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Chinese is eating rice, not only is Chinese, many other Asian countries is also the staple food is rice, such as our neighbor Japan is eating rice in the country, Japan has a quite long history of the rice shop, but was closed down, let me see together how to!

but not what, house still do not make money. Zhuang house is small, but also ancestors left to the foundation ah, not to mention the true feelings. How to let the old shop revitalized? Hashimoto Takashi this day, leave no stone unturned make painstaking efforts, suddenly opened a rice material a stratagem comes to mind – ting! Rice is the main course of the Japanese pavilion! read more


now people are more tense, so the time to eat is compressed, fast food has become the people’s first choice. Therefore, the opening of a fast food restaurant, is a very good prospect of entrepreneurship. Good projects with good management, business is booming. So how do you run a fast food restaurant? You need to remember these three points.

1, fast food restaurants to determine the main product

as a not too large, the Chinese fast food stores, select a type of main products is very necessary, this is the result of consumer choice, but also need investors to operate. For operators, the main category of products, both to reduce the workload of the kitchen and concentrate on the main products more features. In addition to pasta and noodles, pasta and Steamed Rice series, can be produced in batches well in advance, as western fast food, the customer ordering can take meal, not only let consumers feel fast, and can let the store business does not seem confused, let the business process becomes a tight. Of course, if enough, can also operate in main varieties, and other two kinds, but the operator must grasp the "degree", can not let the auxiliary products dominate, do not make the store in a category, so that consumers at a loss. read more


03 years of business has been a hot barbecue shop has been in the past 13 years, the company’s franchise stores, stores, as many as more than and 30, which is still on the palace of paper on the barbecue on the. The success of the catering industry, such as the success of Beijing group is not much, the key to its success lies in its unique taste and keep up with the trend of the times business strategy.

LuxeHome concept paper advocate DIY palace barbecue barbecue buffet, each barbecue platform are diners barbecue utensils full set of configuration, the clerk will also provide on-site demonstration for experienced customers, allowing you to experience the fun of barbecue. read more


today’s online business shop has become more and more common, but also the community which has a lot of network entrepreneurs, then the whole process of opening the shop which need to pay attention to what? Let’s take a look at it.

The first

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is to buy a product, but because the operation method of the right owner, the final customer jointly purchased several pieces of products, such as the joint sales have more help for the long-term operation of the shop is natural. And now, regardless of the city or the countryside, street supermarket, innumerable. The supermarket number, and the number of customers has not changed, the business is more difficult to do. Some smart retailers think of joint marketing strategy to expand sales of supermarket goods. read more


tea, is now a lot of families every day essential drinks, many adults and even children are very fond of tea. At the same time, tea is a healthy drink. So, do you know how to choose a tea shop? It is very important to store days after operation.

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with the continuous improvement of our living standards, we gradually improve the demand for healthy eating. Yogurt bar? Not only to meet the basic needs of consumers for a healthy diet, at the same time, join the yogurt bar project, or the best choice for entrepreneurship. So, what are you hesitating about?

now as a health drink yogurt that welcomed by consumers, yogurt as a nutritious beverage has become a necessity for the healthy life of modern people, the effect of weight loss is to let the female friends love it, yogurt is also more and more. read more