Hakka Xian’s powder join why so good momentum

entrepreneurship what industry? Many people agree that the food and beverage consumer market, which is right, often the public are more optimistic about the highest credibility. The catering industry is undertaking the business for the first time. With the continuous progress of our society, food and beverage service consumption will continue to increase, food and beverage consumption has become an important driving force for the growth of China’s consumer demand. The characteristics of food industry as an important part of the catering industry, such as KFC and McDonald’s into some famous China after opened the prelude to the rapid development of the modern Chinese specials. After years of development, especially for the industry to join the China meal very fast, market share is also expanding, special industry to join the development of the social environment and their own conditions are more mature, has made an important contribution to the economic growth of our country. So the future of China’s food industry is the development trend of what characteristics? According to the industry through the analysis, summed up the development trend of the future changes and specials.

Xian’s (with "fresh") powder, is a very prestigious Hakka delicacy. Because of its rich nutrition, delicious soup, loved by the people. It is said that the origin of Xian’s powder also has some origins and Hong Xiuquan.

Hong Xiuquan, Guangdong province Huaxian county (now Guangzhou Huadu District), Han Hakka, the leader of the Taiping rebellion. The movement of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom is thousands of years Chinese peasant movement in the peak, had a profound impact on future generations, as well as the pioneer of the democratic revolution Chinese Mr. Sun Zhongshan will be the second hong. Now this kind of food is also popular.

powder to join what Hakka Xian’s hot, there are three major aspects of

first eat unlimited prospects

with the expansion of our city the arrival of the peak, but also provides an opportunity for the development of characteristic industry. At present, China’s annual population of about 18 million rural population into the city, by 2015, China’s urban population will exceed the rural population for the first time. "Urbanization not only means the overall improvement of people" s living standard, but also means the change of people "s life style and the improvement of resource consumption." With the quickening pace of life, fast food consumption has gradually become a popular demand, production can meet the ordinary working class "popular fast food" will become a trend, and fast food "fast" will become the enterprise to win the market an important weight.

experts pointed out that due to Chinese long habits and irresistible delicious Chinese food, although the foreign fast food development in our country has a good development trend, but the future is still with the characteristics of food dominant." Survey shows that China’s current characteristics of the food market, 78.9% of the Chinese characteristics of the restaurant, while the Western fast-food restaurants are 21.1%. "Special meal is still in its price advantage and in the main consumer"

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All the people involved in the same change habits

In order to do my city to meet the 2012 national civilization city index, aiming at the part of Xining city sanitation situation is not good, individual citizens obey the traffic rules and protect public facilities consciousness, to further improve the quality of civilization problem. Xining municipal civilization office, City Office calling the general public to raise enthusiasm, initiative and participation in the creation of the city of Xining, called on every citizen to enhance the sense of ownership, a force in the creation of the national civilized city activities, as a responsibility, in the hands of their own "lens" record around uncivilized behavior the phenomenon and the public environment dirty, chaotic, poor. At the same time, we also sincerely hope that all the people can fully understand and support the work of creating a city, in the city of work to pay their own labor and wisdom, in order to build a civilized, beautiful home to make a contribution.

you have to go to work, shopping, such as those found to throw litter, defecate and other uncivilized behavior or public environment dirty and messy, and are available for public services are not satisfied with the mobile phone, camera, camera to capture and record images, image to the specified mailbox. We will put the picture, image classification, through newspapers, television, radio and other propaganda vehicles for uncivilized behavior exposure, dirty, chaotic, poor public environment supervision and rectification. Participation of the whole people, with the change of bad habits, to build a harmonious and beautiful new home circle.

contact: Ma Jin Yuan

Tel: 8274062 8230772

e-mail: xnsccb@163.com

note: cast pictures, images must be a true reflection of the original picture, image. At the same time, please specify the picture, the image of the shooting time, place, the author’s name, contact information and a brief description of the text, etc..

Xining Civilization Office

Xining City Office

August 21, 2012


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How to invest in the future of the background wall products tell you

is now the home industry in some of the more segments of the industry, the wall is a very popular industry development. What is the investment prospects of the wall products? I believe that many businesses are very concerned about this issue, the next Xiaobian to introduce.


