Taiwan 28 year old young people how to be a charter

Stephen Chow’s film Kung Fu holds a lot of people, including the image of the charter is even more popular in Taiwan, there has been a charter party, 28 years of age has been sitting on the millions of assets.

began to "money" from

high school

this period of bitterness that Zhang Boyi told her: "the money is very important, no one thought of bitterness!" He also bought a house as an important goal of life. "There is a house, a place, people think you have money!"


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Taiwan hand bakery advantages

hand grasping cake is very familiar with the snacks, this store is very simple to operate, so many small entrepreneurs are very excited about this snack items. Taiwan hand bakery what are the advantages of investment? If you are not very clear, you can look at the analysis, I hope to help you.

investment advantages:

to taste can conquer you shop area consumers.

operable after the training can fully grasp the essentials of production process.


Flexible management:

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Zhejiang boost public entrepreneurship innovation

now social entrepreneurship has become a new theme and a hot topic, at the same time, because of the existence of entrepreneurship also led to the transformation of the whole society, the country are actively promoting public innovation activities, and achieved great results.

to break through the bottleneck

and just a few months ago, Sun Renda is still worried about how to update the product. Wenling to pump and motor industry led, in recent years, most companies are seeking transformation and upgrading, Sun Renda also consider the direction of enterprise development.

5 month of day, due to a noodle machine new product design bottlenecks encountered, Sun Renda to Wenling pump and motor technology innovation service platform inspection and testing of the person in charge of Linzhi. In the process of communication, Sun Renda learned that the new innovation coupons. After learning that their own enterprises meet the conditions, Sun Renda immediately returned to the factory to apply for 20 thousand yuan coupons.

"innovation voucher broke the previous research funding tilt, small businesses to large enterprises ignored the recommendation

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Jiangdu Local Taxation Bureau four new initiatives to facilitate entrepreneurs

With the gradual promotion of

Internet plus the venture to further reduce the threshold, the increasing number of entrepreneurs. In order to increase the efficiency of government to provide public services for entrepreneurs, Jiangdu Local Taxation Bureau launched five initiatives.

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How to get the name of the curtain shop recommended good curtain shop name

domestic merchants network integrity platform, provide all walks of life to join a good project, entrepreneurial projects, rich money business opportunities, business ideas, business guide, join the information industry news etc. detailed introduction of services for the majority of entrepreneurs, is the ideal choice for web entrepreneurs looking for investment, entrepreneurship, join, chain, good project agent. The whole network for their support of the majority of entrepreneurs looking for their own entrepreneurial rich project, the success of your entrepreneurial dreams of wealth!

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(the -www.shang360.com network) copyright Beijing ICP license No. 030831 Beijing Public Security No. 110106003901 -4

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The dissolution of the eagles may be a last goodbye

may be the dissolution of the eagles, for a lot of fans is a bad news, excellent band to bring fans is a lot of classic songs, is a lot of wonderful performances. Also made a lot of money for the record company, the total record sales of more than one hundred and fifty million.

in the Grammy Music Awards, don Henry and the eagles member Joe Warsh (Joe  Walsh) and folk singer songwriter Jackson Brown (Jackson  Browne) performing together a song "the Eagles" Take  it  Easy ", salute at the beginning of this year has just died guitarist Glen Frey. When it comes to the show, Henry said it would be "the last goodbye".

in the Grammy music awards ceremony, Tang · Henry and the eagles members Joe · Walsh (Joe  Walsh) and folk singer songwriter Jackson · Brown (Jackson  Browne) performing together a song "the Eagles" Take  it  Easy ", to just the beginning of this year the death of guitarist Glen · Fred salute. When it comes to the show, Henry said it would be "the last goodbye".

as an eagles team veteran, Glen · Fred in local time in January 18th this year, died of illness at the age of sixty-seven. In 1998, the eagle was elected to the rock and Roll Hall of fame, from its debut, the eagles in the world’s total sales of more than one hundred and fifty million. The Eagles "Hotel  California", "Take  It  Easy", "Tequila  Sunrise" and "Take  It  To  The  Limit" and so on

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Where to pay the illegal traffic Hefei support online payment

with the growing popularity of the car, although in life for our life brought great convenience, but usually in management when there are a lot of problems in the past, when the driver of the illegal traffic money is very troublesome, but with the changing times, now in Hefei to support online payment, which provides a great convenience for the majority of drivers. Reporters learned on October 24th, Hefei police department opened the online payment function, the city’s owners do not have to go out of the house to complete the electronic monitoring of traffic violations and payment matters.

