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According to the unified deployment of the provincial Party committee, the provincial first inspection teams stationed in Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County in to carry out inspections look back work. April 12th held a patrol look back mobilization meeting, the provincial first inspection team leader Dojena Jean on the back to make a mobilization speech. Xining Municipal Committee, JP Song Chenxi, Secretary of the county Party Committee presided over the meeting and made a statement. Huang Youliang, deputy head of the group, and all the members of the inspection team attended the meeting of the group of. read more


Reporters at the April 27th meeting of the economic situation in Xining was informed that the first quarter of this year, the city of Xining to achieve GDP 17 billion 945 million yuan, an increase of 12.1%, higher than the national growth rate, the province. The second quarter of the construction of the golden season, Xining city will strive to focus on construction projects before the end of April, more than 80% of all new projects to start in the first half, to ensure that the investment in the first half of the growth rate of more than 30%.

at present, for there are still insufficient, industrial investment growth continued to increase downward pressure, insufficient consumption demand and power price stability control problem the arduous task, Xining proposed to highlight the industrial guidance, strive to maintain stable operation, stimulating growth; boosting outstanding service industry, and strive to achieve the overall prosperity of tourism, outstanding agricultural protection; the pursuit of industry driven, high urbanization characteristics; prominent, efforts to promote the expansion and upgrading of city, urban and rural areas; highlight the people’s livelihood and well-being, to enhance people’s happiness and social harmony; prominent reform and opening-up, efforts to solve development problems, enhance the vitality of.

in promoting the progress of the project at the same time, Xining city will be "investment year" as the starting point, around the "Green Fair, fair city efforts to increase investment, actively carry out the project selection, demonstration, evaluation, packaging and promotion work, efforts to strengthen infrastructure and ecological the environmental protection and the major productive projects to recruit big business, recruit strong business.  
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reporter learned from the Qinghai Tibet railway company, from 0:00 today, the Qinghai Tibet railway from Xining to Golmud segment speed will be increased from the original 120km/h to 140km/h.

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January 14th, the Xining municipal health bureau party secretary, Secretary Liu Haonian, and his party came to Guangzhou, and the Guangzhou Municipal Health Bureau signed a cooperation agreement.

September 8, 2008, in support of the Xining municipal government and Guangzhou municipal government, the Xining Municipal Health Bureau and the Guangzhou Municipal Health Bureau signed a cooperation agreement, in the "friendly cooperation, equality and mutual benefit, complementary advantages and common development" principle, build a bridge of two city health cooperation, opened the prelude of friendly cooperation. In 2009, the Xining Municipal Health Bureau in Juzhu units selected Department of orthopedics, obstetrics and Gynecology, cardiovascular, respiratory medicine, health supervision and epidemiology, 10 professional and technical backbone to accept the training of medical institutions in Guangzhou. During the study, both in the work, or in life and other aspects of the health and medical units in Guangzhou have been enthusiastic help and meticulous care. That year, the Guangzhou municipal health bureau director also led by Huang Xining to carry out technical guidance, deepen the pass precious knowledge to others, the friendly exchanges between the two cities. read more


from July 1st this year, the Provincial Local Taxation Bureau levied on the scope of the employment of the disabled employment security fund, by all types of enterprises and other economic organizations to expand the province’s Administrative Region of all employers. This reporter learned from the Qinghai Provincial Local Taxation bureau.

at the same time, the employment security for the disabled in Qinghai province by the gold tax department has a comprehensive collection of different budget levels and from each payment service unified level three mode by the CDPF Department of cities and counties for the provincial budget level; no arrangements for employment the employer can declare the payment directly to the local tax department, online payment in the electronic payment payment method is more conducive to people gradually take payment and bank the way. Collection mode change, further simplifying the residual premium collection and reconciliation and other aspects of the work program, to a certain extent convenient of the payment business, optimize the payment service. read more


day, xiadou earth decorated, luoguxuantian, people smile with red lanterns high streets and back lanes filled with blessings, and red banners hanging, the festive atmosphere was most incisive. Today, three counties and four districts of our city, Kumbum Monastery lantern show butter flower show will be the debut, people may experience a rich cultural feast, with joy, happiness and a thriving cultural festival. So, what are the highlights of the lantern festival tonight? Is the temperature not too cold? Which bus is more convenient? What are the changes in highway traffic…… Xining evening news exclusively for you to send a informative travel guide.
colorful lamp group pocketed the eye during the people’s Park Location:
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built features in the south mouth of Longmen; in the light group south of Longmen east area development and changes in the setting of performance; set the "Rainbow Bridge" lighting lighting sketch in light overpass east huang. Location:
Guandeng location: West area
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recommended index: * assumes
recommended index: * assumes
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two butter flower show change change: no longer increases the temporary line read more


from September 1st onwards, in accordance with the requirements of national unity, the province began to stop the collection of individual industrial and commercial management fees, market management fees. In order to ensure that it can implement Huimin measures, to prevent others from arbitrary charges, I Department of industry and commerce, opened a special hotline: 0971 – 8223803, 0971 – 8220713, accept the supervision of the community and the masses.


into the late July, by the north cold air and the southwest warm and humid air flow, the 20 ~ July, from to 21, from 23 to 25 in our province has appeared in the process of precipitation. Qinghai meteorological department in a timely manner to start the storm emergency response level IV, the initiative to follow up the decision-making meteorological services, go all out to do a good job of heavy rainfall meteorological support services. The province is expected in the future there will be precipitation weather process. read more


2015 Xining real estate and home industry trade fair will be held tomorrow in the south of Xining International Convention and Exhibition Center B museum.

