Courier driving unlicensed tricycle be punished illegal street kneel begging the police

online shopping and express delivery has become a part of the lives of many young people. Recently, Harbin City, a courier was punished for violation, he should not detain his knees begging Street police car. This scene was photographed by passers-by uploaded to the internet.

13, the reporter received a public Harbin WeChat reflect, said the day morning near the road corridor District Hongrun Road on the sea Ginza, saw a courier Street kneeling in front of a traffic police, traffic police seized him don’t request the electric tricycle delivery parcel, the scene of people take to the circle of friends sparked heated debate. 14, the traffic police department to respond to the matter, said the incident when the courier driving a vehicle without a license, unlicensed, and in the forbidden Road, time pass. As the courier was emotional, the police did not punish the scene, allowing it to continue to send a piece, after the notification to the area to deal with the brigade.

Harbin: postal logistics courier delivery delayed Street begged buckle car

14, the reporter network transmission couriers Street kneeling in front of the traffic police issue, contact the Harbin postal express logistics company marketing staff. According to its introduction, the Department of the Department of the Department of kneel down the road, the Department of the Department of the recruitment of Lee, Lee, less than thirty years old, more than a year into the bureau. Recently "shuangshier" peak delivery period, Lee day sent more than 100 parcels, for delivery within the prescribed time limit, although that does not allow the tricycle on the road, but Lee has been using electric tricycle loading package delivery company. On the morning of the incident, Lee delivery way was stopped by traffic police on duty, he saw the police car very nervous, and listen to the traffic police to get off after deduction of fines, was afraid of delay the day express delivery, according to the provisions of their own will be punished, and the police do not negotiate the deduction, the negotiation fails, Lee take the initiative to the police. Subsequently, the police said not to the vehicle, and its criticism of education. Later, Lee expressed regret for the behavior of kneeling, saying he was really very worried and very afraid, impulsive behavior.

Harbin Police Response: Express car undocumented unlicensed police scene did not buckle car

in the traffic police department to accept the punishment, Lee said the incident has caused great damage to himself, users do not want to spread the incident because of emotional excitement, only to make a radical move, never thought anyone would recommend taking pictures

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A few strokes to help you reduce the inventory of clothing stores

we know, clothing stores inventory is an important factor affecting the store cash flow, reduce inventory, it means to reduce risk. If you can use these methods in the actual shop, you can achieve the purpose of eliminating the backlog of clothing stores. So, how to reduce the inventory of clothing stores? Need to grasp the following points.

clothing stores how to reduce inventory? What is a reasonable inventory? Clothing store management to strictly control the inventory. One of the key points of the store management is to control the store inventory and reduce the operation cost. The use of less capital, less commonly used spare parts to take a more flexible approach to operation. Adhere to the principle of small quantity, multiple purchases, minimize inventory. For three months of clothing that has not been used for storage, such as the supplier’s request for return should be returned, planned maintenance and spare parts should be returned to the supplier in time.

The most fashionable

The above content is about


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In 2017, the construction of solar payment option


, the construction of solar energy? Good choice for health and environmental protection. The choice of business, joined in a joint construction of solar energy projects, energy saving and environmental protection of their own stores, undoubtedly, is very superior choice to make money. How to build a solar power? Join the right choice!


, the construction in the market have a higher sales, is the best choice for people to join. The construction of the solar power system, in the same solar energy receiver, which has the traditional solar photothermal conversion device and storage device, but also has the traditional solar photoelectric conversion device and has no electrical energy storage devices, the advantages are many.


, the construction of solar energy to make money?


, the construction of energy-saving and environmental protection, bring rich good business for you. The solar power system, the construction of supporting intelligent control receiving conversion cabinets, with automatic receiving, automatic storage, automatic , automatic off and optical, electric complementary function, but also has leakage protection, overload protection, overheat protection, voltage protection, under voltage protection, overpressure protection technology etc.. In the choice of the building, no mistake.

entrepreneurial choice to enter the environmental market, is the right choice. If you join in the construction department, the solar project, is also very exciting. Then, start to choose to join in the construction of solar energy?