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Introduction to the Korean restaurant brand

Korean cuisine join choose the brand, Xiaobian recommend you spend endless Korean food, then the brand how? What are the conditions? What are the requirements?

Introduction of

non flower Korean cuisine project

spends the Korean Sambo: pickled cabbage, miso and soy. South Korea contains natural for this, South Korea’s continuation of the sauce and pickled cabbage thousands of years of history, is referred to as the Asian pickled cabbage Kingdom, most Koreans in rice, pickled cabbage did not find hard to swallow. The Korean people in inheriting the essence of national culture at the same time, China fusion of the culture of the Tang Dynasty, and the trade prosperity, with the introduction of pepper, the Korean people will use it in pickled food, pickled cabbage for the launch of the spice and change the styles, also Korean cuisine spicy taste, dishes are red features. Nutrition and health of Korea ginseng, fresh chicken, beef, seafood, vegetables, stewed, steamed, grilled, hear these words have single feel very healthy and nutritious materials with practice. There are many kinds of Korean barbecue, the most nutritious taste of most should be roast beef and roast beef. Selection of the finest raw materials of beef after acid spices, with a special processing technique into thin slices, placed in the grate with smokeless environmental protection charcoal barbecue, very popular. Cooked meat to dip the bean sauce on the Korean special pepper, garlic, lettuce wrapped edible, delicious, delicate taste, high nutritional value, easy to chew, helps the body absorb. The homology of medicine and food, often edible, can keep fit.

spends the Korean cuisine since listing, by the majority of consumers love and praise, as many gourmet collection station, not only can taste the delicacy here, elegant environment to make people relax.

endless flower Korean cuisine has 3000 years of ancient Rome profound cultural heritage of Italy pizza, compared with only a hundred years of history of hamburgers and Western fried chicken, is a strong opponent. Endless flower Korean cuisine to "health, fashion" as the concept of urban white-collar workers, business personnel, family lovers, such as the main target customer base, style and fashion. Due to the use of materials, taste authentic, good response in the customer base.

unlimited flower Korean cuisine join conditions:

1, entrepreneurial spirit, a strong desire for success and dedication, with modern management awareness.

2, there is a certain economic strength, with sufficient venture capital. Have a deep understanding and recognition of the enterprise culture management mode of "no flower Korean cuisine", and are willing to abide by the unified management mode and system.

3, a high degree of confidence in the headquarters, the South Korean restaurant is willing to join the franchisee is willing to accept the training and management.

4, No.

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Beichuan River new beauty debut at the end of this year

is also a clear mother river of Qinghai people, after more than three years, with a total investment of up to $7 billion 500 million Beichuan River comprehensive management project will be basically completed by the end of this year. Once looked eyeful yellow, no scenery to speak of the Beichuan river is coming to a perfect change, clear water, smooth, shore green, scenic landscape river face appeared to the public, and flowing out of a unique waterfront leisure area.


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Great beauty Qinghai propaganda efforts to increase in Taiwan

  a reporter from the Qinghai Provincial Tourism Bureau was informed that since the "big 15" Qinghai tourism advertising films from February 3rd to March 5th in Taiwan’s ETTV evening prime time broadcast, Qinghai magnificent scenery let Taiwanese yearned, therefore, our province Strike while the iron is hot. in Taiwan, the larger passenger subway stations, subway station box put Qinghai tourism image and tourism products. In Taiwan, a number of media outlets in Qinghai tourism advertising. This makes people curious about the growing number of Taiwanese in Qinghai, Qinghai, Taiwan, more direct charter flights directly to the attendance.It is reported that the ads /

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Bus rapid transit to help people outside the city to reach a stop

this year as one of the projects for the tangible things, rapid transit opened to provide travel convenience for remote city residents "city", the need to take two or three buses of the residents can now enjoy "one-stop arrival". The essence of the smooth project is to allow people to travel more convenient and fast, and fast bus to do this.

people evaluate Huimin index: 98%

news story:

