How to make money to decrypt self-service chafing dish shop

Hot pot is a delicacy many popular in winter, especially in winter around the Hot pot shop business are very popular, so, in such a hot consumer demand, how to make their own shops in the market Hot pot buffet more competitive


make money?

make money?In order to keep

and reduce the waste of money?

self-service restaurants have a very troublesome business that is the crux of the problem of food waste, because most of the customers are trying to spend all the money to come back to eat, so, on the one hand, the self-help Hot pot shop must control the cost, should make some provisions for the remaining food too many customers to "fine", but attention should be paid to methods, to make customers feel perfectly logical and reasonable can, otherwise easy to affect the reputation.

for a self Hot pot shop business owner, you want to shop in the winter in the big bucks, you need to learn some successful business philosophy, so that it can successfully set up shop, get rich success.


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