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Wedding photography chain store decoration design recommendations

wedding photography chain how to do the decoration work? This is the problem of many investment novice. How to ensure that the cost of the premise, so that their shop looks more distinctive decoration, more attractive? This is a lot of franchisees are very concerned about the problem. Xiao Bian provides a few points to share, I hope you can help.

secondly to set the reasonable internal structure of their own

in wedding photography when the chain store decoration design, there is a very important, that is the internal structure, we need to take off, wedding photography shop interior space is very large, to a customer reception area to customers choose the area, to have customers choose clothes, to have the digital room. Have the interior zone and so on, so the use of every function area of different design style, nature is not the same, according to different space, reasonable design.

third should pay attention to the special space decoration

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Changchun will start the dark circle

cannot open the door business behind closed doors, in order to keep up with the pace of development of the industry with the times. Famous entrepreneurial community will be settled in the dark horse recently in Changchun, the future will create a platform for the exchange and cooperation of local entrepreneurs.

12, the largest China innovation District horse Changchun established branch, entrepreneurial resources platform for the national radiation Changchun officially settled, for the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises in our city and entrepreneurial intention who provides a new mutual exchange, experience sharing platform.

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Five brothers laid off after the start of business by bean sprouts

whether it is in a period of economic development or economic depression, laid off for the public is terrible. Lost the job is tantamount to losing the source of the economy, and there are five brothers after being laid off is not discouraged, rely on the bean sprouts began a career.

How to start:

How to start the

2004 laid-off workers how to start a business with a few brothers to discuss. Listen to a friend said that the production of bean sprouts are making money, a pound of beans can soak up seven or eight pounds of bean sprouts, from the northeast into a pound of beans is only about three or four cents, and the quality of the pollution-free bean sprouts." The second said, brother together a few together 600 thousand yuan, began to dry.

How to start the first

How to transform

how to hide from the laid-off entrepreneurship management sales, to successfully enter the supermarket

How to start off

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The best choice for young people around the restaurant – smuggled goods business

restaurant, has been in our lives, has been a very popular dining environment. So, how about the restaurant? As the young people, whether it is dining or entrepreneurship is our best choice. Next, let’s take a look at the introduction of parallel restaurants:


This is not

Second, 90 need is a partner, not a waitress. If this is the first time to smuggled goods eat, you may feel a bit noisy, this restaurant is not noisy, Renqiwang caused, but the restaurant waiter brought the waiter here three words, I want to make a quotation mark, said the reason behind. In the parallel restaurant, serving the time, we shouted together: parallel to me, too good. Instead of what it is, please slow down. Not only that, in parallel, I found that the service is not only young people, but also a lively young man. For example, they will engage in self, in the work space and laughing, they will help customers to take pictures, and conversation, even, I met a girl eating said, your hat is very fun, I borrow wear it, because the restaurant smuggled goods hat is red crab hat, very cute, a waitress put your hat to the girl, but also to help her and his companions were photographed.

smuggled goods restaurant, wonderful name to attract many young consumers’ eyes. If you are also interested in joining the parallel restaurant project, then hurry to leave a message!

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Ceramic sanitary ware channel is very important to find a quick way to purchase

is now in the Home Furnishing market, sanitary industry can be said to be an industry, a relatively large profit margins at the same time, to see the business opportunities, people began to join the industry, but to talent shows itself in this industry, a good purchase channels is the key.

now in the bathroom industry, ceramic sanitary ware is very popular, so there are a lot of people are very love ceramic sanitary, comfortable. But if we open ceramic sanitary ware stores, so how can we better go find purchase channels of ceramic sanitary ware, which of course is very good, what about how to find it? Today Xiaobian to talk about us in the ceramic sanitary ware stores, we how to find a better purchase channels.

in ceramic sanitary chain stores, to clinch the Gregory, so owners at the time of operation should be enough attention in the stock stock on. In general, the sales of ceramic sanitary ware market to keep up with the needs of the market, otherwise, it will cause the backlog of goods.

on ceramic sanitary ware, how to quickly find the purchase channels, it is very important for every one to join the buddies, so we in daily business, must be able to know some purchase channels on ceramic sanitary ware, to know where to be able to purchase more security convenient.


