Zhejiang boost public entrepreneurship innovation

now social entrepreneurship has become a new theme and a hot topic, at the same time, because of the existence of entrepreneurship also led to the transformation of the whole society, the country are actively promoting public innovation activities, and achieved great results.

to break through the bottleneck

and just a few months ago, Sun Renda is still worried about how to update the product. Wenling to pump and motor industry led, in recent years, most companies are seeking transformation and upgrading, Sun Renda also consider the direction of enterprise development.

5 month of day, due to a noodle machine new product design bottlenecks encountered, Sun Renda to Wenling pump and motor technology innovation service platform inspection and testing of the person in charge of Linzhi. In the process of communication, Sun Renda learned that the new innovation coupons. After learning that their own enterprises meet the conditions, Sun Renda immediately returned to the factory to apply for 20 thousand yuan coupons.

"innovation voucher broke the previous research funding tilt, small businesses to large enterprises ignored the recommendation

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