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发布日期已定10月14日,据videogamer的Dave Scammell,他说:


– David Scammell(@ vg_dave)2014年9月3日




新工作室将由业内资深人士Rich Vogel为首的。Rich Vogel以前有过吗曾在加拿大担任执行制片人的发展星球大战:旧共和国。富有在行业历史悠久的工作,如职称网络创世纪和星球大战星系以及其他在线和控制台冠军在他20年以上的游戏开发。新工作室目前正在招聘其他有经验的游戏开发商,以填补未公开项目的关键角色。如果你住附近的新工作室,访问http://jobs.zenimax.com/为了查看当前可用的工作。



·拉特可Andonov,Bethesda Softworks的总统补充说:


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why do some business, even if you put the money and experience is not much, but it can make a full pots of alms bowl, and some business, hard to fill the stomach, has been very good, in fact, as long as careful analysis, we can find that the business can make money there are some common!

1, national policy support.

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purchase money, after selling things into the money, will not be calculated, the store is in the end is a loss is not known, such a business situation is now a lot of investors are facing. A reference to the cost of shop, some operators may say: "the shop is my money is mine, it is necessary to calculate it?"

In fact,

, as the operator, the day from dawn to dusk, but no matter how busy and tired, should develop good habits on accounting. Every day, every time the purchase, from the type of goods to the price, from the loss of goods until the sale, should be good account. Below I will start from their own experience, to share with you: read more


in Nanjing environmental management work is being carried out in an orderly manner, and hope that through governance, so that people’s living environment becomes better. In 2017 the district has scheduled including city road construction, public infrastructure construction, ecological environment construction, the Ming city wall surrounding environment, protection of cultural relics protection construction, housing construction in six categories, a total of 175 construction projects, a total investment of about 61 billion 300 million yuan. read more


relative to Chengdu, Chongqing in recent years is also promoting innovation and entrepreneurship, and achieved good results. According to relevant statistics, in the past five years, there have been 410 thousand Chongqing venture onto the road to start when the boss.

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women love flowers, flowers in daily life, most people think is romantic, rarely think of entrepreneurship, and the women from the petals to find new business opportunities, and ultimately realize their entrepreneurial dreams.

2009 one day, she went to a friend’s wedding, the bride came out from the sky when the colorful plastic petals. "Why don’t you use the petals of flowers, is it more romantic?" Chen Yan wondered. After the wedding, she asked the bride, the other said: "the cost of plastic products cheaper than flowers, flowers so expensive, how much money the whole wedding spread?" read more


      corpse cooking oil powder net a Rice noodles shop in Guangxi Hezhou corpse cooking oil powder recently to users in a number of forums: "Guangxi politics and Law Committee, the latest announcement, Guangxi Hezhou City, a screw powder chains have been identified using cheap to buy the crematorium. Cooking oil powder, criminals has been captured." This information is the forum and micro-blog hype, resulting in adverse effects in the community. In this regard, including the the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Party committee, political and Law Commission, including multi sectoral response, have not received such a report, has never issued such notice. read more


I am the son of a farmer in the suburbs of Hangzhou, the family did not have any background, there is no money, we are famous is the name of the ancient town – stay, and West Lake Longjing tea. Unfortunately, we are far from the village of the town, you childhood, kindergarten is not, no swimming training class, tree yam (estimated at stealing everything we were the last 84 years, I


1990 in -2002, respectively, in the village of small, small town, the town of junior high school, high school, a. The system that is 18 years old, know no books, there is no way out, so I feel myself in that year to study ah, now is a misunderstanding, but also special thanks to the misunderstanding, the age of 18, at the age of 18, at least let their efforts, especially hard to afford. read more


in order to support the whole society entrepreneurs, apparently only rely on the power of the government is not enough, all levels of government through publicity and guidance, and actively encourage social forces to focus on entrepreneurship. Many private investment forces began to pay attention to the development of innovation and entrepreneurship, to provide financial support and entrepreneurial guidance.

19 group Alibaba started in Taipei on the Taiwan venture fund, the fund total amount of NT $10 billion (US $306 million), to provide financial support and entrepreneurship start-up, growth and expansion stage for Taiwan local entrepreneurs. read more


today’s children’s clothing market can be described as fierce competition, the peak of the birth of children continue to strike, parents are willing to buy new clothes for children, entrepreneurs have the opportunity to get rich. Children’s wear shop to do business in the exhibition should be very careful.

the overall display: the complete set of goods to the customer display, such as a full set of children as a whole, complete display with a mannequin type from head to foot. The overall form of display for customers as a whole, to facilitate the purchase of customers. read more


puff can be said now the consumer favorite dessert is a delicacy, because consumers are so popular, also well laid a puff so good in the industry’s position in the market, another puff development is getting better and better, and now has become the representative of the puff in the market with the highest popularity the delicacy. Hani puffs franchise the brand is a good brand, launched a series of puff products, not only the consumers very popular, it is a good business project fell in hot pursuit of venture investors. Hani puffs join venture investment more easily. read more