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Green furniture home

home is one of the longest contact time in people’s daily life, the selection of the home must be guaranteed, and then suffering from infinite. In the material selection, people tend to choose the green home, with a guarantee of quality can effectively protect the health of their families!

furniture once a kind of investment goods, furniture craft can be handed down from generation to generation. Today, however, furniture is often just an ordinary commodity that can be thrown away and thrown into the trash after years.


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Analysis of Hongkong young Huang Hongke’s pioneering Road North

when the entrepreneurial atmosphere of the mainland is becoming more and more intense, many of the 80 after the Hongkong entrepreneurs to the north to the mainland cities, began a new career life. From Hongkong to work in Shanghai venture, and then fought in Beijing founded O2O (from online to offline) takeaway platform Hongkong ice room, Huang Hongke spent 3 years. Over the past 3 years, he has always been grateful to the mainland, but also to see here is getting better and better".

"Hot Tea, HK Style even a cup of authentic did not drink, how to evaluate the Hot Tea, HK Style Haobu? Similarly, even the mainland have not come, how can we define the society? Hongkong young people to come out to see, each place has its own characteristics." Hongkong 80 entrepreneurs Huang Hongke recently in Beijing to accept China News Agency reporters interview, said, like Beijing’s tolerance and enthusiasm."

2013, Adam opened a franchise in Beijing tea "Hongkong ice room", the main Hot Tea, HK Style and Egg Tart. Huang tea from the traditional recipe, prepared by 4 from Sri Lanka tea in different proportions, used Hongkong tea restaurant in Holland and milk blending, fragrance overflowing, lead a person to endless aftertastes. With the Egg Tart puff pastry, Hongkong is a major feature of the ice chamber. Egg Tart leather imported butter flour mixed with New Zealand, after a night of fermented. With unique custard ingredients, baked out of layers of clear, sweet but not greasy pastry Egg Tart.

Since the

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Delicious and healthy reasons such as wealth, this question Liao ribs do right

China’s traditional snack items have a lot, there are many Chinese brands are old snacks, here today Xiaobian for everyone to recommend the recommendation of this famous snack brand.

investment project from the snack Liao ribs Qianlong Palace Banquet, dating back hundreds of years of history, the traditional method of using bittern with advanced diet concept, so that their products have a unique flavor. Snacks venture project is the use of Liao ribs hundred years of ancestral secret recipe, unique legend Lo marinades, steaming and stewing technology makes out stewed spareribs juice flavor, oily residue, does not add any pigment, chemical agent dishes exudes a natural healthy nutrition attractive color, taste, nutrition, diet in one.

Double protection

snacks venture project Liao ribs with national patent technology and brand, is the halogen after cooking processed into raw materials by seasoning, soup and turned into the brine, use the fire stir or boiling, and then the fire or low heat until cooked, cooked to a tasty color the. This project is simple and easy to operate, Peru unique bittern technology and a hundred years to venture investment project marinade, snack food more delicious Liao ribs, let diners Everfount, rising incomes, is a typical small cost big returns, it is extremely suitable for the self-employed.

snacks venture project Liao ribs you launched spiced pork, stewed pig, duck wings, spicy ribs, Sweet and Sour Spare Ribs, original lung, bang bang chicken, duck, duck, sweet fragrance Beef in Brown Sauce, spiced beef, pork and other food after gold and silver, and eloquence that generates perfume lingering aftertaste, not only delicious, full complement the necessary vitamins, more easily health, enjoy a go, will come back again. Snacks venture project Liao ribs through a variety of ways to give customers a surprise, discounts, gifts, not only let people eat delicious snacks, but also can realize the investment project of Liao ribs brought joy and warmth, surprise.

snacks venture project with the development group of the Liao ribs and outlets increased to join background mature mode of franchise in the country founded, R & D, production, sales, training, management as one of the chain business model, the success of the chain’s stable development and lay a solid foundation. Snack investment business projects, mainly engaged in the operation of the Liao chop chop cooked pork and the national chain franchise business, open up the national market. After more than 10 years of stable, mature, continuous franchise, the company joined the cause of the rapid development of the current national franchise business partners have reached more than 500.

above is a brief introduction to the pork chop, if you want to know more detailed information, please leave a message below our website. Later there will be a special staff to contact you, with you to discuss matters related to join.