Enterprise meta to enjoy a one-stop house buyers

as a session covers local mainstream development enterprises and projects of the housing fair, the Housing Fair from green, Wanda, new Hualian, jinzuo, limeng, Ningxia, Albert, in the new millennium, the sea bright, tamie northwest, and three, provincial, city real estate enterprises, building materials enterprises, intelligent Home Furnishing Home Furnishing the exhibition, mahogany furniture exhibition, financial enterprises and other famous enterprises. A total of more than 12 real estate prices and its participating real estate market will debut this exhibition, the introduction of a large number of houses, to participate in the project just need to improve the type of housing. Preferential activities include the "special offer" real signings promotions "draw against paying back" "opening scene activities, bring rich rewards for the people of Qinghai.

has always been the real estate market barometer and leader said the Housing Fair this year ushered in the fifth. A real estate industry analysts said, the city of Xining and a second tier city, just family is still the main purchase, for just need people to buy a house, they mainly used to live, rather than investment, relatively small apartment layout is the main purchase products of. The Housing Fair will be more targeted at this demand for the purchase of the public, the greater the choice.

innovative housing fair "modern and classical + housing fair"

has a new play.

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vegetables are people usually eat food, but also a very high consumption of vegetables in our country, per capita consumption has been ranked first in the world. Market size is very large, which also makes a lot of people see the investment opportunities. Profitable investment in vegetable production is very rich, very worthy of trust.

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in central Gansu, the eastern part of the earthquake zone defense conference held in Qinghai

8 month 1 days to 3 days, organized by the Bureau of the twenty-sixth session of the Gansu Haidong earthquake in central and Eastern Qinghai earthquake zone defense conference in rainbow village of Huzhu county was held, members of the defense units a total of more than 50 people attended the meeting. The meeting by the Deputy Secretary General Ma Shengming presided over the Haidong Haidong administrative office, administrative office of the Deputy Commissioner Wang Shuhe introduced the earthquake disaster reduction work style and Haidong customs, provincial seismological bureau deputy director Ha Hui made an important speech. read more


Recently, the public Lee in the North Campus of Qinghai Normal University, when walking with a new discovery: a few lilac trees in the campus actually flowering. Isn’t lilac blooming in March and April?" Lilacs bloom in winter, which makes Mr. Lee rather surprised.

Agricultural Expert: Lilac blooming in winter is not unusual

leaf lilac leaves than ordinary clove small branches low, branches of soft, bright colors, and two a year of flowering, flowering period is generally in spring and autumn, because this year the temperature is high, so the leaf lilac blooms in the winter is not unusual. In addition, flowering is controlled by a gene switch, and there is a certain relationship between flowering and individual differences.

for reasons of abnormal high temperature in November this year, the province’s provincial Climate Center room, evaluation of senior engineer Dai Sheng analysis, caused by high temperature in November of this year in our province,; read more


2014 Green Fair and the first round of the lake electric car challenge will be held in Qinghai International Convention and Exhibition Center today, yesterday afternoon, the Organizing Committee held a press conference. Has a history of fourteen years of growth in order to promote the Green Fair is Chinese East Midwest regional cooperation and interaction and mutual benefit, an important platform for the opening of Qinghai, green development, has great influence in the national economic and trade event. The current Green Fair 31 provinces and cities nationwide to participate.

2014 Lake Green Fair and the first electric car challenge is in the implementation of provincial Party committee "to adhere to the correct direction of deepening reform, and strive to create" three area ", the construction of a comprehensive well-off" strategic task to accelerate the integration of the construction of Silk Road Economic Belt, held to promote the opening to the west development situation under the. In order to highlight the theme of open cooperation, green development ", build brands, enhance the influence of the show, this Green Fair will events and Industry Development Summit Forum, and trade and investment activities combined, and strive for the realization of building Qinghai economic, beautiful Qinghai and the people’s livelihood Gai Shansan a" upgrade "task support.

this green fair the colorful activities, the forum, the Qinghai new energy lithium industry development summit combined with the actual development of Qinghai set up the theoretical research Silk Road Economic Belt six seminar activities will be important. read more


this year, Huangyuan county invested 900 thousand yuan to continue to implement the "happiness project – mother rescue action project, in accordance with the" small loans, directly to households, rolling operation, labor rich "principle, the county’s 37 poor mothers of assistance, including: 8 engaged in planting, breeding cattle and sheep 17, tourism, business other industries such as 12 households, nearly 200 people to benefit the masses.