June 18th, Ma Xiaohong, who lives in the north of the city this year, after the news that the opening of the bus rapid transit in Xining, early in the morning boarded a 304 bus. She lived in Nanjing road built in the Grand Cross of the families, but her work. Before work can only reverse. She must take the bus No. 6, then in the fall of 1 bus Shen middle school, every morning at 7:15 last night to go out, so as to ensure punctually at 8:30 not to be late for work, work to spend time on the road single trip in 1 hours. If you encounter rain and snow weather, the bus will be difficult to wait, late is inevitable. Now there is a 304 bus, not only "one-stop", but also a lot of time than before. Now Ma Xiaohong goes out at 7:40 every morning. The appearance of the fast bus atmosphere, the seat is very comfortable, sitting in the car feel very comfortable." Ma Xiaohong said.

as one of the practical private, Xining city in June 18th of this year officially opened four fast direct bus, each car is 12 meters long, cost up to 600 thousand yuan red bus more convenient for people to travel. Bus rapid transit is a benefit to the masses of the public works, it is put into use is the embodiment of the implementation of public transport priority strategy in Xining. The opening of the four bus to facilitate the travel of hundreds of thousands of people, but also to further optimize the bus lines in Xining.

bus rapid transit road resource city limited Express bus priority to higher efficiency, ease the contradiction between traffic supply and demand in Xining City, guide the healthy development of city traffic, create new initiatives to city transit leading traffic network, is the city of Xining to promote scientific development, practice of life of the city, the city of happiness the. After the opening of the bus rapid transit, which greatly eased travel difficult problem, development and expansion of the city space and the social economy in Xining City People’s travel habits change, has far-reaching influence, also marks the Xining city public traffic into the new stage of development. After a period of operation, rapid transit has been accepted by the public, bus rapid transit has been made to the public satisfaction, the Party committee, the government assured livelihood projects.

public feelings:

"save half the time" – after the opening of the bus, so many people living in the suburbs of the city to work in the real taste of convenience. Lee, who lives in a machine tool to work in the West Street, before the bus is very difficult;

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Environmental protection departments will be the first time to achieve automatic monitoring of pollu

in order to strengthen the capability of supervision and management of pollution sources, improve the level of information science, environmental management, environmental protection to promote the digitization process, the practical realization of key industrial enterprises pollutant emission monitoring. By the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau to apply for the central and provincial pollution sources on-line automatic monitoring system construction project has been fully implemented. The first batch of 35 state-controlled, provincial control of key industrial enterprises on-line monitoring facilities have begun to install and debug. In order to promote the pollution automatic monitoring system construction work, Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau organized relevant departments of construction work of online automatic monitoring of 35 key industrial enterprises were examined, and the online monitoring of the construction work of 10 enterprises enthusiasm is not high, online equipment supply installation and factory with problems disjointed, construction work in progress is slow. The site issued a rectification notice, ordered in April 15th before the completion of the rectification of the content. At present, 19 enterprises have realized the networking with the provincial and municipal monitoring center, other companies are adjustable to stage equipment, commissioning is completed, pollutant emissions of key industrial enterprises will be the first to achieve real-time video monitoring. (Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau)


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Huangzhong was awarded the title of national advanced county grain production

days ago, the Ministry of Agriculture issued "on 2012 praised the national food production advanced units and individuals in the decision", the advanced unit in 2012 outstanding achievements in grain production and advanced individuals were commended. In our province, Huzhu Tu Autonomous County and Huangzhong County won the title of "National Grain Production Counties in Delingha city; Ke Luke Zhen Lian Hu Cun, Huzhu County, Wang Qibang Cai Jia Bao Xiang Ma Lian Tan Cun Wang Quanbang, Datong County Jingyang Zhen Gan Shu Wan Cun, Gonghe County, Bao Ji tanggemu Town Community Zhao Tongding won the title of" the national grain big.