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Men’s beauty franchise business skills – what are the

whether man or woman, are very concerned about the skin care work, let the men’s beauty market development, many entrepreneurs choose the open men’s beauty stores, opened a beauty salon franchise market competitiveness of small, multi customer groups, is a kind of a business choice.

a men’s beauty shop in front of the shop, shop, and all are put into operation of late need money, so money where to do enough to save money, do not waste the place as much as possible. Early investment, including rent, water and electricity costs, men’s beauty shop staff expenses, the cost of the product project, which must be a good place to control. In the latter part of the operation of men’s beauty franchise stores, in the promotion of new projects and do promotional celebrations before all the budget must be clear, as far as possible to save money and ensure profits.

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The world soon make money – Buddha Decoration

Buddha decorated join, a bright future. Small business choose to join heaven and earth into the Buddha Decoration? The investment cost is small, but the profit space is big. Quality of the project, the success of venture worthy of trust. In fact, the world joined the Buddha decoration project, is a very simple and easy to learn the brand to join the project, if you join heaven and earth into the Buddha decoration project, is also a very exciting. Act up!

and personal service of the Buddha Hall with expert marketing guide, let the stores are not worried about the heart, heaven and earth with jewelry prices easily operation, happy to make money; jewelry store how much money? The world jewelry prices soon integrate multi-channel marketing and communication channels, comprehensive coverage, costs and marketing costs will be reduced to the lowest point, will return to the highest point of marketing. The INTERNET Internet based information platform is used to support timely customized logistics delivery.

jewelry store how much money? The world become attached to Buddha franchise fee decoration is very reasonable, and soon the product sales training and cultural knowledge training combined training support for sales, value-added services, and become the catalyst sales of lubricants. The same product, not the same company support, not the same as the wealth of reflected, heaven and earth to bring us to join Buddha soon will be a breakthrough change! Let us soon occupied the world jewelry Buddha business activities immediately, to seize the market position of


jewelry store how much money? The world Buddha shop jiamengfei soon very affordable, and soon the Buddha Decoration logistics distribution center headquarters have efficient logistics platform, can ensure that the goods you ordered arrived at the designated location at the fastest speed, and the whole world with Buddha decorated consignment. The hall soon world product management of no return and perfect policy is unthinkable. Heaven and earth linked to ensure the investment interests of investment franchise stores, developed a sound system of return. If there are 100% individual quality problems returned goods, heaven and earth become attached to the Buddha unsalable goods can be returned in accordance with the provisions.

, in fact, choose to join heaven and earth become Buddha decoration project, open a brand with a cultural flavor of the store, it is very wise to have the choice of business opportunities is not it? High quality entrepreneurial projects, entrepreneurial success is just around the corner!

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Rui Xiang ribs joined the popular good good brand – Business

in my life, has always been very focused on health and health. How about the ribs? High quality entrepreneurial projects, a good choice for successful entrepreneurship. Join the United States and the United States and auspicious ribs? If you are also very excited, hurry up!

Rui Xiang ribs join money?

opened the house of the United States and Cheung ribs ribs need to store? Rui Xiang ribs to join, the headquarters for the size of stores and is not strictly required, Rui Xiang ribs join mode, store size may also be large or small, whether it is a few meters or tens of meters can join the shop. Headquarters will be for each franchisee technical training, so that the franchisee to master the technology and then set up shop business, no need to head chef can easily be a boss.

