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characteristics of food and beverage brands have sprung up in the food and beverage market, the traditional enterprises in order to survive, the first choice is facing the correct transformation, adapt to the development of the times. Only in this way can we remain invincible.

in the traditional enterprise transformation and upgrading with vigour and vitality at the same time, Taijiang district has a hundred years of history "is still dry after snacks" from generation to generation, by exploring the business model innovation, build the catering chain management enterprises, new vitality. Open in the garden of Changting, still dry snack decoration simple, the inside wall to open a still dry cultural gallery". Service enthusiasm, delicious dishes. If you eat enough, can also bring one or two boxes of exquisite packaging Fuzhou snacks hand letter. read more


open snack bar need to prepare what work? Many newcomers this whole process is not very clear, today Xiaobian summed up a few key points for your reference, I hope to want to invest in businesses shop help, hurry to learn about it, do not miss a good opportunity to learn.

1. customer positioning

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entrepreneurial process is a challenging and risky process, due to the existence of the risk of many investors in the process of investment have concerns. So, the entrepreneurial process, how will venture to minimize this, let us follow the whole network Xiaobian a look together.

before starting a business must have a comprehensive understanding of

on industry market environment

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People often say that

seems to be famous as, entrepreneurs have to be young, but there are a lot of elderly people entrepreneurial success stories to bring people many moved, also inspired many young novice entrepreneurs.

In the morning of

8 1, just before dawn, a white haired old man has been in the village of peace Dongkeng Town of Zhangping city a busy venue opened domestic pigeons. A row of well-proportioned pigeon cage, more than 5 thousand pairs of white feather pigeon habitat. The old man "armed", dressed in white, wearing white hat, wearing a pair of white masks. Feeding, cleaning, inspection, he was busy. read more


‘s market prospect is good, if you want to do business investment can consider joining headquarters in cooperation with the naughty baby’s clothes, we hope to exploit more wealth for you, the use of high-quality products to bring new demands for consumers, hope can bring you rich profit advantage.

is a well-known brand in the country, the quality is guaranteed, and the fabric is soft, comfortable, breathable, so that people wear particularly comfortable. As long as the choice to join the naughty baby’s clothes, don’t need to worry about how to open the new children’s clothing store this problem? Pay attention to environmental protection and health baby naughty children, products made of natural cotton, hemp, wool fabrics, printing and dyeing as active green dye, healthy care for each child. read more


with the enthusiasm of young people for digital products, digital product store has become a business opportunity. Store decoration shop image is a symbol of the strength and level of store operations,   customer psychology has a huge impact.

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every year in the domestic market, the cosmetics industry is not a people underestimated the industry, at the same time every year in the cosmetics industry in the broad market profit space also let people have started to join in this industry, now operating cosmetics shop should be how to attract customers?

1, complete product

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double fold, golden curly hair, the dress of big flower Europe and America fan is full – this is Liu Xiaofeng, a pursuit of "beautiful" Wuhan woman. "I think what I’m doing is a job that will help women regain their confidence, so this job is very sacred to me, and I love my career," said Liu Xiaofeng, 35.

laid-off beautician

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we know that modern people pay more and more attention to the spirit of the pursuit of a variety of entertainment equipment is also getting better and better investment and management of entertainment equipment is very profitable. Operating entertainment equipment to obtain long-term profitability of the situation is the outcome of every investor wants, then, how to operate the equipment in order to continue to be profitable? Let’s take a look.

1, pre preparation: how to operate recreational equipment? Buy new, attractive and strong entertainment equipment, to find a large flow of people, more prosperous areas. read more


business is not what happens, but if entrepreneurs in rural areas is still relatively rare, relatively backward rural areas have many problems in technology, business to the inconvenience, so many people choose to go to the city of entrepreneurship, but also has the benefits of rural rural, agricultural crops rich, vast territory and abundant resources, Liu Jinlan is found in the countryside have such the conditions, selection of rabbit in the countryside, now the development of good.

adhere to their own rabbit dream read more


for Hongkong’s richest man Li Jiacheng, concern for the industry is certainly not his good investment but he small household affairs. His every move in the real estate industry is deeply affecting the hearts of countless entrepreneurs.