2012, Huangzhong county were created acres demonstrative high yield 4 national grain county (District), including beans, potatoes, wheat, grain sown area of 474 thousand mu, accounting for 56.8% of the total crop sown area, unit yield reached 299.6 kg, 142 thousand tons of total production exceeded 140 thousand tons, for two consecutive years off. The "sacred" brand bean through green food certification mark and won the "Qinghai province plateau characteristics of agricultural and livestock products" quality products ".

county has established 2 high-yield wheat demonstration zones and 4 bean mulching technology demonstration base, grain sown area of 629 thousand and 600 mu, accounting for 55.6% of the total sown area of crops, the grain yield of 276 kg, a year-on-year increase of 36 kilograms, an increase of 15%; the total grain output reached 174 thousand tons, 22 thousand and 600 tons of grain increase over the previous year; the yield level in the forefront of the province. (author: Luo Lianjun)

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Flood control and drought relief work video conference

April 6th, the provincial flood control and drought relief video conference held. The meeting stressed that this year’s flood drought situation is not optimistic, all localities and departments should attach great importance to fully fight this tough battle for flood control and drought relief. Vice governor Yan Jinhai speech.

 , the meeting pointed out that this year’s flood control and drought relief work is still grim, especially by the El Nino event, the overall weather year of the deviation, the possibility of large floods and droughts concurrent. In addition, the province’s flood control and drought relief work there are still some weak links, all localities and departments should strengthen the political, hardship and prevention and control awareness, and effectively enhance the sense of responsibility and sense of responsibility for flood control and drought relief work.

 , the meeting stressed that this year’s flood control and drought relief work to pay close attention to the implementation of flood control and drought relief, provincial flood control and Drought Relief Headquarters should pay close attention to the establishment of flood control and drought inspection system, strengthen accountability and accountability. To pay close attention to flood control and drought preparedness, timely preparation, revision and improvement of various flood control plans, plans to carry out mountain torrents defense, reservoir rescue, mass transfer, emergency water supply drills. To pay close attention to the dyke safety Flood Reservoir, monitor the status of reservoir operation. To pay close attention to flash floods and urban waterlogging defense, once found signs of disaster, timely warning information, and the organization of the safety of the masses transfer hedge, to avoid casualties. To pay close attention to emergency flood disaster emergency response, strengthen monitoring and forecasting, emergency response and rapid disposal. To pay close attention to grassroots flood control and drought relief capacity building, so that there are people, there is a system, there are plans, there are supplies, there are teams.


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Police express Xining City West police 5 days even broke the murder of the two

West District, Xining City, a day of two consecutive homicide cases. October 21st, from the West Public Security Bureau was informed that the police continuous fighting, with only 5 days, will be suspected of two cases of the main suspects arrested and brought to justice in the case of 6.

case of a drunken altercation sparked controversy

strong wine people, people in the drink is easy to lose rational judgment, to make impulsive things, this is not only for the sake of a quarrel, Hao MOU will be Ryu’s life, it is regrettable.

in early October 11th 9 pm, Tongren Road a family member courtyard door, someone stabbed by a knife, the injured Liu eventually died due to his injuries, the police after receiving the alarm, rushed to the scene investigation. After a tense scene investigation and visits to the investigation, the suspect soon surfaced, the evening of October 12th, the police in the city park, a new village houses, the suspect Hao captured. Hao Mou to explain, that night, Hao et al with a friend drink in the family member courtyard door and the victim Liu met quarrel, then ho tussle, carry out a knife to escape Liu head and arm even stabbed several knives.

case two robbery of $60 to a student’s life

in early October 11th 9, in receiving the Tongren Road murder occurred at the same time, the Criminal Investigation Brigade received a report: Yangjiazhai Jiefangqu cold side, a young man who in a few knives, leg abdomen, died.

west police quickly carry out detective work, after preliminary investigation, the victim does not have any property certificate and can prove the identity of the body. Is grudges with people? Or was it killed? Or is it a robbery? The investigation of the case was in a stalemate. According to the characteristics of the victim’s age, height, clothing, etc., in the Western District of the Internet cafes, colleges and universities, entertainment and family hospital visits. After hard work, the police finally found out that the victim is more than a school in the west of a Japanese class students. After the police analysis, the case was initially identified as a robbery and murder case. After the police for 5 days and nights of continuous detection of the work, quickly locked the suspect, the suspects involved in the arrest of the 5 suspects in the 5.

tushen, 5 suspects confessed: on the night of October 10th, the 5 suspects premeditated robbery, the road to the victim just one, 5 suspects were beaten with iron bars, one knife, snatched a mobile phone 1, more than 60 yuan in cash, half a pack of cigarettes.

currently, two cases are still under further investigation, the 6 suspects were arrested on suspicion of intentional injury causing death, robbery and murder has been under criminal detention according to law.


