Xining yesterday issued lightning orange warning

Reporters learned from the Qinghai Provincial Meteorological Observatory, at 15:47 yesterday, the Xining Municipal Meteorological Observatory issued a lightning orange warning signal, now two, this afternoon showers will continue. Lightning orange warning signal is for the next 1 hours by the impact of lightning and may continue to issue a warning signal of meteorological disasters. Since the summer of this year, Qinghai rainfall, strong precipitation, lightning disaster situation more, meteorological disaster warning, the relevant departments issued a Red Rainstorm warning signal, Xining had a two hour 108 lightning records. Meteorological experts, the rain is expected to be the next two days will be less than yesterday, but the public should also do a good job in the preparation of lightning protection, outdoor workers should do a good job of security measures. (author: Wang Yalin,)  

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Strengthen the fine management to do the people’s satisfaction Education

In order to earnestly implement the spirit of the city’s fine management work conference, in April 5th, the City Board of Education held a mobilization meeting of the city’s education system fine management, arrangements for the deployment of the city’s fine management of the education system

for the city to seriously implement the fine management work conference, April 5th, Municipal Education Bureau held the city’s education system of fine management work mobilization meeting, arrangements for the fine management of the city’s education system. The meeting issued the "fine management plan" the city’s education system, the education system to improve the work style, improve the management system, clear educational ideas, improve moral standards, strengthen team construction, reasonable layout of the campus work target. At the same time, it puts forward the work requirements from the aspects of perfecting the system construction, standardizing the daily management, paying attention to the humanistic care, and strengthening the characteristic development.

the meeting stressed that the city’s education system cadres and workers should take positive action to establish the spirit of hard work, from a small start from scratch, a piece of implementation, a catch result, focus on the following seven aspects: one is to promote school management refinement, clear administrative matters, clear job post, clear job objectives, clear performance appraisal, seeking a breakthrough in promoting the school standardization level. The two is to promote the refinement of student education and management, the importance of ideals and beliefs education, civic education, emphasis on good traditional education, behavior education, to enhance the level of Ideological and moral education to seek a breakthrough. The three is to promote the school education and teaching management refinement, heavy curriculum reform, heavy class, re teaching and research, re examination, to improve the quality of education and teaching breakthrough. Four is fine to promote teachers’ management, occupation guidance, emotional moral education, heavy weight, weight training teaching ability evaluation incentive, seeking a breakthrough in improving teachers’ professional level. Five is to promote the refinement of campus management, in the function, environment, order, culture, and strive to create a breakthrough in the campus characteristics. The six is to promote financial asset management, management, construction, operation, seeking a breakthrough in promoting the school security service quality. The seven is to promote the campus safety and emergency management, more efforts, more real, in the event of an emergency drills, seeking a breakthrough in the creation of a safe campus, a harmonious campus in education on prevention.

by carrying out meticulous management work, to further transform the working function, regulate the behavior, improve management efficiency, efforts to promote the education and management of the standardized and institutionalized, fine, specialization, lay a solid foundation for the people’s education.



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Xining will be closed to the intersection of the footbridge crossing the road

In September 6th, a reporter from the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment traffic management information conference was informed that, in order to effectively improve the use rate of the pedestrian overpass, further realize the vehicle and pedestrian traffic vehicles are isolated from each other, regulate traffic order, the effective organization of the safety of pedestrians crossing the street, recently, part of the city built pedestrian pedestrian overpass intersection road the surrounding area will gradually open closed, including closed road or sidewalk guardrail guardrail center opening, and remove the crossing and removal of pedestrian signal.

at present, the city has built some overpass road because there is no road central isolation barrier, directly across the road and pedestrian overpass traffic phenomenon not very prominent, many overpasses use rate is low, the behavior of pedestrians crossing the road leading to frequent traffic accidents. Therefore, in order to regulate the way pedestrian traffic, the city will be built in the vicinity of the pedestrian overpass section of the pedestrian crossing.

