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open fashion jewelry store, do worry business. If you want to do a good job in the store sales, need to start from what? Many franchisees are interested in this issue. Xiao Bian provides a few points to share, I hope you can easily master the operating skills. If you want to succeed quickly, you can learn.

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old Hu Bang Bang chicken? Delicious, for business with a small capital of the entrepreneur, is very business choice. Old investment Hu Bang Bang chicken? Successful entrepreneurship is no longer a dream! Worthy of our attention and choice, it is worth joining!

training project Lucai old Hu Bang Bang chicken, rational choice of entrepreneurial projects. From the first modern meat stalls to store operations to store until now more than and 400 franchise stores, Lucai training project old Hu Bang Bang chicken development for the domestic large chain catering enterprises, the investment contributed to franchisees. Some people saw Lucai training project old Hu Bang Bang chicken has the characteristics of the market, moving from the crooked brains, from the old Hu Bang Bang Lucai training program to learn some chicken stewed, making some spice bag, change a name, published some small ads, seemingly "very cheap" foreign "second-hand price to teach" technology. read more


perhaps simply because one aspect of the work not to do, are likely to affect the entire store operation, so, if we want to successy run a shop, will also need to do all aspects of the work place. So, drink shop normal operation need to do what work? Let Xiaobian with everyone together to understand it.

in recent years in the beverage market many successful programs, but small business still think beverage shop is a simple matter, as operators of liquor stores in the daily operation of consumers need follow-up services, so as to get more attention to a firm market, investors now have to select the method of escort! read more


In fact,

opened a tea shop, is a very good choice. Low cost, you can quickly return to this. The best choice, so business with a small capital of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs to choose to join the best tea shop?

Fuji tea shop how to join the brand positioning is not high, so the cost of investment is still very easy to be accepted, how much money to join the two tea, depending on how we choose to join. At present, there are two stores available for your choice, a standard shop, cooperation costs about 40 thousand, belonging to the overall style, decoration standard is low, there is no need to store area is too large; store decoration style was very exquisite, large area also more types of products. read more


we all know, the temptation of food is always very large. Therefore, the catering market is so popular. Xian’s cooking art Hot pot to join the project, in the food and beverage market, has always been a very promising project selection. Then, start to choose Xian’s cooking art Hot pot to join the project what?

now hot pot is very popular with consumers of food, can be seen in every pot shop almost no empty seats, business is very hot. However, in many Hot pot brand, Xian’s art Hot pot business can be cooked beyond people’s imagination, the business is very good. If you’re still worried about starting a business. Then, Xian’s cooking art Hot pot with reasonable prices, fresh vegetables, unique taste, is a good choice for investment business. read more


in the current market, there are losers in all walks of life, the same is true of the big market, there will be even more cases of failure. The so-called failure refers to the failure to achieve the desired purpose; also refers to the other side to defeat, lost to each other. Entrepreneurship is the failure to achieve the desired purpose, then, what factors are likely to lead to business failure?

There are many factors leading to the failure of

, the following five points are most likely to lead to business failure: read more


now, love is a very common thing. For entrepreneurs, we choose to join the small business franchise chain stores, open a brand of their own stores, is also a very good choice. The best choice of how small business with a small capital, beauty chain stores?

1, beauty salon door decoration

Is the beauty salon face

door in general, is a symbol of the brand image. And above all certification marks, this is very important.

2, beauty salon to join the door decoration

entrance, can be placed on both sides of flowers and plants, it is appropriate to accommodate the width of 2 people in and out. read more


some time ago on the burst red friends of time speech, Luo Zhenyu took us to look at the summary 2016, look at the future of the year 2017. Generally speaking, five black swans. What is the hottest topic in the field of venture capital, Xiao Bian is holding Knowledge has no limit. attitude to see this speech. What will the world be like in the future, we don’t dare to comment, but we always have to face the future with an optimistic attitude. As Luo fat in time friend said, the 2016 biggest feature is that the world a lot of things only to see a fall off a boot. The most obvious atmosphere is called "things are changing."". read more


diet in China is no longer the prevalence of one or two days, and now more and more people’s health needs of the increasingly strong consumer, health care regimen has become particularly popular. Now people pay attention to diet, a variety of health pot by consumer demand in the catering industry is set off a wave of investment boom, realize the value of health pot to join, do you want to start, how to become entrepreneurs in the restaurant on the first issue, guarantee the health pot shop quickly joined the foundation the address is the address of natural health pot to join the project a lot of profit, how to site? We read Xiaobian summary can know the location method. read more


