Open the jewelry store to master three points

jewelry is a very favorite woman, the market demand, profit is not high, the jewelry store is also a lot of friends have some ideas. What are the skills of the jewelry store? How to run a jewelry store? Master the three points, the jewelry store business will be more prosperous.

two skills: jewelry store clerk joined the working enthusiasm, welcome the arrival of consumers with a good mental state. Sales of jewelry relative to other goods less traffic, sales staff often need to wait in a very boring. If it is a professional shop should be a good environment and atmosphere, such as put some light music and some professional magazine. In the absence of consumers into the store, do not stand straight for a long time.

three skills: jewelry stores to do customer service service. When consumers decide to purchase and payment does not mean the end of sales work, the first step is to do customer service consumer detailed jewelry wearing and maintenance knowledge, at the same time some new jewelry knowledge dissemination.


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Unique operation of chopsticks

in the eyes of ordinary men, but is chopsticks when eating utensils, if it is not, even if not also never mind, and each small restaurant is very carelessly, usually inserted in the barrel inside, take, for disposable chopsticks, it is never the consumption amount, in fact, right the chopsticks can also make big business marketing!

The protection of intellectual property rights

anti-skid chopsticks for children, can increase the taste of spices such as chopsticks, chili peppers, give him a pair of chopsticks, he ate the food on the mouth mouth to eat spicy than others. When the guests have finished their meal, they can use the chopsticks with intellectual property as gifts.

celebrities used chopsticks, businesses in addition to show Tibet, you can also press the time to sell the right to use, the first time can be several hundred dollars to several thousand dollars, after each 1 yuan to 100 yuan, the store can be free to pricing, for some crazy fans, can use an idol that used chopsticks. It is a very proud thing. Of course, in addition to the sale of the right to use, you can also auction the permanent ownership of chopsticks, such activities for celebrities and businesses are a good promotion.

shibuguosan, three is not fresh, so third is the final version, a hotel in Tongchuan for the Guinness world record auction chopsticks. Of course, we can also subdivide the record auction auction record record, bamboo chopsticks, a merchant can have several Guinness world records, which is the best word of mouth.


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The postal savings bank of Ningbo Youth Cup finals Saturday opening business wealth

young entrepreneurs will face a variety of problems, from sales channels to network applications, from logistics to the introduction of funds. To help young people to solve the problem, build wealth platform, Ningbo through organized entrepreneurship competition form for entrepreneurs looking for financing channels.

How to insert the

soil of agricultural products on the "Internet +" wings? How to get through the last mile of rural logistics landing?…… From October 24th, the city counties (city, district) 12 player project will be officially on 2015 "the postal savings bank cup Ningbo youth entrepreneurship Contest Finals wealth", a showdown.

"made in Ningbo" French goose liver to enter the public table

It is reported that

, together with Lu Huafang in 2010, the 29 year old to start a business, just 6 years, built the city’s largest French Landes Goose breeding base, at present, population has reached 30 thousand, the annual slaughter of more than 100 thousand. The company won the first product of goose liver cooked French foie gras production QS recognized, more become the industry standard drafting, the net sales market turnover reached 3 million 500 thousand yuan, become a leader in youth entrepreneurship, innovation and wealth of our city "".

The basic

"since July, at the beginning of the semi-finals of the competition, in the final of the 11 other players and projects are very strong." Despite their confidence in the project, but Lu Huafang can not be taken lightly, these days she repeatedly revised their implementation plan, and strive to achieve perfection.

six years to build wealth platform for hundreds of thousands of young

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Teach you how to shop can take advantage of location

shop, everyone will encounter the problem of site selection, site selection has a great impact on the development of business. How to achieve a favorable location in the business, how to make the best use of the advantages? Let’s focus on the location of the problem!