Rui Xiang ribs join headquarters have service support nanny policy for each investor, from the store location to decoration, from technical training to business promotion plan set to have the professional staff guidance, to ensure that each store can be opened smoothly and into the normal business in orbit. Now the United States and the United States and the United States to join the high rate of return ribs, an average of two or three months can return the funds, is a very good investment projects.

high quality of the United States and the United States to join the selection of projects, the best choice for small business. Simple way to join the successful venture worthy of trust. If you join the United States and the United States Xiang ribs project is also very exciting. Act quickly!

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Personality Fried Eggs pan and lemon timer characteristic advantage earned stop

we all know that all the characteristics of the brand, always very attractive to consumers. What about the egg frying pan and the lemon timer? Are the characteristics of the brand. To join the character frying pan, joined the lemon timer project, are very powerful brands to join the project. To choose them is to choose the right!

new creative personality Fried Eggs pan style clock, I do not love Fried Eggs, I only love fresh. Love fantasy, love fashion, love funny. Enjoy the wonderful life.

do not know how to cook, the pan is perhaps our best love. A music pot, in charge of time is my fun. In fact, this is still very happy to achieve their own wonderful music, we can continue to find new exciting, bring more creativity and surprises.

to introduce a lemon timer.

will turn the timer clockwise to a zero scale, and then counter clockwise to the time required, the timer will be issued when the ringing tone.

ribs to cook for half an hour, the crab steamed for ten minutes, five minutes had milk, when you are in the kitchen busy, if can remind you that time is up at any time, the more good. These small timers will help you, and you won’t have to worry about the water. Nap for half an hour is enough, the hair baked for 20 minutes, the child set for half an hour to complete a set of mathematical exercises, 20 minutes to recite the English words, morning exercise for at least half an hour……

Here the

note, timer commodities because occasional customers reverse operation causes the product lose regularly, so the products without any customer service service, do not accept any reason to return, please buy carey. If you do not follow the instructions described above to use the method to operate, reverse operation will result in the loss of the product.

good creative projects, is the main reason we choose to join. What about the egg frying pan and the lemon timer? Quality projects, worry free business! So, what are you waiting for?

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A good east hotel group to join the market – Business

with the modern people’s life level unceasing development, many people are beginning to pay attention to the quality of life, now the City Express Hotel is popular with many people, many consumers is east hotel is Fasthotel brand, Dongcheng Development Road has now moved towards the internationalization of the hotel.

Yi Cheng hotel room

Belt and Road Initiative "to promote the

cooperation in the tourism industry development of Belarus

in May last year, China – Belarus local economic and trade cooperation forum, from Beijing, Guangdong, Gansu and other 8 provinces responsible and Belarus Minsk City, Minsk, Grodno and other 7 prefectures, the chief executive of the place to start docking in-depth, explore new mode of cooperation, signed a total value of $15 billion 700 million of the number of cooperation project. In September 20th this year, the fifth session held in Xinjiang Chinese – Asia Europe Expo, China will be selected as the host country of Belarus. Belarus is the first to support the construction of the Silk Road Economic Zone in europe.

Belarus is located in the hinterland of europe. Chinese advocate building "Belt and Road Initiative", Belarus as an important strategic fulcrum of Europe, will greatly promote the tourism industry in Belarus development and cooperation upgrade. The same day, the first Silk Road (Dunhuang) International Cultural Expo summit held in Gansu, Dunhuang, director of the National Tourism Administration China Li Jinzao expressed Chinese promote "The Belt and Road" tourism cooperation policy at the meeting, the initiative to the global tourism and win-win cooperation, "Travel +" as a new concept to promote along Road tourism cooperation, strengthen cooperation to further promote national cooperation "and" mutual benefit and win-win". According to official media reported on September 21st, Belarus, a total of President Lukashenka will be held from September 28th to 30 for a state visit to china.

a series of signals that the two countries will continue to strengthen political and economic exchanges, and the largest tourism industry will have the best development opportunities.

city convenient hotel

beautiful environment of Grodno city

East is to enter the European market, Yicheng settled in Grodno in September 23rd, once a year the Neman exhibition held in Grodno downtown arena, the exhibition attracted many exhibitors China and European countries and the show guests. Gansu as a counterpart provinces, its delegation was a special invitation, the number of exhibitors and projects, exhibits are the first. As a key project in Belarus tourism cooperation, Gansu Wuwei Sheng Industrial Investment Group in Grodno City, the hotel project, located in the city center, is the highest building, the number of guest rooms and hotel facilities are the first.

