpose of the

promotion website is to increase site visits and achieve marketing goals. Based on this premise, website operators should use the characteristics of Internet and their accurate positioning of the target market, so that more potential customers know your website and become repeat customers.


in the actual promotion and reference of many successful cases, the commercial website promotion techniques are outlined: navigation station registration techniques, manufacturing techniques, the traditional way of event promotion skills, site analysis skills, target email discussion group BBS propaganda propaganda techniques, skills, skills and techniques of network advertisement website. I. navigation desk registration skills

, such as YAHOO, LYCOS, ALTAVISTA, Sohu, search and YEAH, are all navigation stations. Their websites have similar functions. They all classify many websites into a website so that visitors can check them.

, how do you find some good websites? There must be some credit from the navigation station. So let people know your website, you have to find ways to let the navigation station to your site included. But that is not enough, like ALTAVISTA, YAHOO and other famous English navigation station, every day there are thousands of application login URL, although your site was collected, but perhaps only row in the back position. To make an analogy: your website is to introduce hanger (clothes hanger), other people in the query keyword hit hanger, and the results have 2100 consistent URL


1. search engine registration skills

, ALTAVISTA, and search engines like these are called search engines, which automatically include submitted urls. When you submit your web site, you should pay attention to:

1) to submit the contents of the most abundant URL, not only to the root web site, because many companies used to be home as beautiful graphics, like the cover of the book, but the search engines do not have a special affection for map, automatic search software only love included text detailed and appropriate URL

             ;   < head>

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Game design mechanism 12 concepts of Internet product design

many of us work hard to concentrate, but in the game when it was, most of us lack of perseverance, but these people can insist on playing a game until a murky sky over a dark earth. The psychological characteristics of the game and the game contains mechanism design that will help us to design better game products, even in daily life can also motivate yourself according to the relevant principles, successfully reached the expected target. Below we will study the game design mechanism in several aspects, and the product design principles that come out.

1. pushing effect.

(Pushing effect), pushing effect refers to the goods on the target buyers reach. The mall originally attempted to tie rack in people easy access to the next channel to increase sales, but the channel of people built not only did not achieve the desired effect reduced sales. This is the so-called "pushing effect" caused by the sales decline phenomenon. Pushing effect has the same effect on the network or the game. For example, the accumulation of characters in a scene in a game can lead to confusion and confusion.


similarly, if an application has too many functions, it can cause functional aggregation, and the first impression will cause the user to lose interest. The solution is simple, 1 shielding unwanted actions by other players or users (for example, many people in the game hall, and many words, without having to display all of them. Only show the player or the user’s own) 2., do not gather features, make the application concise, learn subtraction.

2. do not have a hammer everywhere looking for nails, techniques used carefully, the function carefully added.

with the progress of technology, the popularity of smart phones, such as mobile phone LBS, gravity sensing, sliding operation has been a large number of applications, but there is a tendency to abuse. Games do not have to use 3D technology, but also to develop good games, such as two-dimensional games, plants, zombies, angry birds, abuse of technology will only increase the cost of development, the loss outweighs the gain. In mobile app development, some applications or games are more appropriate for new technologies, such as Temple Run, which uses gravity sensing and glide gestures. The rope is cut with only hand gestures, thus saving development funds into the design and development of real games.



3. network has a long tail, but pay attention to, there is no promotion or not easy to use.

although there are many kinds of games, and the audience is different, according to the long tail theory, each type of game will find the corresponding audience. However, although the network makes the long tail longer, however, the game or application still faces the problem of promotion. If you have developed a niche game, eager to serve the minority, then…

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Avoid website optimization in browsing without conversion misunderstanding

with the growing competition and the increasing number of websites, whether it is search engine optimization or website promotion, many small and medium-sized enterprise websites, their conversion rate in varying degrees of decline. More and more enterprises understand the site to hire SEO workers to maintain their own web sites, web site optimization continuous natural search ranking, this is a very correct strategy, the importance of enterprise website operation SEO to enter the field of e-commerce entrepreneurs must be considered and paid attention to, so for SEO workers, should try to avoid browsing no conversion embarrassed to appear in the website optimization, or when the traffic is rising, and the consultation and the turnover rate is not proportional, is in want of perfection.