In March 28th, China announced "The Belt and Road vision roadmap, means to Europe from Central Asia, from India ocean to the Mediterranean, a transcontinental Eurasian" Silk Road Economic Belt ", a sea across thousands of miles of twenty-first Century" maritime Silk Road ", will affect more than and 60 countries, 4 billion 400 million people benefit. For a time, "The Belt and Road" lit up the world of passion, as vision clear roadmap positioning of the northwestern provinces, was once again ushered in new opportunities and challenges and dance for joy.

"take advantage of" national culture ", accelerate the development and opening up", in the face of this great news, leveraging "The Belt and Road", combine with their own advantages of the opportunities, the formation and development of the new power and growth, Qinghai and Xining have.

into The Belt and Road accelerate the development and opening up

– History

the ancient Silk Road in Xining is an important node
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version of office automation system in order to ensure the normal use of the afternoon of July 29th in the seven floor conference room held a "bureau of office automation training, offices and staff participated in the training.



Yesterday, the Xining municipal government new media influence report released, the report selected the Xining municipal government new media rankings, and analysis of the status quo of the new media operations.With the rapid development of the new media, the new media has become an important way for the government to serve the Internet users and the Internet users.

. In recent years, the Xining based on the integration of traditional media and new media development, based on enhancing traditional media dissemination ability, actively promote the e-government construction of the new media, has established more than 130 government micro-blog WeChat account and mobile clients, some of the key account in the province’s Government of new media in ranking. "Xining city government comprehensive influence of new media to report" conference, through a comprehensive analysis of the city at all levels of the government new media operation and influence, to find the problem, sum up the experience to promote the practice of new media, further enhance government management ability and operation quality, and push the Xining City government in the new media "new government tension Internet plus" era. read more


has always wanted to bring their children to the Museum of science and technology is too long, too busy to quit. This does not, just to catch up with the National Day holiday, we took the little guy upstairs downstairs to turn over, feeling today was very meaningful, really worthwhile." October 1st at around 3 in the afternoon, when the reporter walked into the provincial science and Technology Museum, the provincial city people Yao led his son of the age of 5 ready to leave.

is rich in the public holiday life, science and Technology Museum planned a special day to celebrate the fun to share scientific happiness "theme of science activities, including the" magic of the science behind the mystery of the disappearance of "cool stage shows, and" The Brain "and other educational scientific testing activities, as well as the hottest the" virtual reality (VR) experience "and" decryption of marine organisms to explore the mystery of life "marine plastic sample theme exhibition, attracted a lot of friends into the halls of the science and technology drive experience. It is understood that the day of the museum received a total of more than 6500 people. read more


In recent years, Qinghai Province Bureau of foreign experts affairs in the State Bureau of foreign experts and the Qinghai Provincial Department of finance support, "please come in, going out", vigorously support the medical talent recruitment project, organize the province hospital of foreign exchange activities, 8 hospitals in our province every year to introduce foreign medical experts 30 people, medical personnel in our province in the number of overseas training 115 people, effectively enhance the province’s medical level.

in the introduction of foreign experts to the youth to work at the same time, I actively carry out related medical personnel to "go out" to go abroad (border) training. From the beginning of 2008, the Provincial Bureau of foreign experts and the German science and Technology Exchange Foundation cooperation, through the examination, the annual selection of the backbone of the province’s medical staff to the German hospital for a period of 3 months of training. Up to now, there are 37 major hospitals from the backbone of the doctor and department heads to Germany training. Since 2015, the Provincial Bureau of foreign experts also increased the staff of overseas professional technical training efforts, at present, our province medical personnel in the United States, Singapore and other countries in the short-term and long-term training up to 115 people.  
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ice cream to join the project Xiaobian for you recommend COOL Ba ice cream, then the brand exactly how? What are the advantages? Look at the following Xiaobian to introduce you.