It is reported that

, the owner can log on "Internet service platform" (ah.122.gov.cn), at the bottom of the page to select the "illegal business" in the "electronic monitoring", according to the prompts to complete the illegal processing and payment of fines. After the traffic control 12123 mobile client login, you can directly choose to deal with illegal, choose my own name of the vehicle, choose the local or off-site after the completion of the above items according to the tips.

through the above article, details of your specific procedures for the operation has been clearly understood, if you have any questions, you are welcome to contact the traffic management department. Hefei traffic police department to remind the owners, only the user can use the driver’s license to deal with the non traffic offense record of my motor vehicle. The cumulative score of the driver’s license will be more than 12 points (including 12 points) of illegal traffic records on the scene, the user to the illegal place or vehicle registration illegal traffic processing window.

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How to start on the road a road crossed the bank

is not to say that business, easy thing, it is because people don’t think hard, they can buy their hearts or is a "on the jump", but to be crossed the path bank really is not an easy thing.

A, policy barriers. Individual private enterprise related policies, no doubt for entrepreneurs is a gospel. However, compared with the limited company, this form of business has not been recognized by China’s current economic market. At the same time, as far as I know, the so-called penny when the owner of the individual proprietorship enterprises in different regions, the difficulty of setting up different. Some areas of the business sector simply do not welcome this, because it is difficult to control, because less tax. One of my friends’ companies registered a new company in New Zealand, and it’s hard to imagine. And we, the sole proprietorship enterprise is not mature, condition of a limited liability company is too restrictive, and some special industries, such as tourism, network, Internet cafes, and approve the layers will let you down. We lack a policy environment that is really good for entrepreneurs.

two, capital barrier. Here I do not write capital barriers, because for most entrepreneurs, capital, after all, far away. Venture capital how many of us dare to think, even if you dare to consider, where is it? Bank loans, although some banks recently out of personal investment loans, but how many people apply for it? How to apply? How to guarantee? China’s banks have always been the rich do not love the poor, you do not have no real estate assets, banks do not go in the door. Or you have in the bank before the rotten tens of millions, the bank is afraid of you, but your loan is easy. Personal entrepreneurship, I dare to guarantee that some bank employees will open two big beautiful eyes, said: what? Then you have to save your money, borrow money from friends and relatives. And when you have two money, entrepreneurial enthusiasm can not. Of course, you have a patent, with the exception of technology.

three, the concept of barriers. One of my classmates, after graduating from college decided to start their own business. But just the beginning, the neighbors on the rumors four fly: look, what a certain college students, but also a famous university, but also can not find a job, I heard that in Guangzhou there is a meal. His parents listened to the chilling, two days of three phones in every possible torture. Another classmate, after graduating from the newspaper in January more than 1000 wages in the government sector, the entrepreneurial students parents got out of order. Family pressure, social pressure, so that entrepreneurs have a heavy burden, how much more than the operation of unnecessary worry. And your business partner, he will be luxurious office, decent office as a symbol of your strength, just started? He put the contract away at once.

four, perseverance obstacles. I said in a previous article, the development of * strength entrepreneurial * perseverance. Most of us fail because of lack of perseverance. Of course, there are many factors that cause lack of willpower. The China culture does not advocate personal heroism, gun fight bird, wood show in the forest, the wind will push which is caused by a > perseverance

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Which shops are suitable for operating around the school

enterprise should pay attention to many special people and is suitable for the operation of the market place! Some people want to choose around the school open the shop, which is suitable for operating in the shop around the school, you are not need to pay attention to information? I believe that you will be a great inspiration to the shop ah! Look!

open a typing copy of the agency, the print shop investment is relatively high, but also have a certain cultural foundation and skills base. Middle school next to the print shop to the target consumer group should be positioned in this group of teachers. Many middle schools, especially in rural schools do not have the conditions of printing papers, but every year, even every month, every week, so try to make this school even the township school paper business of eating, then consider students copy business.

flower head Bay special snack shop, snack bar and middle school next to the University by the different, can move closer to the hotel, because the students are not allowed to drink, but the students are not strict prohibition. Fellow classmates birthday together, his roommate Dayaji and so on, are required to add to the fun wine. Of course, the snack bar wine, food should be in the middle and low based, to highlight the characteristics of flavor.

above analyses in some stores around the school opened, in fact for many around the school to open the shop, the majority of entrepreneurs in the business in the process of their own choice!