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Suitable for college students entrepreneurship project summary

is now in the social life, there are many college students who have entrepreneurial ideas, but there are a lot of college students do not have the good entrepreneurial projects can go to choose, now on the market what are the good entrepreneurial project for college students can choose?

for undergraduate poineering project: open a car wash

the surrounding environment and facilities are also very important, such as the place of business of legitimacy, power source, water pipes, fire safety and parking space. The corresponding cleaning equipment: under normal circumstances, 2 guns, 2-3 person, 1 days at least more than and 20 car wash, car wash according to the market, large trucks 25 yuan 1 cars, cars and vans 10 yuan 1 cars, motorcycle 5 yuan 1 vehicles, excluding rent, wages, water and equipment depreciation costs, benefits it is obvious.

for undergraduate poineering project characteristics: beauty

entrepreneurs to find gold in the beauty industry, we must rely on the win. For example, pet beauty is a new field of good; hairdressing is also popular in favor of white-collar services, in the ear candles, essential oil steam, this sounds fantastic, but there is a beauty Yee, eliminate fatigue, physical illnesses and other magical effects, due to the health, fashion has two big selling point it is Unlimited Business Opportunities fragrancesproduction andaromatherapybeauty. For the crowd: the threshold is low, laid-off workers, college graduates can get involved. Business advice: the key to beauty is to have a professional beautician, professional service in order to have credibility, hiring professionals or get professional certificate is the first choice for practitioners.

for undergraduate poineering project: personalized shop

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What is the best thing to get rich in the environmental protection industry

      environmental protection industry, is one of the most popular projects in today’s entrepreneurial projects by consumers and entrepreneurs. But this is not to say that as long as it belongs to the environmental protection industry projects, then the project will certainly be good business. So for many entrepreneurs who want to choose the environmental protection industry, which project is the most profitable. The whole network is introduced to solve the problem for you to make the following content.

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Hunan new ideas to support migrant workers return home Entrepreneurship

after the new year’s day, the Spring Festival in 2016 will begin, the majority of migrant workers will end a year of career, set foot on the way back home. In order to support migrant workers home business, Hunan province released the latest comments on the day before, a number of entrepreneurship policy support to help migrant workers faster and better go on the road of entrepreneurship.

12 28 September, the office of the Hunan provincial government issued the "opinions" of migrant workers and other personnel support home business, for migrant workers in our province and sent a number of farmer entrepreneurs entrepreneurship policy envelopes".

how to create?   training subsidies for eligible

8 month, the National Bureau of Statistics survey team of Hunan conducted a special survey of migrant workers returning home in Xiangtan, Chenzhou, Yongding District, Zixing, Miluo etc.. The results show that the number of migrant workers returning home is increasing, but still faces the problem of low education level.

data show that the end of the two quarter, the province’s total of 12 million 870 thousand migrant workers, including primary school and below education accounted for 32.2%, junior high school education accounted for 50.3%. Although the return of farmers’ education level is higher than the average farmers, but most are also low academic qualifications, did not receive the appropriate entrepreneurial skills training, business ideas, product research and development needs to be further improved.

"opinions" put forward, to participate in entrepreneurship training home business personnel can enjoy entrepreneurship training subsidies, the Follow-Up Services by aquaculture venture Follow-Up Services enjoy subsidies. From the experience and industry resources of successful entrepreneurs, professional managers, electricity providers, counselors, angel investors, home business leaders among the selection of a number of business mentor, providing business guidance. Support home business training practice base construction, mobilization of well-known township enterprises, agricultural products [-0.49%  funding research report];   processing enterprises to provide entrepreneurship training services, and regularly organize to large enterprises outside the province key enterprises and leading enterprises, training.

The implementation of science and technology correspondent system and the "three zone" personnel system and construction of a number of

, "star world", the migrant workers entrepreneurship Park and migrant workers established businesses in the provincial innovation entrepreneurship demonstration base and the implementation of "double hundred range funded project" award.

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How to do business on the Internet

in today’s society, choose entrepreneurial wealth road who is very much, in addition to open the store, in the online shop and many entrepreneurs choose to shop online is a good way, in fact, the online shop is not difficult.

a few steps called you easy to open a shop on the Internet:

The second step:

shop building

third step: to do optimization

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Recommend a few good curtain shop name

open a window shop, the location is very flexible, the site is in place, you have to give a suitable name for the curtain shop. What is the name of the curtain shop? Now the shop name, both good name, but also have a good meaning. Today, we recommend a few good meaning of the curtain shop name!


curtains every day


on the curtain

meaning: "attachment" in front of the noun "nostalgia", "that won’t go away" and other means, such as "hometown attachment".


meaning: a decorative brocade delicate and gorgeous, elegant, unique, dry city has different noble atmosphere. Thousands of spinning performance of goods sold, the atmosphere and momentum.

meaning: China Chinese and gorgeous gorgeous two allegorical, elegant atmosphere. Spinning home textile. Elegant and beautiful. With Chinese cultural charm.


exquisite curtains

Name: Eliza


In fact,


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Nanjing, a well-known Internet companies overnight change boss lost contact with his family

the advent of the Internet has really changed our lives, but in the Internet financial operations, there are some risks. This is not a seemingly thriving Internet companies, there is a certain degree of visibility, there are hundreds of employees, but in a sudden change occurred overnight! In October 24th, many Nanjing Hann digital internet culture Limited by Share Ltd’s investors, creditors, the company boss Yuan Fan and his wife Gao Yuan, has been quietly exit, employees and investors terrified. More than a month later, they have no news.

