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north of the city to focus on the expansion of employment and entrepreneurship to promote the two themes, vigorously implement the people’s livelihood projects, through the improvement of the platform, increase training, strengthen services, do everything possible to help the poor people to achieve employment.


if the location of the store is not good, so the store business will really bad? In fact, if you can have more than the operation of the strategy, the same will make the shop business is booming. My shop is not in a good location, but it’s a surprisingly good business. Many colleagues do not understand, to learn from me. I don’t hide, smiled and told them: "to business is good, only need to ‘point’."

Zhao sister come to the shop to buy eggs, egg, said the bill, before leaving, I took a plastic bag, smiled and said: "I’ll give you a little insurance!" But remember: after weighing the weight. If you put on the weight before the package, there will be no free plastic bags to sell eggs. Although many customers are broad-minded, not a stingy person, but businesses must consider, do meticulous. read more


July 19th, the thirteenth round of the lake in Gansu, held a grand closing ceremony in Lanzhou. Ouyang Jian, deputy secretary of the CPC Provincial Committee, deputy governor of the Gansu Provincial Committee, vice governor of Qinghai Province, and the leadership of the Ningxia provincial government attended the meeting, and for the award-winning teams and players award on behalf of the, and so on, on the other hand, the provincial Party committee, deputy governor of the provincial Party committee, vice governor of the CPC Central Committee, vice governor of Gansu province. read more


now online shopping is no longer a rare thing, but people who buy gold jewelry online gradually increasing, this phenomenon is good or bad? Market Research opinions, and for the consumption of gold jewelry, Shanghai consumers have audible.

2009 Shanghai Diamond Exchange, import and export trade to achieve steady growth, import and export of diamonds, the transaction amounted to $1 billion 521 million, the first time exceeded $1 billion 500 million, a year-on-year increase of 16.4%.

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December 23rd, the reporter learned from the China Telecom in 2015 Tianyi cup in Xining forty-second day race press conference, the new year’s race will be on January 1, 2015 at 10:30 in the South Square Lake Sports Center Stadium opening ceremony, 11 will start the race after the end of the game will be held at the awards ceremony in Lake Sports Center stadium. 4 athletes from the United States, Britain and Sweden for the first time to participate in the Xining area new year round.

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at the beginning of June, a message from Beijing up to Beichuan’s beautiful land: by the national Ministry of agriculture experts in the field investigation and full discussion of advanced typical modern agriculture chase mode as agricultural development in poverty-stricken minority areas will spread in the country!

chase mode"! National promotion!" This is quite shocking words bring us in addition to the initial surprise and pride, but it is a series of questions.

poor natural conditions, lack of arable land, the conditions for the development of agriculture is not sufficient. Accounted for 78.1% of the county’s population is farmers, and the other is the minority, the head is also wearing a national poverty county hat, 48.7%"…… Such a natural and cultural conditions in Qinghai 37 counties abound, but the "chase" can become a "model" and the national promotion! read more


According to the Ministry of civil affairs website news, according to the determination of seismic network Chinese 18:50 on August 11th, Golog Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Qinghai Province in Maduo County (34.8 degrees north latitude and 98.9 degrees east longitude) 4.5 earthquake occurred, focal depth of 7 km. After contact with the Qinghai provincial Civil Affairs Department, no casualties reported. Local civil affairs departments have sent people to verify the situation.

the earthquake affected area in Maduo County and Maqing County belong to concentrated destitute areas.  
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in July 2nd, in the provincial capital of the original commercial office with a family member courtyard, arena Youyi grounds, defrauded 2000 yuan; in July 3rd, a hotel in the provincial capital of Kunlun, under the guise of illegal medical practitioners in the clinic, a health food when selling drugs, cheated 4000 yuan…… Recently, the phenomenon of illegal capital of the provincial capital has risen. July 16th, the Xining Municipal Health Bureau of health supervision at all levels of joint action to combat illegal medical practice. read more


Spring Festival is coming, to the solemn commitment to practice until stay Village twinning, ensure black village poor households live a happy and peaceful Spring Festival, to further consolidate the results of educational practice, February 11th, Huangzhong four groups and departments were concentrated before condolences to the black village poor farmers in Hai Zi Gou. To send rice flour and other materials at the same time, farmers send cash back to the big red".