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Open a jewelry store to pay attention to these problems

beautiful things are always able to attract people’s attention, exquisite jewelry is very popular, so open a jewelry store also do not worry about no market. But open a jewelry store also need to pay attention to a lot of problems, open jewelry store to pay attention to what? Next Xiaobian will take you to understand.

shop should not blindlyA lot of people on the

accessories are very close narrowed, because the jewelry has the characteristics of small investment, quick return, so jewelry stores also as many entrepreneurs of choice, which is caused by the current domestic market jewelry stores blossom everywhere situation, but many investors do not understand the jewelry industry, belongs to the blind investment shop. Once you choose to shop, must understand the industry.

How thoughtful


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Working with dreams is not alone

During the period of

in 12th Five-Year, China put forward the slogan of "mass entrepreneurship and innovation". Today, let us look back from the dream of a man of Sarah’s brilliant 12th Five-Year".

2015 years, for the 36 year old Han Youzhong ushered in the cause of another height: halal fresh yak meat sales exceeded the mark of 2000 tons, sales exceeded billion mark. Two points breakthrough is not easy for a young private entrepreneurs, Han Youzhong every step always contains wisdom and courage, and to grasp the future, of course, through which is "heaven, earth and man" — the national prosperity and harmony and stability.

"world yak", this is a bold and accurate positioning, the characteristics of yak resources and brand operation in Qinghai really into people’s vision, Han Youzhong seize the opportunity to realize the adjustment of industrial structure is completed by major under this background, it is from this day. His entrepreneurial dream plug in the wings, he wants to become a leader in the enterprise China halal cold fresh yak meat.

"there are about 14 million Yaks in the world, of which Qinghai has about 6 million head, in number, Qinghai holds the world’s most yak." In the course of the interview, Han Youzhong constantly stressed to reporters: Qinghai yak is a treasure, this feature is a great business opportunities for our people in Qinghai!"

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How startups seek legal support

  9  Snapchat  June, the two founders of   Evan  Spiegel    Bobby  Murphy  after a long lawsuit finally with   Reggie  Brown    Brown  secret settlement, no claim is initially proposed to the application of the.

This article from the

"what time entrepreneurial companies should consider seeking a lawyer? Yesterday, I think." Value  Strategies  chief consultant   Ken  Callander  said that the current   Callander  Mr. Wang is currently working with a number of start-up companies in Silicon Valley.

"once you have a new idea, you may have to start the protection of intellectual property rights. It may be a software or a product design, in the beginning you should find a lawyer to protect the company’s core competitiveness, whether it is a patent, trademark or copyright. Before you share with others, you should use the law to protect the details of entrepreneurship."

these details include hire what people, and which investors are you going to phase you. Ability to protect

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Six steps to share snacks


side of the delicacy snack a lot, always let these chowhound busy mouth, different snack shop price is not the same, are often associated with geographical location, some snack bar, or because the place is too quiet, or because of low visibility, in order to attract tourists, increase the attractiveness of the snack bar often, in a period of time will set the price lower, so that customers frequented, so as to enhance the visibility of the snack bar. Here are the steps for the snack bar:

snack shop pricing step 1 to determine the pricing target

pricing goal is the realization of food prices, the snack bar is expected to achieve the goal. Snack bar should be different in different periods to determine the target to determine a reasonable price.

snack bar pricing step 2 forecast price demand

price demand refers to the price of food on the market adaptability, is the basis and principles of pricing dishes. Customer demand for dishes will vary depending on the region and the snack bar. Therefore, the snack bar must clear pricing factors, the development of practical price of dishes.

snack bar pricing step 3 to determine the cost and profit

food pricing is the most important factor in the cost and profit. The price of dishes depends on the needs of the dishes, and the demand for food is subject to the price of dishes. Must be based on the cost, profit, price and demand to determine the relationship between the price of dishes.

snack bar pricing step 4 Analysis of competitors

in the development of food prices, snack shop operators must to competitors to analyze the situation, to understand the factors of price level, because competitors make the price impact on the pricing of the dishes are very large.

snack bar pricing step 5 correct pricing method

The pricing of

snacks is mainly affected by three factors: cost, demand and competition. In addition, there are three kinds of pricing methods: cost pricing, demand pricing and competitive pricing. Snack bar should choose different pricing methods in different periods.

snack bar pricing step 6 to determine the final price

different geographical locations will not only make the management effect is not the same, even the price of the product is also very affected, hope that the suggestions can help small snacks, store operators can determine the price of snacks. And in determining the price, it is best to decide whether or not to adjust according to the operating situation of the snack bar. Snacks, such as pricing in strict accordance with the above steps, you can recommend

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Northeast Normal University Business Plan Competition finals fall

since this summer, many college students’ entrepreneurship competition launched in China, many students hit off with innovative technology and creative projects in the fierce competition to show themselves, the winners can not only win money for venture capital, can also get the rare investment.

