Huangyuan traditional folk culture

"character Laba, costume exhibition, office street, tea horse caravan, marketplace performance…… January 19th to February 25th, Huangyuan will launch more than and 20 colorful cultural and sports activities, with the public through the happy new year. New Huangyuan County Cultural Department, from January 19th (the beginning of the eight month, LA) held a "million character Laba", opened the curtain spring sports activities.

in addition, February 21st to February 25th, the enthusiasm of the people in Huangyuan tourists orchestrated the original ecological folk culture exhibition, art exhibition, Dan Junggar lights folk culture photography exhibition of calligraphy, tea horse caravan real performances, folk art performances, fashion show, Town God’s Temple Dan in the wind, folk and folk arts and crafts exhibition fairs, traditional folk sports department, Ya Shengtang performances and local special snack show, the Lantern Festival fireworks and other folk cultural activities. (author: Zhao Junjie Wang Xiaochuan)

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