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in order to further promote the rich peasants benefiting the agriculture policy implement, recently, East District of the arrangements for the deployment of cadres to the countryside to carry out the "two two" activities started in 2015 to preach the central and provincial spirit of the document No. 1 work. The combination of
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"character Laba, costume exhibition, office street, tea horse caravan, marketplace performance…… January 19th to February 25th, Huangyuan will launch more than and 20 colorful cultural and sports activities, with the public through the happy new year. New Huangyuan County Cultural Department, from January 19th (the beginning of the eight month, LA) held a "million character Laba", opened the curtain spring sports activities.

in addition, February 21st to February 25th, the enthusiasm of the people in Huangyuan tourists orchestrated the original ecological folk culture exhibition, art exhibition, Dan Junggar lights folk culture photography exhibition of calligraphy, tea horse caravan real performances, folk art performances, fashion show, Town God’s Temple Dan in the wind, folk and folk arts and crafts exhibition fairs, traditional folk sports department, Ya Shengtang performances and local special snack show, the Lantern Festival fireworks and other folk cultural activities. (author: Zhao Junjie Wang Xiaochuan)
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for a long time, in the rural management, the role of college student village officials has been affirmed by the society. In the new situation, the college student village officials have a new mission, is to drive the villagers to participate in Entrepreneurship and employment, to achieve the goal of getting rich.

to play a better role in the employment college-graduate village official in Zhejiang Province, before the date of the establishment of Dongyang City college-graduate village official employment promotion. The association is in Dongyang City college-graduate village official as the main body, by the love of the countryside, rooted in rural areas, rural college-graduate village official dedication, unity and related industry entrepreneurs, academics and other social elites, founded in on the non-profit social organizations. It is also Jinhua college student village official employment promotion association Dongyang branch. read more


In July 25th, the Provincial Department of Education jointly organized by the Provincial Justice Department, the provincial Party committee, the Provincial Public Security Bureau, province security office, Xining area "the charm of summer · the healthy growth of the 2012 Summer Youth Legal summer camp activities in Xining City," summer camp second class ". 90 teachers and students from 8 middle schools in Qinghai Huangchuan second branch, the seventh middle school of Xining City, the eleventh middle school of Xining City, Xining city tiger Taiwan school to attend the summer camp activities. read more


Since July, the Tibetan tourism booming and new routes, flights and the "Green Fair", "Lake Race" in the large-scale exhibition, sports activities of the comprehensive growth, our province air transport is growing rapidly, as of 23, the Xining airport has completed 1989 vehicles transport movements, passenger throughput of 252351 passengers, cargo throughput of 1098.2 tons, an increase of 37.2%, 40.9% and 25% respectively, the cumulative 18 day passenger throughput reached 10 thousand passengers, more than 6 days to reach 12 thousand people more than 22 days to reach 12943 passengers, a record high, showing a blowout growth. read more


Reporter in January 29th from the Qinghai Tibet railway company was informed that after the start of the Spring Festival this year, according to passenger demand before the Spring Festival, the Qinghai Tibet Railway Company in January 30th and February 13th respectively in Xining and Golmud between additional temporary passenger trains, to meet the travel needs of passengers.

it is reported that the specific time of the additional Linke train as follows: January 30th, February 13th in Xining to Golmud additional K9805 times Xining passenger train, 13:50 originating, docked in Huangyuan and Delingha station, arrive in Golmud at 21:50; January 30th, February 13th in Golmud and Xining additional Z9814 times between temporary passenger trains, Golmud 10 departure, docked in Delingha Ulan station, arrive in Xining at 17:40. read more


The first eight months of this year, Xining city AB key construction project is progressing well, as of now has opened 191, the opening rate of 86%, completed an investment of 39 billion 300 million yuan. 9 projects have not yet started livelihood projects are also in the early stages of work, for the early start.

it is reported that the first eight months of this year has started the project, Riverside Road East, Qilian Road, Xining City School Social School ninth middle school, Beijing Normal University, Xining City experimental middle school practice base, school standardization construction, the west area of drainage pipe network transformation, olefins and other comprehensive utilization of tail gas of 74 project progress smooth. At the same time, Xining City slow system construction, twelve in Xining, Qinghai Tibet Railway Garden School, city and county three weak school renovation project, vocational education center, DOPA gahe industrial occupation school, Huangyuan County high school, Xining First People’s Hospital outpatient building, Third People’s Hospital of Xining city children’s centres, second people’s Hospital of Xining city children’s Medical Center creative animation, entertainment city, Dan Junggar Folk Industrial Park, twenty-eight in Xining, pre-school education, school reform, urban planning exhibition hall, Youth Activity Center, Xining city driving camp construction project, the Shanghai Based Financial Plaza, North Eight Logistics Port construction projects 98 projects are planned to gradually implement. read more