around the pedestrian opening gradually closed

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Xining merchants invited 15 green projects

to create the best investment environment, attracting foreign capital, building blocks for the economy of Xining, last year, the city’s leading group consisting of foreign investment. As of now, I exceeded the investment objectives and tasks, attracted 15 lithium green industry investment projects, complete province capital in place of 14 billion 160 million yuan.

since last year, led the city’s leading investment group in Beijing, Shandong, Henan, Chongqing, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Guangdong and other places on the development of city construction, environmental protection, trade, logistics and other areas of key investment projects carried out investment docking, and AVIC lithium, off-road vehicles, Beiqi Chinese (Xining) International Halal Industrial Park, Marriott, Longshan scenic spot development and construction of 61 key projects carried out detailed docking, and invited the relevant enterprises to better investigate and negotiate. The BAIC Qinghai base project, the construction of Bluetooth module production line project in Suzhou, Czech Republic, an annual output of 2 billion square meters of power and energy storage lithium ion battery separator projects 15 projects have been signed an investment agreement of intent; far into the home trade and logistics projects, Shenzhen Beek Battery Company Limited, Alibaba · project; e-commerce cooperation project Xining industry 30 projects in further docking negotiations.

addition, around the Silk Road into the economic zone, to seek new clues to economic cooperation. Docking with the Zhongguancun Administrative Committee of Beijing, Xining, Zhongguancun science and technology achievements industrialization base in Datong County, Beichuan Industrial Park floor construction, has settled in the science and technology enterprises 8. Turkey and Antalya municipal government delegation, the delegation of Italy, the Kyrgyz delegation, the delegation of Belarus carried out exchanges and discussions, and Tibetan carpet processing base project, the new millennium Pedestrian Street International Trade City project, jade jewelry trade projects, tourism resources development cooperation projects reached a cooperation intention.


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West District intends to cancel 4 approval matters

this year, the city will further deepen the reform of the west, in the last year to clean up the cancellation of administrative examination and approval on the basis of 15, this year intends to cancel the 4, modify the administrative examination and approval of the 1 items.

this year, in addition to cancel, modify the administrative examination and approval, the west district will be in the district administrative services hall set up 6 integrated service window, the implementation of the Department of the joint trial. And the installation of electronic monitoring and electronic evaluation system in the service window, effectively promote the service window quality and efficiency. At the same time, will promote the community burden project, trying to implement the social forces to undertake pension service model.


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Xining water authority to expand investment and financing channels to improve sewage treatment capac

Qinghai news network in order to expand the sewage treatment investment and financing channels, improve the processing ability of Xining sewage in May 13th, the Xining municipal water authority and Xining Pengyao environmental protection sewage treatment Limited signed the first sewage treatment plant of Xining City franchise agreement.

according to the concession agreement: the Xining municipal water authority will transfer, business transfer, the transfer of the existing scale of the design for the daily processing capacity of 85 thousand tons of the first sewage treatment plant project, Xining Pengyao environmental protection sewage treatment Co. Ltd. as an investor, paid transferred assets is a project of the first sewage treatment plant, and technology transformation of the project in accordance with the requirements of environmental protection departments, undertake the transformation costs, so as to reach the effluent standard requirements. At the same time, Xining Pengyao environmental protection sewage treatment limited to construction, operation and transfer of the way, the construction scale of daily processing capacity of 50 thousand tons of the first sewage treatment plant project phase two. Investors in the 30 year franchise period of the first and the second phase of the project assets, the expiration of the concession period, the assets transferred to the municipal government designated free of charge.

vice governor Luo Yulin attended the signing ceremony. (author: Zhang Weiwei)


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Xining 10 – 15 major accident case 5 hours cracked

10 15, 2009, Xining city traffic police detachment accident handling squadron squadron north of the city police only used more than five hours cracked a major traffic accident escape case. Ma Pingfu suspects arrested.

day 17:10, police on duty received "110" instructions, Ning Lei Village stone road at the traffic accident, please the police. After the alarm, the police rushed to the scene, after arriving at the scene, found the car accident has to escape, a woman lying in the middle of the road, the head has a lot of blood, dying, side ramp down a battered bicycle, in addition, the scene without any valuable clues. Police rescue the injured side, to the brigade, the detachment of the leadership report.