said above embarrassment Chuangsheng think there are three main reasons:

1. is the keyword selected, not worth

did not make a purchase intention, the most obvious example, such as a clothes production enterprises, select a word is "clothes", so even if the word search volume is very high, when you do Baidu first, the traffic is to understand the clothes and manufacturing process related knowledge, and not want to buy, as can be imagined the conversion rate is not high, not very general, noun, valuable directional words even a very low flow rate, phase transformation rate is surprisingly high, and the cost of money, but money can be greatly reduced, this is the advantage of long tail keywords strategy use, so it is very key words.

2. web site itself, the quality of the interface can not keep up the grade

this can be done through the webmaster’s statistics, such as depth of view and residence time. If the keyword ranking is in front, but the web is crudely made, the value of experience is not high, just imagine who would believe a package, do not pay attention to the image of the enterprise, the structure of the web site is with our business facade, where trust is more careless about dressing, don’t try to take visitors into customers of our intentions the.

3. website content can not satisfy the user experience,

website optimization or website content is more important? The only assimilation and not bifurcation, if the experience with spam and so on ways to achieve the website search engine optimization ranking of words at the expense of the construction of website users, it is bound to bring traffic The loss outweighs the gain., away from you, that SEO allows us to transcend. The website is more convenient and more display in front of the user, the ultimate objective: to achieve the conversion efficiency. Therefore, to provide a unique enterprise culture and high quality technology sharing content construction, and to search for the purpose of the service to achieve the same, is the site of a virtuous circle of the correct optimization of the road.

: Chuangsheng think website construction and website optimization is not a simple copy. Without careful consideration, it is easy to let the website go astray. In addition to perseverance, the correct direction of development is the most important, that is, to the site positioning. The correct direction is followed by the correct square

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Discuss from six respects how does the website do ability just can retain a client

every webmaster every day around the search engine round, every day thinking about how the website optimization, hope to attract more users, but the search engine is around who turn? It is needless to say is of course user, no matter what method of screening to the website ranking, or to the user as the most basic starting point, careful observation is not difficult to find other sites, have a common point, can appeal to the user, can keep visitors. How to effectively retain visitors? All say "SEO" on the line, in fact, the focus is on itself.

1. Analyze client source


simply say, is to determine the correct direction of promotion, and do a good job in the promotion of the site will make things happen twice as much as half of work. If you have a clear purpose, you will know what you need to do and how you can do it well.

two, interface to establish friendly

, don’t take other factors into consideration. It’s clear that the eye-catching interface is very simple and can improve the initial impression of the website. Even if the website is not so perfect, the content is not so complete. At the very least, it won’t let the customer leave at once, and maybe transfer some of the content on the website to see if the content is useful or not. How to judge the interface is friendly, what is its standard? Simple structure, no false information, their advertising does not affect the customer’s serious experience on the line.

three, and also rich in content,

visitors need most is the content of the website, not very good, certainly will not have a good user experience, we don’t have to say to retain customers, visitors to the site to have two, 1, query information or entertainment information, but the content is not blind, valuable the dapper, and is most in need of the user, and to combine their own site to organize content, concentrate on doing a field will be professional, adhere to their own content will win customers welcome,

four, website to cultivate interactive

This feature of the

forum is very strong, so the forum is a place where visitors can stay, the general website should pay attention to the following points to increase the interactivity of the website. To vote on current events, ask for feedback, do not underestimate this function, and the user survey, make communication tools can effectively improve the site’s degree of attention, the best to write a few QQ group, soon there will be a lot of people to join, do a forum is a very good method.

five, to have certain entertainment

do a good website not only provides users with effective information, but also to understand what customers will need to keep the entertainment on the site add proper entertainment tools or small game also can effectively attract users, although the game in general, but the amount of users has brought to the website is not to be ignored the.

six, master a certain degree of psychological temperature

per >

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A VC confession of 3 how to value your first girlfriend

We thank Karl Max

, he introduced me to one of the three important part of the Marx doctrine of the British political economics, also recommended I met with Adams the great. I would like to share with all entrepreneurs the most profound insight I have in the way of students’ minds: Adams’s invisible hand".

