Our province steadily Internet plus strategy

Now, Internet plus since 2015 to become the Internet industry’s most popular noun. In May 29th, the reporter learned from the provincial Commission by letter, in the future, I will be in the Internet plus data center, Internet plus government, Internet plus industry, Internet plus the people’s livelihood, ecological Internet plus five areas to implement the "Internet plus" strategy.

It is reported that the province

, "Internet plus" action in Internet applications, software development, cloud computing photovoltaic field data center construction, electronic commerce, has achieved remarkable results. The next step, to encourage and support the province’s basic telecom operators continue to increase investment in infrastructure construction, to ensure the completion of the 2015 broadband Qinghai · digital Qinghai investment target of 10 billion yuan. Including promoting the coordination of Chinese Hewlett-Packard Co 2000 rack data processing and analysis projects; the introduction of Tsinghua University China next generation Internet demonstration project of network operation center, Qinghai University science and technology park construction in the Qinghai Tibet Plateau large data center project in Xining.

in the application of geographic information data and public service platform;

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