Shop novice entrepreneurs several important matters needing attention

today’s online business shop has become more and more common, but also the community which has a lot of network entrepreneurs, then the whole process of opening the shop which need to pay attention to what? Let’s take a look at it.

The first


with confidence, you have to act like a bottle of stone ah ~ sitting. And you have to move fast, in the other people do not have your baby, you have to step ahead of others released. This is not business opportunities. So there is an idea or action, do not drag.. Do not do anything, do you expect to fall off the pie in the sky?

; not lazy

have hair baby idea? Hey… Some people may think that Taobao online photo size limit (many people is using digital camera, then it is possible to go beyond the prescribed size ~), but also separately write commodity data a bit, and then write the (many novice will not connect pictures, oh) in Taobao store is to sprinkle under the effort! So, you cannot be lazy Oh, get all the baby you love has come up, so that more people can search to pull (secretly revealed that I was lazy, so the baby with photo album)






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