Nanjing han’en known as the Nanjing Internet star, in 2014 and 2016 by the two listed companies have been listed as the object for restructuring, acquisition of huge amounts of money. But in October 11th, the listed company LIAN photoelectric (600363, shares) issued a notice to suspend the restructuring process of Nanjing Han, 10 days later, Han family lost contact with the boss. Currently, Nanjing police have been concerned about this matter.

lost contact with

a good company, said no no

Nanjing Hann digital Internet main business is divided into two sections: the holographic interactive display of multimedia digital content production and development of mobile operators. The company’s holographic display technology is said to be able to achieve the effect of naked eye 3D.

Nanjing han’en office is located in Shanxi Road, the World Trade Center building A2 block 24 layer, November 22nd, modern express reporter came to the world trade center, found to the elevator floor button 24 layer has been turned off can not stop. Property staff said, "Han. Public security departments to find the company’s people to Gulou police station registration."

in the reporter to get the company’s staff chat records, there is such a description: early in the morning meeting opened well, suddenly the police came in." Shareholders, creditors rushed to the company, and then is to freeze the assets of the company, the public security to seal…… A good company, said no."

boss couple flew to Germany, currently lost contact with

Modern Express reporter from Nanjing han’en part of creditors and shareholders understand that the actual control of the company Yuan Fan, Gao Yuan couple, had more than and 200 employees, the highest peak.

according to the creditors told reporters, Yuan Fan holds a German passport, after their investigation, Yuan Fan couple is to fly to Hongkong on the morning of October 22nd, and in 24 days to fly to Germany, now lost to the state in addition to Yuan Fan and his wife and two children, Yuan Fan’s mother left on the same plane.

in addition, Hann Digital Culture Creative Industry Park is located in Nanjing high tech park, the original Baixia building two recommended

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Small business how to do to make money

a lot of 80 tired of nine to five work, want to start a business to get rich, but the money is not surplus, so do some small business, how to get rich?

A, good source is half of success!

The importance of

which, needless to say we all know. I want to mention a few words: the best is marketable, large potential consumer groups; and it is better to use local resources, so will increase the cost and risk.

two, the supply of goods to your shop to bring credit guarantee, also can let more consumers prefer to buy goods in your shop. Buy and sell, buy and sell, the quality of the sale is not a commodity you can bring how much profit, but your service, you can let the consumer satisfaction of the money to dig out.

This is

Second, free promotion.

A, a beautiful picture is a living advertisement.

It is important that

The most important is to do business

> boutique

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Li Minyang’s life is not a struggle to live

may be in the eyes of many people, rich two generations are "unearned" means. However, the hero of this article, but insist on their own struggle. Born in 1981, Li Minyang, took over in 2005 after a dismal restaurant, that is, the operation of the concept of the ancient culture to give it difficult to replicate, in a short period of time in the catering industry in Chengdu established its own position.

was born to a wealthy family in Chengdu, Li Minyang is the only child in her family. When she was 2 years old, she began to come into contact with the accordion and the print. At the age of 4, she had a picture of an artist who won the first prize in an art exhibition held in Japan, which made her parents very proud of the fact that she was very proud of the fact that she was second years old.

1999 university graduate, parents in order to reward her, she bought a BMW 5 Series imported cars, when the car price of nearly RMB 800 thousand.

, she mostly along the parents of connections. In 2000, she finally made the first independent investment in her home – a clothing store in downtown Chengdu, Yanshikou.