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with the continuous improvement of the quality of life for now, wearing gold and silver is no longer a luxury, so now more and more consumers to buy a variety of silver jewelry as decoration. Silver jewelry industry is now very popular, silver jewelry chain operators should pay attention to what details? How can we let the silver jewelry chain quickly fire up, below, to learn more about:

generally speaking, open the silver jewelry chain of the external atmosphere of the store itself is the best advertising. So, silver jewelry chain operators to pay attention to what details? Silver jewelry chain store outside how to create an external atmosphere? To establish a good brand image, such as giving a noble, elegant, stylish, avant-garde atmosphere, so that people do not consciously improve the awareness of the product level. In addition to the layout of the product to make it beautiful, but also contribute to the promotion of the store environment. read more


single issue has become the focus of society, and the first is 80 and 90, the base is single people shocked, and far sighted entrepreneurs have discovered the "single" derivative of entrepreneurial opportunities, entrepreneurial market set off a new storm.

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The story of the bridge across the

is widely known, because there is love pouring, which is undoubtedly a delicious snack varieties, but also because of the classic, so the traditional snack has continued to date, is a good choice for entrepreneurs to join. So much of the bridge rice noodle brand what project is better? Zou Ji Yunnan bridge noodle to health and nutrition of its unique advantages to win the market and consumers, the market has become the hot money delicacy, infinite, rich taste, nutrition and health, is very popular in the industry strength of the brand, is the small business model, in cooperation with strong headquarters will become wise, wise entrepreneurs successfully get rich worry. So what are the advantages of joining this brand? read more


young, daring to dare to do, while entrepreneurship is the best season. Recently, a popular saying that 29 years ago, is the shelf life of youth, after the age of, Time  out (expired), the so-called phenomenon of the age of 29. Therefore, if you want to have a breakthrough in the youth years, creating a career turn, it is appropriate to catch up before the expiration of youth. Eileen Chang said: as early as possible to become famous. Rich also. If you want to be a millionaire by the age of 29, please see several young millionaire’s entrepreneurial scriptures! The quality of the first

Harari, 27 years; 29 years; Waladi, Rabbi, 28 years old. Spin , Toronto, Canada; founder of master toys. The company was founded in 1994, with sales of $2 million in 1998 and $4 million 200 thousand in sales in 1999. read more


education in the hearts of many entrepreneurs has always been a good career for life, now with the increasingly difficult problem of employment, small investment in early childhood education is a good choice to make money. Small investment in early childhood education to join considerable profits. A lot of people think about it. Venture to find small investment projects can reduce the risk of investment, early education to join the operating mode is very important, small business methods, the following can be a specific understanding of the development of early childhood education to join.

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a lot of western restaurant business is not very good, for business, there are a lot of knowledge, we need to learn a lot, the following, let us know, how to open a restaurant to attract customers.

1. store image to attract customers

change or imitation of a store, at present, is not a complicated thing. Therefore, the majority of food and beverage are also no way to effectively protect the image of the store up, a slight change, you can make customers feel fresh.

2. service image warm customer read more


is now in the social life, there are a lot of courageous and knowledgeable entrepreneurs start empty-handed, successfully completed their business objectives, and their entrepreneurial spirit is worth learning, no capital venture, we start empty-handed through these examples, to tell you what to do?

by "successive tactics" to bang out a multimillionaire

10 years ago, a company named "one plus one" clothing store quietly was born in Guangzhou, the boss is a 20 year old Chen Zhanhong. read more


food and beverage industry hot degree must be small does not need to say, this is a very worthy people to choose the industry, now many people love business, there are many on the market venture, did you have to pick dazzled? There are a lot of people choose to join the project project cooked Lucai, OK? Here and we say to join the food Lucai market prospects of the project how to have a friend in need of a reference.

operating simple

because as a cooked Lucai, we save time should not be too long; and the preservation of the environment, there are more professional equipment, we do not need to spend too much time; and the shelf life is relatively simple, we only need to store our daily sales order, so it can make us better control the cost of waste at the same time also allows us to ensure that their stores selling products with good taste and quality, so in store management is very simple, easy to ensure the safety of their products store. read more


no matter how good the product, but if the price does not meet the needs of the market, so that consumers can not be satisfied, so I am afraid that the store can not sell, it is difficult to make money. So, how to store the product pricing? Let Xiaobian bring you together to analyze.

One of the most important issues in the daily operation of the

florist is the pricing of each product in the store. How much profit can be obtained, and the owner of their own products have a great relationship pricing. The pricing of the product including the need to sell things in the store, including not only flowers, including floral works, plants, and other accessories. read more