cool guest ice cream for Guangzhou star class Catering Management Services Limited’s brand, it is a collection of catering, investment, management, research and development, sales in one of the large-scale food and Beverage Management Co., ltd.. Pakistan? Cool off, is a thriving ice cream brand, the China Italian ice cream. Italy, France and other countries, dig ice cream classic family recipe, for people to bring a century of rare ice shock. For the purpose of creating the brand of Chinese ice cream brand, we sincerely invite you to join us. read more


General Secretary Xi Jinping stressed in the inspection of Qinghai, Qinghai ecological status is important and special, must assume the responsibility to protect the source of Sanjiang, the protection of the Chinese water tower, a major responsibility. To adhere to conservation priorities, adhere to the combination of natural and artificial restoration, starting from reality, the full implementation of the main functional areas planning requirements, so that the main functions of the national ecological security to strengthen the overall strengthening. General secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech aroused strong repercussions in the cadres and the masses in our province, we have said, to great efforts to practice and requires deep understanding of the General Secretary Xi "and promoting the ecological environment protection, keep in mind the general secretary of the Commission, do solid work, hard practice, and building national ecological security barrier, to ensure that the" three the water flows to the east". read more


Now, Internet plus since 2015 to become the Internet industry’s most popular noun. In May 29th, the reporter learned from the provincial Commission by letter, in the future, I will be in the Internet plus data center, Internet plus government, Internet plus industry, Internet plus the people’s livelihood, ecological Internet plus five areas to implement the "Internet plus" strategy.

It is reported that the province

, "Internet plus" action in Internet applications, software development, cloud computing photovoltaic field data center construction, electronic commerce, has achieved remarkable results. The next step, to encourage and support the province’s basic telecom operators continue to increase investment in infrastructure construction, to ensure the completion of the 2015 broadband Qinghai · digital Qinghai investment target of 10 billion yuan. Including promoting the coordination of Chinese Hewlett-Packard Co 2000 rack data processing and analysis projects; the introduction of Tsinghua University China next generation Internet demonstration project of network operation center, Qinghai University science and technology park construction in the Qinghai Tibet Plateau large data center project in Xining.

in the application of geographic information data and public service platform;

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6 month 15 days, Qinghai Province Economic and Information Committee organized the 2016 food safety awareness week "food safety with me the public open day" activities, and consumers in major media reporters were more than 40 people participate in community residents.

in recent years, the issue of food safety has become a public concern. This open day activities, publicity to the general consumers in the form of enterprise site visit, food enterprises to display products, production process, quality of construction enterprises, understand the enterprise products for preaching, activities of community residents and consumers have receive corporate publicity color pages, watch television companies, understand the enterprise products, from time to time to ask the related knowledge on products safety personnel, propaganda work and enterprise personnel timely meticulous work of propaganda and explanation of the consultants, received good publicity. read more


Since the core values of police education activities carried out since the city public security bureau continuously strengthen the education idea, innovating teaching methods, enriching the education carrier, to cultivate and practice the core values of police into the team construction aspects, throughout all aspects of daily work, to ensure that the core values of the activities full of sound and colourSince the concept of

education activities carried out since the core values of people’s police, city public security bureau continuously strengthen the education idea, innovating teaching methods, enriching the education carrier, to cultivate and practice the core values of police into the team construction aspects, throughout all aspects in daily work, to ensure that the core values of the activities carried out full of sound and colour. read more


September 12th, the reporter learned from the Xining Municipal Health Bureau, this year, the community health service agencies to increase the 30 basic drugs.

in recent years, Xining city to promote the comprehensive reform of primary health care institutions, the implementation of the basic drug system, standardize the community health service institutions use behavior, base for community health service institutions in 2012 social forces, the implementation of zero sales slip of 70 kinds of basic drugs, the increase of 30 kinds of basic drugs, so far, community health services in Xining city the social forces have zero sales slip of 100 kinds of basic drugs. Xining City District (county) to the catalogue of drugs price publicity, supervision, inspection and assessment work, and in the basic medical and health service agencies to strictly implement basic drugs zero sales slip publicity commitment, let people enjoy the benefits of health care reform policy. (author: Wang Fulian)
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