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North of the city held two towns (the three office) NCMS financing training courses

in order to further improve the new rural cooperative medical system, and continuously improve the protection ability of the NCMS, expand benefited the farmers, so that farmers to further feel the benefits of participating in the new cooperative medical system and the benefits of working farmers financing 2013 payment faster and better, the Zone Management Office organized the two (three) and the director of the town the village and the village NCMS personnel handling personnel training, training area management office responsible person and person in charge on 2013 NCMS reimbursement increase financing standard, the collection of reference alloy, fill in the registration form, farmers hospitalization, trauma, off-site treatment, field work etc. medical expenses reimbursement procedures, participation, newborn the related policies and business knowledge of the detailed presentation, and on-site to answer the village cadres consultation. Everyone will speak freely

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Pratt & Whitney private kindergarten usher in good

is to establish a long-term mechanism to support inclusive private kindergarten development, the rational allocation of resources to accelerate the development of preschool education, preschool education, expand inclusive pre-school education resources, effectively solve the "kindergarten crunch, park your problem, according to the provisions of the relevant policies of the state in recent days, the provincial Education Department, the provincial development and Reform Commission according to the actual situation in the province formulated the" management measures "Qinghai province inclusive private kindergarten that the measures implemented since December 1, 2016, valid until November 30, 2021.

this approach applies to the province’s inclusive private kindergarten declaration, identification and management. The application of inclusive private kindergarten qualification must also meet the following conditions: 1 examination and approval by the administrative department of education at the county level, get school license, private and non enterprise legal person registration according to law. 2 operating conditions to achieve the "basic standards of kindergartens in Qinghai province (Trial)". 3 enrollment for the community, more than a year to do the park and annual inspection. 4 office funds raised by the organizers and to ensure the normal operation of kindergartens. 5 teaching fees and accommodation standards from kindergarten, in accordance with the relevant regulations, according to the reasonable conservation education and accommodation costs, and reported at the county seat price department and the administrative department of education. Its fees and the corresponding categories of public kindergarten fees in the region roughly the same. 6 teaching staff in accordance with the principle of "Qinghai Province kindergarten staff equipped with standards", teachers and students than reasonable, and according to the law to implement wages, social insurance. 7 kindergarten teachers pay attention to professional training, send teachers to participate in training programs, to ensure the realization of full rotation within five years. 8 daily teaching can follow the "guidelines for Kindergarten Education (Trial)" (to teach [2001]20), "3-6 year old children’s learning and development guidelines" (to teach [2012]4), "kindergarten working regulations" (Ministry of education Decree No. thirty-ninth), adhere to the game as the basic form of activity, without the "primary school" tendency, parents and social recognition, high satisfaction and good social evaluation. 9 strengthen financial management, improve the internal control system. Strict implementation of the charging items and standards, the implementation of the charging system of publicity, no arbitrary charges. 10 kindergarten fees, health care certification, fire safety certificate and other certificates complete, perfect management system, no security risks and illegal acts of the park, no major safety accidents occurred in the year.

It is reported that

, inclusive private kindergarten in the approval Office Park, classification and grading, teacher training, evaluation, qualification, recognition awards etc. and the public kindergartens enjoy the same policy, I also encourage all over the province to support the area of inclusive private kindergarten. Inclusive private kindergarten refers to social organizations or individuals other than the state institutions, the state financial funds, private kindergarten organized for the community service people, behavior standard, reasonable fees, high quality.


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Major traffic inspection no longer run the Xining

recently, a good message transfer between Datong numerous vehicles: after inspection convenient, Datong new vehicle on the vehicle inspection line, not only let the majority of owners don’t have to go to Xining and the rapid detection can no longer suffer to long queues before the car hard, saving time for the owners.

