Analysis of children’s clothing store display rules

today’s children’s clothing market can be described as fierce competition, the peak of the birth of children continue to strike, parents are willing to buy new clothes for children, entrepreneurs have the opportunity to get rich. Children’s wear shop to do business in the exhibition should be very careful.

the overall display: the complete set of goods to the customer display, such as a full set of children as a whole, complete display with a mannequin type from head to foot. The overall form of display for customers as a whole, to facilitate the purchase of customers.


display refers to some of the goods once to determine the location of display, generally no longer change. Children’s clothing stores need to locate the display of goods is usually a high frequency of customer purchase, the purchase of large, so the need for these goods to give a fixed position to display in order to facilitate customers, especially the old customers.

classified display: Children’s clothing stores are classified according to the product quality, performance, characteristics and use of objects, to display the customer display method. It can be convenient for customers to choose between different color, quality and price.

To display full effort on


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