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for the rich peasants amateur life, Chengbei District of Xining city to carry out summer tour activities to send the play to the countryside, will last from July 9th to July 18th. The event brings together dance, opera and other local folk art boutique show, towns, streets, rural area community will enjoy the summer evening.
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At the beginning of this year, the Gan River Industrial Park in order to comprehensively promote the prevention and control of air pollution, improve environmental quality through the park, the park to conduct a comprehensive sort of enterprises, 68 enterprises identified 22 pollution control projects, the project plans a total investment 130 million yuan. The project is determined, the park is in accordance with the air pollution control grid supervision system, make clear the task, the responsibility to the people, organize relevant enterprises to hold the project will promote, and urge enterprises to implement the governance of funds to speed up the pace of implementation, to ensure the completion of the task of governance. As of now, Qinghai has been fully completed construction of Zijin Mining Group Co. Ltd with solid waste pollution control standard of slag field 18 pollution control projects, Qinghai Yuntianhua International Chemical Co. Ltd. of exhaust gas of urea prilling tower to gather 24 air pollution control projects, Qinghai Fuxin silicon industry limited company dumps ground hardening on coke, do the enclosure, and to install wind dust network device and other 8 key projects. According to statistics, 50 pollution control projects have been completed, the total investment has reached more than 8640 yuan, the completion rate of up to 75%.   read more


2012 August 23rd morning, Pei Gaihua, deputy director of the county people’s Congress Standing Committee and his party to the birch forest Township, condolences to the town of Lin Lin Township, county, township deputies, and issued a condolence for them. Here, when the Muslim masses of the "de", the director of the special condolences to Ma Guili, deputy secretary of the people’s Republic of China, the two members of the village, send them a holiday blessing.

issued after the ceremony, the Township People’s Congress held a forum on the meeting, the Township People’s congress chairman Comrade Ma Haifu reported in the first half of the work of the NPC Hua Lin Xiang, and the second half of the work of the NPC has made careful arrangements, then the delegates in a fierce discussion, the county people’s Congress and the local people in the first half of the work fully affirmed, and practical advice and suggestions on the new rural economic development, social management and other aspects of innovation. read more


The reporter learned from the Provincial Department of transportation in September 28th held a press conference, from January to August this year, the province at all levels of law enforcement officers highways were detected freight vehicles 503480, and oversized vehicles 3346 vehicles, 758 vehicles unloading, unloading 7407.98 tons, exceeding rate of 0.7%, compared with the same period last year fell by 1 percentage points. It is reported that in recent years, the phenomenon of overloading in our province was growing trend. In order to regulate the order of road transport management, the province since last year to establish a long-term working mechanism of overloading, and this year launched a new round of governance overload. In the source of supervision, transportation departments around the province through inspections, etc. stationed, increase the supervision of the province’s 344 key freight source of enterprises, and severely punish illegal overloading of cargo source enterprises, transport enterprises and drivers; the highways departments at all levels to increase road law enforcement, the implementation of 24 hours of uninterrupted monitoring. The oversized vehicles testing found that the strict implementation of discharge, to eliminate illegal status, severely punished according to law, the fight against malicious overloading, avoiding station bypass and other illegal activities, the formation of super high pressure attitude pavement. In addition, in the management of rural highway overloading, the province has 67 rural road set a limit of high Xiankuan facilities 92, 321 rural roads have not been set high limit Xiankuan facilities at 451 selected sites, the Provincial Department of transportation also allocated 7 million 640 thousand yuan of special funds for rural work overload. By taking the highway, highway monitoring quanfan rural highway, set the limit high and super Xiankuan technology treatment measures of work carried out, to effectively curb the road transport vehicle overloading, to ensure safe and smooth the road.   read more


from the east to the south, from the hospital to the food and beverage stores, evening news since the founding of the city window window action, across the various districts and counties of the service window, in order to promote the city hit a good effect. These days, the reporter again, it conducted a thorough investigation on the public to reflect the traffic, parking, pedestrian travel problems, offering many travel inconvenience.