10 31, jointly organized by the Youth League Committee of the Northeast Normal University, the Northeast Normal University student entrepreneurship center fourth Business Plan Contest Finals held in the Jingyue campus of Northeast Normal University Foreign Language Institute, 10 teams entered the finals in a fierce battle for the championship "".

after which lasted more than 7 months of preliminaries and semi-finals, CM studio, 32 teams from the talent shows itself in to participate in team team RED, team Family, Mozhu design studio, Huge  studio, Chibi drunk; Gossip  , the final studio; Teng technology team SS, Levin 6· dir team 10 teams Jin finals. During the game, each team have sword, to show their own advantages and characteristics of business projects, and in turn for the wonderful reply. Finally, to participate in the team won the gold medal, drunk Chibi studio won the silver award, Huge  Gossip studio and final Teng technology respectively won the Bronze Award, best Popularity Award SS team.


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Zhongguancun entrepreneurs gathered to recall the previous generation of brilliant

now the market is a new generation of entrepreneurs on the stage, they have passion, enthusiasm, but also has a rare spirit of innovation, which allows them to embark on a different road with their predecessors. Recently, a group of old entrepreneurs gathered in Zhongguancun, recalling the entrepreneurial years.

due to age and health, the party between Zhongguancun is very rare business friends. However, no matter how long it has not seen, through the familiar and intimate communication between old friends, you will immediately understand why they are proud to say that they are old "Zhongguancun".

the restaurant of the other people will not think that this table naughty "friends" constantly make impromptu comic gestures and ramarks are the Zhongguancun history of the big influential man.

in winter under the warm sun shining, these are no longer young but still vibrant face seemed calm and peaceful. Yes, and now active in Zhongguancun who frequently talk rapidly "subversion" "take all" entrepreneurs compared to the old generation of entrepreneurs a more serene and calm, they, infinite passion to develop the market, more from an ideal and sense of responsibility. As Wang Yongmin said, "we have our own time, not to anyone, this is enough."

although it famous, epoch-making feat, but the economic returns, the entrepreneurs did not catch up with the best time window. But Wang Yongmin said very frankly, indeed there have been disappointed, but also helpless, but turn to read, the ultimate technology for the people to use, even if the free contribution, he is very pleased.

"Zhongguancun man" is an honor, but also a group of images. Once renowned "Jinghai" founder Wang Hongde is said with emotion, had a television to ask him for example to speak of Zhongguancun people a recommendation

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What are the characteristics of Sichuan order agriculture

in the development of the road, the positive combination of their own characteristics, the development of dominant industries, become the unanimous choice of the majority of rural areas! Sichuan Province, has a unique planting conditions, the development of characteristic agriculture is conducive to promoting economic development. So, what are the characteristics of Sichuan order agriculture?

actively develop the advantages of agriculture around the country, through agricultural orders and market direct docking, effectively promote the production and marketing convergence, help promote the structural reform of agricultural supply side. According to the dispatching order, the spring agricultural area of 23 million 327 thousand acres, an increase of 732 thousand acres, by 3.2%. Order agriculture presents the characteristics of "high proportion of grain and fast growth of economic crops".

is a higher proportion of food orders. The order of the spring grain area of 14 million 292 thousand acres, an increase of 101 thousand acres, an increase of 0.7%, accounting for 61.3% of the total orders. Among them, 8 million 99 thousand acres of rice, an increase of 92 thousand acres; corn of 3 million 873 thousand acres, an increase of 18 thousand acres; sorghum acres of 699 thousand acres, a decrease of 57 thousand mu.

two is a fast growing economic crop orders. The province’s economic crop orders area of 9 million 35 thousand acres, an increase of 631 thousand acres, an increase of 7.5%, accounting for an increase of orders of 86.2%. Among them, 3 million 36 thousand acres of vegetables, an increase of 177 thousand acres; fruit of an area of 2 million 282 thousand acres, an increase of 230 thousand acres; tea of 1 million 269 thousand acres, an increase of 107 thousand acres; medicinal herbs of 678 thousand acres, an increase of 164 thousand acres; tobacco leaf. Nanjiang county built sun rich tea, vegetable production base, the introduction of the development of agricultural order of 55 leading enterprises, closely linked to the production, processing, sales and other industry chain; Zitong county to take order agriculture, the establishment of company (cooperative) base farmersquot production and marketing through-train mode, the development of high quality black sesame (000716, shares) planting base.

