By the analysis of black sites report and diagnosis

5, in order to keep the program is the latest version.

analysis of black site reports and diagnosis of

3, black time: December 13, 2012


7, in order to prevent the procedure of unknown vulnerabilities, you can delete the background in the maintenance after the tube >

6, don’t call on the website background management program landing page links.

3, ASP program administrator user name and password should have certain complexity, cannot be too simple, but also pay attention to regular replacement.

4, are abnormal sites after dark: the station is added a lot of rubbish Links. 5, black reason: Trojan program vulnerabilities through the intrusion, station is linked into a lot of garbage outside the chain.

2, ASP to upload the program call must carry on identity authentication, and only allow people to use the trust upload program. This press release, including a variety of mall and forum, as long as you can upload files to the ASP authentication

5, black reason: intrusion by program vulnerabilities trojan website background, account password has been cracked, is linked into a chain.

! two At present,

1, www.xxx贵族宝贝 2, black website: website: 3, current owner pan Yiming is black time: December 7, 2012

4, are abnormal sites after dark: the station is added a lot of rubbish Links.


because of the problems in the company website all the second batch of station group, initially identified as being invaded, as follows: the web site server security standards! To avoid other problems caused by the black site. According to the analysis of the above website problems, make the following measures:

4, to the regular website to download the ASP program, the database name and storage path changes after download, database file name must also have certain complexity.

5, black reason: Trojan program vulnerabilities through the invasion site, within the site is linked into lots of garbage outside the chain of

: a horse preventive measures:

1, www.xxxxc贵族宝贝 2, black website: website at present owner: Hu


1, black website: www.xxx贵族宝贝



4, abnormal website after website: black is added a lot of garbage outside the chain of internal.

2 website owner: what is black, 3 peaks of time: December 13, 2012

recommends that users to upload and maintain web pages through FTP, try not to install the ASP upload procedures.

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