of all transactions in the world, whether it is cheap, cost-effective, expensive, and even earned lose fooled, all contributed by Adams Smith this "invisible hand" in the doings of ghosts and gods are willing to buy at this price, people are willing to sell at this price, all is the buyer the seller is willing to, principles and methods for what "value"


often asked, early start-up companies should be how to valuation? Can you have cast your price oneself out of the market, and finally made a VC out how much money you have how much money, this is the "valuation". If you don’t put the price oneself out of the market, No one shows any interest in you, your company can say there is no market price, not worth a hair.

early startups don’t have the exact "valuation" approach at all. You can bargain with VC and see what you can do.

! Today I is how, speak a bit far not to the point…

so, from another point of view, let’s first limit the logical assumptions we’re discussing in case we’re going further off:

1. everything has a starting point,

2. money is value-added during the course of time (the financial turmoil is ignored for a while)

3., we eat a mouthful of stuttering, climbing the stairs is a section of climbing up

The size of

4. is equal to the company’s ability to generate revenue (including profits)

5. sellers always want to sell

at the highest price

6. buyer (in theory) always wants to buy at the lowest possible price (except luxury brands)

7. in Beijing, Xiushui Street or Shanghai, Xiangyang Road, the way the bargain is too gentlemanly,

8., Adams’s "invisible hand" is the most crucial trading determinant

early startup is the starting point for a great cause, it can be a Idea on a white, may also be an eager young team eager to get into action, or brothers put their savings rented a little room to tighten their belts and night struggle startups…

…You need

entrepreneurs fire eyebrows money, even if you get a go out and then hit a big fat VC, he asked how much money you need, you can ask anxiously: "give me 200 thousand…… no wrong mouth, is 2 million…… no, wrong again, I would like to 20 million." VC smiled and eerily around the eyes. "

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How to write an enterprise website planning book

‘s current boss’s knowledge of the Internet: I do it for guests, but I don’t know how to benefit from it. So what they care about is the price, so the Internet company makes it out of stock. For a qualified website construction process, you must need a website planning book, then what does the website planning book include and how to do it?

one, enterprise website plan book – basic function


first determines which columns are required for the enterprise website, and which categories are listed below. These will be the list of things that the website will quote when you are off the job.

two, enterprise website plan book – website framework

a qualified website must have a qualified framework, so that it can facilitate crawler crawling, the general framework: Home – column page – content page, the 30% framework is the best structure.

three, enterprise website planning book – website column refinement

home thinning: home site is a web site embodies the center, but also the highest weight in the whole station. When the search engine is based on this page to enter the website for crawling inside, must be reflected in the home, and have a chain into the column list page "more" link identifier, the first is to search engine crawling, second is to let people know where to enter the column section. For each column placement, according to the column re – up, from top to bottom, from left to right rules.

page thinning: calculated slaughter page, category pages, pages and other quantities for each page of the plan. In the first column page refinement website home page, each column of all categories should be reflected in the corresponding column page, this time need to consider is the association between columns, which can facilitate the search engine in the crawl these pages by linking the crawling he page, but also can increase the compactness of the Association website and the biggest role is to increase the degree of PV. Another important issue is the column page, it is better not to have a model, which allows search engines to reduce similarity, place the rules with the home page.

four, enterprise website planning book – design website

has laid the foundation for the basic site, below should be to determine the design style of the website, the style of design for each plate after the now need to pay attention to is what needs to be focused is the most want to let customers see, for example, contact, promotions, doing these plates when you focus on obvious. Other styles can be unified, such a station will not seem chaotic, style features integration. Then design the website page,


five, enterprise website planning book – website code

website uses the backstage and the onstage dynamic page code: for example PHP. Then the front desk Code: div+css. Auxiliary code: Javascript, xml. >

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How to find the industry soft text release platform

how to search for the industry’s soft Wen release platform, in my mind, there has been a concept, do network, it can take most of the industry. Most of the business can be further expanded through the network platform. Just in the Internet, we encountered service providers, the effect is good. So, how do we search for the industry soft publishing platform,


for our SEO, this is also an industry. On the one hand, we can promote our own SEO services, of course, can also do SEO peripheral planning, rectification, and so on. In order to better promote our own brand value, we will go to the SEO blog, we will consider to find a relatively high weight forum hair soft, and we will not to write the original soft and hard to do long-term promotion. Although we all say that network execution is the first, but from an overall point of view, it is more important to understand a few small skills.

