Recommend a few good curtain shop name

June 24, 2017

open a window shop, the location is very flexible, the site is in place, you have to give a suitable name for the curtain shop. What is the name of the curtain shop? Now the shop name, both good name, but also have a good meaning. Today, we recommend a few good meaning of the curtain shop name!


curtains every day


on the curtain

meaning: "attachment" in front of the noun "nostalgia", "that won’t go away" and other means, such as "hometown attachment".


meaning: a decorative brocade delicate and gorgeous, elegant, unique, dry city has different noble atmosphere. Thousands of spinning performance of goods sold, the atmosphere and momentum.

meaning: China Chinese and gorgeous gorgeous two allegorical, elegant atmosphere. Spinning home textile. Elegant and beautiful. With Chinese cultural charm.


exquisite curtains

Name: Eliza


In fact,


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