Laid-off workers a monthly income of 800 thousand I love my beauty business

double fold, golden curly hair, the dress of big flower Europe and America fan is full – this is Liu Xiaofeng, a pursuit of "beautiful" Wuhan woman. "I think what I’m doing is a job that will help women regain their confidence, so this job is very sacred to me, and I love my career," said Liu Xiaofeng, 35.

laid-off beautician

year "54" Youth Day is the beginning of Liu Xiaofeng the most happy day. She went to the wholesale market to enter the shirt. "I am a girl, especially beauty, but also know how the girls are thinking." Different styles of white shirts, she took hundreds of pieces.

on, she deliberately gave each style shirt with a beautiful dress, look at "feeling to the effect". Perhaps God’s favor, near the central China University of science and Technology (now Huazhong University of Science and Technology) (students) to perform, buy shirts to rush". One day, she sold more than and 200, just like wholesale. To this day, she still remembers that feeling.

1993 years, Liu Xiaofeng applied to a Taiwan funded enterprises crown peak Cosmetics Co., Ltd. sales. Her greatest advantage is that she has a wealth of sales experience and the ability to work with people. Although the cosmetics sales coincided with the off-season in June, she was in the C shop made a shop sales. Taiwan headquarters boss fancy this, second years to send her to study in Nanjing. In Nanjing, Liu Xiaofeng met a woman who had affected her life.

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