10 17, 2009, the province held a new round of grassland ecological protection subsidies to reward the work of the video conference, marking a new round of grassland ecological protection subsidy policy was officially implemented in our province. It is reported that a new Lunbu award policy, I will give up every year awards totaled 2 billion 413 million yuan, an increase of 466 million yuan more than the first round. This year grant funds in accordance with the "one card", in October 31st will be full and timely cash to households. read more


recently, the provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection held the province to strengthen poverty alleviation accountability and discipline supervision work of the forum, analyzing the poverty areas of the province against the status quo of the interests of the masses, the arrangements for the deployment of our province poverty alleviation work supervision and discipline of accountability.

meeting requires discipline inspection and supervision organs at all levels to strengthen the six measures to win the fight against poverty escort. From the end of a comprehensive rural and pastoral areas of grassroots cadres violating law and discipline problems clues, starting from June this year, with a year of investigation on the prominent problems throughout, do what count. Two to take measures to strengthen supervision and inspection, do Province, state (city) two times the annual checks, and quarterly checks once again, to achieve two years all supervision. Three to continue to carry out multiple rounds of rolling, to supervise the handling or directly and, every year at all levels of Discipline Inspection Committee at least personally supervise the departments of the 2 contact area in the field of poverty alleviation accountability and discipline supervision work, all localities should specify leaders responsible for, to supervise the handling of important and typical problems or do. Four to make good use of "four forms", the problem of slight timely interviews to remind; frequently, poor regulation, there is no case to check, the case reports of serious accountability, typical problems resolutely informed exposure, forced responsibility. The fifth of grassroots cadres to carry out regular disciplined and warning education, so the hearts of the discipline, the bottom line of action. Six departments should strengthen cooperation, to jointly promote the province’s poverty alleviation work carried out supervision and discipline of accountability. read more


at the moment, is a new era of innovation and entrepreneurship, activate the public entrepreneurship, innovation is the driving force for building a moderately prosperous society in all respects. The university is the gathering place of the knowledge talented person, is the frontier science, the cutting edge technology, the advanced culture birthplace, has the talented person and the knowledge advantageous condition in the leading social culture development. College students are the main force of future high-quality support for social development, college students are the most energetic, the most active and innovative spirit of youth groups, they are an important carrier of social innovation and entrepreneurship leading university culture and the inexhaustible power. read more


The six meeting of the thirteen session of the CPPCC opening yesterday –

  – Ma Haiying work report chaired by Liu Fade   white mores make a proposal to report   – Wang Xiao Zhang Xiaorong; Su Rong was invited to attend the  


August 1st, Henan Province, Zhengzhou municipal government deputy mayor Liu Dong led the health, development and reform, finance office, human agency and other departments, a line of 13 people to visit the city health work. Municipal government deputy secretary general He Bin presided over the report meeting, the Municipal Health Bureau Director Liu Haonian introduced the progress of medical and health system reform in our city, the two sides around the public hospital management system and mechanism reform, comprehensive reform of primary health care institutions in the personnel system reform, the government subsidy mechanism were discussed and exchange.
the delegation on the city level medical and health care reform, comprehensive reform of public hospitals at county level, national pilot city public hospital reform and the implementation of comprehensive understanding. Went to the first people’s Hospital of Datong City, the city of Shenyang hospital health field investigation. In Datong County Hospital for a detailed understanding of the county public hospital reform in the personnel quantity verification, post setting, competition and personnel system reform, the implementation of the basic drug system and the implementation of zero profit drug, the implementation of convenience Huimin service measures etc.. In Shen Zhai Chengzhong district hospitals a detailed understanding of the implementation of the basic drug system and zero slip, position setting and personnel posts, basic public health services, financial compensation mechanism, subsidies for village doctors and support policy, explore the service mode of basic medical and health institutions comprehensive reform implementation.

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