October 18th, reporters and Datong Zhongbang motor vehicle inspection Ltd. saw in Datong vehicle is located in Datong County Ning Zhang highway 28 kilometers, the main business to apply for vehicle detection in a continuous line. Consulting external inspection, fees, landing, issued reports, certification…… A series of procedures in order.

is understood as Datong project for the tangible things, motor vehicle inspection project construction of Datong Zhongbang motor vehicle inspection Ltd., the spirit of the people, the convenience of the people, Huimin, convenient car unit and individual principle, the province is currently the largest investment project, a motor vehicle detecting the most complete, the most advanced testing equipment and testing software the detection unit. The total investment of 55 million yuan, covers an area of 102 acres, only the detection site of up to more than 1 thousand and 500 square meters, parking area of 7000 square meters, a wide area, close to the national highway 109, access to transportation facilities. Has built a comprehensive performance testing station, safety performance testing station, tail gas detection station. All 60 sets of testing equipment, testing personnel more than 70 people, seized 600 vehicles on the design of detection, detection ability of 600 thousand second year.

, according to reports, the new motor vehicle detection line since the operation, the owner of the vehicle in Datong County, the nearest vehicle inspection and more convenient, by the majority of vehicles and people praise. (author: Sheng Nan)

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Love and profound feelings promote military and civilian unity Wang Guosheng Hao Peng and other lead

On the eve of

August army, provincial Party Secretary Wang Guosheng, provincial governor Hao Peng and other leaders, grassroots forces respectively, cordial sympathy in Qing troops, armed police fire soldiers, on behalf of the provincial government and the people of all ethnic groups, to extend my sincere greetings and holiday greetings to them.

7 29 on the afternoon of the Armed Police Corps Xining detachment of the squadron of soldiers and soldiers are playing in the scorching sun in Qinghai, fourteen. Wang Guosheng went into combat duty duty, honor room, chuishiban, inspect the construction of barracks and soldiers trained to understand the duties. The squadron learned to vigorously carry out the "five anti" integration and build military soldiers, the spirit of Wang Guosheng said approvingly take on an altogether new aspect, and every time to troops, officers and men of high style are deeply infected and education. We should conscientiously study and implement the general secretary Xi Jinping series of speech, with deep feelings, carry the heavy responsibility, the maximum ability to support national defense and army building, to further promote the development of civil military integration. Real care deeply touched the soldiers. The command of the party, to win the war, a fine style of work, is not responsible for the party and the people’s trust!" The resounding response shows the warrior’s strong will to fight.

in the provincial military communications station, Wang Guosheng walked into the communications command building, look at the room, telephone room, shook hands with the soldiers to talk, ask everyone’s life, training, work, etc.. Wang Guosheng said that the army is a large school. We should inherit and carry forward the spirit of the old plateau, in the army of the melting pot in the exercise of growth, in the struggle to fly youth dream. Subsequently, Wang Guosheng visited the individual 4G system, boarded the command shelter, communication vehicle, watch the equipment operation and demonstration, and encouraged the majority of soldiers worked hard skills, improve military accomplishment.

7 27, governor Hao Peng has come to garrison troops, Armed Police Corps,, a detachment of their troops in the building, the implementation of the task, to support the achievements of local construction and other aspects of the highly praised the achievements made by the army, the armed forces of the Qinghai. Hao Peng said that in recent years, the garrison and the armed police force to conscientiously implement the decisions of the CPC Central Committee and the Central Military Commission deployed around the center and serve their duties of loyalty, dedication, complete the construction work of the task forces and military officers, regard Qinghai as a second home, actively support local economic and social development, in the process, combat terrorism and safeguard stability as well as disaster relief, poverty alleviation practice has made outstanding contributions to practical action to write a new chapter of the martyrs. Hao Peng hope in the green army and armed police officers and soldiers to thoroughly implement the general secretary Xi Jinping on national defense and army building a series of important instructions, continue to maintain and carry forward the fine tradition, and constantly promote the coordinated development of national defense and economic construction. Hao Peng said that the provincial government will as in the past to support national defense and army building, improve the Yongjunyouzhu work initiatives, actively help the troops to solve practical problems better, providing a powerful guarantee for the construction of the army.