Qaidam bus stop sign do not understand

The bus stop at the remote city of read more


Recently, the national development and Reform Commission released a number of PPP recommend projects to encourage various types of social capital through franchising, government procurement services, equity cooperation and other ways to participate in the construction and operation. June 4th, the letter from the provincial Commission by letter, in the open project library, a total of 61 projects in our province, the scope of the project covers water conservancy, transportation facilities, municipal facilities, public services, ecological environment, etc.. read more



to find a favorite job, the door of the vegetable direct selling car can buy cheap vegetables, sitting in the new public rental room warm sun, watching their retirement wages fold up a little bit every year…… In the past 2015, many citizens of Xining, can remember such a picture or a few happy picture in the mind, and that every picture behind, behind every happy time, one is the municipal government of the people’s livelihood, highlighting the municipal Party committee of the people’s livelihood feelings. read more


October 29th, in the province of the relevant meeting, the food and drug safety and other government procurement services to start the work of cooperatives. Provincial Food and drug administration to deploy the purchase of food and drug safety coordination services.   read more


The integration of

"two" is the main line of China’s manufacturing power construction, which aims to promote the development of industrialization. December 9th, the provincial economic and Information Technology Commission organized the integration of information technology and industrial training seminar, more than 160 industrial enterprises and information technology services enterprises in our province.

The situation and opportunity for

to adapt and grasp a new round of technological revolution and the industrial revolution to change the mode of economic development in recent years, our province from strengthening policy research, promote the demonstration and guidance, reinforce the industrial base and promote a new generation of information technology in the production of industrial enterprises and management in the whole life cycle of penetration fusion. Have introduced a "two industrial enterprises in Qinghai Province integration development level assessment methods (Trial)" "on promoting the manufacturing industry and the integration of the Internet development of the implementation of opinions" and a series of policy measures, the industrial enterprise chief information officer system continues to improve, provincial and municipal (state) enterprises, three level of integration of the two leading mechanism the establishment of the basic organization. read more


November 8th, Chinese eighteenth National Congress of the Communist Party was held in Beijing, the north area of the primary and secondary schools through television, network, Party distance education terminal and other forms of media, to organize the staff to watch the grand opening ceremony of the eighteen, and through the windows, billboards, campus television, posters, banners and other forms. Efforts to create a good atmosphere for the eighteen.
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2012, Xining invested a total of 380 million yuan of various types of poverty alleviation funds, so that the direct benefit of the poor of the 25 thousand and 500 families of 104 thousand and 500.

in accordance with the special poverty alleviation, poverty alleviation, social poverty, the trinity of poverty alleviation practices, cohesion project together, making the city’s poverty alleviation work has achieved remarkable results. Throughout the year to implement the whole village to promote the project funds 83 million yuan, the implementation of the whole village in the poor village of the project to promote the enterprise investment of $75, the people raised funds of 22 million 660 thousand yuan, the construction of productive items of the project 57 million 310 thousand yuan. At the same time, the integration of industry sector funds 100 million 563 thousand and 800 yuan, the implementation of roads, irrigation and water conservancy construction and other infrastructure projects of the 112. Implementation of relocation funds 67 million 990 thousand yuan, the relocation of the implementation of the relocation of the project, the relocation of poor households, poor households, 10785 people, 2532. Implementation of the poor labor, rain plan training funds 1 million 55 thousand yuan, the county’s 600 people were special mechanical driving and other professional skills training. Organization and implementation of the rain plan pilot reform, three poor students in the county to give a living allowance of $4 million 460 thousand 6369. read more