Leveraging The Belt and Road Xining new space

In March 28th, China announced "The Belt and Road vision roadmap, means to Europe from Central Asia, from India ocean to the Mediterranean, a transcontinental Eurasian" Silk Road Economic Belt ", a sea across thousands of miles of twenty-first Century" maritime Silk Road ", will affect more than and 60 countries, 4 billion 400 million people benefit. For a time, "The Belt and Road" lit up the world of passion, as vision clear roadmap positioning of the northwestern provinces, was once again ushered in new opportunities and challenges and dance for joy.

"take advantage of" national culture ", accelerate the development and opening up", in the face of this great news, leveraging "The Belt and Road", combine with their own advantages of the opportunities, the formation and development of the new power and growth, Qinghai and Xining have.

into The Belt and Road accelerate the development and opening up

– History

the ancient Silk Road in Xining is an important node

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