do the Internet, I believe we should all know the A5 forum, and should all know Ai Rui, Chinaz, 28tui. But we have not summed up, at that time these weights and popularity of relatively high web site, how do we find it? Or other people directly provide


in the first case, most people should be like me. Know those sites, I basically found in Baidu, Baidu is using search a keyword to find the platform. I remember at that time I didn’t know much about how to tell a good and bad website. I had a concept in my head. Every time I sent a place, I would give the website a new exposure. This should be a good thing. When I look at the forum, such as SEOWHY, on the one hand, I will look at the content of this forum, and then I will pay more attention to the popularity of this website and the amount of postings. Where there is a man, there must be something good in it; that is a truth.

in fact, there is a criterion that allows us to reduce a lot of steps, but also we use Baidu search engine, this time I want to use is Baidu news. You can search for hot words in an industry in Baidu news, and then we’ll see the sites in the news source search results. Let’s not say anything else, at least one thing that proves the weight of the site, which is not generally high, because the site is Baidu’s news seed station. So, including we in the operation of soft Wen, if really can in such a web site hair, the weight of the site promotion, that is quite fast.

, some of your friends will say, "your website looks like it’s good for the website, but you can’t guarantee such a website is a high traffic website.". We have to think about this issue, if you are the search engine news, you will particularly want what kind of Web site content, after all, is the procedure, how do we judge such a website?. It’s still a user friendly site, Baidu, and it likes it.

, let’s think about it, except >

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Is there any problem with your blogging operation

blog as a form of website, has its own unique advantages: easy operation, strong interaction, a three-dimensional content and so on are that it cannot ignore the strengths, but also exists in the form of blog as a garden style, and even become the industry brand building garden, as long as you often. A5 webmaster website, you will find that many authors are in the name of +SEO, so in a sense, although no independent blog before the development of plastic brilliant, but not when it comes to die. But an indisputable reality in front of us, it is the blog operating difficulty is increased a lot, if the correct operation strategy cannot grasp, then your blog is just a niche to drink, as the embodiment of public food will be very difficult.

is your blog ready for promotion,


I have seen so many webmaster in the blog set up, was busy, because it appears that the wine is also afraid of deep alley in them, only out of the promotion, gain visibility, to continue the development of this law, to no ground for blame but everyone in the promotion before, have not thought about a problem, that is you the blog is ready to extend? Maybe you would say, have been ready for a long time, whether it is to promote the scheme or funding for everything is ready, but you asked whether blog blog? Has a unique view and download resources, or highlight the connections and so on, these things are necessary for promotion of stability the effect, if you slept in, for great popularity and hits, but the user one to your blog that reality and fantasy how large a gap, Even the feeling of being cheated, which is a great harm to the user experience, and seriously, this part of the traffic even irreversible.

so small stones suggest that everyone in the promotion of the blog, it may come to a dormant period, in this month’s time as much as possible to focus on the content of the construction, there will be a blog show will have a unique feeling.

, do you know your audience,


many webmaster blog to share is defined as self, I share some of the relatively hot content in the blog, like the popular SEO, network marketing blog, but this seems to cater to the market demand of blog can obtain long-term vitality? I think it is not necessarily, network marketing blog is serious a problem of homogenization, as for other blogs also exist positioning and audience demand does not match the situation, such as the front end time relatively hot in a Shandong University of electric grid, compared to the Lei Feng network, Zhongguancun online, the independent blog is not unique industry data from the station that not even the weight of query love however, is such a popular blog of the University City, so I specially with the University’s nephew made contact, get the answer is, " Electricity is not known, but it is useful. As he said "useful", my understanding is this blog is not seemingly confused data, there is no so-called "