it is reported that since the implementation of the project since 2007, the project total rolling investment 3 million 371 thousand and 500 yuan relief funds, have help poor mothers of 219, revenue reached 1 million 20 thousand yuan, so that every poor mothers family per capita income 90% higher than before the rescue of the surrounding towns, developing a diversified economy, to accelerate the pace of poverty plays a positive role in promoting. (author: Luo Hongmei)
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is the most important topic in the domestic and international market, which is involved in the field of halal. On the afternoon of May 1st, the 2013 Qing Food Exhibition International Halal certification training will be held, still attracted the attention of the Chinese and foreign exhibitors. With the advent of international halal certification authority, our Halal Products into the international halal certification pass has been getting closer.

halal certification is Halal Products to international halal market pass. All the time, because of the problems of China’s Halal certification, including Qinghai enterprises export products limited, a lot of good brand, good products do not understand because of the Muslim countries special product standards were blocked in the market. At present, the international market for halal food raw materials and products in China can still be strictly halal halal certification requirements. read more


reporter learned from the Provincial Bureau of statistics, 1-11 months, the province’s total fixed asset investment completed 345 billion 904 million yuan, an increase of 11% over the same period last year, showing a steady growth trend. Benefit people’s livelihood investment rapid growth, 1-11 months, the province Huimin investment completed 153 billion 100 million yuan, an increase of 22.6%.

new projects to accelerate the construction of our province, a large contribution of 100 billion yuan and investment projects. 1-11 month, million and billion yuan project 816, over the same period last year increased 98, accounting for 9.4% of the province’s construction project, completed an investment of 213 billion 519 million yuan, up 12.8% over the previous year, the total social investment in fixed assets 61.7%, 7.8 percentage points, boosting the province’s total fixed asset investment growth. Steady growth in private investment. 1-11 months, the province’s private investment completed 118 billion 912 million yuan, an increase of 8.5% over the same period last year, the growth rate increased by 1-10 percentage points over the previous month, an increase of 13 percentage points over the same period last year. read more


August 8th, the Provincial Sports Bureau and the municipal government in the Central Plaza organized National Fitness Day activities. In the launching ceremony, the public showcase of Xining city has the characteristics of the plateau fitness style, vice governor Zhang Jianmin and Jin Jiuchen, city leaders Gao Yumei, Zhang Ying attended the launching ceremony, and watched with interest the masses fitness show, experience the part of the fitness project.

it is understood that in recent years, with the continuous development of economy and society, more and more people attach importance to the national fitness, national physical quality has become an important basis for economic and social development. Our province fitness activities but also because of the unique plateau characteristics, and widespread concern in the outside world, the formation of the masses of all ethnic groups to actively participate in various sports fitness activities, enjoy the fun, develop a civilized and healthy lifestyle atmosphere. The same day, the city is a showcase of the National Fitness Day, the central square for a while and luoguxuantian, for a while is full of youthful spirit of youth aerobics, while the performance of the ninth set of broadcast gymnastics. Provincial Institute of sports science and technology personnel also moved out of the usual rare instruments in the detection of public health index, while guiding the public scientific and rational fitness. The same day, the most popular is still very love of the people of all nationalities Guozhuang dance. The first public fitness entertainment games is more joyful sound, cries constantly, the establishment of a collective project, family and individual items in the games, the dragon pearl, playing sandbags, sedan chair, roll hoop and other projects is to let the people who exercise in passion, happiness in the enjoyment of health.
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graduated, there are many young entrepreneurs who are eager to start the business, but due to lack of funds, blocking the pace of many entrepreneurs. In April 28th, the reporter learned from the Provincial Department of human resources and social security to understand, in order to promote entrepreneurship, in January this year, our province to adjust and improve the urban and rural households and disabled college graduates "one-time job subsidy standards and college graduates" one-time entrepreneurship Award "standard.

the adjusted standard, about 1000 people are expected to meet college graduates enjoy a one-time job subsidy policy each year; approximately 200 people with college graduates enjoy the "one-time rewards of entrepreneurship policy.

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2010 in December 3rd, yunguanchu held a meeting on the implementation of the "on the strengthening of passenger vehicle operation safety supervision, prohibited illegal line management notice" to make work arrangements:

first, the brigade deployed two inspection teams responsible for the operation of the class line vehicle supervision and inspection, and the inspection will be recorded according to the requirements of the log log. To find the not according to the approved route running, not according to the approved flight operations, not according to the approved passenger vehicle class line on the site on its road transport permits, line direction signs, driver qualification certificate, to seriously deal with illegal processing by the office. read more


days ago, Datong County Rural Preschool Education to promote the project – Xiang Bai Tu Cun Qing Lin Xiang Lu Shuncun birch forest kindergarten, kindergarten, kindergarten to the Township Center officially started construction. This is the first county to start the construction of rural pre-school education to promote the project, but also to make full use of the county after the adjustment of the layout of the educational reform and expansion of an important measure of preschool education park. read more