city convenient hotel


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What issues should pay attention to open tea shops

delicious tea not only has a good taste, nutritional value is relatively high, has been very popular products, but also entrepreneurs often choose the tea industry, the more common, in everyone’s life in the high streets and back lanes, everyone can see the figure of the tea shop. For many entrepreneurs who want to do a small business, choose to open a tea shop is also good, the cost of investment is not high, the development prospects are also good. Here to give you a look at the tea shop to pay attention to what issues?

a lot: to open a tea shop to choose the bustling, large flow of people, but the store is not suitable for the tea is often so easy to find. A lot of tea tea brand to join the brand interested partners are complaining: now not money, not talent, but can not find a suitable tea store. This time it should be noted that there is no suitable store to open tea shop do not do.

two, this is a tea shop taste: another important factor, open the tea shop without unique technology does not matter, it is important to do the taste of tea, and the products continue to push a new layer, to attract consumers from the taste of tea. Consumers are not fools, not to mention the opening of more than one tea shop.

three, features: small tea shop does not matter, but have their own characteristics, good or bad, can make tea consumers remember you OK. Milk tea taste is good, good service is also good at the tea shop, creative combination line, and even the tea shop, the waiter is also handsome.

four, positioning: open milk tea shop, you need to first determine your tea shop belongs to which grade, the main consumer groups who. Accurate positioning is very important.

shop to do business, there will be a lot of problems need to be paid attention to, I hope you don’t make many mistakes in time to open a tea shop, there are a lot of problems, in fact, is more than a tea shop, no matter what the store management to succeed, all need to pay attention to many problems. The above is about the opening of milk tea shop to pay attention to what issues, I hope you can help.

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In Anqing a Wonka shop need how many money

now the world is the world of young people, of course, now has grown up in the younger generation is our 80, 90. This generation of young people is now the most representative of the group, it seems that this is a very young group to play. Ideas so that we can not imagine. Many of the 80 and 90 after working in a few years will think it is not a permanent solution, so we want to open his own business! Tea shop small investment, high profit, is a lot of choice for entrepreneurs, but many entrepreneurs are mostly novice, they all want to know Anqing Kawangka tea shop cost how much? I hope following Xiaobian summary can give friends some help in business.

how much money is needed in Anqing a Wonka shop?

How many

Anqing Kawangka tea shop cost need? Small from the official website that Kawangka milk tea shop, open budget including brand franchise fees, equipment costs, store design decoration costs and payment cost of the procurement of raw materials, general Kawangka will join the tea shop early in the procurement of raw materials, concrete can be adjusted according to the actual situation of the operator.

How many

Anqing Kawangka tea shop cost need? The person in charge of Kawangka tea headquarters said, according to the normal operating situation, a tea shop monthly raw material costs about 15000 yuan, the store will rent because of its location, size and other factors are different, according to the average count, monthly the rent will be around 3000 yuan, in addition to equipment loss and utilities in about 1000 yuan.

Anqing caouen join


Kawangka tea taste to attract customers, its management is also in order to protect investors. As the Kawangka tea brand headquarters involved in the food chain, direct marketing, training three core businesses, as well as the characteristics of catering projects and hundreds of Catering Technology patent. In such a company, investment Kawangka tea franchisees can get all the support and help.

Anqing Kawangka tea shop costs less, it is also a unique beverage to join the project, set off a new round of rich tide in the domestic food and beverage industry. Today, Kawangka milk tea brand has a large number of loyal fans, which want to do catering project investors, Kawangka milk tea is the best choice to get rich. If you want to join, leave a message below the site, our staff will contact you at the first time!

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China held the Silk Road International Logistics Expo – Lianyungang business

silk road is famous all over the world, so that more people know that in ancient times, through the Silk Road to transport goods out. The third China Silk Road International Logistics Expo held in Lianyungang industrial exhibition center. The exhibition is sponsored by the China International Chamber of Commerce, Department of Commerce, foreign affairs office, the provincial council, the Lianyungang Municipal People’s Government jointly hosted.