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Talk about some profitable experiences in buying and selling websites, and how to buy and sell stati

back into the Internet industry for so many years, from the beginning of the side while learning to do stand, finally because of lonely give up and go to the site of the station reselling industry. Although the sale process has always been the attention to find yourself traveling slowly after operation, but most are still selling price. The reason is simple, the real good station, others will not sell. Buying and selling websites and operating websites have the advantages of shorter investment time and quick return. It takes at least a few months for a website to function well. And reselling websites, may buy today, as long as someone gives a good price, can sell tomorrow.

we talk about experience from two aspects of buying a station and selling a station. First say, buy a station:

said here refers to the station to buy, including domain name, space, and site data, many novice name buy advertising, and finally bought a website data back, that you do not buy a station, just templates and data. The price of the website is much higher than that of template and data.

buy the station has two kinds of people, one is eager to reach the IT industry, anxious to make money in the Internet can not finish the people. One is that I can pick up a few people who still have eyes to see, wrap up and sell them in countless stations. In front of a person, often is just entering the industry rookie, can not deny that some people with deep pockets, stocks or real money to buy some more money to play station, but does not guarantee less fooled, making endless money in the Internet is because there are always these people inside money.

and those of us who buy the station often because the cash strapped, often buy a cautious, at least after a few days of continuous investigation, investigation, review of research. Some people might say, "good things, buy late," was bought and bought. In fact, the first to buy and run the station, are bought by the novice, the real old hand is not rush start.

, here are some of the rules I buy websites:

rule: never trust the selling station for their own website

Whoever sells the goods is the same. Be sure to brag about what you have, so you can sell it at a good price. The stationmaster did, too. He would say, "


my station is how much, how much money I stand the future is how good, my station and other stations than what advantage, my station is really not willing to sell to, after you buy my station just about to adhere to the operator can easily earn a lot the money… Etc., Arabian Nights, full mouth running train, not a word of truth.

now most of the webmaster are small children, in their eyes, making big money is very easy, always want to put an elephant exploitation into an ant. I once met a child less than 20 years old, studied CMS, made a template, using automatic collection, collected about 200000 data. He told me that his station has been running for more than 3 years

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Some opinions on improving the stable operation of new railway station

compared to when you just started doing web sites, the idea is very simple, have a good dream, considering all aspects are not very comprehensive. I do for the Amoy network (Taobao selling women’s promotion webmaster, just beginning to do a website when the idea is so simple, that everything is so beautiful, the first pot of gold ancient Amoy network quickly earned Taobao customers.

in order to launch as soon as possible Amoy women’s promotion website, in the network download a web site source code, and is not downloaded from its official website. With some simple modifications of my own, my first website was formally launched. But everything is so bad, no traffic, two did not earn Taobao Commission, three was also black two times. Take third, let me enough bitter brain, it is difficult to add up all the data were destroyed. Why is the site always attacked, old hackers, and so on, I need to think about and solve.

was black for the first time, no more thinking, think I made a few pages of loopholes (did not do SQL injection prevention), modify the pages, and began to re enter data. This morning, open a web page, 360 security guards began to desperately wrong, and a check and was black, and this time fortunately, did not lose much, because learned from the previous lesson, from time to time to backup the data. But why still be black, this time will have to study well, also consulted the space service provider! First my analysis, summary, share, say wrong, please forgive


1, the site should do a good job of SQL injection prevention work, whether it is their own code, or under the Internet, have to review it, download it may also exist vulnerabilities,

2, download the source code on the network, it is best to download its official website, downloaded elsewhere may have been modified, so that it is easy to use. What I’m using now doesn’t rule out this possibility. Before using it, it’s better to check its code and see if there’s a back door, "


3, it is best to change the table name in the database, of course, this also needs to modify the source code, in order to reduce workload, you can use software for batch modify source code. Since it is open source, anyone can download it, including hackers, who can analyze source code and database attacks.

4, decided to use the web site source code, it is best to study it, select those who have fewer loopholes in the source code, and promptly patched vulnerabilities. Today, I searched the version I used and found that there were many loopholes.