Aiming at the particularity of

case, accident brigade commander Li Mingjun in command, quickly set up a "10· 15" major traffic accident escape case task force, on the one hand around the scene to carry out investigations; on the other hand, send the police to the hospital for the wounded clothing traces inspection, hoping to find related in addition, evidence of the suspect vehicle; and a group of police in the vehicle under the strong cooperation of the suspected number mopai. The police side of the normal execution of police tasks, while the survey Mopai, police in the unremitting efforts, after more than five hours of continuous fighting, at 21:50 PM will the car accident and accident suspect Ma Pingfu seized.


of Ma Pingfu interrogation, Ma Pingfu confessed in October 15th 17, when he was driving green A· A5903 "Changan" vans, along the North District of Xining city Ning route south to north to Lei stone village, a woman riding a bicycle on the road hit after driving escape, and the car parked with a friend, then fled.

is reported that the injured Ma Moumou by the hospital died on the same day.


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Xining west district for the development of small and micro enterprises to build a platform

Federation of industry and Commerce and the West District of Xining City, the West Branch of

Bank of Qinghai held on May 30th "support Small and micro businesses to develop business promotion, association of industry and commerce, bank and Guarantee Corporation three party credit basically reached a strategic cooperation agreement.

as of now, Xining City West District of individual industrial and commercial households to 9520 households, the development of private enterprises to the family, the proportion of the third industries and non-public economy accounted for the proportion of the region were 90% and 55%. In view of the long-term financing constraints of non-public economic development bottleneck, the West District Federation of industry and Commerce and the Bank of Qinghai West District branch jointly organized business promotion, the establishment of long-term service organization coordination mechanism of non-public economy and the bank, through the promotion will drive more enterprises and banks actively cooperate to achieve common development. (author: Su Jianping)


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Xining city has 5 national cultural relic protection units

May 8th, reporters from the Xining municipal cultural relics protection work conference learned, recently, Dongguan mosque, Huangyuan Town God’s Temple tiger Taiwan sites, 3 cultural relics protection units to declare the success of the seventh batch of national key cultural relics protection units. Prior to the Kumbum Monastery, Shen Na site 2 national heritage conservation units, the city has a total of 5 state-level cultural relics protection units. So far, the city a total of 1301 immovable cultural relics, including the national level of 5, the provincial level of 84.

city in April 2007 to November 2011 to carry out the third national cultural relics census in, a total of 1301 registered mobile relics survey, review of the Department, the new found in 558 place in the past, the Ministry of culture and cultural heritage of the city of Xining. Including Kumbum Monastery, Shen Na ruins 2 national cultural relics protection units, the provincial cultural relics protection units 79. The day before, the provincial government announced the list of the ninth batch of 59 provincial cultural relics protection units, Tan Zhen Huangzhong County Gan I Li Jiu Cun ancient buildings, Tian Jia Zhai Zhen Tian Jia Zhai Cun Lang Miao Zhen Zhuan Zui Cun, Gonghe Gazhu temple, Republic of Suhl Zhen Ji Cun Zong Caba Si Cun NEW mother home, peace Township in Huangyuan County, Gaoling the small village of Gaoling terrace, Ba Yan Xiang Xin Si lithoglyphs, Chengguan town of Datong County of Confucious’temple, north of the city district, a statue of chairman Mao Zedong and other 8 units of cultural relics protection among. (author: Wang Zi)

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Xining population and Family Planning Commission to promote the management of floating population in

October 15th, the Qinghai floating population service management approach, the official implementation

10 15, the "Qinghai floating population service management approach" formally implemented. The Municipal Population and family planning, family planning guidance center in sunning Plaza, Central Plaza in the establishment of an advisory led by the provincial and municipal comprehensive management departments, public security, industry and commerce, human resources and social security and other units involved in the campaign.

on that day, the staff through the issuance of population and family planning publicity materials, making publicity boards, free distribution of contraceptives and other forms of new measures for management of floating population service propaganda. At the same time, the masses of the past to answer the question of the floating population family planning policy, so that the majority of the people to better understand the new ideas and new ways of the new. The promotional activities, promotional materials were distributed 1000 copies of promotional materials 2000, free medical card 1000, contraceptive seven categories 12000.