Sichuan order agricultural characteristics, on the one hand reflected in the high proportion of food orders, on the other hand reflected in the growth of economic crops orders! With the further development of economy, the characteristic order agriculture in Sichuan will be further developed, which will help to promote the local economy and improve the living standard of the local people.

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How to successfully set up shop in the Office

We have seen the

shop facade, but not seen in the office to open the shop facade, a lot of people think the office is very quiet, not suitable for doing business, but others do not dare to do, if you do not believe, can have the market, look at how others to open a shop in the office. Can you draw some insights.

for floor shop, offend a customer is "vulnerable", good service to every customer is to settle down, so it is the most expensive wallpaper club, is not recommended, only recommend the most suitable, is one of the principles of Luo Minzhi, through many years of industry experience, through to Jiezhuang companies good class to establish a relationship, and establish long-term cooperation customers trust, to create a different wallpaper shop floor.

"half half warmth recommended grocery

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Husband and wife selling pickles to earn forty million

business products regardless of size, without distinction, as long as the product can make money is a good choice for business. Life in the seemingly insignificant pickles can also become a cinematic gold business, a couple with the wealth of life plan to sell pickles.

in Liaoyuan’s table, there will always be a dish of delicious pickles "flower". "Flower pickle" is not only the people of Liaoyuan unique taste to enjoy today, but also exported to more than and 40 provinces and regions, so popular, its founder Cao Chunhua also so famous. From the beginning of the stall selling pickles, and now set up nearly 40 million yuan in annual sales of Jilin Xin Hui Food Co., Ltd., along the way, Cao Chunhua performed a miracle from scratch.

more difficult venture

recalled that day, Cao Chunhua is still full of emotion, "at that time, lost about 100000, house was also sold, rented a small house, the day had run out."

1995 years, Cao Chunhua and her husband sold radish stem. Buy radish, cut into strips after drying, get the market to sell, customers can buy their own home to do pickles. Sold for a year, did not earn a few money. Cao Chunhua pondering, pickles I will do, since the radish do not make money, I do pickles sell it.

pickles popular flower market

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Alice joined the site – how to fix the whole

Alice joined the brand popularity of the market is getting higher and higher, attracting a lot of attention to franchisees. Investment in the small business, how to choose? This is the focus of attention of many new franchisees. In fact, the investment chain franchise, the headquarters will provide the relevant site support, so that stores can be established as soon as possible.


to Alice franchisees can do work site at the headquarters of the help, if you are familiar with the location management is not, you can choose to look at the above suggestions. I believe in the strength of the headquarters of the help, you will get a smooth development, as soon as the establishment of the shop, the smooth start of business, do worry business.

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The self-service ice cream good project – join trusted

we all know, barbecue buffet, buffet, but I don’t know, have you ever heard of self-help ice cream project. For small businesses to join the business, entrepreneurial choice to join the self-service ice cream project, shop is earned! Business is very hot. Small entrepreneurial choice to join the ice cream project is to choose the right!

buffet ice cream to make money?

self-help ice cream ice cream franchise gave up the traditional specifications and models, is no longer a fixed shape, fixed collocation and fixed taste, but all of the choices you can come to heart Italy, with love, completely free of any style you use, store only to provide you with ice cream and a variety of ingredients, as for how to eat how do you taste, collocation, can be arbitrary.

is now young people advocating individuality, freedom, self join this model ice cream is adapted to the needs of young consumers under the line, let them show their creative and ice cream in the ocean, to show their talent, can put the ice cream for each kind of style transformation, a variety of topics, so that eating ice cream is not only to meet appetites, is also a kind of artistic delicacy.

good quality entrepreneurial projects, to choose to join the self-help ice cream? The market development space is very big, very good prospects for a good project, what are you still hesitating? Come and leave a message! Come and join us!

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