5, frequently do data backup, just in case,


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Walk in Baidu before, do user experience

now SEO era too many novice in doing SEO too old, think from the Internet to see a method is truth, practice, but a step confused. Some SEOER to write some of the so-called original not knowing why it is so as a fallacy, with a sense of SEO, I can’t turn a blind eye.


will be able to see the full open forum forum that the marketing strategy, everyone in the intrigue, everyone in the pursuit of winning strategy, business times people of wits, but no matter how we fight, must be the ultimate users around. We are like gladiators of ancient Rome, even the Gladiator champion is a slave, a gladiator in the arena of the sword meet, the winner get the support of the masses and even get freedom, failure is in the face of death.


we do SEO every day around Baidu, Baidu users every day around the turn, crown net SEO’s success is to ignore the Baidu direct users to turn around, you can see why Sina, NetEase will do so well. Around Baidu turn, will just send the chain, hair outside the chain, hair outside the chain, in the network created a lot of garbage outside the chain, do not consider the user’s idea. Baidu update algorithm, we small webmaster can only be led by the nose, and really hold Baidu nose, how many people?


user experience should do the following four aspects:

1, content

Baidu everything for the user experience, we will be the first to do a good job of user experience. First, when it is full of web content, the page to do more gorgeous, there is no substance, but also empty talk. Do real content optimization to retain users, to provide users with the content they need, content is the soul of the site, there is no soul, the site is the walking dead.

two, service

on the basis of good content, but also to provide customers with appropriate services, just like Taobao, not only do a good description of the product, but also customer service to provide users with questions answered. You can leave a contact number on the website, which can be QQ number or mailbox.

three, details

makes the user feel site is clean, neat is the most basic user experience is, the details determine success or failure, to meet the user, we must carefully maintain and operate the site, probably a little stain will let the user objectionable. You can provide user feedback in some conspicuous places, and solve the website problem by user feedback when you find out the problem.

four, the outer chain

the chain should also appropriate to construction, not see can hair, desperately to do. To do so will only see the adverse effect, the real chain is to produce effect is effective outside the chain. Today, many new sites, new articles to ensure that each article has a chain to support, so that you can adapt

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New Year gift, hematemesis, sharing, alliance, experience of choice

time is really fast. Today is the last day of 2010. It’s not exactly right because it’s less than 3 hours old. The last post, because it’s urgent to go out without finishing it, but the basic idea is pretty clear. In 2011, I’ll share something more practical. Today, through their own experience, and we talk about most of the webmaster headache problem, that is, the choice of advertising alliance.

I’m a very conservative person, and always take the first place, so I always do the alliance between Google and Baidu. But at the beginning of 08, something unfortunate happened, and I spent a few years of Baidu promotion account closed, in fact, Baidu is right, because I really cheated. The thing is, when I do Baidu promotion site is K, that the site is not what value, in order to make the site to play the final heat, decided to cheat in the first month, get 6000 yuan, so second months awesome, not to reach 5 when the account numbers happened. 0, the account is clear. The next two years, I basically only do Google ads, but also try to re apply for Baidu promotion, but the information is already on the blacklist, there is no way through. A friend let me change the identity of a person to register, but I did not do it, I don’t want to talk to my work, why do the stalker.

because after graduation in a foreign country workers, and therefore relatives and friends are in different places, the monthly fee is quite large. In 2010, a chance, a friend recommended me to use a telephone network, when I went to see him there after the discovery of a promotion alliance, as a webmaster habit and my needs, I do not directly download the telephone network, but to look at the alliance, found that promotion commission 20%. He first registered an alliance, the second day through their own promotion link registered an account and then recharge, recharge after several times to look at the union account found a really good, not bad in Chengdu. Just then I also need a coalition of channels, it is officially out of promotion, one month down is also good, therefore so far has been doing, 3 digit daily income is stable cut rose steadily.

after this, I opened up several new alliances and worked well. As a matter of fact, sharing is over, but in order to take care of someone you don’t understand, make a brief summary. First, Google and Baidu are also good, but their applications are difficult (Google for the original is very simple, it is said that now, although it is difficult to apply for General Union) are very easy, but we also worry about the deduction amount, after all, is only an intermediary alliance, it is a cost of operation, also need to there is a profit. So, if you can’t apply to Google and Baidu, isn’t there a good League? Is it true that Google and Baidu are the best alliances? Of course not. In fact, most of the alliances are agents, if we find them directly

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