high temperature summer hit, power, yogurt become essential goods a lot of weight MM. Yogurt with fresh milk, pasteurized milk and then add to the beneficial bacteria (fermentation agent), after fermentation, a milk product and then cooled filling.

market prospects

The popular

target customers

by yogurt from 3 years old to 80 years old children’s favorite. It is rich in probiotics, can effectively resist intestinal infection, anti diarrhea, regulate gastrointestinal function, reduce bloating, constipation, etc.. In addition, yogurt to enhance human immunity, also has a very good effect; yogurt is rich in calcium and vitamin D, can prevent and treat osteoporosis; moreover, yogurt slimming hand wonders: a University of Washington study showed that drinking yogurt are more prone to satiety. Xinjiang, Guangxi Bama almost every village in the world have the habit of drinking yogurt.

characteristics of yogurt

100% fresh nutrition

The drinking period should be the best

100% zero preservative

yogurt in the yogurt is brewed and sold, no transport, so do not add any preservatives, by natural fermentation of lactic acid bacteria from pure natural green food, with natural fermentation flavor.

100%DIY taste

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