Wang Xiaoyong, deputy governor of the provincial Party Committee Standing Committee, Wang Yubo, vice governor of province, the provincial military political commissar of the army, deputy commander, deputy commander of the Armed Police Corps commander Yang Yang, Qinghai, respectively, to carry out the activities of the sympathy of the, respectively, the Chinese people’s Liberation Army commander, deputy commander of the armed forces, the military commander of the armed forces, respectively,



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Four catch and four promotion to carry out the clean project, sunshine project action

to conscientiously implement the municipal and District Commission for Discipline Inspection and a series of major deployment on strengthening the construction of anti-corruption and work requirements, the district construction bureau Party committee to carry out "clean project", and implement the "sunshine project", to ensure that the masses of cadres clean, full satisfaction, building construction sector more good social image.
A is grasping style building, promoting the work of the department. Do a good job of organ style, improve the relevant management system, cadres and workers on the job to do the usual checks, regular inspection, timely publicity. To leave or off-site, criticism, adverse consequences, the implementation of administrative accountability, and left the year-end assessment appraised hook.

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Poverty alleviation, rehabilitation, rights Xining CDPF full service for the disabled

this year, Xining City CDPF to better perform their functions, from the aspects of poverty alleviation, rehabilitation, and other rights, to improve the basic living standard for the disabled and disabled service ability, make the disabled people get more benefits.

Xining City CDPF in accordance with the township, street and the disabled CDPF service station, volunteer Liaison Station "three-in-one" construction goal, complete the comprehensive service facilities 3, strengthen the construction of grassroots federations; through television, newspapers, newspaper and other forms of propaganda, to arouse the whole society to help the disabled to organize public awareness; "love ZhuCan" special fundraising activities, mobilize the whole society to help the disabled, as of now, received donations of nearly 700 thousand yuan; to provide different levels of social security of the city’s more than 1.1 poor people with disabilities, the town 4724 meet the minimum living guarantee of the disabled into the low range; combined with the seventeenth "National Day". Carry out the "infinite love, voluntary disabled" activities, organization of medical clinic, consultation unit for the majority of people with disabilities, free distribution of medicines Medical check card.

at the same time, according to the city’s new cataract incidence rate is high, and the vast majority of the actual population, by binding with "Peng light action" according to the project for cataract surgery, at the end of July, a total of 749 patients with cataract surgery for cataract surgery, the success rate was 100%; making full use of civil affairs, health and other departments in in the construction of community resources, the work for disabled persons into the community, since 2006, the city provides rehabilitation service of the community for nearly 7200 people with disabilities. (author: Yu Xin)


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Five initiatives to smooth traffic changes in Xining

summer street parking, a road traffic, pedestrian lights not bright and other issues, most of the driver is It is often seen. Recently, the reporter in the city traffic police detachment learned that, in order to further promote the city slow blocking Paul Chang work, ensure that the area of road traffic order, the city traffic police detachment launched five initiatives to solve the above problems, to maintain the road traffic order.
A: measures and severely punish serious traffic violations and multiple traffic violations, to ensure the smooth and orderly way. Step two: clean up 54 street, summer street and other main roads illegal parking. Regulation of the road and other 13 Binhe Road and Branch Lane parking order. Action three: the implementation of the main city to mark the main line marking, repair and update the main city of all the pedestrian crossing lights, in the laying of the road traffic facilities. Step four: the implementation of control system, construction of the main city of 63 intersection signal electronic police system, traffic guidance system, primary and secondary roads and street demonstration strict control sections illegal capture system, optical fiber network control system of traffic facilities, upgrading the command platform system, bus lane system etc.. Act five: optimize the organization of traffic, and gradually improve the single organization of road sections and microcirculation, and diversion approach to science.


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Analysis of the problem to develop a solid grasp of the fine work of urban management

  in the afternoon of October 24th, the City Council held a regular meeting. Deputy mayor of the North District of the United States presided over the meeting, the Urban Management Bureau, Health Bureau, bureau of agriculture and animal husbandry, greening, Construction Bureau, the trade and Industry Bureau, the Bureau of economic affairs and Commerce Bureau leaders attended the meeting.

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Green giant integrated wall technology class become the first choice for decoration

an environmentally friendly, stylish, warm home environment, I believe we all want to have. So, how can we make our home environment so perfect? Green giant integrated wall as the country’s top wall decoration service companies, in their own advantages to build and service in the industry leading level.

The rapid development of green environmental protection integrated


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