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Weapon how to shape the brand image

on the present market, commodity competition has evolved into the competition between brand, brand competition is the key to a good brand image, the image is more likely to win the favor of the market, are more likely to obtain a higher market share. So how to shape the brand image? To solve this problem, the whole network to share the following content specifically.

key to shaping the brand image is the brand image to consumer products penetration in the brain, the audience is not things but people, so you want to occupy the market of   the first to occupy the minds of consumers. Human consumption behavior is dominated by the intention of consumption, consumer decision of consumer behavior, you want to influence consumer behavior,   first to influence his decision and consumption concept, with your brand occupy his mind is the key to public relations. Through a variety of marketing hand   paragraph, the consumer’s attention to attract transfer over, effective communication, training

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Online jewelry store opened a good home prominent advantages

life people often in pursuit of fashion, will choose a variety of jewelry to modify their own. In recent years, the rapid development of jewelry industry, the market has a high demand for it. A variety of jewelry brands have emerged, is a good choice for venture capital. If you open a jewelry store on the Internet, you will save a lot of business expenses. So what are the advantages of online home jewelry store?

from the start-up capital, traditional ground shop, facade rent and decoration costs, as well as the first batch of stock funds, at least a few million start-up capital. The online shop is required to start up much less funds, in accordance with our plan, as long as you have a computer and your Internet can be used to manage your own website you can shop business!

from the flow of funds, traditional store purchase funds less than thousand yuan, more than a few million, does not need the pressure of capital to join the online store, you can have the case to go to purchase orders. Our supply is the local gold market, Lotus Pond merchants, and the price has been negotiated.

Second, sales time is not restricted, without special guard, but can always open.


Third, sales location is not restricted, small shops can also be made into a big business.

although on the ground you have only a small shop, or simply no facade, but on the Internet, you can still do a lot of business. On the one hand, online stores are not restricted by the store space. Although you are just a street shop, you can join the online store can have a big store, put on ten thousand kinds of goods; on the other hand, the online store is not affected by the good or bad. No matter your terminal is good or bad, even if you are in turn 999 bends the small alley, on the Internet, customers can easily find your shop, whether the customer from your shop there, even if it is from your one hundred and eight thousand.

Fourth, online store popularity, the money did not limit.

Internet traffic will exceed 10 People are hurrying to and fro., amusement! As long as your product features, as long as you run well, join the online shop every day will give you extra traffic to bring tens of thousands of, greatly increase your sales income.


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New glasses shop should pay attention to which points

shop entrepreneurship has become the tide of the times, however, if the new open a shop, want to be successful, naturally also need to pay attention to a few points. So, the new glasses shop to pay attention to what? Let Xiaobian to you.

shop business has now become the whole social entrepreneurship shop boom, however, is not a simple matter, need to do a lot of preparation in advance, can let the busy work for everything in good order and well arranged, to open the shop as an example, we at least need to pay attention to the following:

a, capital budget

glasses shop budget includes the cost of coordination and relationship for rent, transfer fees, equipment, goods, decoration, staff salaries, all kinds of documents, some entrepreneurs also need to add the cost of training, or joining fee. In the calculation of the market should be in accordance with the highest level is expected to be high, not low, while the best on this basis to prepare a certain amount of working capital, so as to prevent the adverse effects caused by strand breaks.

two, grade positioning

"this word is very philosophical, there must have, consumers buy things can be divided into three types: practical, economical and practical, burn, regardless of the scale of the shop is also very difficult to achieve the size of all, which requires entrepreneurs in the open shop before the need according to their financial strength, personal ability and market environment to make a choice, the correct positioning.

three, site selection and passenger flow forecast

According to the

funds and positioning, entrepreneurs need to make a forecast of location and traffic, the glasses shop, high traffic Feng Shui is naturally the best choice, but the local rent are very expensive; the key near the school, high traffic comprehensive shopping mall neighborhood, the intersection of trunk road (a the best parking space, focus on general hospital) especially prominent hospital ophthalmology neighborhood location is also a good choice, this kind of position is less than the bustling commercial street, but the price is very high.

four, decoration

decoration is very exquisite, poor people will think soil too tasteless, with good result of large investment, and others will say that in the long run, you are more expensive than others, so when the glasses store in the decoration according to the local consumption level, with the scale of moderate good shop.

five, sourcing organization

glasses chain corporation and some glasses shop for a long time veteran, experienced, channels, take the price of goods is very low, and even some can return. But novice admission, if you do not choose to join, then take the goods will certainly eat a little

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Silver jewelry shop opened a beautiful wealth of life

silver jewelry in China traditional culture has a very behind the background, with the per capita consumption capacity continues to increase, people demand more and more to join the silver jewelry store, entrepreneurs can see the extraordinary prospect of this industry, fine silver jewelry to join the investment prospects? Many entrepreneurs will have such questions, as long as you choose to join the industry as soon as possible, it will make you find a way to get rich.