implementation of the "Qinghai floating population service management approach", marks the province’s floating population service and management of institutionalized, standardized, legal aspects of new steps. "Approach" to highlight the service first, people-oriented concept, follow the principles of management according to law, optimize services, protect the rights and interests, public participation and territorial management principles. The promulgation and implementation of the measures to further promote the equalization of basic public services for the floating population, so as to provide the legal basis for the floating population to enjoy free, high quality and equal service in accordance with the law. At the same time, it is of great significance to do well the management of family planning services for floating population.



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Ten voices boost confidence on behalf of members

water conservancy "a project" has made a major breakthrough in our province, approved by the National People’s livelihood as the first national demonstration zone of ecological civilization, invested more than 100 billion yuan, Qinghai entered the era of high-speed rail, Xining major economic indicators of growth in the forefront of the capital city…… In January 22nd, governor Hao Peng made the "government work report" in the review of the work in 2014, to the majority of delegates and members showed a long list of 2014 Qinghai transcripts and digital heavy heart, joy, report boiling NPC and CPPCC causedwide, on behalf of the committee, the meeting, a great boost delegates, members of the new Qinghai future development of confidence and determination. As a CPPCC member said: "the report is not only surprising, but also more confidence in the new development of Qinghai."
[praise] on behalf of our province is in the important period of strategic opportunity of ecological civilization concept to guide the economic and social development, was approved as the first national demonstration zone of ecological civilization, Qinghai is fortunate! It is the children of all nationalities in Qinghai! How to recognize the new normal, to adapt to the new normal, leading the new normal situation, strengthen the construction of ecological civilization, to promote ecological civilization in our province first demonstration area construction is of great significance, this requires that we must consciously integrate into the province’s first demonstration area of ecological civilization construction, do a good "ecological civilization in Qinghai province first demonstration the implementation of the eight district construction task plan" as determined by the.
[sound] report yindajihuang North Canal phase, across the board through the stone gorge reservoir, the main canal diversion is expected across the board through the water conservancy recently, "the people of all ethnic groups in anticipation of a number of projects and major breakthroughs were made.
[]: "I announced the surprise in the stone gorge reservoir impoundment!" In December 10, 2014, the provincial water resources department director Chen Xinglong order, our province yindajihuang project leading hub stone gorge reservoir impoundment officially. The success of the stone gorge reservoir impoundment not only the smooth realization of the provincial government to determine the annual water target, the more marked the yindajihuang that our province 1 water conservancy project construction has achieved significant results. It is understood that the yindajihuang project in Qinghai province is a large inter basin water diversion project, water conservancy, composed of stone gorge water diversion canal, Heiquan reservoir, North West trunk canal, Huangshui Huangshui, lead;

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Xining civil affairs project construction, to help the economy and people’s livelihood

Civil affairs project is the basis for the development of civil affairs. In recent years, with the continuous increase in the country’s investment in the field of people’s livelihood, civil affairs projects also showed an increase in the number of the gradual expansion of the scale, the situation is constantly enriched species. At present, the field of the project mainly include facilities for the elderly, children, disabled welfare facilities, community service, disaster prevention and mitigation, social affairs and other six categories.The main channel of

under the new economic normal, finance for civil affairs spending is rigid, is the underpinning, it is necessary to ensure. The construction and promotion of civil projects and livelihood issues are closely related, therefore, only to solve the problem of people’s livelihood, in order to achieve the aspirations of the people, to meet the needs of the masses.

hoarse as done, solve the problem of interests of good people are most concerned about, the most direct and realistic, let the project continue to force, to promote the harmonious development of society. Therefore, our province under the civil affairs departments, give full play to the initiative, extensive integration of social resources, and effectively perform its functions, in order to better solve the biggest social problems of people’s livelihood, is committed to the shortest time to help the people who most need help, let people see the project construction, to let people participate in and enjoy the construction achievements, enhance the happiness index.

