Xining will be closed to the intersection of the footbridge crossing the road

In September 6th, a reporter from the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment traffic management information conference was informed that, in order to effectively improve the use rate of the pedestrian overpass, further realize the vehicle and pedestrian traffic vehicles are isolated from each other, regulate traffic order, the effective organization of the safety of pedestrians crossing the street, recently, part of the city built pedestrian pedestrian overpass intersection road the surrounding area will gradually open closed, including closed road or sidewalk guardrail guardrail center opening, and remove the crossing and removal of pedestrian signal.

at present, the city has built some overpass road because there is no road central isolation barrier, directly across the road and pedestrian overpass traffic phenomenon not very prominent, many overpasses use rate is low, the behavior of pedestrians crossing the road leading to frequent traffic accidents. Therefore, in order to regulate the way pedestrian traffic, the city will be built in the vicinity of the pedestrian overpass section of the pedestrian crossing.

around the pedestrian opening gradually closed

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