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What is the future of the brand men’s clothing store

The first step is to study the

business location problem, but to do market research, if want to start a brand of men’s clothing store, so we must understand its market prospects, so as to determine this venture is worth to continue.

moment when customers enter the brand men’s clothing store, the business staff began to produce interactive sales behavior and customer. Thinking about how to sell to the customer sales staff, the customer will take a rational decision and perceptual psychology to decide whether to buy goods, in this process, the formation of marketing behavior and customer interaction between the business personnel. Therefore, in terms of sales staff, it is necessary to understand the customer’s purchasing behavior model, and because of the behavior of customers, the development of personal characteristics of hospitality sales and service skills.

The process of

brand menswear store sales staff service process is to buy before buying in to the continuous cycle after the purchase, service work no matter at what stage of the purchase, the value is indispensable, but also has the effect of each other. In other words, business personnel in providing customer service before, must be strong to experience the value of service is symbiotic, provide the most appropriate service content, give customers the most satisfactory service, this is the most important.

How about

brand men’s clothing store to improve sales is the most important of the market research and analysis, planners should first clear the aim of the activity is inventory or increase sales, or against competitors or to enhance customer awareness and reputation of the stores. The purpose can be clearly targeted.

brand menswear store theme is determined, we must promptly formulate promotion plan, and the division of tasks: the purchasing department to prepare for the activities of the main push variety and vendor cooperation negotiation; logistics department to advance planning, ensure adequate and timely activities during the goods delivery etc.. In this ring recommend

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The whole network Xiaobian share several skills small business with you

go get rich road or to do business quickly, looking for projects, if you want to avoid more risk, it is recommended that you select the small small projects, small business is not so difficult to imagine, because small business also have a lot of skills worth learning.

1, entrepreneurial projects to the "new" winning. The venture capital is not much, the strength is not strong, want to compete with large companies in traditional areas will die miserable, therefore, innovation is the small entrepreneurs to do a very important step, through new products and new things to enter the market and achieve development.

3, learn to do the second". Is not to do the first, do not do third, but just followed closely behind the first place in the second place, the first opportunity to sprint again.

the benefits of small, small in this project, you don’t have to worry about all day for a variety of risks, there are so many experiences for you to learn, boldly go!


boutique recommended:

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Policy support to pave the way for migrant workers return home Entrepreneurship

difficult employment problem has now become a hot issue in society, so in recent years, the state has introduced policies to support the work of all walks of life to start their own businesses. Recently, the State Council issued the "opinions" on further improving the employment work under the new situation, put forward to encourage rural labor entrepreneurship, integration to create a group of migrant workers entrepreneurship Park, founded on the workers engaged in network business, social organization, to support entrepreneurship policy. "Opinions" for migrant workers return home entrepreneurship provides a national level policy support.

4 June, the Ministry of Agriculture issued "on the strengthening of farmers’ innovative service work to promote farmers’ employment and income of the opinion", requiring further create good ecological environment of farmers entrepreneurial innovation, stimulate innovation and vitality of hundreds of millions of farmers entrepreneurial potential, establish and improve farmers’ innovation and Industry incubation service system, a large number of rural small and micro enterprises. In April 21st, the State Council executive meeting proposed to take measures to encourage rural labor entrepreneurship policies, the development of migrant workers returning home to start the park, to support farmers online entrepreneurship. May issued by the State Council on Further Doing a good job in the new situation of employment and entrepreneurship advice is to further clarify the spirit of the executive meeting, proposed the implementation of targeted tax cuts and universal fee reduction policy, integrated innovation

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Small business can make big money pick rich project

a lot of people are limited because of the limited funds on hand, in fact, to find a small entrepreneurial projects, if done well, the same can earn a lot of money. Want to spend a little money to make a lot of money, select the project you want to choose a small business, earn money and then slowly put into bigger. Small business do make money? Come and see.

online business, online shopping is not a new thing, the proportion of people open shop is also on the rise, no matter how many shop owners, and business ideas for lack of venture capital of the people, in the online shop is a good choice, this simple and practical business model will continue go on, if you want to succeed as long as you can persevere and innovation.

is the development of the computer industry, the field of e-commerce will continue to expand, the development modes and never before, so people should pay more attention to the development of this area, the development of space in this area even more than the software field, a main direction is the future development of the enterprises.


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