In recent years, Qinghai Province Bureau of foreign experts affairs in the State Bureau of foreign experts and the Qinghai Provincial Department of finance support, "please come in, going out", vigorously support the medical talent recruitment project, organize the province hospital of foreign exchange activities, 8 hospitals in our province every year to introduce foreign medical experts 30 people, medical personnel in our province in the number of overseas training 115 people, effectively enhance the province’s medical level.

in the introduction of foreign experts to the youth to work at the same time, I actively carry out related medical personnel to "go out" to go abroad (border) training. From the beginning of 2008, the Provincial Bureau of foreign experts and the German science and Technology Exchange Foundation cooperation, through the examination, the annual selection of the backbone of the province’s medical staff to the German hospital for a period of 3 months of training. Up to now, there are 37 major hospitals from the backbone of the doctor and department heads to Germany training. Since 2015, the Provincial Bureau of foreign experts also increased the staff of overseas professional technical training efforts, at present, our province medical personnel in the United States, Singapore and other countries in the short-term and long-term training up to 115 people.