"now, by means of the civil project force, in order to better and more effectively protect and solve the livelihood problems, this is a good thing for us, from the project construction over the years, this project has been significantly improved, can be more than 60%." Xining Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau Su Leihong told reporters.

"real" being, provincial Civil Affairs projects fall flowering

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Xining Municipal Committee of Communist Youth League to build a platform for the creation of advance

recently, the Xining municipal League for the further implementation of the nine, the ten plenary session of the thirteen party party spirit, the spirit of the national work conference, and establish and promote the construction of national unity and progress of advanced deeds in contributing to youth in the city’s advanced typical young people, guide young people of all ethnic groups to establish the Marx nationalism view, consolidate and the development of the socialist ethnic relationship of equality, unity, mutual assistance and harmony.

play a leading role in the selection and recognition of national unity and progress advanced

"54" period, the municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, municipal Party Committee United Front Work Department, Xining Municipal Committee of Communist Youth League, the public complaints commission, City Youth Federation jointly launched the "Xining city of the Fourth Youth competitions in recognition of national unity and progress". After layer recommendation, careful selection, 12 units awarded the "advanced Fourth Youth national unity and progress in Xining collective" honorary title, awarded the 12 youth "in Xining City, the fourth session of the youth national unity and progress of advanced individual" title of honor. The recognition of the advanced collectives and advanced individuals are in recent years to promote the city’s national unity and progress of the work of outstanding youth collective and youth representatives. Their advanced deeds and noble quality show the unity of the people of all walks of life in our city as a whole, hand in hand into a new style, fully embodies the contemporary youth with the times, forge ahead in the spirit of the times.

strengthen publicity and education to carry forward the spirit of the 54

to lead the city’s young people adhering to the "patriotism, progress, democracy, science," the spirit of the 54, held the theme of "passing the spirit of the 54 show youth style" performance. The event for the fourth session of the Xining city youth national unity and progress of advanced collectives and individuals for the award, and in recent years the city’s Youth League members to display and publicity in promoting the city to create national unity and progress of advanced work achievements. At the same time, exhibitions and activities by rich and colorful show Panorama of main achievements in the work of the Communist Youth League Xining Municipal Service Center, serving the development of youth work in the city’s Youth League members and carry forward the glorious tradition and fine style of the Communist Youth League in all walks of life positive, be enthusiastic and press on youth style.

has raised the era of trust youth national unity flag

in recent years, the Communist Youth League Committee conscientiously implement the party’s ethnic and religious policies, and vigorously promote the Marx concept of nationalism and religion, unequivocally oppose ethnic separatism and illegal and criminal activities using religion, has played a positive role in maintaining national unity and promote national unity and social stability, ethnic unity led youth poverty well-off, care and actively involved in disaster relief relief, poverty alleviation assistant, ecological protection, to make its due contribution to promoting economic and social development in ethnic minority areas in the city.


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The organs and institutions of staff to participate in old-age insurance work in an orderly manner

recently, the Provincial Department of human resources and social security, the Provincial Department of Finance jointly issued "on the further strengthening of the organs and institutions of staff to participate in the basic old-age insurance for enterprise employees work notice" requirement, our province institutions recruit (recruits) with supernumerary personnel in accordance with the national and provincial policies, in the basic old-age insurance business scope the workers, and pay the basic old-age insurance in accordance with the provisions of. Department: human resources and social security

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The establishment of national unity and progress in Guide and the opening of the national traditiona

8 23, Hexi Town, Hainan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture Guide County boarding school from the bustling town and the surrounding township, village, community 734 athletes and thousands of farmers and herdsmen all dressed in national costumes to create national unity and progress and traditional ethnic sports.

Guide county is a typical multi-ethnic area, Han, Tibetan, Hui, Tu, Sala and other 15 ethnic groups here in harmony, a "Guide color" development way. Guide County attaches great importance to create national unity and progress of work, firmly grasp the various ethnic groups working together for common prosperity and development "theme, the activities to create national unity and progress into the economic construction, political construction, cultural construction, social construction, ecological civilization construction and Party building in all fields, unite and lead the cadres and masses of all ethnic groups in the county to promote activities to create national unity and progress. Hosting the games, is a big parade, the popularity of the traditional sports of ethnic minorities, fully demonstrated the Guide county people of all nationalities unity of spirit, cultivate and promote the excellent ethnic minority traditional sports culture, to unite the people, arouse people’s sense of honor and pride, so as to further promote the the economic and social development of Guide County, has a significant and far-reaching impact of national unity and progress.