Vice chairman of the Tenth CPPCC National Committee Zhang Huaixi

, Chinese CCPIT vice president Wang Jinzhen, President of Kazakhstan iron kahnert – A Lopez Siba Jef, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization senior adviser and former deputy secretary general Mikhail and ambassador konarovsky, 10 countries, 11 countries, 19 countries consul general representative and well-known business organizations in China Entrepreneurs, experts a total of about 700 guests to attend the third session of the opening ceremony of the Expo.

this exhibition a total area of nearly 20 thousand square meters, a total of more than 200 exhibitors, including exhibitors in Changan, Futian, Sany and other famous enterprises, the implementation of the indoor standard more than 800 stalls, including special booth near 700, 2450 square meters of outdoor lighting.

Lianyungang is located in China’s coastal areas and territorial seas of central, northeast of Jiangsu Province, "The Belt and Road intersection point and the first batch of open coastal city, land area of 7615 square kilometers, sea area of 6677 square kilometers, a population of 5 million 100 thousand. Lianyungang has a long history, has superior basic conditions and broad prospects for development, especially the "put forward The Belt and Road" strategy, Lianyungang has been identified as the new Eurasian Continental Bridge International Economic Cooperation, the Eastern Corridor starting point in Kazakhstan logistics base in transit and SCO sea base, Jiangsu province was defined as "The Belt and Road" the intersection of the construction of the core area in the pilot area, opening up the national overall development is playing an increasingly important role.

held in Lianyungang this year, China Silk Road International Logistics Expo meeting, attracted more people’s understanding of logistics, but also gives people a deep impression. To create "The Belt and Road international logistics cooperation platform, open platform, docking Jiangsu FTA Jiangsu enterprises import and export trading platform, and strive to do even the fair along the Silk Road with a specialization, branding, informatization, internationalization of the iconic features exhibition.

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Harbin real estate industry into the development of the electricity supplier model

real estate industry has made brilliant achievements in 2016, to allow more people to pay attention to the future development of the real estate industry, for consumers, entered the real estate business, will let people see the real estate industry’s progress. Internet + electricity supplier conference listings, regional wide, more concessions, the intensity of the "go" in the end, to promote the sustained and stable development of the real estate market.

this year, the Internet + real estate electricity supplier conference three subsidies, booth fee subsidies, all media subsidies, electricity supplier turnover of household electrical appliances subsidies. At the same time this conference introduced "Internet +" thought, new form, print, radio and television, There was no parallel in history., , indoor and outdoor media publicity. This property will be expected to have 100 thousand accurate purchase crowd, sales market and reliable information is easy to reference, closing Hao Li, a step in the stand to enjoy preferential benefits, in addition, real estate profits doubled, offers a lot of benefits a lot.

general buyers to buy a house when the main look at prices and products. However, the radius of the city is growing, the pace of work faster and faster, the property buyers will be the same type of project to see again, then time-consuming.

the business meeting, provide a package of solutions to the buyers, from the electricity supplier conference is currently involved in the project, both the enterprise and the development of the first domestic and local well-known developers to participate in the exhibition; project is currently selling, Tallahassee Qunli Xianfang, but also Songbei, Limin economic and practical housing.

exhibitors are currently approved listings, the electricity supplier during the general assembly, will be the most preferential efforts, allowing buyers to purchase. There is no doubt that this is a recent home and investment intentions of the public to provide a wealth of choice in the electricity supplier conference you will be able to find a suitable house.

Harbin’s Internet + electricity supplier conference was held successy, to bring more lucrative listings, let people see the characteristics of products, worth millions of people recognized, the exhibition brings together the brand development of enterprises, real estate brokerage companies, financial institutions, enterprises and related industry in the media, with "professional philosophy, the new thinking of" creating business opportunities for exhibitors, implement the call of "inventory", bring benefits and convenience for the majority of buyers.

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