Single tide brings new business opportunities

single issue has become the focus of society, and the first is 80 and 90, the base is single people shocked, and far sighted entrepreneurs have discovered the "single" derivative of entrepreneurial opportunities, entrepreneurial market set off a new storm.

"my business, I should thank my first love, exactly, should thank my first love." When saying this word, the 20 year old sophomore Yang Rui’s face could not conceal the joy smile.

2008, in a gathering of students, Yang Rui met a girl, the second to two quickly established a relationship.

2008 years of winter, Yang Rui brokenhearted. That day, Yang Rui frustrated to walk in the university campus on the road, came to a couple is lovelorn students to stimulate him, originally the couple wore a couple of men’s T-shirt, printed with "I only do the dishes, do not eat, dress printed with" I only eat, not to wash the dishes "laugh" deeply stimulated Yang Rui, you are lovers, I’m a lovelorn bachelor, you can swagger, why can’t I preach


, a shirt lovers, there are singles! Yang Rui excited for your thoughts, forget the lovelorn to bring his pain. Prior to love, he tried a lot of part-time, learned the hard money but also the taste of happiness, these experiences gave him his business idea, summer is coming, I’ll sell "single T-shirt"



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