The traditional sports events of

during the 3 days of the Games will be held during the national wrestling, archery, chess, ethnic Tibetan, sandbags, wrestling for Yajia with national characteristics.


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Xining transport heavy regulation at the end of October and 460 black car

  12 pm yesterday, the provincial capital of South Gate Street and the Yangtze River Road intersection, three vehicles transport inspection car parked on the roadside, the car inspection team is waiting for the other side of the voice intercom. "Note, green balls in a license plate number for the green AFF359 to you that way." With the sound of walkie talkie from the other side, in the car waiting for the inspectors quickly dispatched, blocking the car at the intersection.

then, the inspectors took the driver from the car down. But when the inspectors are ready to leave the car, the driver did not work, blocking in the front of the car, clapped his hands and took the car, and with the inspectors quarrel.

transcripts in the car, the man is still in the inspection of the car he’s really not letting this go, and check the staff shouting, reluctant to admit that they are involved in illegal operations. Although the record was completed, but the man got off after missing.

12:30 Xu, and a license plate number for the green AB636 red Xiali car, the inspectors were contained in the middle of the road. The inspectors came hailed, drivers do not want to get off, in persuading the inspectors, the driver only moved to the passenger seat, let the inspectors take the car. According to a young man sitting in the car said that he was in the wells Lane Nankou car, red Xiali car owners asked him to go, he said to the management station, the driver asking price 10 yuan, he began to sit not too expensive, because the driver put the price down to 6 yuan, he got on a vehicle.

"do you know the driver?" "Do not know." The young man in conjunction with the inspectors to finish the record, straight away.

Since the

campaigns carried out from April this year, as of the end of October, Xining yunguanchu has accumulated to investigate the illegal operation of vehicles more than 460 vehicles, a strong blow to the "black market".


entered the winter, the illegal operation of the phenomenon is serious, in order to ensure the normal operation of the order of the provincial capital, the city yunguanchu will intensify the crackdown, to ensure public safety travel.


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Xining city launched the clean and honest government to keep in mind the purpose of theme awareness

on the eve of 71, Xining city held special performances, launched the "red flag" Ode to the wind · keep in mind the purpose of honest "independent theme publicity month.

people in the famous you — Kong Fansen……" Start the show in the magnificent chorus of "public praise" kicked off. The song, "singing Allegro music", "clean breeze flowers", everyone love songs "," the essay "ten group of village cadres should persuade the Allegro", the image of artistic representation of the broad masses of the people on the one for the public, diligent people good cadres and hard work, honesty in politics the spirit of sincere admiration. Song "learn" the standards "and" new "flowers" Wuzhou people laugh together, music and "our oath", dance poem "azalea", "ten singing folk art performances for the Communist Party", female solo "Jiangshan", vividly reflect the gratifying results for Xining city to strengthen the Party style and clean government and to carry out the cultural activities to create the.

this performance prominent theme, elegant style, rich in content, thinking, education and art, through song and dance, Allegro, folk art, sketch, flowers and other forms of publicity stage, Xining City emerged in recent years, diligent and honest, carry forward the advanced clean culture, whip the ugly social phenomena, so that the scene of thousands of Party members and cadres to watch the program, to enjoy the arts at the same time, by a profound independent cultural education. The event kicked off the city’s independent cultural Awareness Month activities, also shows Xining grasp promote political stylewith folk style, to create a good atmosphere for the cultural environment for the development of the delicate air. (author: Su Jianping Jia Quanjun)

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The fourth stage Tianjun Jingfeng Miersa Madeleine cavalry warfare three shirt body

