these websites are the websites that I often go to, in the circle of individual stationmaster, have quite well-known degree, it is the place that learns to write website or program to go.

1, China Software Development Network –

, China’s largest developer network, where programmers must go, discusses community popularity.

2, China Webmaster Station –

access to a large number of webmaster stations, providing web source download, and web design information.

3, blue ideal –

famous website about website design.

4 and DoNews writing community –

, IT, writing, blogging, and community are a lot of people in the IT industry.

5, laggards Forum –

is a more popular website construction and website program discussion area.

6, programming enthusiasts site –

provides a variety of popular language articles, source code, forums.

7, template world –

provides web templates, source code, flash, picture download.

8, en –

online web design tutorial

provides tutorials such as frontpage, Dreamweaver, Flash, CSS, and so on.

9, your own station,

, this should be the first one. Isn’t it the best thing for you to do,


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