July 10th, Twelfth barley wine tianyoude Cup tour de Qinghai Lake international road cycling race, again to us in the holy source of Haixi, Tianjun ended the fourth stage of the competition. Italy Baltimore team driver Sacha · Modolo won the championship stage. Iran Tabriz Petrochemical team driver Mir Samad, still retains a yellow shirt, blue shirt, and put on the dot shirt.

the entire 227 km of the stage on the way to climb the mountain at an altitude of 3816 meters and 3847 meters of rubber off the corner of the mountain, is this lake tournament from the longest and most difficult stage. In view of this, 50 km before the race, the participating teams have adopted a conservative riding strategy, most of the riders in a riding group, uniform forward. Then, a large group of internal running, Qinghai tianyoude team driver Liu Biao and Savoy Slovenia team driver McGee, Taipei RTS team Murad Kennedy out group began to receive a ride, was leading a large group of 3 minutes and 20 seconds. In the first 3816 meters above sea level of the special climbing points, Liu Biao took the lead, get points. After that, three people riding the team gradually narrow the advantages of being caught by the big group. When the riders ride second to reach an altitude of 3847 meters climbing grade point, Kazakhstan Astana team player Fuji Nigeria points lead leaf.

game left 20 km, there is no driver to break the success, is still in the big group competition. The last 10 kilometers, all the drivers of the first group are trying to make the final effort, the final Italy Barr team Sacha took the lead through the end of the championship. Italy Rambo – Merida riders AI Lille · Ruichezi and German Knight Puyol driver Ralph · Macika in two or three.

after the campaign, the total score, super endurance race around the lake powerhouse Iran Tabriz Petrochemical team Mir Samad is still wearing the yellow jersey, at the same time, he is the best driver of Asia blue shirt and polka dot Jersey holder of climbing king. The Spanish team Burgos driver Lewis · Matthew won the green jersey sprint. (author: Zhu Xiquan Zhang Ping)

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The second session of the Internet plus College Students’ innovation and entrepreneurship contest he

9 5 April, sponsored by the Qinghai Provincial Department of education, Qinghai National University hosted the second session of Qinghai province "Internet plus" innovation and entrepreneurship competition for college students, in the University of nationalities in Qinghai.

this contest to embrace the Internet plus era build innovation and entrepreneurship dream "as the theme, launched in June this year. There are 11 colleges and universities in the province a total of 136 projects to participate in the competition, participating students up to 360 people. After the preliminaries, 73 projects in the assessment phase, the contest judges group network review, 37 teams participating in the exhibition site and defense works. After fierce competition, the contest winner 3 gold, 5 silver, 7 bronze. Qinghai University, National University of Qinghai, Career Technical College, Qinghai city won the outstanding organization award.

to develop the students "Internet plus" innovation and entrepreneurship competition, to deepen the comprehensive reform of higher education, is an effective way to implement the innovation and entrepreneurship education in Colleges and universities, to stimulate the innovation of entrepreneurial enthusiasm of college students in our province, the province’s colleges and universities to promote the further development of innovation and entrepreneurship education, cultivate "new public entrepreneurship, innovation". At the same time to promote the event will promote the transformation of achievements, "Internet plus" the formation of the new format, leading entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship to create jobs in innovation, promote higher quality employment of College graduates.


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Xining Urban Management Bureau decided to enable the new city garbage charges

Reporters from the Xining Municipal Urban Management Bureau before the interview, in order to further standardize the Xining city urban living garbage disposal fee collection work, ensure that the masses of people’s interests, the Bureau recently began using a new, unified quota special invoice within the city, and disabled all the original charge bills.It is reported that in the past

, the urban management department in the process of living garbage collection fees, generally use the "Qinghai city of Xining province service industry", "Qinghai province quota invoice of Xining service industry invoice" and other types of instruments, these instruments are not standardized and unified, but also harm the interests of the masses. To this end, the Council through all aspects of negotiation and argumentation, decision within the city unified by the tax department supervision India "Qinghai province city life garbage disposal fee quota special invoice", and asked the public and supervision units, such as those found in payment have stopped notes or other types of instruments, in a timely manner to report to the Xining City Management Bureau report telephone: 8243844. (author: Cara)


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